Best Chainsaw Gloves Review

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If you use a chainsaw, then you must have proper safety gear to protect yourself from any injury.

The one way you can protect yourself from chainsaw injury is by using a chainsaw glove.

However, with so many chainsaws glove out on the market, it can be confusing to find out the best one for your needs.

In this article, we’ll go over all the features that you should look for in the best chainsaw gloves to help you make a clear, informed decision.

We’ll also share some of our favorite gloves so that you have a couple of great buying options.

Quick Picks

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Superior Lumberworks Saw Glove

Superior Lumberworks Saw Glove
This is a high-quality, comfortable glove that has an eight-layer Kevlar lining to withstand a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute.

Best Overall

Husqvarna Saw Protection Glove

Husqvarna Saw Protection Glove
This is an excellent chainsaw protective glove made with spandex fabric back with goatskin palm. It comes with a high visibility color that is comfortable to wear.

Best Value

Oregon Chain Saw Glove

Oregon Chain Saw Glove
This is an excellent value work glove that comes with smooth leather construction and reinforced leather palms to reduce vibration.

Top Chainsaw Gloves in the Market





  • Available in L and XL size

  • Smooth leather construction

  • Soft Terry Cloth to wipe away sweat

  • Made with Spandex and Neoprene

Our Top Pick

Husqvarna Chainsaw Protective Glove is our top pick. This high-quality saw glove is designed for everyday use. It protects your hand when using a chainsaw or performing other gardening tasks. It’s comfortable to wear and provides adequate safety to your hand.

What Is A Chainsaw Glove?

When you’re working with a chainsaw, you should always maintain your safety at the highest priority. Every year, thousands of people have to go to the Emergency room in the hospital due to chainsaw injuries.

The chainsaw work gloves protect your hands from accidental injuries. And of course, you should wear other protective equipment such as steel-toed boots, hard hats, eye, and hearing protection.

So how does it work?

A high-quality chainsaw work glove has multiple layers of exceptional quality fiber and a sturdier outer layer. When the hand accidentally comes in contact with the chainsaw chain, the thread inside the glove gets drawn out and tangles with the chain teeth.

This reduces the speed of the chain and ultimately stops the movement before it can cut through the glove and do any damage to soft hand tissues.

What to consider when buying chainsaw gloves


The interior and exterior fabric determines how comfortable and safe the gloves are going to be. Choose a glove that feels soft and provides you with full protection. 


Many people use chainsaws outdoor which means working in different weather conditions. Choose waterproof gloves that protect your hand from rain or snow. 


The extra inner lining and high-quality construction material make it last longer while protecting your hands and finder from the sharp edges of the chainsaw chain. 

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Best Chainsaw Gloves Review

1. Husqvarna Functional Saw Protection Gloves

Chainsaw Arm Protection

Husqvarna Chainsaw Protection Glove is an excellent choice for anyone that uses a chainsaw. This is designed for a right-handed person in mind as it features cut resistance in the left-hand glove.

It has a comfortable design and uses spandex fabric that adjusts and comfortably grips on the hand. For added protection, the palm of the glove is made from goatskin leather. It’s durable and sturdy and prevents cutting and penetration of sharp objects into the hand.

This high-quality saw protection glove is designed for everyday use. You can use it while using the chainsaw or other gardening tasks. The comfortable fit and the soft grip of the glove make it extremely durable and convenient to use.

The glove has a reinforced layer to the trigger finger. It provides additional support to your finger as you have to hold the trigger while operating the chainsaw.

It has a highly visible reflective coating that lets you keep an eye on your hand so you can keep it from harm away.

See More Information about Husqvarna Chainsaw Protection Glove


  • High-quality spandex fabric
  • Comfortable goatskin leather
  • Highly visible color
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Cut resistant to the left hand
  • Limited fitting option

2. Elvex Prolar Chainsaw Protective Gloves

Extra Large Chainsaw Safety Work Gloves

Elvex Prolar Chainsaw Protective Gloves provide protection when you need it most. It’s a high-quality EN 388 and EN 381 certified glove that comes in large and extra-large sizes.

When you cut a tall standing tree, you have to make a horizontal cut. This makes it very hard to hold the chainsaw for a long duration. The extra padding and the soft inner layers provide extra comfort while holding the chainsaw.

The sturdy fabric and the harder outer layer of the glove give you protection from the broken chainsaw chain or an accidental slip of the chainsaw.

The foam pads reduce the vibration from cutting and improve the grip. The reinforced padding around the fingertip and knuckle areas provides you with extra support.

The Velcro at the end makes it easy to adjust the glove fitting to improve the airflow inside the glove. The certified cut protection gives you extra assurance that the glove meets the required safety standard.

The use of Prolar material matches the performance of Kevlar fabric (more on this later in the article). With this glove, you get all the required protection from accidentally injuring yourself.

The water-resistant feature in the glove makes it an excellent protective glove when working outdoor. Whether you’re a lumberjack or using it to cut woods for your personal needs, you can rest assured that you can use it in any rainy weather conditions.

See More Information about Elvex Prolar Chainsaw Protective Gloves


  • Waterproof glove
  • Comfortable and durable
  • EN388 and EN381 certified for safety
  • Elasticized Velcro wrist band


  • Limited fitting option
  • Not ideal for cold weather

3. Echo Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves

High-Performance Kevlar Saw GlovesBest This and That

Echo Kevlar Saw gloves have several beneficial features that protect you from chainsaw cuts. This is a truly versatile glove that can be used when using other gardening tools.

It has 2 thick layers of Kevlar on the back of the glove to provide you with a better cut resistance. The front of the glove has goatskin leather that provides a comfortable firm grip while holding the chainsaw or other gardening tools.

The flexible and breathable material makes the glove fit snuggly to the hand. This makes it easier to use it for a longer duration without getting uncomfortable wearing it. The reinforced fingertips and knuckles offer better safety and reinforcement when using a chainsaw.

Highly visible bright red and black color improves safety as it makes it more visible and noticeable to your eyes. The velcro wrist closure allows you to keep dirt and debris from getting inside the glove.

This is a great chainsaw work glove that is specially designed to provide protection from chainsaw accidents, but you can also use it for general everyday outdoor activities. Good quality fabric and durable stitching on the gloves mean that it provides long-lasting protection.

See More Information about Echo Kevlar Saw Glove


  • Kevlar layer for cut resistance
  • Foam pad reduces vibration
  • 100% goatskin leather on the front
  • Reinforced fingertips and knuckle


  • No extra protection layer for left hand
  • Poor airflow inside the glove

4. Oregon Chainsaw Safety Glove

Reasonably Priced Safety Glove

Oregon chain saw protective gloves are premium quality gloves made with smooth leather material. It improves durability while being comfortable to wear. The tiny textured layout helps you make a better grip on the tool while wearing a glove.

The reinforced leather palm reduces vibration when using the chainsaw. The left glove has added a protection layer to prevent injury to the highly susceptible left hand (if you’re a right-handed person).

This extra layer reduces mobility on the left side. But it should not be an issue once you get used to wearing the glove.

The closed design wrist prevents the dust, debris, and wooden pieces from getting inside the gloves. It gives you a snug fit without stiffening your wrist that allows you to move chainsaws at any angle.

Overall, this is an excellent safety chainsaw glove that is comfortable and flexible to wear. You get superior grip functionality to hold the chainsaw securely. The bright reflective orange color gives high visibility in the low light area.

See More Information about Oregon Chain Saw Protective Gloves


  • Smooth leather construction for comfort
  • Reduces vibration
  • Close-fit wrist design
  • Highly visible orange color


  • Left-hand glove a bit stiff
  • Poor airflow inside the glove

5. Superior Lumberworks Protection Glove

Heavy-Duty Lumberjack Gloves

Superior lumberworks chainsaw arm protection is a heavy-duty professional-grade safety glove. It’s very comfortable to wear and doesn’t hamper the hand’s movement while using a chainsaw.

Since this is a professional-grade chainsaw glove, it’s a bit expensive than other regular work gloves. But you get what you paid for.

At the back of the left-hand glove, it has a specially designed eight layers of Kevlar lining. It can stop the chainsaw from running at high speed (3140 feet per minute).

It’s EN 381 class 0 certified lumberjack glove. This means its specially tested and meets the standard of prevention from chainsaw cuts and punctures. The water-resistant design is made for people working outdoor in rainy and wet conditions.

It’s made of smooth grain goatskin leather that improves the grip on the chainsaw and prevents any accidental slipping. The extra thick anti-vibration reinforcement improves comfort.

For preventing dirt and debris from getting inside the glove, it comes with adjustable elasticized velcro wrists. This not only prevents the dust but also maintains the optimal airflow inside it.

The back of the glove is made with stretchable nylon and lycra fabric that is coated with a water-resistance breathable membrane. This keeps your hand dry and comfortable that improves safety when operating the chainsaw.

See More Information about Superior Lumberworks Saw Glove


  • Cut resistant multiple Kevlar lining
  • Meets EN 381 safety standard
  • Water-repellent grain goatskin leather
  • Built-in anti-vibration reinforcement


  • Limited fitting option
  • Causes hands to sweat when used in warm weather

6. Youngstown General Utility Kevlar Glove

Durable Kevlar Made Glove

Youngstown general utility anti-vibration gloves are not specially designed for a chainsaw chain. But it’s durable enough to provide protection from cutting injuries. It’s a heavy-duty, all-purpose glove that offers protection from tough jobs.

The interior is lined with Kevlar fiber that improves the puncture and cut resistance. It’s a very versatile glove that can be worn when using a wide range of gardening tasks such as rigging, recycling, logging, farming, and many more.

The glove is ANSI rated for a puncture level of 4 out of 5. This makes it suitable to wear when doing any landscaping work or gardening tasks such as handling brush or thorns. You won’t be slowed down by constant poking on your hands.

The ergonomically designed glove fits most types of hands for improved dexterity and comfortable fitting. The non-slip reinforcement to the palms makes it easier to grip tools without worrying about letting them fall out of hand.

The internal knuckle protection layer prevents any injury to knuckles and fingers. The soft terry cloth brow fabric is positioned on both thumbs for conveniently wiping away sweat and debris.

It’s also easy to clean as it’s suitable for machine wash with cold water. You can air dry or tumble low with no heat.

Overall, it’s an excellent glove for both professional and occasional users. The full Kevlar lining inside the glove provides excellent protection, although it reduces a bit of flexibility.

See More Information about Youngstown Saw Glove


  • Kevlar fabric lining inside the glove
  • Improved cut-resistant and durability
  • Non-slip reinforcement at palm, finger, and thumb
  • ANSI rated for safety assurance


  • Little stiff when cutting
  • No highly visible glove color

7. Stihl Heavy Duty Glove

Best Safety Glove For Everyday Use

Stihl heavy duty glove is a general duty protective glove. This extra-large glove is suitable for people with large hands. The glove uses a high-quality material that is reinforced with soft foam pads. This reduces the vibration when using the chainsaw and lowers hand fatigue.

The inside of the glove is made with ultra-durable goat leather. It makes it easy to make a grip on the tool while wearing it for a long duration.

The extra padding around the knuckle is an excellent addition. It prevents injury from bumping your hand on the hard object. The multi-ply wrist cuff provides outstanding glove life. The extended cuff on the wrist prevents the debris and dirt from getting inside the glove.

The extra fabric layer at the back of the glove provides protection against cuts and punctures. The finger and thumbs are not very stiff, which makes it easier to hold tools.

The bright orange color at the front of the glove makes it highly visible. It improves safety and durability. You should choose this one if you’re looking for extra-large general-purpose arborist gloves.

See More Information about Stihl Heavy Duty Glove


  • Extra-large general-purpose safety glove
  • Made with ultra-durable goat leather
  • Highly visible upgraded canvas back
  • Last twice as long as ordinary leather


  • No anti-vibration padding
  • Not suitable for small to medium-sized hands
Cordless Chainsaw Cutting a wood

What are the benefits of saw gloves, except safety

The safety of your limbs is the primary reason to wear cut-resistant chainsaw gloves. But the best quality of chainsaw gloves has several other benefits.

The high-quality material inside, such as Kevlar, reduces the vibration when operating the chainsaw. This lowers the fatigue of running the chainsaw for a longer duration.

The absorbing inner layer of gloves keeps your hands dry from sweats and improves the grip on the chainsaw. This prevents the accidental slip of the chainsaw.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Chainsaw Glove

Consider the following factors when buying cut-resistant chainsaw gloves.

Outer Layer

A high-quality chainsaw glove is comfortable to wear and prevents you from any chainsaw injury. The quality depends on the type of material used in making the inner and outer layers of the glove. In the market, there are several different qualities of chain saw gloves available.

The most common material used is nylon, leather, spandex, and Lycra fabrics. These fabrics give a soft natural feel to the hand while protecting it from injuries.

The leather is most commonly used in high-quality gloves. It’s comfortable to the skin and doesn’t get cut easily. The non-slip grip of leather makes it suitable to use in any weather conditions.

Inner Fabric

The inner fabric is the second line of defense in protecting your hand. The fabric has to be reliable, so it doesn’t break easily. When cut, it should be long enough to tangle with the chainsaw chain.

Kevlar is the preferred choice of material as its lightweight and robust. You can realize the sturdiness of Kevlar as it’s often used in making bulletproof vests and helmets.

The inner fabric also absorbs the chainsaw vibration that reduces fatigue while providing a better grip to hold the chainsaw.


Many people use these work gloves outdoor. That means working in all types of weather conditions, including rain and snow. The waterproof gloves prevent cold water from seeping inside the glove. This keeps your hand dry and comfortable.

Extra Inner Lining

The extra inner lining gives you backup protection in case the outer layer and Kevlar fabric do not stop the chainsaw blade completely. The tight inner lining completely prevents the chain before it comes into contact with the hand.

The majority of people are right-handed. That increases the likelihood of the left hand coming in contact with the chainsaw chain. Check if it offers an additional thicker layer of protection for the left side.

If you’re a left-handed person, then find out if it has an extra layer of protection for the right hand.

Meets Safety Standards

When you’re buying safety equipment, you should have assurance that it’s properly tested and meets some quality standards.

You can buy the non-branded cheap safety gloves without any guarantee of its quality. But it’s not worth the risk if it can’t protect you when you need it.

The glove’s quality is rated on EN and ANSI safety standards. For getting safety certification, the glove has to go through several rigorous tests to prove that it can stop the chainsaw movement at a certain speed.

The EN rating is a quality assurance standard given by the European Union. There are three different EN ratings for the gloves, such as EN 381, EN 388, and EN 420.

The rating is based on the gloves’ ability to stop the moving chainsaw blades at a different speed. The higher-rated glove offers better protection at fast-moving chain speed.

If you live in North America, then you may find gloves that are certified by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).


The vibration reduction feature in the gloves allows you to work longer without getting your hands tired. It improves safety as there becomes less chance of chainsaw falling off your hand or slipping while in use.

Abrasion Resistance

The high abrasion resistance gloves make it last longer. When you use a chainsaw, it generates lots of sawdust and clippings. The debris moves at high speed and hits the glove.

These multiple layers inside the gloves prevent you from injury and discomfort. But constant hitting reduces the life of the glove.

A high abrasion-resistant glove lasts longer and is measured on a scale from 1 to 4. This is measured by passing the glove through multiple cycles of abrasion with sandpaper at a specific pressure.

Cut And Tear Resistance

You don’t want sharp wooden chips and chainsaw blades to tear and puncture the glove. The cut resistance ability of the glove is rated on a scale between 1 and 5. It’s based on the number of cycles needed to cut the exterior layer of the glove.

The tear resistance measures the sturdiness of gloves. It’s rated on a scale from 1 to 4 and based on the amount of force required to tear the glove.


The proper fitting of the glove in your hand is critical. Improper fitting may negate the benefit of using the glove. A large size glove to your hand may make it difficult to have a proper grip on the saw.

Whereas, the too-tight glove limits the finger movement. Or worse, reduce the blood flow to your hand that may cause you to lose the grip on the chainsaw.

Know the size of your hand when choosing the glove. Also, allow some margins due to the thickness of the gloves and the types of construction material used. Some gloves will enable you to stretch it for an exceptional fit.

Extra Palm Padding

This is an optional feature of the chainsaw glove, but it improves comfort. The extra palm padding help reduce the vibration from the chainsaw. It lowers the pressure of holding the handle of the chainsaw that ultimately reduces fatigue.

How To Clean Chainsaw Gloves

Cleaning chainsaw gloves depends on the material used in the glove. You should look out for manufacturer instructions for the proper care of the chainsaw glove.

Some gloves allow you to machine wash it, but some you can only do hand-wash. Regardless, you must keep the glove clean. This improves hygiene and maintains glove performance at an optimal level.

In most cases, you can hand-wash gloves with lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent. Place the glove under the running water to remove any dried mud or dirt.

Then use a small amount of detergent and rub it on the glove and wash it thoroughly. You can squeeze it to remove water and then hang it to let it dry naturally.

If the instruction says machine washable, then use cold water to wash it but don’t use a dryer unless it’s allowed by the manufacturer.

Keep Your Hand Safe With Chainsaw Glove

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