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Do you want to have a private backyard pond that is not very fancy but let’s get you started?

Get some inspiration from our list of 19 backyard pond ideas which you can get with a minimal budget and some ingenious planning. 

Backyard Pond Ideas For a Small Budget

1. Serene Water Backyard Pond Idea

1. Serene-Backyard-Pond-Idea

The crystal clear water follows through the well-positioned rocks. The surrounding multi-diverse types of bush create a natural look that will be envious to anyone.

2. Water on Light Backyard Pond

2. Water-on-light-backyard-pond

Water falling on the light gives the glow. You are not limited to just yellow light but mix it up as per your liking, and you will have a colored water fountain.

Surround your backyard pond with perennial or annual flowers and your backyard pond will be a magnet to birds.

3. Backyard Pond With a Fish

3. Backyard Pond With Fish

Adding a Big bright fish in a pond will keep your backyard pond clean and bring some life to it. 

4. Lotus with a Zen Backyard Pond Idea

4. Lotus-for-Zen-Backyard-Pond-Idea

A small backyard pond with a lotus flower and seating arrangement on the side creates a zen-like environment.

5. Rendezvous of Koi Fish with Backyard Pond

5. Rednezvous of Koi Fish

You don’t need to dig the whole backyard to create your own backyard pond. A simple low-depth backyard can bring beauty to your landscape.

6. Multiple Water Plants in Backyard Pond

6. Multiple-Water-Plants-in-Backyard-Pond

Adding water plants such as lotus and adding bright color fish can make your pond looks absolutely stunning. Who would have thought that?

7. Garden Serenity

7. Garden-Serenity

Well let’s admit it, this size may not be possible if you live in urban areas, but you can certainly take inspiration and modify it for your backyard pond.

8. Backyard Pond Aqua Marine

8. Backyard-Pond-Aqua-Marine

Release some Fish in the backyard pond, it keeps the lake clean and who doesn’t like colorful fish in their backyard pond.

9. Sprouting with Backyard Pond

9. Sprouting-with-Backyard-Pond

You can get started with a backyard pond even with a small space. To get started simply begin by digging a hole, and placing some rocks. Did we say you can get started at any backyard?

10. Backyard Pond Lotus Galore Idea

10. Backyard-Pond-Lotus-Galore-Idea

A full bloom lotus with its broad water leaves provides natural beauty to your backyard pond. It also attracts some insects and animals to your pond.

11. Lovely Nature Backyard Pond Ideas

11. Lovely-Nature-Backyard-Pond-Ideas

A picture-perfect combination of plants, water, and Koi fish. This is a good inspiration for the next backyard pond.

12. Naturalist Backyard Pond

12. Natural-Backyard-Pond

Just look at this, A single bright orange fish in the backyard pond. This is a low-maintenance pond for beginners.

13. A Simple DIY Backyard Pond Idea

13. Simple Backyard Pond

Plain and straightforward backyard pond. Nothing is happening much YET. Just a lake and surrounding vegetation. An excellent DIY Backyard pond idea for anyone.

14. Small But Beautiful Backyard Pond

14. Small But Beautiful Pond

A couple of stepping stones or a wooden bridge may span the pond, providing a charming pathway for visitors to admire the tranquil beauty up close. Surrounding the pond, lush vegetation, such as ferns, moss, and low-growing shrubs, further enhances the natural ambiance, creating a serene retreat where one can unwind and connect with nature.

15. Wooden Fence Backyard Pond

15. Wooden Fence Backyard Pond

Need some privacy to your pond. Get all the inspiration from here.

16. Personal Backyard Pond Waterfall

16. Backyard-Waterfall

Who said you can’t have your personal waterfall? A carefully placed rock and a well-designed pond are all you need to get started.

17. Backyard Pond Pathway

17. Backyard-Pond-Pathways

A wooden ramp and a pathway to nature bring beauty and calmness. You can get it started with a local trip to the home hardware store.

18. Simplistic Backyard Pond

18. Simplistic Backyard Pond

Another Backyard pond idea which you can do in your own backyard without breaking your back or bank.

19. Back Deck Backyard Pond

19. Backdeck-Backyard-Pond

A well-designed backyard pond complemented with clean serene water, lilies, fish, and rocks.


Many people think getting a backyard pond is a hard job. But the truth is regardless of how much space you have, you can still come up with some design ideas to make your background different than others. 

We had included 19 backyard pond ideas which should let you get started. If you like these ideas or have any other design ideas which you like to share then let us know in the comment below. 


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  1. Michelle Frencham says:

    Hi, it seems you have all sorts of ideas. I have been hovering over what to do and how to do it with a small space. I have dug a round trench and on the middle is a 2 tier dirt/Mud structure, also round. Could I sen a pic and maybe you might have an idea or two. I want a water feature on top, maybe flowing in to the trench??

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