A problem which many homeowner encounters is a bad odour. In the earlier days, the only option to combat the bad smell was to leave the room and windows open.

But, thankfully, the best air fresheners for your home will fight the bad odour and turn home into a fresh, clean smelling place.

In this article, we covered the essential tips and tricks when choosing an air freshener and reviewed top 11 air freshener that you can buy with confidence. 


The 11 Best Air Freshener for Home

Our Top Pick

Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Freshener

Our top pick for the top air freshener for home is the Febreze One Fabric and Air Fresher.

Febreze works quickly to remove any bad odor. This is important if you can't tolerate the bad smell in the house. The light and soothing smell make it ideal for people who are sensitive to strong scent.

Unlike some other spray type air-freshener, the Febreze freshness lasts longer, which means you don't have to spray continuously. You can use to spray in any room including bathrooms, closet, clothes or in a car.

The Best Air Freshener For Home Review

#1. MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag

MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag

There may be so many reasons for a home to have an odor. But in the end, you want something in your home, which makes you feel refreshing.

Many traditional home air fresheners need continuous replacements and work by masking the odor. But what if you don’t want to hide the smell but end it?

Meet the Moso Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air purifying bags. This small pouch air freshener bags have no fragrance or chemical, but it removes the bad odor. And the secret to its air purifying ability is the natural charcoal inside the containers.

Moso's home air freshener contains 100% natural bamboo charcoal and does not contain any other additives or fillers. The charcoal inside the pouch eliminates the odor without any harmful chemicals or toxic materials.

As an added bonus, it also prevents molds and bacteria inside the house by absorbing excess moisture for the room. This is helpful if you have kids and pets in the home.

This air freshener lasts up to two years, which means you don’t have to keep replacing it frequently. To keep it fully active, once a month leave the pouch in direct sunlight for a few hours.

This will allow the charcoal to get dry again and be ready to remove odor. Once it stops working, you can safely recycle the bamboo charcoal bag into the garden soil, which means you save the environment.

See More information on MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag


  • Natural and chemical free
  • Long lasting


  • No Scent
  • Not strong enough for tough odors

#2. Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener

Air Wick Freshmatic Air Freshener

Air Wick Freshmatic is automatic spray air freshener dispenser. It comes in a sleek looking container which releases the air freshener at set-timer. The use of battery operation makes it ideal for placing it anywhere. As you are not restricted to the availability of power outlet.

You can choose the fragrance type, and it comes with an automatic sprayer and refill. The most popular fragrance refills are lavender, chamomile, and precious woods fragrance.

You can choose three different spray settings, which controls the fragrance level. The refill bottle lasts up to 60 days at a low setting. However, for the best result, you may want to keep it at a medium setting in which case it lasts 30 to 45 days.

Generally, at a low setting, it sprays every 30 minutes while at a high option, it sprays every 15 minutes.

See More information on Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener


  • Adjustable spray setting
  • Refillable


  • Battery Change

#3. Smells Begone Odor Absorber Gel

Smells Begone Odor Absorber Gel

Smells Begone Odor Eliminators are gel beads air freshener. The gel beads are useful if you don't want to spray the air freshener continuously.

Gel beads remove the odour up to 60 to 90 days in a 450 square Feet home. Smells Begone not only removes the odour but also releases a not very strong but pleasing light fragrance. People with a sensitivity to strong smell will appreciate the light scent of Smells Begone.

It is straightforward to use gel beads air fresheners. It comes in a jar and when ready to use, simply open the top cover and remove the interior liner. Then you put back the lid to avoid spilling the gel beads and place it where you want to remove the odour.

The gel beads are made from non-toxic, non-allergic, naturally derived essential oil-based fragrance. It is safe to use around kids and pets. You can place these odours neutralizing air freshener beads in home, office, bathroom, and cars.

See More information on SMELLS BEGONE Odor Eliminator Gel Beads


  • Long Lasting
  • Non-toxic
  • Light fragrance 


  • Limited fragrance options

#4. Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher

Febreze One Fabric And Air Fresher

The Febreze One fabric and air freshener are the most popular air freshener used by several people. The product has a near-perfect average rating from the buyers and is a must-have for any home. The Febreze One fabric air freshener comes with a mandarin scent in a 10-ounce pack.

It does not contain aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes. It can be instantly sprayed in any room of the house to remove odor within seconds. The Mandarin smell is very subtle, and people sensitive to strong smell will be able to tolerate it.

People with allergies to perfumes reported having no adverse health effect when they use it to spray in the bedroom, closet, clothes, blanket, or even in the car.

When sprayed, it releases an ultra-fine mist of air freshness. Make sure you that buy the starter kit as it contains two reusable nozzles and 3 refills.

The long-lasting subtle scent makes this air freshener safe to use around the kids and pets.

See More information on Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Freshener


  • Easy to spray
  • Natural subtle fragrance


  • Runs out quickly

#5. Best Natural Essential Oil Air Freshener

Germ Smasher Air Freshener

Best Natural Essential Oil air freshener is a multipurpose freshener. It contains therapeutic grade essential oils with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Most air fresheners eliminate odor by masking it with a stronger fragrance or absorb the bad smell. This plant based air freshener goes one step further and removes the odor producing germs.

It has a distinct scent which smells like the start of the spring. You can use it to spray in your home, bathroom, closet, or even clothes and linen.

The spray contains a blend of  high-quality essential oils and purified water. The use of cassia, vanilla, and litsea essential oil makes it useful in killing odor generating germs.

The use of natural and non-toxic materials means it is safe to use around kids and pets. You can also use it as a sanitizer for kitchen and bathroom counters. The air freshener comes in a pack of two 4 oz bottle with a sprayer attached to it.

See More information on Best Natural Essential Oil Air Freshener


  • Multipurpose use
  • Non-toxic air freshener
  • Cleanses the air


  • Basic smell
  • Have to use multiple times

#6. Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit

Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit

Glade Automatic spray starter kit contains a dispenser and refills to get started with a home air freshness. This is a very stylish design air freshener, which is easy to install and replace the refill container.

There are various types of fragrance produced by Glade, which you can use with this automatic dispenser. To use it, install the refill container and then select dispensing on either automatic or manual mode.

In an automatic setting, you can choose 9, 18, or 36-minute spray interval. You can also spray manually with a simple touch of a button at the back.

This gives you more flexibility in using an air freshener. The use of battery means you are not restricted to the power outlet location. The clean linen fragrance pack with this unit makes it ideal for people who are sensitive to stronger smell.

See More information on Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit


  • Automatic home air freshener
  • Refill air freshener


  • Limited automatic spray option

#7. Diptyque Baies Scented Oval Air Freshener

Diptyque Baies Scented Oval Air Freshener

The Diptyque Baies scented oval is perfect for removing odor from bathrooms. It provides a fragrance of rose and blackcurrant.

This air freshener comes with a small hanging rope which you can use it to hang at any corner of the bathroom. Once attached, it can last up to three months. The little ceramic casing makes it ideal for hanging in a small room or closets.

See More information on Diptyque Baies Scented Oval Air Freshener


  • Long lasting
  • Can be hanged


  • Not a very strong fragrance

#8. Air Wick Scented Oil Starter Kit

Air Wick Scented Oil Starter Kit

Air Wick scented oil starter kit contain lavender and chamomile fragrance refill and the plugin warmer. The plugin warmer works best as you don’t have to look for the batteries. It lasts up to 45 days of fragrance from each refill at the lowest setting.

This is ideal for placing in bedrooms, office, or in the bathroom. The automatic warmer allows you to choose 5 different fragrant settings.

The use of air freshener is effortless as you simply remove the top and insert the refill. Then you plug into the home outlet and choose the fragrance level setting.

To increase the fragrance level, rotate the dial on the top of warmer toward the largest mark. To lower the fragrance, turn it to the smallest dot.

You are not restricted to only two fragrance types, but you can buy refills of florals, lavender, liner, tropical, fresh, fruity, and gourmand scent. The use of essential oils fights the odor rather than just masking it.

The plugin design allows the continuous 24-hour home air freshness. It is safe to touch as the device remains cool even after several hours of constant use.

See More information on Air Wick Scented Oil Starter Kit


  • Multiple adjustable fragrance setting
  • Refillable


  • Takes up a power outlet

#9. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri is a bathroom air sprayer to remove the bad odor. Once sprayed, it stops the lousy bathroom smell before it even begins. It does not use any harmful chemicals but high-quality essential oils to remove the odor.

There is a range of fragrance available as you can choose lemon citrus, white flower, spearmint or strawberry.

The air freshener comes in a 16-ounce refill bottle, which is suitable for 800 applications. The included small empty spray bottle allows you to fill it with air freshener solution and apply it as required.

The scent is long lasting, and once sprayed before going to the toilet, it prevents any unpleasant smell afterward. This is one of the best air freshener for bathroom.

See More information on Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray


  • Best for bathroom air freshener
  • Multiple choices of fragrance


  • Limited application

#10. Brilliant Evolution Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

 Brilliant Evolution Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal air purifier is a non-fragrant natural air freshener. It removes odor without the use of any harmful chemical. The air freshener comes in 4 bag of 200 grams eco-friendly packaging, which contains charcoal to absorb odour.

It is very economical and practical to use. There is no fragrance, so if you are hypersensitive to scent, then this will be the right choice. It removes all the harmful allergens, moistures, and mild dew from the room.

You can also use it in your car to remove any odour from pet, or smoke. It is non-toxic and absolutely safe to use around pets and kids. To keep functioning, once a month you put it in the sunlight for a couple of hours.

The tiny side hole makes it ideal for hanging anywhere you need to get rid of the odour. The air freshener bag contains pure bamboo charcoal with no other additives or fillers.

See More information on Brilliant Evolution Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag


  • Easy to use
  • Chemical free
  • Non-toxic 


  • No fragrance

#11. Levoit Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter

Levoit Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter

Levoit Air purifier is an excellent and well-rated air purifier for a home. It is ideal for those people who want fresh air in the house without any artificial scent.

This purifier has a three-stage air filtration system. In the first stage, it pre-filters the air for dust or harmful odor particles. In the second stage, it uses proprietary TRUE HEPA air filtration system to clean fine odor particles.

In the third stage, it activates the carbon filter for absolute air purification. The use of a three-stage filtration system improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the purifier.

Levoit air purifier systems remove over 99.97% of smoke, odor, airborne, mold and large dust particles. The three-stage filtration systems improve the indoor air quality to enhance the freshness at home.

The highly efficient air purifier circulates room air over 4 times per hour. Unlike other air fresheners which either mask the odor or passively removes the smell, the Levoit air freshener actively circulates the fresh air and filters the toxic air.

This is very effective if you have asthma or other respiratory condition. It is perfect to use in the bedroom as you can put it into a sleep mode where the inside fan runs at the lowest speed and is barely noticeable.

The Levoit air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty and is in compliance with California’s indoor cleaning device, FCC certified and ETL listed.

See More information on Levoit Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter


  • Effective three-stage filtration system
  • Very quiet


  • No scent feature
  • Works for a single room

What Are The Best Natural Air Fresheners?

For the best natural air freshener, we recommend the following options:

Essential Oil

You can use essential oil as a natural air freshener and can make it yourself at home. As a DIY air freshener, you fill the spray bottle with water and add a couple of drops of your choice of essential oil.

For some antibacterial spray quality, you can use lavender, pine, lemon, and wild orange essential oil. The wild orange and lemon make the room smell very natural and amazing. But you can use any essential oil which you like. 


Houseplants such as lavender, rosemary, and mint maintain the natural air freshness and generate a pleasant aroma around the house.

These houseplants not only provide the air freshness but also improves the air quality surrounding the house. 


Lemons have a great, fresh smell while it also cleanses the air. To use lemon as a natural air freshener, wash and cut the lemon into 4 parts.

Drop the cut lemons in a small bowl of water and boil it. The water extracts the lemon juice, and the steam distributes the clean and citrusy air freshness around the house.

You can put any leftover lemon water into a spray bottle and use as a citrus room spray. 

Cinnamon Candles

Cinnamon has a very natural and soothing strong fragrance. The use of cinnamon candle fills the home with the fresh, enticing smell of cinnamon.

Baking Soda Home Air Freshener

Baking soda is great to kill bad odors inside the home. You can add various fragrant additives in the baking soda, which make the home smell fresh and pleasing.

Types of Air Freshener

There are various types of home air fresheners, but the following are the most common types:

  • Spray: The spray type air freshener is quick and easy to apply. This is the most widely used air freshener type, but often the scent in the spray does not last very long, and you have to use it frequently. But these are very effective in quickly masking any bad odor.
  • Sticky Gel: The sticky gel contain fragrance which you can also place or stick to any surface. This is ideal to use in small and closed spaces.
  • Plugin: The plugin type air freshener works by slowly heating the liquid fragrant solutions, which then releases the scent in the air. You can easily control the heat setting which allows you to set the required fragrance level.
  • Automatic: This is another version of spray air freshener but the main difference is that you don’t have to spray manually. The automatic timer activates the sprays based on the high, low, or medium setting.
  • Fragrance Candles: The fragrance candle works by burning in the room which releases the fragrance through the smoke.
  • Gel beads: The gel beads contain the essential oil in a gel meshed beads which when open release the fragrance into the air. It is harder to control the fragrance level with gel beads as it naturally releases the fragrance.
  • Natural Charcoal: The natural charcoal absorbs the bad odor which cleanses the air. It does not release any fragrance, so it is effective if you want to get rid of bad odor from home but don’t want any artificial scent.

Do air freshener really work?

Most air fresheners work by masking the bad odour unless you are using charcoal or air purifier. These air purifiers catch and remove the odour, generating air particles. 

The odor eliminating air fresheners contain a molecule called cyclodextrin. The cyclodextrin attracts the odor molecules suspended in the air and traps it inside. This reduces the bad odour in the home. 

How Do You Make Your House Smell Good?

To make your house smell good, you have first to try to eliminate the odour-causing source. This means you have to clean the room and get rid of any rotting organic substance such as old food, or rotting vegetables.

In many modern houses, an old and unclean carpet is the main reason to have a bad odour. Carpet attracts and catches small dust particles, pet hairs, or food which sometimes do not get properly cleaned during vacuuming. You should steam clean carpet at least once a year and make sure on your vacuum you choose a clean carpet setting.

Secondly, wash any used socks or clothing which often contain sweat, which starts smelling bad after a while.

Third, you can use air purifier or air freshener to make your home smell good. 

Which Air Freshener Lasts The Longest?

The charcoal-based air freshener removes the bad odour naturally and can last up to 2 years. To keep it activated you have to put it in sunlight for a couple of hours once a month.

The second option is to use air purifiers, which works by circulating air through the filter and catching the odour generating particles. Most of the times these filters last several months.

Then the gel or bead-based air freshener can last up to 45 to 60 days. The shortest duration air freshener is the spray based which can last 20 to 40 minutes before you have to use it again. 

Our Top Pick

Febreze ONE Fabric

Our top pick for the top air fresheners for home is the Febreze One Fabric and Air Fresher.

Febreze works quickly to remove any bad odor. This is important if you can't tolerate the bad smell in the house. The light and soothing smell make it ideal for people who are sensitive to strong scent.

Unlike some other spray type air-freshener, the Febreze freshness lasts longer, which means you don't have to spray continuously. You can use to spray in any room including bathrooms, closet, clothes or in a car.

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