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So, it’s autumn, and you have leaves dropped from trees all over the yard. You can rake it but who has time and patience to do this manual job.

If that sounds like you, then you’re a smart gardener. You need the best cordless leaf blower to remove leaves, grass clipping, dirt, and debris from your lawn.

There are several benefits of using a battery-powered leaf blower. But finding it through so many different brands and models can become an overwhelming task.

To help you make the buying decision more accessible, we have provided the buyer’s guide later in the article. We provide you with all the information you need to get started.

As a bonus, we have also reviewed the top 5 cordless blowers for any budget and wide range of tasks.

Quick Picks

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Ego Power Cordless Blower

Ego Power Cordless Blower
This unique jet-like blower has a powerful blowing motor for cleaning large and cumbersome leaves and dirt. Once fully charged you get up to 75 minutes of run time.

Best Overall

greenwork cordless leaf blower

Greenwork Cordless Jet Leaf Blower
A powerful leaf blower that is up to any task. It generates 390 CFM and 110 MPH with power to remove the most hardened debris.

Best Value

Worx Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper

Worx Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper
This is a power-efficient, lightweight blower that comes with 8 different attachments for cleaning. Good for blowing leaves, cars, windows, or removing dirt from the patio.

Top 5 Cordless Leaf Blower 

Our Top Pick

greenwork cordless leaf blower

Greenworks 40V cordless Jet leaf blower is our top pick. You can use it to rake leaves from your yard or remove dirt from your driveway. The powerful brushless motor generates enough punch to blow away the stubborn task.

It has an innovative jet fan design to maximize the airflow and deliver dual cleaning power. The quick-charging battery means lower downtime. It has close to a 35-minute run time; that’s enough for cleaning the medium-size yard. 

What is a Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower is a handy tool that allows you to blow leaves by generating steady airflow and passing it through a narrow pipe. This is a very versatile tool, and you’re not limited to blowing leaves only. You can use it to blow whatever else you can sweep from strong air wind.

Some of the most common usages of a leaf blower are:

  • Clean yard from dry leaves
  • Clean the garage
  • Remove dirt and debris from a sidewalk
  • Clean the drain

Some people also call leaf blowers sweepers as they can use them to blow always other items such as dirt, debris, and gravel from your yard.

What to consider when buying Leaf Blower

Battery Capacity

A high capacity battery determines how fast and long the blower can work. For medium to large size yard, choose a higher capacity battery. 

Airflow Rating

Airflow rating is denoted in CFM and MPH rating. A higher CFM and MPH rated blower makes it easy to blow dense and wet grass and leaves. 


Lighter weight blower is essential for comfort and longer duration yard work. You should consider how much weight you can handle comfortably

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Cordless Leaf Blower Review

The following five battery-powered leaf blowers all provide the things you’d want in a good blower. Make sure you consider your specific needs when making a decision, but any of the following should work for most people.

1. DEWALT Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

DEWALT Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

DeWalt Lithium-Ion Brushless blower contains a very efficient motor and a well-designed axial fan for maximum air outflow. You can get an airspeed of 90 MPH and 400 CFM.

You start the blower by pressing the switch. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the leaf blower provide you with better control to maneuver and reduces the stress on your arm.

The handles are rubberized for a more comfortable grip and are non-slip. It has a variable speed trigger and contains a speed lock that allows you better control over the blower speed.

The motor is brushless that maximizes the power drawn by the engine and runs efficiently for a longer duration. It has a 20 V Lithium-ion battery and comes with a charger.

It’s great to use for your house as it produces very low noise at 61 decibels. It’s effortless to maintain as there are no complex moving parts. The excellent enclosed design prevents dust and debris from getting inside the motor.

It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

See More Information about DEWALT Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower


  • Variable speed trigger and easy to operate
  • High-power Lithium-ion battery
  • Low noise
  • Detachable blower tube


  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty task
  • Fast battery drains at full speed

2. Greenworks 40V Cordless Jet Leaf Blower

Best Electric Leaf Blower

greenwork cordless leaf blower

Greenworks cordless leaf blower has a powerful 40 V battery with 2.5 Ah power ratings. At full speed, you get the 14 minutes of run time, but at a lower setting, it can last up to 30 minutes in a single charge.

It generates 390 CFM and 110 MPH wind power to remove the most hardened debris. It’s very lightweight as it weighs only 5.6 pounds and is 45% lighter when compared to a similar gas-powered model. It’s suitable to use for cleaning any small to medium size yard.

The 390 CFM airflow provides the optimal performance with a long run time and can handle even the toughest cleaning job. The 2.5 Ah battery can be fully charged in 75 minutes and get back to work in a short time.

This reduces the downtime while you wait for the battery to be charged. The larger battery capacity of 4 Ah charges in 120 minutes but provides you with a longer run time.

It’s very ergonomically designed and has a comfortable grip handle. This reduces the fatigue on the arms and wrists. And you can blow longer without getting tired. Several features are included in the unit, such as quick electric start, variable speed control, and cruise control.

The sealed design of the blower produces almost 50% less noise and vibrations than other similar blowers. This means you can start cleaning your yard without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

It comes with a 4-year warranty on the blower and a 2-year warranty on the battery. You also have the option to purchase spare batteries.

See More Information about Greenworks 40V Cordless Jet Leaf Blower


  • Optimal performance with a powerful motor
  • Reduce fatigue due to a comfortable grip handle
  • Produce less noise and vibration 
  • Suitable for small to medium size lawn


  • Not effective on wet leaves and dirt
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

3. Echo Variable-Speed Turbo Blower

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

Those who are looking for power and performance in a single unit should consider the Echo Variable Speed Turbo blower.

It’s lightweight and is reasonably priced. The powerful 28 V Lithium-ion batteries last 30 minutes once fully charged.

The brushless motor delivers superior power, durability, and longer run time. It provides a 28% more boost in air volume compared to similar blowers.

This has comparable power to the entry-level gas-powered leaf blower. Without all the drawbacks of gas-powered blowers. With a 550 CFM airflow rate, you can rest assured that it will blast all types of dirt, debris, dry leaves, and occasional snow.

The variable speed control allows you to adjust the blower speed depending on the task at hand. We have found that running blowers at around 80% speed provides the best result.

You can blow leaves and remove dirt while not discharging batteries quickly. The blower, when operating at high speed, is not very noisy and gets the job done in the least amount of time.

It supports the fast-charging cycle and comes with a battery and charger. You can get ready for the cleaning in less than 20 minutes of charging batteries. The turbo mode on the blower gives you a small but powerful air burst to remove sticky and hard-to-remove leaves and debris.

You can also use it to blow dirt and debris underneath a car in the garage, and as a multipurpose use, you can dry your vehicle after a wash.

For peace of mind, it comes with a 5-year consumer and 2 years of commercial warranty.

See More Information about Echo Variable- Speed Turbo Blower


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Lightweight and quick start
  • Excellent variable speed control 
  • Compact and ergonomic design


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for blowing snow

4. Ego Power 480 CFM Cordless Blower

Highest CFM Leaf Blower

The Ego Power cordless blower has a unique design and powerful blowing motor. It’s a fantastic tool for cleaning large and cumbersome leaves. The unit comes with a battery and charger, so you don’t have to buy anything else to get started.

The powerful brushless motor delivers a longer run time, low vibration, and extended life. The engine is capable of generating airspeed up to 150 MPH and 480 CFM without getting hot or lowering its performance level.

Once fully charged, you get 75 minutes of run time. It produces very low vibration and does not cause any fatigue. You can choose 3 different speed levels on the blower. The turbo boost function provides extra help when you need some extra air power.

The battery is a high capacity 56 Volt and 2 Ah, made from Arc-Lithium technology, and is compatible with all EGO Power+ products. This means you can exchange batteries with the same rating from other Ego brand tools.

The build quality is outstanding. It’s water-resistant, lightweight, and has a semi-sealed body to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the fan. Also, the compact housing design of the blower makes it easier to clean.

The handle is wide enough to carry the blower even with a large hand. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and move while blowing away leaves and cleaning your place.

It comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the blower and 3 years for the battery pack and charger.

See More Information about Ego Power 480 CFM Cordless Blower


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • High CFM and MPH airflow
  • Low vibration
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Faster battery drains at higher speed
  • Noisy at full speed

5. Worx Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper

Best Budget Leaf Blower

Worx hi-capacity 20V max battery blower gives you all the benefits of the cordless blower to quickly clean up your yard, garage, and driveways. It generates 120 MPH airspeed and 80 CFM airflow.

Now admittedly, this is not the most powerful cordless blower you can buy. But it weighs only 4 pounds and is perfect for a lighter task.

The power-efficient motor in the blower provides enough power to clean up small to medium size yards and handle various types of household cleaning needs. It comes with 8 different attachments for the various cleaning tasks. You can quickly change it depending on your needs.

The battery is not very fast charging as once fully discharged; it usually takes two to three hours to get charged. So, make sure that you put it on charge before you plan to use it. This shortcoming is compensated with a reasonably low price of this blower.

If you’re not using a blower for regular heavy use, then it should perfectly fit your needs. We liked the various attachments as it makes it a multipurpose leaf blower.

For example, you can use a regular blower tube for cleaning yards or removing dirt and debris. The short tube can be used to create enough air pressure to clear tighter spots.

For cleaning cars, windows, or removing dirt from the patio, you can use a wide nozzle. You can also use the detail brush to remove dust from the keyword or desktop computers. Need to blow the toys for kids or inflate the air mattress, then you can use the inflator nozzle to get going.

The lightweight and compact design of the blower allow you to use for outdoor camping and maneuver it to hard-to-reach places. For personal light works, this is our best value for the leaf blower as it’s very reasonably priced.

The attachment includes a long tube, short tube, dust brushing, extension hose, dust nozzle, detail brush, inflator nozzle, deflation cone cover, and wide nozzle. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

See More Information about Worx Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Powerful 20 V high capacity lithium battery 
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Slow battery charging time
  • Single-speed setting

Types of a Leaf Blower?

The leaf blowers can be divided into three basic categories based on the power options, usage type, and engine type.

In the power option, you can have a cordless leaf blower, corded leaf blower, and gasoline-powered leaf blower.

In a usage type, you can have a handheld, backpack, walk-behind blower, sweeper blowers, and blowers with an option to convert into a blower vacuum.

The engine type is mainly for a gasoline-powered leaf blower, and it can be either a 2-cycle engine or a 4-cycle engine. The motor in electric leaf blowers are either a brushless motor or a conventional motor.

These leaf blowers have their own pros and cons. For professional landscapers, the gas-powered leaf blower is more popular as these are usually able to deliver more power and can operate longer duration before needing to be filled again.

You can also take gas handheld leaf blowers anywhere, but these are usually heavier, noisier, and more expensive. Moreover, these require more maintenance, such as oil change, and produce air pollution. 

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Why Should You Buy A Cordless Leaf Blower?

The cordless leaf blower has lots of benefits over corded leaf blowers and gas-powered leaf blowers. These are very portable as, unlike corded blowers, you can use a battery-based leaf blower anywhere you need.

This is helpful if you have a moderate number of mature trees and an average size yard. As you may have to move lots of leaves in the fall and you may need portability to cover a more considerable distance.

The use of a battery does not limit the distance you can cover or have to untangle the electric cords or hunt for an electrical outlet.

Using a battery-powered leaf blower means, you also don’t have to deal with lots of maintenance as required for the gas-based blowers. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly as it does not produce any harmful carbon monoxide gas from its engine.

These are very handy for both residential and limited commercial use. These also weigh less than the gas-powered blowers and are easier to use. The cordless leaf blower gives you the freedom to clear a moderate number of leaves for the daily sweeping of small yards and driveways.

The downside of a cordless blower is the battery. You can only use it as long as the battery has enough charge.

Most cordless leaf blowers, on average last around 20 to 30 minutes of work before needing to charge batteries again or replace it with secondary fully charged batteries. 

Can You Rely On A Cordless Leaf Blower?

The power source behind the cordless leaf blower is its battery. In recent years, there has been lots of research done to improve battery technology.

The main driving force behind this push is the battery-powered automobiles, where endurance and large capacity is the most significant factor.

The research done in battery performance improvements has directly benefited the batteries used in the cordless leaf blowers. There are different kinds of cells available, and leaf blowers contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The lithium-ion batteries are reliable, hold the charge longer, and need less time to charge. These are also very lightweight and easy to handle. However, the battery capacity is still limited and suitable for small to medium size jobs.

For a longer and heavier-duty task, you should pick between corded or gas-powered leaf blowers. But for moderate jobs and occasional multipurpose use, cordless leaf blowers are the best choice.

And you don’t have to deal with noise, perform regular maintenance such as fuel and oil change and pollution that are inherent in a gas-powered leaf blower. 

How To Choose The Best Cordless Leaf Blower

A cordless leaf blower is a faster and efficient way of raking your backyard. It can be all you need depending on your lawn size and the task you have in your hand. It’s perfect for cleaning decks, driveways, and cleaning fallen leaves and dirt.

Consider these following factors when deciding to buy one. 

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of the leaf blower determines how fast the motor can blow the air and for how long. You can check these by looking at the battery capacity and sometimes individual run time mentioned on the product specification.

There is always a compromise between the capacity and the weight. Larger capacity batteries contain more power-generating cells and weigh more. Consider it when choosing the battery capacity as a heavier blower makes you get tired quickly. 

Airflow Rating

The leaf blower works by pushing fast air through its hose. The blower airflow rating is denoted in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and Miles Per Hour (MPH) rating. Both tell you the rate of airflow from the equipment and with how much force.

MPH rating tells you the rate the air passes through the blower tube. The faster the air blowing rate, the highly capable the blower is to move heavier and wet leaves.

CFM rating tells you the volume of air pushed through the blower in a minute. Higher CFM means more airflow in a targeted area to produce more impactful moving.

You need to know both the MPH and CFM rating of the leaf blower to get the suitable blower as per your needs. You need a focused airflow (CFM) at a higher rate (MPH) to get work done efficiently.

Here are some of the standard CFM ratings and the blowing capacity: 

Below 200 CFM: These blowers are suitable for light use to clean patios, driveways, garages, or workshops. These are low-powered blowers and are not aimed at clearing bushes or heaps of leaves in your lawn.

Between 200 and 400 CFM: These are medium-range blowers that are good for clearing a moderate number of leaves, cleaning small to medium size yards, sidewalks, and porch.

Above 400 CFM: These are the most powerful leaf blowers in the battery-powered blower category and are suitable for clearing leaves from the medium-size yard or cleaning driveways and patio.

It’s also worthwhile to consider that the larger CFM-rated blower will be heavier due to the use of a high-power battery. 


Less weight is essential for comfort and longer duration yard work. Ironically, weight is the most after thoughtful consideration. When shopping, people focus more on the reliability and the power of the blower than the weight.

This becomes more deceiving when you hold it for 2 minutes for testing, the blower does not feel as heavy. But when you have to carry it for 20 minutes while moving it around, it becomes very tiring.

Cordless leaf blowers are lighter than gas-powered blowers and weigh on average from 6 to 12 pounds. 

Run Time

The blower run time depends on the battery type, capacity, and overall health of the battery. Battery degrades over time and starts losing charge faster and takes longer to charge. This is sometimes referred to as a charging cycle.

The run time is based on the duration you can use the cordless blower after getting it charged. This is important as the longer run time allows you to use it for long without putting it back on charge or replacing batteries.

The run time depends on the motor used in the blower and how efficiently it draws power to provide the airflow. Usually, cordless blowers that contain brushless motors are more power-efficient than those that use a brushed motor. 

Battery Type

The most popular batteries these days are Lithium-Ion batteries. These are very easy to charge and last longer than other types of cells. There are also some different battery types such as Nickel-Cadmium or Lead-Acid batteries, but those are not as advanced and reliable as lithium-ion batteries. 

Another factor to look for in the batteries is the charging time. That’s the time the battery takes to retain full power once wholly drained.

Some leaf blower comes with fast charging cycle adapters that allow the battery to get back up to 80% of its total capacity in a minimal amount of time. A lower charging time reduces the wait time and less downtime. 

Speed Levels

Leaf blowers come with different speed levels that provide you with more flexibility and help save battery. You can use it longer at a lower speed level.

Some leaf blowers have a single speed level that may be suitable if you have a smaller yard or use it occasionally. But for a bigger yard and moving more massive objects, we recommend that you choose a blower that comes with a variable speed setting.

You can then adjust the speed depending on the job at hand and be able to move leaves and dirt faster and more efficiently. 


There are usually two sources of noise in the leaf blowers, the first comes from the motor running at high speed, and the second is from the airflow through the pipe. It’s like the sound of wind gusting through a small outlet.

Compared to a gas-powered leaf blower, the cordless and corded leaf blower produce a small amount of noise. The noise is denoted in decibels, and the larger the decibel rating means, the louder the sound produced.

Most cordless leaf blowers produce noise in the range of 60 to 100 decibels. The 60 decibels is the same amount of noise you hear while sitting inside your car and driving.

As you increase the speed of the blower, it gets noisier. So be aware of the noise produced by the fan and follow your local bylaw regarding noise in your area. 

Durability And Warranty

It’s essential to choose a cordless leaf blower that is made from high-quality material and that serves you for a long time.

Unlike gas-powered leaf blowers, cordless leaf blowers don’t need extensive maintenance. But you still need to provide a reasonable amount of care, such as cleaning the fan from dirt and debris and storing it safely.

The warranty is essential to have peace of mind. The more extended warranty also tells you the confidence of the manufacturer in their product. This will help you in case something goes wrong with the leaf blower, and you need to get it repaired. 


You can buy cordless leaf blowers at various price ranges from $100 to more than $400. Usually, the price depends on the build quality, battery capacity, battery life, and the brand of the leaf blower.

If you’re doing the occasional yard work, then choose the budgeted leaf blower as there is no point in buying the more expensive when you won’t be using it regularly.

But if you’re a substantial user and have a bigger lawn size, then don’t go for the rock bottom price leaf blower. Invest in a blower that has a larger battery capacity and is made of better build quality.

You also have the option to buy it without batteries that usually cost around $80 for a functional capacity lithium-ion battery. 

Good Ergonomics

The ergonomically designed leaf blower has a proper balance of weight, lower vibration, and comfortable feel when operating. You want a convenient handle that does not cause a stain on your wrist.

How To Use A Cordless Leaf Blower

Before you get started using the leaf blower, make sure the battery is fully charged. This prevents any downtime when using the tool.

Also, know how to install the battery in the blower properly. Compared to other gardening tools such as cordless trimmer that has moving parts that could cause injury, there is no such risk with the leaf blower.

When you’re ready to use, press the start button and move the blower around to move the leaves, dirt, or debris you want to clean.

You should still wear the noise cancellation headgears as it produces lots of whirring noise. Long-Term exposure to excessive noise may cause hearing issues.

Since the air blows lots of dust and small particles in the wind, we also recommend that you wear safety glasses while using the blower. 

How To Properly Maintain Leaf Blower

The cordless leaf blowers don’t need as much maintenance as gas-powered leaf blowers, but you still need to do some essential maintenance.

Keeping your blower in good shape, and preventing it from getting rust may make it last for several years. Once you finish the job, clean the tool with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

Don’t use water for the cleaning of the central unit as you don’t want the water to get into the motor that may cause damage to it. You can remove the hose, if your model allows it, and wash it separately under the water if required.

Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean the plastic housing. Routinely check for any cracks or damage to the unit as it may result in electric shock or have body parts coming in contact with the motor.

After cleaning the house, store the blower in a safe place. If you’re no longer going to use it for a season, then remove the battery from the unit and fully charge it before storing it.

How Long The Cordless Leaf Blower Lasts? 

With proper care and maintenance, it can last several years. The only thing you may need to replace is the rechargeable battery.

If your unit contains a lithium-ion battery, then you can expect it to last 2 to 3 years or around 400 or 500 charges. The nickel-cadmium-based batteries last longer, usually over 1500 to 1800 charge cycles.

Some of the top-rated cordless leaf blower brands such as DeWalt, Worx, Black + Decker, Makita, and Husqvarna give you the option to buy batteries alone. You can either keep it as a spare battery or just replace it when needed.

What’s your favorite cordless leaf blower? Any suggestions not listed here? Share your top picks for the best cordless leaf blowers in the comments. 

best cordless leaf blower review

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