Best Indoor Rabbit Cage Review

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Rabbits are small, furry, adorable animals and don’t need a lot of care as a pet. Children and adults love them, and in return, they get lots of fun times with their pets.  

So, if you want to keep these small furry pets inside the house, then you may be looking for the best indoor rabbit cage for it.

In this post, we are going to recommend the 9 best indoor rabbit cages which you can pick as per your need. We have handpicked the best in each category, so you can choose any one of these with confidence.

Let’s get started. 

Quick Picks

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Homey Pet Open Cage

Homey Pet Open Cage
This cage has a stylist stackable design. The lockable caster wheels make it easy to move. You can remove the bottom tray for easy cleaning.

Best Overall

Living World Deluxe Habitat
This cage has sturdy metal wire mesh which is durable and meant to be last longer. It’s easy to clean and also has a latching sliding door.

Best Value

ToysOpoly Pet Playpen

ToysOpoly Pet Playpen
This playpen has mesh sides to improve airflow and visibility. The zipper rolls up for top and bottom and comes with a stylish carrying bag.

9 Best Indoor Rabbit Cage in the Market

Our Top Pick

Living World Deluxe indoor rabbit cage provides comfort and security to the small to medium size rabbit. The wireframe at the top offers comfortable lighting and good air circulation to keep your rabbit healthy.

The use of a high-quality, sturdy wire frame makes the cage strong and stable. It is chew-friendly, so you can use it with any rabbit species including the chewy ones. The well-designed entry point and locking mechanism allow you to have more convenient access to clean the cage.

Overall, this is the best indoor rabbit cage that can be used for other pets such as Guinea pigs and Chinchillas. 

What to consider when buying Indoor Rabbit Cage

Cage Size

You should choose a cage size by factoring in a full grown size of your rabbit. Ideally, you should pick a cage size 4 times the full size of rabbit. 


A flat smooth flooring is must to prevent rabbit develop foot illness such as sore hocks. It may cause your rabbit to become immobile. 

Removable Pan

A removeable bottom pan makes it easier to clean the cage. This improves the hygiene inside the cage and keeps the rabbit healthy. 

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The Best Indoor Rabbit Cage – Review

1. Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik is a compact design but sizeable indoor rabbit cage. The wooden house at the side of the enclosure provides comfort and privacy to your pet. You can move the cage around the house as per your choice.

The cage has an angled roof with an open door at one end. The stylish cut design around the enclosure allows the light to get inside the box. This allows the bunny to see outside while providing little comfort and safe space for it to curl inside.

You can lift the side wire mesh to get easy access inside the cage. This comes in handy when you want to place large objects such as a litter box or want to clean inside. The 6-inch deep pan prevents the rabbit from splashing around the urine or throwing the bedding around.

The middle area has enough space for the rabbit to run around. You can place here more than one rabbit for companionship and let them play together.

The food rack is on the other side on an elevated platform. The water bottle can be easily strapped to the front of the rabbit cage, which prevents the water from spilling. This also avoids the water getting contaminated with the urine.

To make it easier to travel or store, the indoor rabbit cage can be completely knockdown. It is easy to disassemble and assemble in minimal time. There are lots of attachment options available, which may be useful for people looking to extend the functionality of the cage.

See More information on Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage


  • Sturdy and spacious cage design
  • Deep base to contain litter
  • Multiple extensions 
  • Easy assembly


  • Can’t remove the drip tray
  • Awkward to clean inside

2. Homey Pet Open Top-Heavy Duty Cage

Homey Pet is a stackable pet cage that is rated for use with dog or pet kennel, but it is also ideal for medium to giant bunnies. The open-top makes it easier to put your pet inside and take it outside.

This cage is rated to hold pets up to 70 lb. This means you can put multiple large size bunnies inside the cage without any trouble.

The stackable feature allows you to separate rabbits which you don’t want to be together. The removable bottom tray and bottom wire grid make it easier to for cleaning.

As the bottom is a wire cage, you have to use some type of bedding material to keep your rabbit comfortable inside the cage.

The lockable caster wheels make it easier to move the hutch around the house. The lockable wheel allows you to keep it securely placed at your desired location.

For easy transport and storage, the cage is foldable and can be collapsed. When you are ready to use it, it can be quickly assembled. The use of high-quality wire mesh makes it easier to clean, and there are no rough edges inside or around the cage.

The big size of the cage means enough space for the rabbit to play or run around. The side door opening allows the rabbit to go inside and outside quickly by itself. The use of wire in this cage means it is safe for chewy-type rabbits.

See More information on Homey Pet 37″ Open Top Heavy Duty


  • Stylish stackable design
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Removable bottom tray
  • Side door for easier access to rabbit


  • Assembly can be sometimes troublesome
  • Can’t attach extensions

3. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Midwest Wabbitat is a wired folding rabbit cage. The cage can fit medium to large size rabbits, and you can put more than one rabbit inside the cage. You can access the cage from the top and side opening.

The secure, slide latch on the cage allows you to open the door with a single hand. This is useful when you are holding your rabbit in one hand and opening the cage door with another hand. The easy to slide out design makes it convenient to open the cage for cleaning.

The half-inch grid mesh floor supports the weight of more giant rabbits and hygienically protects rabbits’ hocks. The black electro-coat finish on the wire mesh prevents rust or peeling off the paints.

The durable plastic pan can be easily slid out from the bottom of the cage for more natural cleaning. The inside urine guard protects the rabbit from splashing the urine.

To keep your rabbit safe and secure inside the cage, the secure slide latches on the top and front door.

See More information on Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage


  • No tools required assembly
  • Top and side access point
  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Slide latch for one-hand operation


  • No caster wheels
  • No extension available

4. ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen

A ToysOpoly playpen can be used as an indoor rabbit cage. This has a removable top zipper and waterproof bottom zipper.

A unique thing about its design is the large and spacious area that your bunny will love. To make it more comfortable, you can personalize it with items such as blankets, comforters, and chew toys.

The steel frame around the cage makes it secure and sturdy. The size is perfect for small to medium size rabbits, and you can place more than one rabbit inside the cage.

It is also more accessible to transport. You can quickly fold it as it is very lightweight and portable. The zippers at the top and side allow you to get inside the cage.

The mesh surrounding the cage provides excellent airflow to keep your rabbit fresh in the hot summer. You can also use it outdoor and let your rabbit have fun while it is protected from other predators.

Hygiene is essential for any pet which lives indoor or outdoor. To keep the cage clean, you can easily wash it. Although it may be a bit difficult to soak in the washing machine, you can use a garden hose or faucet to clean it up.

You can use this cage as a permanent home for your rabbit or use it as a secondary home when traveling or taking it outside. The carrying bag is included, which makes it easier to store and transport.

See More information on ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen


  • Sturdy and comfortable spacious design
  • Mesh sides to improve airflow and visibility
  • Zipper roll-ups for top and bottom 
  • Includes carrying bag


  • Poor quality zipper

5. Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage

The Petsfit wood rabbit cage is a spacious indoor-outdoor rabbit cage that can hold 1 to 2 small or medium size rabbits. The use of wood means, this is not ideal for rabbits, which are a chewer.

Although you can use it outdoors, we don’t recommend where it may get exposed to rain. You can use it in a shaded area where the water won’t fall on the cage.

The wood is treated with water-based paint which is safe for pets. The grey and white trim make it look appealing. In terms of space, it has enough space for the rabbit to run around and get some exercise.

The attached wooden house extension is an excellent addition. It gives the rabbit some security and comfort where it can lie down or take a nap.

The cage can be opened on the side or through the top. The wire mesh is less than 1 inch wide, which helps the bunny to remain comfortable inside.

You can lift the roof of the wooden house from the top for easy cleaning. The removable, easy slide-out bottom tray allows for quick cleaning. However, sometimes, it may be a bit challenging to take out the bottom shelf without spilling the content of the plate.

The construction quality and finishing of the cage are outstanding. The wood looks sturdy, and no hanging chips and the wire mesh does not feel flimsy. It is a stable unit that does not wobble when put on a flat surface.

The 36-inch x 20-inch size is an excellent medium size cage that will fit in most of the small space. You can put it anywhere inside the house with ease.

See More information on Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage


  • Beautiful solid wood design
  • Easy access to clean it inside
  • Removable portable tray
  • Secure and sturdy base


  • No lockable caster wheels
  • Not for chewy rabbits

6. Good Life Two Floors Wooden Bunny Hutch

The Good Life two floors wooden hutch is a multi-purpose rabbit cage that can be used both indoor and outdoor. The wood is made of Cunninghamia Lanceolata, which is Chinese Fir and is non-toxic.

The cage is big enough to accommodate one or two medium-size bunnies inside. Although the wood is treated and is non-toxic, we don’t recommend it for chewy bunnies. But if your bunny does not chew, then it will be the best indoor rabbit cage which you can also use outdoor.

The removable plastic tray at the bottom makes it easier to clean, and the wood is sturdy and robust. The cage has plenty of room for the bunny to get some exercise or do other activities.

The two-floor mean you can separate the bunnies at each level or allow them to be together. The raised leg of the cage prevents other small ground animals such as insects or pests from entering the rabbit cage.

The top roof of the cage is an asphalt shingle, which is very durable and brings extra security to the cage. This is essential if you have other pets like dogs or cats in your home who may jump on the cage.

The cage has plenty of doors and access points. These doors have secure latches on them, which prevents the rabbit from getting out from the cage or other animals to get inside the cage.

See More information on Good Life Two Floors Wooden Bunny Hutch


  • Non-toxic wood design
  • Smoother finish
  • Multiple secured door


  • Poor lighting inside the home cage
  • Does not come assembled

7. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe is an indoor rabbit cage that provides a safe and comfortable place for small to medium size rabbits. This is a hybrid cage that has a wireframe at the top and a plastic base at the bottom.

The wireframe provides convenient access, good lighting, and comfortable air circulation to the rabbit. The balcony at the side has an access ramp and tip-proof food dish.

For easier access to clean inside the cage, the top wire cage can be removed. The front wire door provides an additional access point inside the cage.

The 46-inch x 22-inch size is spacious enough for most rabbits. This is more than enough room for a single adult size bunny. You can also place two rabbits in the same cage to keep each other company without crowding them.

The wire frame is durable and does not feel flimsy. It is chewing-free, so unlike a wooden rabbit cage, there is no such restriction, and you can put your chewy rabbit inside this cage.

The locking mechanism at the top makes it easy to open the wireframe. The sliding door at the side makes it easy to access inside the cage.

The sliding door is difficult for the rabbit to open from inside as it requires some push. This is a useful feature as you don’t have to worry about rabbits getting out by themselves.

The upper balcony shelf makes the food and water separate from the play area of the bunny. The box does not look big in the picture, but it is quite big, so make sure you have functional space in your home.

The assembly of this indoor rabbit cage is quite easy and comes with detailed instructions on how to put it together. You can also use this indoor cage for other pets such as Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas.

See More information on Living World Deluxe Habitat


  • Sturdy metal wire mesh
  • Easy to assemble
  • Latched sliding door
  • Easy to clean


  • Not completely foldable
  • Small food bowl

8. Prevue Pet Small Animal Home On Stand

The Prevue Per small is a wire-mesh indoor rabbit cage made from a heavy-duty tubular steel stand and plastic base. The unit is large enough for little to medium size rabbits.

There is also an inside ramp and platform for the rabbit to move around or to place its food. For access inside the cage, there are two large doors. One door is at the top, and the other is at the side.

The wireframe is coated with a non-toxic powder coating, which gives a smooth edge to the frame. The bottom 6.5-inch plastic pan holds all the foods drops and other mess.

For more natural cleaning, the boom tray slides out. You can also put a large garbage bag over the whole bottom plate and put the litter in it. So when you are ready to clean, you simply pull the tray out and remove the bag. By doing this, you don’t always have to clean the plate.

The cage does not come assembled, but it is straightforward to do so. The manual provides you the detailed information on how to put it together. There are no tools required for the assembly, and the Allen wrench is included to tighten the wire and bolts.

The cage sits on top of caster wheels, which makes it easy to move it around. The cage rest far above the ground, which is helpful as your bunny won’t get bothered by other pests or rodents.

Although not required, but since the bottom tray hangs above the ground, you may want to strap it with a bungee cord for extra support. This is optional as we find that the latch is strong enough to hold on to its own. But if you have a bigger and heavier rabbit, then the jumping and running on it cause the bottom tray to fall down.

See More information on Prevue Pet Small Animal Home On Stand


  • Stable, sturdy design
  • Caster wheel for easy move
  • Above the ground cage placemen


  • No urine guards
  • Plastic tray prone to fall off

9. Kennel-Aire A-Frame Bunny House

Kennel Air is a simple design indoor rabbit cage made with heavy wire and has an arched roof. The wire mesh provides excellent light and air ventilation. It keeps the bunny comfortable and provides enough space to play.

The slide-out plastic pan makes it easy to clean and can be removed quickly without spilling the content inside it. The assembly is easy, and you don’t need any tools. For portability, there are attached caster wheels that allow you to move the cage.

To place the bunny inside the cage, you can use either the top door or through the side. The plastic base is not deep, which means you have to clean it often. The cage is big enough for a single bunny or two.

The foldable and robust design allows for secure storage and transportation.

See More information on Kennel-Aire A-Frame Bunny House


  • Durable and Strong cage
  • Comes with caster wheels
  • Two entry point
  • Removable litter tray


  • Small litter tray
  • A bit challenging to assemble
Rabbit Playing Inside Cage

Best Indoor Rabbit Cage – Buying Guide

As we like to live in a comfortable and secure house, your pet rabbit also wants the same cozy space for it. Providing your rabbit, a safe and hygienic cage will keep your bunny happy and nurture it to develop a positive and friendly attitude. 

In this buying guide, we cover all the information you need to find the best indoor cage for the rabbit. 

Benefits of Indoor Rabbit Cage

There are many benefits of an indoor rabbit cage. The primary reason you may want to have an indoor rabbit cage is to keep it safe from harsh weather and predators.

Rabbits are the frequent target of other domestic animals such as cats, dogs, and hawks. You may not be able to keep a constant eye on it to prevent it from harm when outside.

Harsh weather such as extreme hot or cold is another reason to keep your bunny indoors. It protects the rabbit from getting dehydrated in summer and stays warm and dry in the winter.

Keeping rabbits indoors means you can spend more time with it. This helps to create trust and develops good bonding with the rabbit. It also allows you to know the personality of your rabbit and understand its likes and dislikes.

Sometimes you may not have an option to keep rabbits outdoor. It may be so if you live in an apartment or city where there is no place to put an outdoor hatch. 

Having said that, you should also try not to keep your rabbit indoors all the time. Like other pets, rabbit wants to go and run outside. This gives the rabbit some exercise, breathe fresh air, and the chance to nibble on grass. 

Types of Indoor Rabbit Cage

There are different types of rabbit cages available to purchase. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing the best indoor rabbit cage. Here are a few most common types of indoor rabbit cages.

Large Size Indoor Rabbit Cage

The large size cage is suitable for bigger size rabbits. Depending on the species of rabbit, some of them will grow quite big, so buy it keeping the full growth size of the rabbit in mind.

The indoor cage should be big enough to allow you to put other items which are required by the rabbit such as litter box, food and water bowl, some toys, etc. 

Multi-Level Indoor Rabbit Cage

The multi-level indoor rabbit cage has two or three different story cages, which is ideal if you don’t have big space to keep a large size cage. This is a good option if you have many bunnies and you want them to stay separate.

Portable Indoor-Outdoor Rabbit Cage

The portable rabbit cage is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Mostly it is made with a wire mesh and some wood on the sides. Alternatively, you may also use an indoor rabbit pen. 

Most of these portable rabbit cages have wheels that allow you to push them around and free up some space. We found this to work great as your kids can also give you a hand in moving the cage, which is far better than trying to lift and move. 

Things To Know When Buying The Indoor Rabbit Cage

Consider the following things when you are looking to buy the best indoor rabbit cage. It helps you to provide a comfortable, safe, and secure resting place for your pet.

Size Of The Cage

Getting the right cage size is very important. When considering the optimal size for an indoor rabbit cage, factor in the full-grown size of your rabbit. Some rabbit species don’t grow very big, but some can be as big as a small child.

Some small breed rabbits such as Pygmy rabbits, Britannia Petite grows up to 20 cm long and weigh less than 2.5 lbs. Whereas the bigger breed rabbits such as Giant Papillon, and Giant Chinchilla can become over 100 cm long and weigh up to 7.5 kg.

Depending on the space you have to place the rabbit cage, the bigger the cage is, the happier your rabbit will be. Typically, an indoor rabbit cage is not as big as outdoor hutches. So try to find the balance between your own indoor space and the biggest indoor cage you can have for your rabbit.

Note: For reference, pick a cage that is at least 4 times the size of the bunny. For a smaller size rabbit that weighs less than 8 lb, choose an enclosure that is at least 24-inch x 36 inches in size. For a big bunny, use at least 30-inch x 36-inch size. 

Bedding Material

The bedding or cage floor cushion is vital for the comfort of your rabbit. The good bedding material keeps your rabbit comfortable, dry, and warm.

We don’t recommend that you use cedar or pine-based beddings due to the strong odor from these materials which may cause discomfort to the rabbit. We recommend that you use straw or hay as bedding material and use aspen-made hardwood shavings. 


Flooring is essential for a wire-based indoor cage. The flooring provides the rabbit with a solid surface to sit on. Keeping rabbits to stay on wire-cage risk developing Pododermatitis. This causes the rabbit to have swelled hind feet, which makes the rabbit immobile. Many people also call Pododermatitis as sore hocks.

A solid surface such as wood, or cardboard can help prevent sore hocks and make sure to keep the cage properly cleaned.

Outdoor Cladding

The cage cladding keeps the surrounding enclosure comfortable for the rabbit. There are several different types of cladding in the market. Find the one which you find suitable for your rabbit.

Treated Wood

If you are buying a rabbit cage that is made from wood, then make sure you use treated wood since it lasts longer. This will be more so if you plan to use it both indoor and outdoor.

Make sure it is treated with a non-toxic material. Rabbits like to chew woods, and you don’t want to get sick by eating toxic wood. 


For high portability such as if you want to take your rabbit outside such as camping, then you may want to choose a cage that is also foldable.

The folding cage can be easily moved around or stored when traveling. If you don’t need as much portability, then a wheeled rabbit cage will be another good option.

Removable Bottom Pan

You have to keep the rabbit cage clean for better hygiene and comfort of your rabbit. Now, it may be too much hassle to remove everything inside from the cage when it comes the time to clean it.

But a removable bottom pan and urine guard can help you clean the rabbit cage more easily and frequently. To prevent urine from being spilled around when taking it out, use a urine guard. 

Cage Lock

There should be some type of locking mechanism to make sure the rabbit does not go outside on its own. Plus, it also protects the rabbit from predators. A well-designed cage should have a lock that can be quickly fastened.

Rabbit Segregation

If you have multiple bunnies, then it may be a good idea to keep them segregated to prevent inter-breeding or if you don’t want any more rabbits. You may also want to isolate bunnies if they don’t get along well.

A wire separation cage should be good enough to get the job done or look for a multi-level indoor cage with an option to lock each level. 

Cage Door Size

The cage door size should be wide enough to allow the rabbit to get in and place litter pan and other items inside the cage. Some indoor rabbit cage allows two different doors, one for the rabbit to get in and out and the other larger one to allow put things inside the cage.

If you don’t want your rabbit to get in and out of the cage by itself, then you can also consider a top-opening enclosure. Make sure the cage does not have any rough edges. Some manufacturer also covers sharp edges with a plastic cover strip which is better protection.

Playpen Extension

The rabbit indoor play area should be separate from its main living space. Some cage design allows you to add the extension to the current cage. It may not be an essential factor if you plan to use a separate rabbit playpen area.


3 Things To Avoid When Buying An Indoor Rabbit Cage

1. Low-Quality Cage

For a durable and comfortable indoor rabbit cage, it is essential that you look for an excellent quality cage. Some indoor cages are made from cheap wires which get rusted easily or are very flimsy and break easily.

Bunnies move around inside the cage. Low quality and lightweight cage make the cage unstable, which may cause it to tip over and can hurt your rabbit. When looking for the pen, make sure there are no rough edges, and it is durable.  

2. Complex Cage Layout

We recommend a cage that has a simple design layout. It provides easy navigation to the rabbit inside. Too many complex arrangements or segments inside the pen make it unnecessarily expensive.

Moreover, rabbits avoid getting into the area where they feel trapped. So, look for the cage which has a simple and not overly complicated layout. 

3. Cage Smell And Leak

Some wood-based indoor cage absorbs the urine from the animal. Regardless of how much you clean it, you still get the stinky smell.

Make sure to look for any leaks and the types of wood used in the construction of the cage. For rabbits who like to chew, don’t buy a wood-based cage or a cage that is painted with toxic colors 

What Bedding To Use For Indoor Rabbit Cage?

Bedding is essential for the comfort of the rabbit. You have to carefully select the right bedding as some rabbits like to chew it, so make sure it is not a health risk to them.

Following are some recommended bedding materials you can choose. 

  • Hay: Hay is natural and organic bedding for rabbits. It keeps the bunny comfortable and warm and allows excellent air circulation to keep the bunny cool. Make sure there is no molds to the hay when using it as bedding.
  • Wood Pellets: Wood pellets are getting popular these days as it acts as a cushion and also absorbs the urine. This keeps your pet dry and warm. You have to replace it fairly quickly though as the wood pellets break down when it gets wet.
  • Cardboard: Cardboard or paper pulps are enviro-friendly and made from recycled paper. The cardboards are highly absorbent and can absorb up to three times moisture of its weight. You can also cut it in based on the shape of the cage. Plus, it is also cheaper to replace.
  • Sisal Mat: Sisal mats are good bedding material for wire-based indoor rabbit cage. It is easy to clean and makes it comfortable for the rabbit to walk around it.
  • Newspaper: Many people use paper as bedding material. It is cheap and sound absorbent of moisture and urine from pets. If your bunny is a chewer, then it may like to chew the paper quite frequently, and you have to replace it almost every day. When using newspaper as bedding, make sure you don’t use the colored page as the colored ink is not healthy to rabbits.

4 Items Which You Must Put In An Indoor Rabbit Cage

You want your rabbit to be happy and playful so you can have some fun time with it. We recommend that you keep the following items in a rabbit cage.

1. Litter Box

Like other pets, the rabbit can be litter trained. This is also important if you plan to keep the rabbit indoors.

Once a rabbit is litter trained, then placing a litter box inside the cage will improve the hygiene inside the cage. And it also makes cleaning the cage far more convenient.

2. Water And Food

Keep water and food inside the rabbit cage. When choosing the bowl, make sure it is sturdy and does not tip over when rabbits walk over it. Some cage design allows you to secure the food bowl with a bolt or spring.

Rabbit needs water to avoid getting dehydrated. You can use a water bottle that you can attach to the side of the cage. 

3. Chew Toys

Rabbits are social animals, and you want it to keep engaged to get some exercise and stimulate their brain. Pet toys can be a great item to place it inside the cage.

4. Mosquito Netting

Rabbits are a good target of mosquitoes and other insects. Some mosquitoes can infect rabbits with a Myxomatosis disease which could be fatal to a rabbit if it remains untreated. 

Putting a mosquito netting surrounding the cage will protect the rabbit from mosquitoes and flies.

How To Rabbit-Proof Home

For rabbits who stay indoors, rabbit proofing is essential. Rabbit proofing prevents the rabbit from destroying your home items, harming other pets, and keeping rabbits engaged with other activities.

When rabbit proofing, the electrical wires are the most concerning as they may expose the live wire. The exposed live electric wire could electrocute the rabbit or could result in short-circuit.

To prevent this, you can use spiral cable wraps which discourages rabbits from chewing them. You can also use hard plastic tubing, but it may be hard to wrap around the wires.

To rabbit-proof your house plants, try to keep your plants away from the ground so rabbits could not reach them or put a barrier surrounding the plants.

To protect walls and furniture, make sure to cover any sharp corners as it allows the bunnies easy to bite at that place. Wrap the items with a flat cardboard box up to the rabbit’s height, it will discourage it from chewing. 

Indoor Rabbit Cage Vs Outdoor Hutch

It depends on whether you want to keep your rabbit mainly indoors or you want to bring it both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor hutch is used for rabbits who stay outside the house.

If you want to keep them both indoor and outdoor, then you can choose crates. When using crates, plastic crates are more accessible and convenient. The plastic can handle any weather and are lightweight but durable.

The plastic boxes are also travel-friendly and more convenient to store. The use of wired or metal crates maintains proper airflow and is lightweight. Make sure there are no rough metal edges. The wooden cages are suitable for indoors, but these are less portable due to their heavyweight.

You should get an outdoor hutch if you have outside space and there is no extreme weather condition. The outdoor cage also avoids getting a strong ammonia smell from your home due to rabbit urine.

Rabbits like to mark their area and sometimes if you keep it indoors, they will go around and pee at different places inside the house.

But if you don’t have an option to keep it outdoor, then an indoor rabbit cage may be your only choice.

Top Rabbit Cage Indoor

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