Best Snow Shovel Review

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If you live where you have to deal with snow covering your driveways and sidewalks, you know how important it is to have a reliable and sturdy snow shovel.

You may not feel the importance of it till you wake up one day and see your driveway full of snow. You may often end buying one flimsy model at the supermarket that barely lasts a single season.

This post covered the best snow shovel that you can buy with confidence and last several seasons. Later in the article, we have covered the features you need to consider before you purchase.

Quick Picks

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Orientools Heavy Duty Snow Pusher

Orientools Heavy Duty Snow Pusher
Premium quality heavy-duty snow pusher that clears away snow up to 5 inches deep in a single pass. Ideal for clearing driveway, sidewalks, or pathways.

Best Overall

True Temper Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher

True Temper Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher
This combo shovel is ideal for shoveling or pushing snow with its 18-inch combination blade. It comes with a sturdy nylon wear strip to extend the life of the blade.

Best Value

Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel
Great value for money. It has a durable impact-resistant blade and the second handle gives lifting leverage to lift greater loads with ease.

Top Snow Shovel For Home To Buy





  • 25 inch blade
  • 6 inch blade
  • Adjustable handle height (45″ – 50″)

  • 3 piece design
  • 6 different color
  • Adjustable handle (25″ – 32″)

  • 18 inch blade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Oversized grip handle

  • 22 inch blade
  • Durable poly scoop
  • 56 inch long handle

  • 18 inch blade
  • Spring loaded handle
  • 41.3″ long handle

Our Top Pick

True Temper poly snow shovel/pusher is our top pick. It’s a sturdy build and an 18-inch combination blade ideal for shoveling and pushing snow.

The nylon wear strip at the edge of the blade extends the life and prevents scratch on the surface. An ergonomic steel handle makes it easy to shovel without needing to bend. An oversized D-grip handle makes it easy to grip with gloved hands.

Why do you need snow shovel?

A snow shovel is a great tool to clear your sidewalks and driveway from snow and ice. It’s a great tool to have in your garage as you can remove any light to heavy snow whenever you need it.

Even if you live in a place where you have a professional landscaping company responsible for clearing snow, you should invest in a good snow shovel.

I can’t remember how many times I had to use a snow shovel to get my car out of snow. It’s a good investment that you won’t regret making when yearly the cold weather comes around.

A snow shovel can help you clear your driveway, sidewalk, deck, patio, or front door whenever you need it. Buying a top-rated snow shovel or snow pusher gives you the ability to clear snow efficiently and quickly.

What are the different types of snow shovels?

There are different styles of snow shovels that you can buy. You should pick ones that don’t put too much strain on your back, legs, or arms while shoveling and allow you to get the job done quickly.

In general, snow shovels come in three types; pusher, traditional shovels, and combos.

Traditional shovel

This is the most common type you may have seen. These are simple in design and consist of a blade and a stick. Some people also call it a corn scoop shovel. You scoop, lift, and throw snow far.

These are very portable and small, making it easy to clear a fair amount of snow. You can also store it conveniently as it needs less space.

Pusher shovel

For heavy-duty snow clearing, a pusher shovel is a great option. It has wheels behind the blades that allow you to push snow rather than lifting and throwing it.

The wide blade scoops a large amount of snow, and you can push snow out of the way. People who have limited mobility or weight lifting restrictions can use pushers with ease.

People living in higher snowfall areas should invest in this snow shovel. This makes it easy to roll around and clear snow from your driveway or sidewalk without getting too tired.

Combo snow shovel

Combo snow shovel has an ergonomic design that allows you to lift and throw snow or push it out of the way. This is a great tool to handle light to moderate amounts of snow.

The combo snow shovel handle is usually bent at 25 degrees to give you a better grip and lessens the need to bend. This is easy on your back, but your arms are more prone to get tired.

What to consider when buying Snow Shovel

Blade Size

The size of the shovel blade determines how much snow you can move in each pass. Choose a hybrid-made blade that is stable and lightweight. 


An ergonomically designed handle helps you clear snow without causing too much strain on your back. You can also choose a telescopic handle for greater flexibility. 


A well-built high-quality shovel lasts several seasons without breaking. Also, consider the overall weight of the snow shovel that you can comfortably use around

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Best Snow Shovel Reviews

Here are some of the top-performing snow shovels that you can buy with confidence.

1. ORIENTOOLS Heavy Duty Adjustable Snow Pusher

Best Snow Shovel With Wheels

This Orientools heavy-duty rolling snow pusher was the closest we could find that was premium quality heavy-duty snow remover. You can use it to clear snow that is up to 5″ deep in a single pass.

Thanks to its sturdier 6″ anti-slip wheels that make clearing driveways, pathways, and sidewalks a breeze. The rubber-made wheels and high-impact polypropylene blade are of good quality and last long.

The cushioned handle makes it easy to grip the shovel and push it around without getting your hand tired. You can adjust the length from 45″ to 50″ as per your comfort.

It takes minimal effort to push heavy and wet snow. The ergonomic design allows you to back up quickly and turn directions when plowing snow. This is great for clearing a large space without needing a snowblower.

You may need some assembling after you have received it. The accessories and instructions are included in the shipping box. It’s very lightweight and straightforward to use. You can also use it with a single hand and clear snow without tiring your back.

See More Information about ORIENTOOLS Heavy Duty Snow Pusher


  • Sturdy 6″ anti-slip wheel
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly and durable


  • Some assembling required
  • Screws and bolts get loose

2. Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Portable Snow Shovel

Lifeline aluminum sport utility shovel is a three-piece collapsible portable snow shovel that is highly portable. You can carry it in your vehicle, take it for camping or leave it in storage without needing much space.

You can buy this high-quality aluminum shovel in 6 different colors. The high-quality powder coating on the shovel means it remains bright and rust-free even after several years of use.

The adjustable piece means you can quickly change the shovel length for different uses. For example, you can remove the middle handle piece that makes it a small and lighter ideal for hiking and backpacking.

The medium extension allows you to extend it up to 25 inches in length, and the large extension can be used to extend up to the 32-inch size. The shovel is made of high-quality aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy. The plastic handle doesn’t feel cheap or wobble when in use.

The cushy hand grip at the top of the handle makes it easy to hold and doesn’t put too much stress on your palm. It’s a great portable snow clearing tool for a small to medium amount of snow clearing.

See More Information about Lifeline aluminum sport utility shovel


  • Portable design
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Multiple colors to choose
  • Can be placed in a car or backpack


  • Aluminum blade gets scraped easily
  • Doesn’t come with a travel bag

3. True Temper Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher

Best Combo Snow Shovel

If you’re looking for a combo shovel, you should consider a True Temper poly snow shovel/pusher. It has an 18-inch combination blade that is suitable for shoveling and pushing snow.

The oversize D-grip handle makes it comfortable to grip even with gloves on your hand. The high-quality plastic-made blade is sturdy and won’t scratch on the surface. It comes with a nylon wear strip that extends the blade’s life and prevents surface gauging.

Unlike several other snow shovels where the snow sticks to the blade and you have to use non-stick spray on the edge, this issue isn’t in this shovel.

The combo design of the shovel gives you greater flexibility as it’s a handy pusher and scooper. The ergonomic handle makes it easy on the hands and back. The three points securing the handle to the body means it won’t wobble or get loose while shoveling.

Overall, it’s a great snow shovel and very durable. It’s a bit heavier than other shovels, but then it’s long-lasting and can be used for any medium to bit heavy snowfall.

See More Information about True Temper Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher


  • Combo design (Shovel/Pusher)
  • 18-inch handle
  • D-shape grip
  • Nylon wear strip


  • Bit heavy
  • Hard to break up the ice

4. Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel

Best Shovel For Driveways

You can spend less time shoveling with this Bully tool combination snow pusher. We liked the nice long handle and D-shape handgrip that comfortably allows you to hold it with gloves.

The professional-grade poly scooper is great for handling small to medium size snow on sidewalks and driveways. The 22-inch scoop allows you to get snow cleared in less time.

The 56-inch-long fiberglass handle is lightweight and sturdy. The long handle means you may not need to bend much. It prevents back strain with maximum control on clearing snow.

The plastic-made scoop is very sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap. It contains a built-in wear strip to reduce wear while clearing snow and reducing surface damage.

Like other plastic-made blades, it’s not meant to chip away snow from the surface, but it does a great job of scooping and clearing snow.

If you live where you get mostly dry snow, this shovel will work wonderfully. You can still use it for more wet and clumped snow but have to clean areas more frequently.

This is a great snow shovel that is fit for a taller person. The 56-inch-long fiberglass handle means you won’t need to bend while clearing the shovel.

See More Information about Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel


  • Combo snow shovel
  • D-grip handle
  • Sturdier construction
  • Reinforced poly head blade


  • Non-adjustable handle
  • A bit challenging to scrap the ice from the surface

5. Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Best Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Lightweight, easy to use, and excellent lifting leverage to the lower hand are what you get with this snow shovel. You may think that a double handle design is a gimmick, but you will notice the difference when you use it.

The well-placed second handle reduces the need to bend and improves body posture when scooping massive snow. The better leverage and uniform load distribution mean you can use your full upper body strength rather than back and lower body muscle.

The spring-assist handle acts as a fulcrum that makes scooping and lifting a more straightforward job. The ergonomically designed handle improves the posture, and the 41-inch-long handle comfortably fits the average person’s size.

The blade is made of durable plastic and is 18 inches wide. The aluminum wear strip makes it easy to handle sticky snow on the ground and prevents wear to the blade.

The D-shape handle is wide enough to let you make a firm grip with gloves in your hand. Overall, it’s a great low-price snow shovel that lasts long and is great to handle small to medium snow.

See More Information about Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel


  • Durable blade
  • Ergonomic design with lifting leverage
  • Wide 18-inch shovel blade
  • D-grip handle wide enough to use with gloves


  • The aluminum strip quickly wears off
  • Might be too short for some
Shoveling Snow From Driveway

Things to consider before buying a snow shovel

When it comes to buying a snow shovel, there are a few considerations that you should make.

At first, you must have some understanding about the snowfall you may be clearing. A few inches of snow aren’t difficult to remove, but a considerable accumulation of snow can make it heavy and difficult to clear.

Like mowing, shoveling is a physically demanding task, and the right tool can help you clear snow much effectively. Here are some key points that you need to consider when buying a snow shovel.

Snow accumulation

You can choose a traditional or combo snow shovel for any small to medium amount of snow accumulation. Fresh one-foot snow can weigh anywhere from 3 pounds to 20 pounds. A typical driveway size may need moving of 300 to 500 pounds of snow.

By having a clear understanding of snow accumulation, you can pick the right tool to keep your place clear from snow.

Blade size and material

The blade size determines the amount of snow you can remove in each swipe. A wider blade size allows you to remove snow quickly.

However, this also means you may have to put more effort into clearing snow. You should keep both weight of snow and your physical abilities in mind when choosing blade size.

The shovel blades are made of plastic, metal, graphite, or hybrids. Plastic-made blades are lightweight and heavy-duty. Also, snow doesn’t stick to plastic blades. However, plastic blades are more prone to break easily.

The metal blades are usually heavier but long-lasting. You have to be careful while scraping; otherwise, it may scratch the surface. The graphite and hybrid blades are lightweight and durable. You can choose which fits better for your need.


An ergonomically designed S-shape handle helps you clear snow without putting too much strain on your back. Bending, lifting, and tossing snow requires physical stamina.

Some shovels come with a telescopic handle. It allows you to adjust the handle depending on how short or tall you’re and reduce your hand’s fatigue.

You can choose a shorter handle shovel for a small snow clearing as it also makes it easy to store. But for heavier snow clearing, choose a longer handle length as it gives you better leverage to lift and throw snow.

The handle of the shovel is made of different materials. The most common types of snow shovel handles are fiberglass, wood, metal, or plastic.

Handle sheath

Handle sheath helps you maintain a proper grip without getting tired or having blisters on your palm. A good quality sheath material protects your hand and allows you to push and lift snow easily.


When you’re considering a traditional or combo snow shovel, the weight matters a lot. As you would be lifting and throwing snow, the heavier shovel will make you get tired quickly.

Choose a snow shovel that is lightweight and durable so you can get the job done quickly. For a push snow shovel, you can choose the more durable one with a broader base as it has wheels on it.


A high-quality snow shovel means it can last several cold seasons without breaking. The shovel blade is usually made of hard plastic that is durable and lightweight. Some higher-end shovel has an edge made of metals that can last several seasons without breaking.

You should always choose a high durability snow shovel as it lasts longer and won’t break on first use.

Kids Shoveling Snow

Are ergonomic snow shovels any better?

Ergonomically designed snow shovel makes it easy to lift and throw snow. A heavier snow shovel may cause strain to the back and hand muscles.

Ergonomic snow shovels have a bent handle, broad head, and comfortable grip. It allows you to bend less while lifting snow and gives you better leverage to throw snow.

Some snow shovels come with an extra handgrip that makes it easy to lift. You should choose an ergonomic snow shovel for any medium to heavy-duty snow clearing job.

What is the proper way of shoveling snow?

You must shovel snow properly to reduce the risk of injury. You shouldn’t wait for the snow to accumulate on your driveway or sidewalks as it may become a slipping hazard.

If you have snow falling for a longer duration, keeping it cleaned at a smaller interval makes it quick and easy to maintain. Follow these steps to shovel snow from your driveway, sidewalk, or patios.

  • Do a proper stretching and warm-up before starting a shovel. An adequately stretched muscle prevents injury.
  • Put on a warm cloth or jacket. Keep your hands and head covered.
  • A small amount of wax spray on the shovel blades makes it less sticky.
  • Firmly hold the shovel handle and don’t bend too much when scooping or lifting snow.
  • While lifting snow, keep the shovel blade closer to you. It reduces back strain.
  • Switch hands at regular intervals to prevent fatigue and change hand grips.
  • For a thicker layer of snow (usually 1 foot or more in-depth), don’t try to clean it all in a single scoop. You can skim snow in layers and only lift snow that you’re comfortable moving. This reduces fatigue and prevents any injury.
  • Be careful of your surroundings and keep an eye on snow falling from roofs or tree branches.
  • When you’re moving snow, don’t dump it close to the area that you’re cleaning. It may cause an enormous snow pile that may fall back again in the same place that you have cleaned. Keeping snowbank at a safer distance allows easier clearing of snow.

Also, don’t forget to clear snow from the dryer vent of your home. A blocked dryer vent can become a fire hazard or increase the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

How to stop snow from sticking on the snow shovel

Wet snow is heavy and sticks to the surface. Snow sticking to the shovel blade makes it difficult to clear snow. It increases the weight of the shovel, and there is less snow to remove on each swipe.

Here are steps that you can take to stop snow from sticking on the snow shovel.

Cooking oil spray: You can spray plastic or metal-made shovel blades with cooking spray that acts as a barrier and prevents snow from sticking.

Use Lubricant: You can use other lubricants such as WD-40 to spray on the blade. It acts as a barrier that stops snow from sticking to the blade.

Apply Paraffin wax: Paraffin wax is highly effective in preventing snow from sticking to the blade. You can lightly spray at the blade before you start to shovel.

Use Vegetable oil: A thick layer of vegetable oil prevents snow from sticking to the blade. You can apply it as much as needed when you shovel.

General Wax: if you don’t have the above lubricants available in your home, you can apply furniture, cars, or silicone spray to the shovel blade. You can use an old cloth to rub wax or spray it at the shovel’s front and back.

Storing shovels in a warm place, such as inside the garage, makes it less sticky to snow. You should also wipe down shovel blades with a dry cloth after each use as it prevents rusting to metal blades and makes it easy to use when you need it next time.

What is the best snow pusher?

ORIENTOOLS Heavy Duty Rolling Adjustable Snow Pusher is the best snow pusher that you can try. This is one of the best and easiest to use snowplows that you can use with confidence.

It’s easy to assemble, has compact storage, and includes features that allow you to clear your sidewalks or driveways with ease.

Large adjustable wheels and blades make it super convenient and add up to be a great shovel to meet all your winter requirements.


A snow shovel is a great tool that is a must to have for people that live in heavy snowfall-prone areas. It helps you clear out your driveways, sidewalks, and patios with ease.

Having a shovel that is lightweight, easy to use, and durable makes your life a lot easier. A cleared pathway free from snow reduces the risk of slipping and injury. Investing in the best snow shovel is worth the money spend.

Best Snow Shovel For Clearing Driveway

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