Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Review

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Weather impacts our daily activities. It is vital to have a comfortable indoor and outdoor temperature. You can control the indoor temperature, but you don’t have any control over the outdoor one.

But when it comes to knowing the temperature, you need to have the best indoor outdoor thermometer at your disposal.

The indoor-outdoor thermometer uses sensors placed outside the house. It then sends the wireless signal to the main unit, which displays the temperature. Most of these thermometers include other features besides temperature. 

But why do you need a personal indoor outdoor thermometer when you check the weather on your phone, right?

Well, your phone may give you the temperature reading surrounding your area, but it does not provide you with the exact local temperature.

This is why you need to have an indoor-outdoor thermometer that you can place around your house to get the localized temperature reading.

Knowing the outdoor temperature helps you better plan your temperature control schedule. As it is important to efficiently manage the temperature to save money on electricity or gas bills.

In this post, we cover the 7 best indoor outdoor thermometers, some of them have lots of extra features. 

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Quick Picks

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La Crosse Weather Forecast

La Crosse Weather Forecast
This thermometer has a large animated weather forecast and a large viewing angle LCD display. You can also use an alarm clock if needed.

Best Overall

ThermoPro TP67

ThermoPro TP67
ThermoPro has a large digital display for easy viewing and comes with a hygrometer. It’s weather-resistant and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The 330 feet range sensor is long enough to be sufficient for most users.

Best Value

La Crosse Technology

La Crosse Technology
This thermometer has a simple clutter-free display. it comes with a long-lasting battery and has extra-large digits.

7 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best indoor outdoor weather thermometer is ThermoPro digital hygrometer. It has a large display screen and backlight display, which makes it easier to read the temperature. 

You can choose the temperature reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, which makes it versatile to use the device in any region. It is capable of reading up to 3 outdoor remote sensors.

It means more flexibility in reading temperature from different locations. It can be easily hung on the wall or stand on the desk. The backlight makes it easy to get the information at night or in dark locations. 

What is Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The indoor-outdoor thermometer tells you the temperature inside and outside the house. This helps you to adjust the indoor temperature by ramping up the heat in the winter or turning on the air conditioner in summer.

Similarly, knowing the outdoor temperature allows you to dress up according to the weather. This helps you better plan the day depending on the temperature.

The indoor-outdoor thermometer allows you to have one device for both temperature readings. This is useful as it reduces the number of thermometers you need to buy and reduces the clutter of devices.

What to consider when buying Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Choose a thermometer that gives you higher temperature accuracy within the range of +/- 2°C.


An easy-to-read large font display helps to know the temperature from a distance. 

Wireless Capability

A wireless thermometer gives you outdoor temperature without running wires around. 

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The Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Review

1. AcuRite Wireless Weather Forecaster

The AcuRite wireless weather forecaster is a digital display thermometer. It has lots of features including calendar, time, and weather forecasting. The visually appealing graphical picture of weather helps to glance over the weather forecast quickly.

The inbuilt atomic clock gives you the absolutely correct time. It provides split-second time accuracy and automatically updates for daylight-saving time. So, this means no getting late for the appointments.

It uses a radio signal to synchronize time with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST is a standard governing body that provides the reference time.

Information clutter is a common issue among several digital display thermometers. But who wants to look at a bunch of numbers and then try to figure out what those number means?

You will not have an information clutter issue with the AcuRite thermometer. All the information is neatly presented in an easy-to-read manner. The sharp and well-organized monochromatic display (Black and white) presents the reading, which is easy to read at a quick glance.

There is an extra benefit of using a monochromatic display. It uses less power, which means the battery lasts longer than color displays. The display numbers are up to 8 inches wide, and 6 inches tall which can be comfortably read from a distance.

There are both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature settings available. You can easily choose your desired temperature format through easy-to-navigate menu options.

The slim profile of the device makes it very portable. You can stand it either on a desk or mount it on the wall. The accompanying outdoor sensor has a slim profile and self-calibrating forecasting feature.

You can hang it outdoor on any tree branch or attach it to any fixture. It sends the temperature signal wirelessly to the indoor unit, which then displays the information.

The use of an outdoor sensor means you will get temperature around your house rather than from some distant location. The outdoor sensor can send the signal up to 330 feet when there is no direct obstruction to the signal. That is a good distance for an average-size home.

The thermometer also displays a high low-temperature range. This helps you with better forecasting temperature for a whole day. The thermometer is battery-powered and requires 3 AA alkaline batteries. The outdoor wireless sensor needs 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

The AcuRite Weather forecaster comes with a one-year limited warranty.

See More information on AcuRite 75077A3M Wireless Weather Station


  • Large LCD display
  • Atomic time clock
  • Calendar and time functionality
  • Slim profile
  • Well space display for uncluttered reading


  • No backlight
  • Batteries not included

2. ThermoPro Rechargeable Thermometer

ThermoPro digital hygrometer indoor outdoor thermometer is a 4-inch large LCD display unit with lots of features. The design is very modern and sleek without compromising on functionality.

The large LCD makes the reading easier from a distance. The backlight display allows you to see the information in low light or in the dark. To conserve battery, the backlight self-turn-off after 15 seconds.

The outdoor sensor is battery-operated, and you can hang it around the house or in the garden to get the nearby temperature. It is very sturdy as it operates from -58 F to 159 F (-50 C to 70 C) temperature.

The wireless hygrometer measures the humidity percentage around the house. The highly sensitive thermometer measures indoor and outdoor temperature.

For added convenience, you can attach up to 3 more outdoor remote sensors. This is particularly useful in situations where you want to get the temperature from several locations.

The sensor sends wireless signals to the main unit up to 330 feet distance. The display arrow shows the ongoing temperature trends. We find this useful as it makes it easier to forecast whether the temperature is going up or down.

The touchscreen display makes it easier to change the settings on the thermometer. This is super convenient if you are wall mounting the thermometer. The touchscreen allows you to change the setting directly rather than taking it off from the wall.

Besides temperature, the unit display time, humidity, and high/low-temperature pattern. The well-designed outdoor sensor has a notch at the top, which makes it easy to hang or mount outside.

To get a more precise temperature reading, place the outdoor sensor in the shade rather than direct sunlight.

The unit is water-resistant but not waterproof. To prevent the rainwater from getting inside the outdoor sensor, hang it upside down.

See More information on ThermoPro TP67 Rechargeable Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


  • Digital display with a hygrometer
  • 330 feet range sensor
  • Weather-resistant
  • Battery included


  • No Date and time display

3. AcuRite Weather Station With Jumbo Display

If you want something fancy and want a color display, then this digital thermometer is for you. The AcuRite weather station has a full color, bold, and bright LCD screen display. It has a wide range of features. It displays indoor outdoor temperature, weather forecast, date and time, and temperature trends.

The screen is quite big, and the display colors are very vivid. The animated weather graphics look very nice and beautiful. Moreover, the information presented is easy to understand.

The atomic clock displays time with ultra-accuracy. It also automatically adjusts for any daylight savings.

The weather forecast works by self-calibrating and receiving its data from a wireless weather sensor. The temperature and humidity sensors are highly sensitive. So, this means you get accurate and up-to-date temperature and humidity readings.

The self-calibration of the unit means less manual intervention. You have to power the unit with an electrical outlet, and it includes the AC adapter.

This means you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. There is also an option to use batteries for the main unit, but it is for backup purposes only. The outdoor temperature sensor is powered by 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries.

The outdoor sensors can be easily mounted on the tree or attached to the outdoor fixtures. The sensors are weather resistant and are easy to install. It sends the signal wirelessly up to 330 feet away.

See More information on AcuRite 02081M Weather Station with Jumbo Display


  • A bright-colored LCD display
  • 330 feet wireless sensor range
  • Atomic clock 
  • Good price to value


  • Poor LCD viewing angle
  • No humidity reading

4. La Crosse Technology Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

La Crosse Technology indoor outdoor thermometer is a reasonably priced digital thermometer. It has an extra-large LCD display which displays the temperature and time. The big, bold display makes it easier to read the display from a distance.

The simple and minimalistic design will be appealing to those who want a no-fuss-style thermometer. If you want a simple but functional best indoor outdoor thermometer, then this is an ideal choice.

The outdoor sensor has a coverage range of up to 300 feet. This is almost the same coverage distance as other more expensive and feature-rich thermometers.

The unit auto-updates every 4 seconds, which means you always get the latest temperature readings. To prevent the water from getting into its outdoor sensor, hang it vertically.

You can attach up to three sensors to get the readings from three different places. The thermometer can operate in the range of -40 F to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C). This is a good temperature range unless you live in some extreme weather location.

There are two temperature reading settings, Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can easily switch over to your desired reading setting from the menu. The inbuilt clock displays time in 12 hours or 24-hour format.

To power the unit, you need AA batteries, which makes it very portable. You can place the thermometer anywhere without worrying about finding the power outlet.

The unit gives visual notification when the battery goes down. Overall, this is a simple and very affordable indoor outdoor thermometer.

With this unit, you may not get all the bells and whistles like other thermometers. But if you want something which is basic and gets the job done, then this is the best inexpensive indoor outdoor thermometer.

See More Information about La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor Temperature


  • Simple clutter-free display
  • Long lasting battery
  • Extra-large digits
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes reading is not very accurate

5. Ambient Weather Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

This is a multi-sensor display unit in our list. It displays the temperature and humidity readings from three different sensors at the same time. The display console can wirelessly read and update up to eight remote thermo-hygrometer sensors.

This makes it truly versatile and multi-use. We also liked the indoor hygrometer sensors in the unit, which means you also get the humidity level reading inside the house. This will be particularly useful in the winter when indoor heating tends to reduce the humidity level.

You can also set pre-defined high and low-temperature readings. When the temperature goes beyond the set temperature threshold, it provides audio and visual notification.

The ability to pair 8 remote sensors will be useful to people who have various places to check the temperature at the same time. This increases the flexibility in reading temperature from different locations.

When using several sensors, readability may be an issue. This is where this unit shines. You can set the device on scroll mode. It automatically passes through each sensor temperature display without you pressing the button. The sensor number corresponding to the temperature tells you the sensor location.

The sensor reading keeps changing in the 5-second interval, which is a good speed to follow through the temperature from different sensors.

If for some reason the unit loses connection with the sensor, it automatically re-syncs it. This is helpful as you don’t have to always keep pairing the sensors. The sensors have an operating range of 300 feet of a clear line of sight and 100 feet under the most common conditions.

The remote sensors also include the LCD display and channel designation. It makes it easier to pair with the main unit and check the temperature without going inside the house.

This is a battery-powered thermometer that increases the portability to place the device.

You need 4 AAA batteries to power the main unit and 2 AAA batteries for each outdoor sensor. The thermometer’s operating temperature range is limited by the type of battery you use.

For a longer operating temperature range, we recommend that you use lithium batteries. The lithium batteries can power the device from -40 F to 140 F, whereas the non-lithium batteries only work up to -4 F.

See More information on Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor


  • Multiple sensors reading display
  • Simple, clean layout
  • Scroll mode to display each sensor automatically
  • Bright large number display


  • Batteries not included
  • No time/calendar display

6. La Crosse Wireless Digital Color Forecast Station

La Crosse Technology wireless digital display is a colored LCD display for the indoor-outdoor thermometer. The bright full-color LCD displays weather icons from sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy, to snowy days. The animated weather icons make the display look visually appealing and informative.

The LCD display is big and easy to read from a distance. The in-built atomic clock self-synchronizes to provide a precise time. It also includes automatic daylight time savings resets.

You can select the temperature reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also provides the humidity level reading, including the records of maximum and minimum ranges.

Given all the functionality, we find this to be a bit expensive than the other thermometers. But it makes up the price with lots of extra value provided.

One of the issues that many color LCD displays encounter is the viewing angle. A good viewing angle is important as the LCD display visibility reduces when you look it through the angle.

The use of a premium quality display panel in this thermometer makes it easy to read in bright sunlight or at angled viewing. The use of an animated display gives a nice visual touch to get the weather prospect at a simple glance.

The humidity sensors provide a very accurate reading. The outdoor sensors can be placed up to 300 feet, which means a wider coverage area to place the unit. The unit is battery-powered and has an in-built low battery indicator.

The portable design allows the main display unit to either place it on the desk or wall-mount it. The landscape mode design makes it easier to look at the information from left to right.

The thermometer allows you to set the temperature alert for indoor and outdoor. This is a nice feature as you don’t have to keep a constant eye on the thermometer to check if the temperature has changed beyond the set limit.

You can set the time to display in 12 hours or 24-hour format with a bonus 10-minute snooze time alarm. The backlight makes it easier to see the readings in the dark or low lights.

This is a battery and AC-powered unit. To preserve the battery, you can set the backlight display to either low, high, or completely turn off.

You can use the AC adapter to plug in the device to a home power outlet and use the battery as a backup option.

See More information on La Crosse Technology Thermometer


  • Large animated weather forecast
  • Wide range of functionality
  • AC and battery operated
  • Large viewing angle LCD display


  • Battery not included
  • Bit cluttered display

7. Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station

Oregon scientific weather station is a feature-rich indoor outdoor thermometer. It is a very compact size unit which means you can place it wherever you need it and it is very portable.

It displays the temperature, humidity, and time. We find these to be a nice feature to have in any thermometer. The display is a bright monochromatic LCD. The weather forecaster shows you the weather 12 to 24 hours in advance using a graphical icon.

The icons display the expected weather in visually appealing graphics. The display shows three different temperature and humidity trends such as rising, steady, or falling.

As an extra feature, it also shows the moon phase display. The moon phase tells us whether the moon is getting bigger or shorter based on the earth covering sunlight to the moon.

For several people, it might not be very useful to know the moon phase, but it may be helpful for people planning outdoor activities.

The full phase moon means more nighttime light. But we don’t think the moon phase adds some exceptional value to general users.

The other feature, such as weather warning forecast can alert you to a drastic change of weather. This could be conditions such as heat, frost, storms, or high winds. People living in extreme weather areas may find it useful as it gives them advance warning.

It has a transmission range of 98 feet, which is less than other similar devices, but it should be enough for most people.

The unit is battery operated, which means it is very portable and you can place it wherever you need.

See More information on Oregon Scientific BAR206 Weather Forecast


  • Large black and white display
  • Humidity sensors
  • Moon phase display 
  • Time and calendar 


  • Expensive
  • Small transmission range
Digital Thermometer

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer – Buying Guide

There are several different options when buying the Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. Here is some important information you need to keep in mind when purchasing the thermometer.

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

There are several benefits of the indoor-outdoor thermometer. The first is the use of a single unit to know them inside and outside temperature. This is important as it reduces the number of devices you need.

Moreover, it is important to know the outside temperature if you are planning any outdoor activities. The temperature inside your house may be significantly different than the outdoor temperature.

These differences in temperature become more profound in the summer or winter season. As you may be using a heater or air conditioner to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

By knowing the outside temperature in advance can help you better plan the day. Getting outside to check the temperature may not give you a complete temperature sense as the body takes time to assess the temperature properly.

This is more so if you are going to be standing outside for a shorter duration to get a feel for the temperature.

Many indoor-outdoor thermometers also provide humidity level readings. This is important as it affects the temperature you feel despite the temperature you see on the thermometer.

People with medical conditions such as arthritis or joint pain are more sensitive to change in air pressure. By knowing all the information beforehand, you can better plan your day.

What Is Barometric Pressure And How It Relates To Temperature?

The barometric pressure is the pressure exerted by the air on the earth’s surface. The warm temperature makes the air lighter, and air rises far above the ground.

On the other hand, the lower temperature makes the air heavy. This is one of the reason that in the winter you see more fog or poor visibility as colder air stay closer to the ground. 

In brief, a barometer measures the air pressure. High air pressure means cold temperature, and low air pressure means high temperature.

The use of barometric air pressure reading can help you forecast the coming change in temperature. The change in air pressure usually results in a gradual swing in the air temperature. 

Types of Thermometer

There are several different types of a thermometer in the market. Some of the most common ones are:

Glass Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The glass-based indoor outdoor thermometer is very basic and inexpensive. You may have seen it hanging in the garden or on the wall.

The glass contains a temperature-sensitive liquid solution. The inside liquid expands or contracts when the temperature changes. A thin tube inside the glass with a marked temperature tells you the temperature depending on the position of the liquid.

The temperature-sensitive liquid is in the form of a eutectic alloy consisting of gallium-indium-tin. It is also known as Galinstan and uses a mixture such as mercury, alcohol, or toluene. 

Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The digital thermometer uses transistors to measure the temperature. The transistor controls the flow of electricity. When the temperature changes, it changes the conductivity of the thermometer, which reduces the current flow. A converter then changes the current into a temperature reading.

You need either battery or some other type of power source such as an electrical outlet or solar lights to power the device. 

Analog Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The analog indoor outdoor thermometer is also known as dial based thermometer. It uses two metal pieces that contract or expand based on the temperature.

A needle is attached to the metal which moves at the change of the length of the metallic bar. This is a very basic and durable thermometer, but the downside is that it does not provide a very accurate temperature. 

Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The wireless thermometer contains two units, the host and the beamer. You can place the beamer wherever you want the temperature to be taken. The temperature signal is sent wirelessly to the host, which displays the temperature.

The wireless ability of the thermometer allows you to have more flexibility as you can place it wherever you need. Some of these devices can exceed over 100 feet, which means longer outdoor reach for the temperature reading. 

Wifi Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The wifi indoor outdoor thermometer sends the temperature reading directly to your smartphone.

Some makers of wifi thermometers allow you to pair your thermometer with your home cooling or heating system. 

This allows you more control over the temperature inside your home as you can monitor and control it remotely. 

Outdoor Thermometer

What Features To Look For In The Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The thermometers available in the market contain several features which you may or may not need. It is important that you identify your needs first and then look for the features of the thermometer.

Here are some useful features to look for in the thermometer. 

Temperature Accuracy

Most of the residential use thermometer gives you a fairly accurate temperature reading. But it still contains some margin of error such as +/- 2-degree Celsius.

It may not be a big issue for many people who are using these thermometers to check the weather or to decide how much dress-up they need.

But for many others who are using the thermometer for more critical stuff such as controlling the temperature in the greenhouse, pets cage, and food storage may need more precise control on the temperature reading. 


The display of the thermometer is an important consideration when you are looking to buy an indoor-outdoor thermometer. A small display makes it difficult to read and could result in reading the wrong temperature.

This is why we recommend the display size of temperature reading to be big and easier to read.

If you are using a digital display thermometer, then some models have a backlight on display. The backlight makes it easier to read the temperature in low light or in the dark.

Ease of Use

The best indoor outdoor thermometer should be easy to use to get the information you need. A device that needs constant calibration or has to go through several different calibrations will not be very helpful in the long run.

Wireless Capability

We consider the wireless capability to be an important feature to have. After all, who wants to do things manually these days. The wireless capability allows you to get indoor and outdoor temperatures remotely without you running any wire through it.

But as usual, the more feature you will have, the more it will cost and the more complex it becomes. So there is a bit trade-off.

Now, based on your needs, you may not want a wireless capability. But this is something you should consider when looking at a thermometer. 

Temperature Scale

Do you want your temperature readings to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Depending on whether your country has adopted the imperial or metric system, you may prefer one type of reading more than the other.

Many thermometers provide you with the temperature in both scales, and you can easily change it through its settings. If you live in the United States, you may prefer reading in Fahrenheit, but if you live in Canada or Europe, then Celsius will be more prevalent.

Regardless of the place where you live, you should be able to choose the temperature readings, which is more convenient and easier for you to understand.

You don’t want to keep converting one unit into another. It becomes frustrating if your thermometer does not display a temperature reading which you are comfortable with. 

Power Source

Digital thermometers need a power source to operate. The power source can be either through a battery or through a power outlet. Some thermometer uses solar lights to charge the battery.

The battery-powered thermometers are more portable as you can place them wherever you need them. But as a downside, you have to replace the batteries regularly or use a rechargeable one.

The power outlet operated thermometer works by using electricity from your home power outlet. It is less flexible but needs less work as long as you provide it with an uninterrupted power supply.

For the best indoor outdoor thermometer, we recommend a thermometer, which allows you to choose both types of power sources. 

Display Size

Depending on the place where you plan to use the thermometer, the display size may be an important factor.

If you plan to use it in the office or in some narrow space, then choose a compact display size. Whereas if you want to hang it on the wall and see it from a distance, then a bigger display size is more preferable. 

Display Color

This is not essential, but some people find it helpful to have a colored display to show the temperature reading. For example, the closer to the red color indicates the warm weather.

The colored display is more expensive than the monochromatic color displays and consumes more power.

This may be an issue if the thermometer uses a battery. But if you don’t have any of those constraints, then the color display can be quite helpful and looks appealing. 


You may want the thermometer to be multi-functional, so you may not use it only to look for the temperature.

Advance thermometers come with several other sensors and functionalities. The most common ones are the display of time and date, weather forecast, or barometric pressure.

How Accurate is The Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The accuracy of a thermometer depends on the type of thermometer and its placement. The placement is far important than the type. Many people don’t give any thinking when finding a location to place their thermometer.

Choosing the right location will give you a reasonable temperature range which may vary in between +/- 2-degree Celsius range. This should be good enough for most of the residential use.

But if you are doing a temperature-sensitive project or need a highly accurate temperature, then you need to buy a well-calibrated thermometer. These are more expensive but can provide up to 99% temperature accuracy. 

Where is the Best Place To Mount Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The placing of the thermometer greatly affects the temperature reading. For outdoor placements, choose a shaded location. The location should not get direct sunlight or other artificial heat sources. So, make sure that you don’t place the sensor closer to heat vents or near a fire pit.

It is ideal to place the sensors near the shaded open area location. This is where professional weather forecasters place their thermometers. Sometimes you have to test the area and check if you are getting the correct temperature reading. 

Don’t place the sensor right on the ground but keep it 6 to 7 feet above the ground. By placing sensors too close to the ground, the ground temperature affects the temperature reading.

Try moving your sensor to a different location if you do not get an accurate reading at one place. You can hang the sensor or attach it to poles, trees, fences, or any tall object.

There are optional temperature and humidity solar radiation shield that provides shade from sunlight and allow airflow through the shield. This helps you get a more accurate temperature reading. 


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