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Hi there, my name is Sunny Kay, and I have been doing gardening for 15 years. I come from a countryside background where I lived with my parents who grew crops and vegetables and raised livestock.

Growing up in a natural environment made me love growing plants and vegetables. As a kid, I helped my parents on our farms. I had some good experience working with agricultural machinery and plants.

When I moved to Canada, I got myself busy doing other careers related stuff. But I always liked to be with nature, plants and decorating my place with natural gears.

In the beginning, I had my garden inside the house as I lived on the 30th floor of the high-rise apartment. In my two-bedroom apartment, I had several indoor plants which made my friends hang out more at my place.

I learned to grow plants which were fit to develop indoor and cold climate. I used natural compost and seeds to grow excellent vegetables and flowers.

To support myself while I was in University, I worked with a local landscaping company where I got experience in landscaping ideas and process.

A couple of years ago, I got a job in a smaller city where I was able to buy a place with big backyards. It was a dream come true. While other people put sod in their yard and stop at there, I had some different plan in my mind.

I did the landscaping design and developed my backyard into a lush green garden. As you can imagine this could not be the end of my love for nature as I also grow several indoor plants.

Now I am proud of my gardening, and landscaping skills and I love the decoration which I have done at my home.

I had tremendous interest from my neighbours and friends in my garden and home decorations. I often provided them with suggestions and feedback to grow their own beautiful backyards. 

My goal is to help you grow a beautiful garden and decorate your home with natural plants and innovative ideas. ​​​​

Now, I don't want it to be merely another gardening site. There are a few things you need to be aware of this website. 

How I Create Content

Small Gardens

The content on this site has been carefully planned and edited by me to maintain the highest quality of information possible. The articles are related to gardening, landscaping, decorating homes, and outdoor activities.

I am not a large corporation who have resources to invest in producing contents. I am an average working person just like you who happen to know things about gardening, landscaping, and love outdoor activities.

Where it is not possible for me to write about a topic myself, I do tend to use freelance writers to help me put articles together. But nothing gets posted till I personally review the accuracy and usefulness of content.

This is more so relevant when I recommend a specific product. I do not accept any sponsored contents, so all product reviews are from products either used by me personally or relied extensively on feedback from other real users.

I do tend to spend a lot of time in my local stores to research new products. I also talk to local store product experts to get to know all the new products which come out and which one may be of interest to you.

Overall, my goal with this website is to produce high quality, non-biased and non-sponsored content. I want you to trust the information presented in this site and provide you meaningful information to make the best decision.

Now the next important thing. 

Is Your Gardening Eco-Friendly and Sustainable?


There is a trend in the market these days. And that is a use of techniques or products which may produce short term results but have a substantial environmental impact. Just take an example of chemical fertilizers or indiscriminate use of pest killers.

Fertilizers with aggressive chemical presence can make your plants grow faster but at the expense of richness of your topsoil. Do you know that you need to rotate your plants to maintain and replenish the fertility of your soil?

Even if you are not into saving the globe, you should still strive for eco-friendly gardening solutions. As it will be less costly to you, and you will have a lush green beautiful garden for a more extended period. You may also have to spend less time maintaining your garden.

At last, if you are into gardening, then it means that you love nature. We all can do our parts by helping and nurture this planet in every smallest way possible.

It is for the above reasons that you will find our recommended products which have fewer carbon footprints, use of recyclable materials, and more eco-friendly solutions. 

What's in it for You?

So why should you read GearTrench?

I would say the main reason you would want to check us out is that you want to grow a lush green garden and decorate your house which will be envious to your friends and neighbours. And you want to do it responsibly. 

You'll enjoy the content you find on this site, if you resonate with the following statements

  • You want to grow a lush green beautiful garden where you can relax or spend time peacefully with your friends and family
  • You want to decorate your home with natural plants and landscape your front and backyard
  • You want the best product recommendations based on customer experience and not commercial sales page
  • You want products and ideas to help you enjoy more with outdoor activities
  • You are environmentally conscious and want to leave the healthy and breathing planet to your loved ones

If you are on board with this, I look forward to having you read our guides and tests. You can start your gardening journey by clicking here.

Sunny Kay

Founder and Editor at GearTrench

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