Best Cordless Chainsaw Review

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Whether you have a large yard with lots of mature trees or you need to cut woods for firewood during outdoor activities, nothing works better at cutting woods than a chainsaw.

A right chainsaw makes chopping and cutting trees a breeze. There are several different types of chainsaw available in the market that sometimes it gets overwhelming to select the right tool.

You should choose a battery-operated chainsaw if you don’t have to cut a lot of wood. It saves you a ton of time and effort, including your back. 

But before you’re ready to open your wallet, there are some considerations that you’ll want to make when picking the cordless chainsaw. 

What are those considerations? Read on to know more about the best cordless chainsaw that you can buy with confidence. We’ve also included the buyers’ guide to help you in your research and the best features to look for. 

Quick Picks

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ECHO Cordless Chainsaw

ECHO Cordless Chainsaw
16 Inch Bar and cutting chain powered by brushless motor for superior power, run time, and durability. Equipped with an inertia chain for safety.

Best Overall

DEWALT Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Kit

DEWALT Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Kit
High-efficiency brushless motor for longer run time. Compact and lightweight design for maximum user control and comfort.

Best Value

Greenworks Battery Electric Chainsaw

Greenworks Battery Electric Chainsaw
Best value for the money chainsaw. Comes with multiple safety features, a powerful motor, and a sharp cutting chain.

Top Cordless Chainsaw in the Market

Our Top Pick

Dewalt Cordless Chainsaw kit is our top pick. This is a compact and lightweight battery-powered chainsaw that’s suitable for homeowners and professionals. You can use it for many cutting tasks at home or outdoor.

It has a robust 20-Volt motor that can cut through both hard and soft planks of wood that are up to eight-inch thick. The safety features, such as anti-kickback and safe starts, make it a perfect cutting tool for everyone. 

What is a cordless chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a very convenient cutting tool used to cut wood and several other types of materials.

It’s widely used in several areas such as construction, gardening, plumbing, industries, and many more. In this article, we are covering wood-cutting chainsaws.

The chainsaw has a powerful motor that moves the cutting chain. In a cordless chainsaw, the engine is battery-powered. So, when you want to cut a tree stump in your yard or trim branches and shrubs, it can be a perfect tool for the job. 

What to consider when buying cordless chainsaw


There are different battery rating chainsaw available. For the best performance, choose battery that is rated from 5 to 15 amp. 

Cutting Length

Choose a longer guide bar length that allows you to cut thicker wood. Find a 10 to 16 inch long guide bar to be safe. 


An ergonomically designed cushioned grip handle makes it comfortable to use without getting tired quickly. 

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Best Cordless Chainsaw Review

1. CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Chainsaw

Best Cordless Chainsaw Under $200

Craftsman V60 cordless chainsaw is a powerful chainsaw that is suitable for gardening, outdoor, and construction applications. It has a lightweight and attractively ergonomic design to provide power for a cleaner cut.

The bright red color of the tool has both style and substance while being comfortable to use. It’s part of the versa-track wall organization system.

The saw has a 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery that provides you with a long runtime and high cutting efficiency. The battery is compatible with other V60 Craftsman tools. You could switch over batteries if you need more batteries during the job. The brushless motor further increases cutting efficiency while not being too heavy.

The longer runtime reduces the need for more frequent charging of batteries that may disrupt the workflow. The 16-inch bar chain is a perfect size to handle many tasks. The bubble level on the chainsaw gives you the precise and level cutting without using any separate leveler.

You get a battery and charger with the chainsaw, and it works on a 110/120 V power supply.

See More Information about Craftsman V60 cordless chainsaw


  • Robust, heavy-duty cordless chainsaw
  • Suitable for both light to medium cuttings
  • Long 15-inch cutting bar 
  • Efficient brushless motor


  • Bit heavy
  • Heavy Battery

2. ECHO Cordless Chainsaw

Brushless Motor Electric Chainsaw

Echo Cordless Chainsaw comes with a battery and has a brushless motor for power-efficient performance. The 16-inch bar is suitable to handle any small to medium size cutting of trees, limbs, and wood.

The powerful motor provides superior power to handle the toughest cutting job without getting stuck. The automatic oiler feature reduces the maintenance required to take care of the chainsaw. It continuously lubricates the chainsaw chain that reduces friction and kickbacks.

The battery is a high-performance 58 Volt, 4 Ah lithium-ion that holds the charge for a long duration. The charger comes with a chainsaw, and there is easy access to remove and plug in the batteries.

For safety, it has an inertia chain brake system that stops the chain when it gets stuck in the wood. This reduces the kickback and prevents any injury while operating the chainsaw. The performance is comparable to other well-known brands such as Milwaukee, Stihl, and Husqvarna without costing more.

It doesn’t have an automatic chain tensioning system, that we would have liked given it’s not the cheapest chainsaw that we reviewed. You can still tighten the chain with side access to the chainsaw, and the adjustments are quick and easy to do.

The wraparound handle is functional and makes it easy to carry it around. It gives you a better grip when cutting. It’s a lightweight electric chainsaw that can be used for both average and heavy-duty cutting tasks.

See More Information about Echo Cordless Chainsaw


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Soft grip handle


  • Manual chain tensioning
  • Leaks oil

3. WORX Power Share Cordless Chainsaw

Battery Powered Chainsaw For Large Trees

Worx Power Share chainsaw is a powerful consumer-grade power tool. It has a highly efficient brushless motor design that provides dynamic performance with a long-lasting battery.

The tool-free chain tensioning system makes it easy to care for the saw. It extends bar and chain life while making adjustments. With this chainsaw, you also get two 20 V max lithium-ion batteries. You can use it together to get up to 40 V of total power and performance.

It has a 14-inch bar and chain to handle bigger and thicker trees. The chain has 53 links and a 3/8″ pitch.

If you have other Worx power tools that use a battery, then you can share it with similar rating Worx tools. The automatic chain lubrication system works to keep the bar and chain lubricated when cutting. The visible oil-level indicator shows you the oil left that you can fill when needed.

For safety, the automatic chain brake protects you from accidental cuts. The compact but sealed design allows you to work comfortably in any weather conditions. You can use it to make a vertical or horizontal cut without any impact on the cutting performance.

The quick charging dual-port charge allows you to charge both batteries in under one hour, reducing the wait time to get back to work.

See More Information about Worx Power Share chainsaw


  • An auto-tension chain system
  • 14-inch bar and chain
  • Lightweight and powerful motor
  • Automatic oiler system


  • Sometimes oil leaks
  • Vibrates a lot

4. DEWALT Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Kit

Best Chainsaw For The Money

Dewalt Battery Chainsaw is the best option for both amateurs and professional users. It comes with a 12″ Oregon Bar and Chain. This is a smaller length chain than other chainsaws we have looked at so far, but it has fast cutting efficiency.

The compact design of the chainsaw makes it perfect for portability. You can carry it around to get the job done without getting tired. Wants to go for outdoor camping and need some firewood, then unpack it from the storage and chop down the woods for a bonfire.

The 20 V Max lithium-ion batteries provide reliable power delivery to the high-efficiency brushless motor. This increases the runtime of the cordless saw. Depending on the job at hand, you can get a couple of hours of use on a fully charged battery.

The 12″ bar length limits you to cut only smaller size trees, but you can still chop wood that is up to 10 inches thick. But once you overcome that limitation, it’s perfect for a variety of uses. It weighs only 9 pounds that allows you to carry it around without getting tired quickly or use the chainsaw with a single hand.

The soft-grip handle makes it easier to hold the chainsaw. The textured design on the grip improves the grip and doesn’t let the chainsaw slip out of your hand. For added convenience, it has a tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob. This improves the life of the chainsaw without needing much care.

The visual oil-level indicator shows the level of oil left in the chain saw. It’s recommended to fill the oil if it’s less than a quarter full. The saw chain comes pre-sharpened out of the box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a storage case.

See More Information about Dewalt battery chainsaw


  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Lightweight and powerful cutting
  • Long battery life
  • Highly efficient brushless motor


  • Excessive use of chain oil
  • No storage case provided

5. Kobalt Brushless Electric Chainsaw (Body Only)

Electric Chainsaw For Commercial Use

The Kobalt 80 V Brushless electric chainsaw is a powerful saw that can cut up to 150 blocks of 4×4 treated lumbers on a fully charged 2 Ah battery.

The 80 V battery is the highest-capacity battery power chainsaw. This gives you a longer runtime without a drop-in power.

The chainsaw has a low-kickback bar and chain that reduces the kickback force and frequency. This gives you a more prolonged and smoother cutting without getting tired. For additional safety, the electronic chain brake gets engaged when it gets stuck in the wood.

The batteries are interchangeable with other Kobalt power tools. You can use the saw battery as a backup for separate similar rating Kobalt tools. It also has a quick-adjust chain tensioning system that adjusts the chain automatically to eliminate slack and prevent damage.

The chainsaw comes with all the standard features. The auto-oiler self lubricates the bar and chain, improving chain life. The transparent oil view window lets you see the remaining oil in the tank so you can fill it when necessary.

The brushless motor is tranquil and energy-efficient. The metal grip handle is comfortable to hold and provides you with superior stability when cutting. For safety, the sheath protects the bar and chain when not in use.

It’s a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to maneuver and transport. Remember that this is a chainsaw-only model and doesn’t come with a battery and charger.

If you already have 80 V Kobalt batteries, then you can use it in this chainsaw. Other brand batteries may not be compatible with this chainsaw. So if you don’t have a compatible battery and charger, then you have to buy it with a chainsaw.

You can buy a compatible battery and charger from here (BatteryCharger).

See More Information about Kobalt 80 V Brushless electric chainsaw


  • Equipped with several safety features
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Battery


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Long charging time

6. Ryobi ONE+ Electric Cordless Chainsaw

High Performing Lithium Chainsaw

ryobi cordless chain saw

Ryobi One+ electric chainsaw is suitable for both homeowners and professionals that want to cut wood quickly. It features a 12-inch bar and chain for high-performance cutting.

The sharp chain can quickly clean up unsightly branches and trees limbs in your yard. The compact size of the chainsaw makes it easy to maneuver and move around the dense shrubs and bushes.

This battery-powered chainsaw has a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery and brushless motor. This delivers superior power and longer runtime. You don’t have to worry about frequent battery charging when using the chainsaw.

It’s an ergonomically designed chainsaw that’s comfortable to hold long without getting fatigued. The compact design of the saw makes it easy to store and transport. It’s very silent when chipping off woods or pruning trees.

The quick and tool-free adjustments to the chain-tensioning system make the job far more manageable. The automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated that reduces friction to improve the life of the chainsaw.

The Ryobi One+ batteries are interchangeable with other similar brand batteries. It doesn’t come with the bar and chain oil that you have to purchase separately. We have found Husqvarna Bar and Chain oil to be reasonably priced high-quality chainsaw oil.

See More Information about Ryobi One+ electric chainsaw


  • Powerful electric chainsaw
  • Need minimum maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Long battery life


  • Occasional oil leakage
  • No carrying case included

7. Greenworks Battery Electric Chainsaw

Rechargeable Chainsaw For Home Owners

Greenworks Battery Powered Electric chainsaw is designed with power and efficiency in mind. The cordless design of the chainsaw means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of gas or cord. You get a highly portable superior cutting performance with minimal maintenance.

Highly efficient 4 Ah battery provides long-lasting power to the brushless motor for longer runtime. This is a suitable choice for anyone who wants to cut some wood.

It has an outstanding build quality with a design that’s compact, swift, and quite easy to use. The outer casing is made from a high-quality, durable plastic material. This allows it to remain lightweight without compromising the durability of the chainsaw.

You can use it around your home to maintain your yard, but if needed, it’s ready to handle tougher jobs. You get up to 100 cuts on treated lumber with a fully charged battery. The batteries are interchangeable with other 40 V Greenworks batteries.

It’s a lightweight chainsaw with a weight of less than 12 lb. Although it’s not as light as some other battery chainsaw, we reviewed earlier but considering its high cutting performance, that’s the right balance.

It comes with an auto-oiler functionality and a transparent oil tank to keep an eye on the oil level. The tool-less chain tensioning helps you with quick and easy adjustments without hunting for the wrench.

Overall, this battery-powered chainsaw has a sound ergonomic design and weight distribution. This makes it comfortable to cut woods and trees without getting tired.

See More Information about Greenworks Battery Powered Electric chainsaw


  • Lightweight but powerful chainsaw
  • Tool-free tensioning knob
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Silent brushless motor


  • Lubricating oil not included
  • Manual chain tensioning system
Portable Cordless Chainsaw

What are the different types of a chainsaw?

The chainsaw is two main types, based on the source used to power the motor inside it. It can be either a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

The gas-powered chainsaw usually has more power and has a longer runtime. Many professionals prefer to use this due to its higher cutting capacity and less time it takes to get the job done.

The electric chainsaw is further categorized into two types: cordless chainsaw and corded chainsaw. The cordless chainsaw is very portable and contains rechargeable batteries that allow you to take it wherever you need it. But these are suitable for small to medium size tasks due to battery limitations.

The corded electric saw has an electric brushless motor. To use, you have to plug into the electrical power outlet. It’s suitable when you don’t need much portability, such as when mostly working in a garage or shed. But don’t want to deal with the extra noise of gas saw and the air pollution. 

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Why should you choose a rechargeable chainsaw?

You should choose a rechargeable cordless chainsaw when you have a small task to handle, and portability is essential.

Here are some benefits: 

  • Low Noise: Battery-powered chainsaw uses a different kind of motor than used in a gas-powered chainsaw. This produces less noise.
  • No smoke: You get more power with a gas chainsaw, but the gas engine exhaust gas that’s not good for health. You don’t have as such a problem with this as it has zero-emission.
  • Portability: If you need to move around when making a cut, then the battery-powered chainsaw is the best option to have. Unlike a corded chainsaw, you won’t be limited to the length of the cable to reach the cutting task.
  • Last longer: It lasts longer as you don’t have to worry about fuel or other lubrication required to maintain the chainsaw. It has an extended recharging cycle before you need to replace batteries.

For those people who don’t need a heavy-duty chainsaw and need to get done light to medium type of cutting task, the cordless chainsaw is the best option.

Should you choose a corded or cordless chainsaw?

It sometimes gets confusing which one to choose. It all depends on the intended use of the chainsaw and the circumstances.

The main difference between the corded and cordless chainsaw is that for a corded chainsaw, you need to keep it plugged into a power outlet while cutting.

Here are some reasons you should choose a corded chainsaw over cordless one. 

  • Higher power: Corded chainsaw usually has higher power than the cordless chainsaw. So if you have more robust and thicker trees in your garden that you need to cut down, then the corded chainsaw may be the better option.
  • No charging required: You don’t have to remember to charge corded chainsaw before use. As long as you have a live power outlet, you’re good.
  • Less Costly: The corded chainsaw is usually cheaper than the cordless chainsaw as you don’t have to pay the price of the expensive battery.
  • Lightweight: The battery in the cordless chainsaw makes it heavy. The higher rating battery gives you more cutting power, but it adds the extra weight to the chainsaw.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose a cordless chainsaw:

  • Portability: Cordless chainsaw is much more portable than the corded chainsaw. You’re not limited in your movement as no cord is plugged into the electrical outlet. While you can use an extension cable for the corded chainsaw that gives you greater flexibility, but it may not be convenient to store or manage the long cord.
  • More extended reach: You can use a cordless chainsaw to reach any height or angles that you want to cut. You may not be able to do so with other saw types easily.
Man Cutting Log

What are the things to consider when buying a cordless chainsaw?


The performance of a chainsaw depends on factors such as power rating, cutting capacity, and cutting speed of the chainsaw. Before you start narrowing down the chainsaw, identify your needs first.

If your primary purpose of buying a chainsaw is to maintain your yard that has long mature trees, then identify the sturdiness and thickness of those trees first.

A thicker and sturdier tree may need a more powerful saw than the small and thin trees. The chainsaw power depends on the battery capacity and the motor rating. Find the right balance between power and your needs. Buying an overpowered saw may not be the best option as it cost more. 


The cordless chainsaw comes with several different battery types and power capacities. Most have lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and hold a charge longer. The battery rating of the chainsaw can be anywhere from 5 to 15 Amp.

If you need a chainsaw for small to medium types of jobs, then a 4 to 6 Amp rating is sufficient. For complicated and demanding jobs choose a battery rating of over 8 Amp. 

Blade and Cutting Length

The chainsaw has a guide bar on which the cutting chain move. The longer guide bar length allows you to cut thicker wood.

Many battery-powered chainsaws come with a 10 to 16 inches long guide bar length. That’s sufficient to cut most types of trees and woods. 


When you’re using a chainsaw, you will be lifting and carrying in your hand while making a cut. Make sure you choose the lightweight chainsaw, so you don’t get tired quickly.

A lightweight and portable chainsaw gives you better flexibility and a much cleaner cut than a more massive and complex chainsaw. Choose a chainsaw depending on your ability to hold it for an extended period. 


Unsafe handling of chainsaws can cause severe injury or damage to the property. Although it’s is not as powerful as a gas chainsaw, if not handled properly, it can result in injury.

The various safety features built in the chainsaw reduce the chance of accidents, mainly due to kickbacks. The kickbacks in a chainsaw happen when the chainsaw gets stuck in the wood while cutting and backfires.

If not held firmly, this could result in losing grip on the chainsaw and losing control over it. A chainsaw that has an anti-kickback feature has brakes that prevent it from happening. 

Auto Adjustment

The automatic chain tension adjustment maintains the proper tension around the chainsaw chain. It prevents the slipping of the chain on the bar if too loose or prevents snapping if the chain becomes too tight.

The proper chain tension improves the cutting performance and increases the life of the tool while preventing any injury. You can adjust the chain tension manually, but the auto-adjustment feature reduces the chance of error and is one less thing you need to worry about.


You don’t need any special lubrication for the chainsaw motor, but you still need to lubricate the bar and chain. This reduces friction when the chains rotate at the bar and maintain the optimal cutting performance level.

Some chainsaw comes with an automatic oiling system that stores the oil and automatically lubricates it as the chains move around the bar. 

Good Ergonomics

A well-designed chainsaw has an ergonomic handle to use comfortably. This allows you to use the chainsaw longer without getting tired.

The cushioned grip handle reduces the vibration and keeps your hand dry. The well-distributed weight reduces the fatigue caused due to imbalance in the chainsaw.  

Best Cordless Chainsaw Price

The cordless chainsaw comes in different price ranges. Usually, it’s not as expensive as the gas chainsaw, but the price depends on the brand and quality.

When determining which is the best electric chainsaw to buy, look for the features you need then choose that’s backed by a good warranty and user reviews. 

How to properly maintain a battery-powered chainsaw

An adequately maintained chainsaw improves the cutting performance and life of the tool. Most cordless chainsaws don’t require much maintenance except a few things.

Before using the chainsaw, physically inspect that there is no damage to the unit. Check the chain for its sharpness, and look out for loose screws or nuts.

If the chainsaw is dull, you can choose the chainsaw chain sharpener to sharpen the chains. We have an in-depth guide on finding the best electrical chainsaw sharpener that you may find useful.

If the chainsaw comes with an automatic oiling feature, then make sure the oil in the reservoir is filled before you use the chainsaw. Always clean the wood chips, dirt, and debris from the chainsaw blade after the job.

Use a wired brush to remove any sapling or wood particles stuck in the chains and then use a damp cloth to wipe the chainsaw. Don’t use water directly to wash the chainsaw as it may damage the battery and motor of the chainsaw. 

Precautions when using a chainsaw

Use proper care when handling the chainsaw. Don’t use the chainsaw when you’re tired or consumed alcohol or drugs that may make you feel drowsy. Here are some safety precautions to use when handling a chainsaw:

  • Remove the battery from the chainsaw before adjusting or servicing the bar or chain.
  • Prevent unintentional starting. Keep your finger away from the trigger unless you’re ready to use the machine.
  • Use the front handle to carry the chainsaw. To prevent injury, keep the finger off the trigger, and the bar and chain pointed to the rear.
  • Inspect chainsaw before starting to make sure it’s not touching anything.
  • Keep chainsaw stored away safely in the carrying case or with a casing over the saw chain. Then lock it up in a high place away from the reach of children.

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