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Whether you love or hate the snowfall, one thing is sure that you may not enjoy finding your car buried under the snow. To unstuck your vehicle from the thick layer of snow and clear your driveways, you need a shovel that’s designed for the car and driveway clearing.

You have to keep your car ready for unexpected snow or emergency events during the winter. As part of your winter survival package, you need to keep the snow shovel in your vehicle. It has to be portable and fit comfortably in the car trunk. 

We have put together a list of the best snow shovel for cars that can be used to dig your vehicle from snow or use for other outdoor activities such as camping.

Later in the article, we have provided you the buying advice, safety tips, and top-performing shovels. 

Quick Picks

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Sunkorto Rolling Snow Pusher

Sunkorto Rolling Snow Pusher
Efficient snow pusher with solid construction made of composite material, paired with a bottom metal blade and aluminum handle. Perfect for clearing driveways.

Best Overall

Multifun Shovel Kit

Multifun Shovel Kit
Multi-functional snow kit that’s very compact and lightweight. Handy toolset to have for emergencies on road trips, the backyard, or flash snow.

Best Value

Snow Joe Spring Assisted Shovel

Snow Joe Spring Assisted Shovel
Shovel smarter, not harder to quickly and easily get snow out of your way. Perfect to use to move snow around the car, driveways, and sidewalks.

Top Snow Shovel To Buy

Our Top Pick

Multifun Snow Shovel is our top pick, as it includes all the tools required to clear the snow around the vehicle. It’s a full-snow removal package that you can fold and carry around comfortably in your car without taking up much storage. 

It’s very durable and sturdy while being lightweight to ensure that you can use it in an emergency. 

What is a Snow Shovel?

If you live in an area where you get more than a few inches of snowfall, then you may have to clear your sidewalks and driveways from the snow.

It’s a tool that helps you to clear snow fast without much effort. You can get the snow removed much more efficiently with less strain on your body. 

What to consider when buying Snow Shovel for Car


You want snow shovel material to be lightweight, durable, and sturdy. You can choose a sturdier and harder, bend-proof plastic-made shovel. 

Blade Size

Blade size determines how much snow you can remove in each sweep. Choose a blade size that you can use to maneuver around tight spots. 

Handle Length

Make sure the shovel handle is long enough to reach the top of the car and also clean snow under the vehicle to provide better traction to the wheels. 

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Top Snow Shovels for a Car Reviews

Here are some of the top snow shovels currently available that you can use to place in your car.

1. Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Shovel

Folding Snow Shovel For Car

Hopkins Auto Emergency shovel is a lightweight tool that you can keep in your car for emergency purposes. The shovel head is made of sturdy plastic.

It’s durable and doesn’t bend while clearing snow around the tire and other surrounding areas of your vehicle.

The adjustable telescopic handle can be extended up to 37 inches long for extra reach underneath the car. The durable and wider 9.5-inch blade removes plentiful snow in each scoop.

The D-shaped handle has a soft, comfortable grip that does not slip while using it. You can fit most hand sizes in the hold without any extra effort. The compact design of the shovel makes it easy to store in the car trunk and be prepared to use it when needed.

2. Multifun Snow Shovel with Ice Scraper and Brush

Best This and That

If you want a complete emergency car shovel package, then consider this 3-in-1 snow shovel kit. It contains Ice scraper, snow shovel, and snow brush. This means that you don’t have to buy each product separately, and your car becomes ready for winter.

It’s made from lightweight and durable plastic material to dig your car out from snow or mud. The ice scraper has non-scratchy jaws that break through the ice surface quickly. You can promptly remove any black ice or slippery snow around your vehicle.

You can use the snow brush to remove thick ice and snow with the angled-switching rotary brush. It contains dense bristles to clean stubborn snow.

The lightweight, high-quality aluminum alloy handle provides sturdiness and rust resistance. The ergonomically designed D-Shaped handle has a soft foam grip that allows you to use the shovel with gloves.

3. ROUENOK Compact Adjustable Snow Shovel

Compact Snow Shovel For Car

The Reouenok Snow clearing shovel has a 35-inch telescopic adjustable handle that makes it very compact and portable.

You have the option to adjust the length of the shovel or remove the handle altogether. This gives you the greater flexibility to store it in the car trunk or in the garage without taking up much space.

When you are ready to use the shovel, it takes seconds to attach and lock the handle. The durable aluminum edge improves the ability to clear snow around the driveway or areas near the tire.

The ergonomically designed D-shaped grip handle makes it easy to grip the shovel while removing snow. You can also use it to hang it on the hook for storage. It’s a well build that you can use it during emergencies to clear the snow around your car or dig your vehicle out of the snow.

As an alternative use, you can use it to carry heavy loads of snow, grain, seed, feed, or fertilizers for your gardening needs in the summer. 

4. COFIT Retractable Snow Shovel

Emergency Snow Shovel For Car

Cofit retractable snow shovel can get your car out quickly from a difficult situation. It has a retractable handle that can reach a most 43-inch length.

This allows you to clear snow around your car and even underneath it without bending much. You can adjust it as per your height that makes it suitable for people of different sizes.

The build quality of the shovel is very sturdy, and the body is made from aluminum allow. You can carry almost 90 lb of snow without it getting bend or deformed. The lightweight design of the tool makes it easy to use without getting too tired.

For greater flexibility, you can detach the handle into a 15-inch size. This makes it easy to transport and fits nicely into the car trunk or under a car seat.

The advanced coating on the shovel makes the surface smooth and less likely to be scraped off in use.

This is a versatile shovel that you can use to clear snow around the car, use it for outdoor camping, remove snow around the sidewalk, and in summer use it for gardening.

5. Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Clearing Shovel For Digging Out A Car

There is no doubt that shoveling is a tough job. But if you use Snow Joe shovel, then you can work smarter, not harder, and quickly get the snow out of the way.

The hardest part of cleaning snow is lifting the snow. The unique double handle design of this shovel provides you with more leverage to lift and move the snow.

The double handle works by giving you more lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift more substantial and heavy snow with ease. It reduces the effort, strain, and potential injury involved in the shoveling.

You use the upper body muscles for the heavier lifting and throwing, then send the spring-loaded lifting leverage to the lower hand. This transfer of weight reduces back strain, and you can quickly clear the snow without hurting yourself.

The 18-inch shovel blade has an aluminum wear strip that improves the life of the shovel. The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold it without slipping.

For convenient storage, you can make a loop with the retaining strap around the smaller handle, and secure to knob on the upper pole. It’s perfect for cars and clearing driveways.

7. Ivation Snow Pusher Scoop

Portable Snow Shovel For Car

For clearing snow around your driveways and sidewalks, this manual pusher is a great option. This high-quality snow pusher allows you to quickly and easily push, plow, and scoop up snow without doing the heavy lifting of the snow shoveling.

The oversized scoop design allows you to gather and move maximum snow with minimal effort. The cushioned heavy-duty upright handle makes it easy to push it without bending. This prevents back injury, and pre-installed wheels make it effortless to push snow.

This is great for light to massive snow clearing on a paved surface such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The reinforced steel blade at the tip of the scoop makes it last longer without cracking or damaging the plastic scooper.

7. Sunkorto Rolling Snow Pusher

Best Snow Pushers For Driveway

This snow pusher is designed to allow you to shift even more snow than usual without getting you too tired. This is made of composite material that is durable and lightweight. The bottom has a metal blade, and the shovel handle is made from aluminum.

The small but effective 2 wheels at the pusher make it effortless to clear up to 5 inches deep snow per push. You can clear snow from driveways, gardens, pavements, and rugged or slippery roads.

The unique angled handle design allows you to stand upright and push it forward with ease. You can adjust the length from 41 inches to 45 inches for greater flexibility and comfortable pushing.

The installation and assembly are quick and fast. The use of premium quality material provides long-lasting durability and dependability.

Car with Snow

What are the different types of snow shovels?

There are different shapes and designs of snow shovels available in the market. It can be classified into the following main categories.

Scoop Snow Shovel

The scoop shovel is the most common design of the snow clearing shovel. It’s made of a stick and a blade that allows you to lift the snow and toss it.

The lifting requires you to have a tighter grip on the handle. The handles come in different shapes and designs, and some shovel allows you to adjust the length of the handle. 

Pusher Snow Shovel

The pusher allows you to move around the snow without lifting it. It clears the snow from the driveway and sidewalks faster with less effort.

Combo Snow Shovel

The combo has a broader and curvier blade that can be used for both scooping and pushing the snow away. They are helpful when clearing driveways and larger areas.

Foldable Snow Shovel

For removing snow around the car, the folding shovel works best. The folding design allows you to store it easily in the trunk of your vehicle and use it whenever you need to clear snow.

These are lightweight and made of durable materials such as aluminum sport utility shovels to carry the heavy weight of the snow.

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What is the difference between a snow shovel and a snow pusher?

The main difference between the snow shovel and the snow pusher is the way you use the equipment. The snow shovel requires you to scoop and lift the snow to move it around. The snow pusher does not need you to lift the snow, but you simply push the snow away.

There are pros and cons of each tool, and you should choose one depending on the amount of snow you want to clear and the area you wish to clean. The pusher shovel blades are wider to scoop more snow in each round.

When should you start shoveling snow?

Shoveling snow is not an easy task. As you often have to do it when it’s cold, slippery, and dark outside during the long winter days. Moreover, you want to get it done as soon as possible. You should start it as soon as there is more than an inch of snow on the ground.

Snow accumulates in layers, and the more layer it gets, the heavier and difficult it becomes to clean the snow. If you get very light snow, then you may not even need to clear it as it may melt itself. But substantial snowfall may require more frequent cleaning.

You also don’t want to start cleaning more frequently as it then becomes an inconvenience. But keeping the snow cleared out of driveways and the areas where you need to move around as early as possible is ideal.

During heavy snowfall, shoveling after every hour makes it quick and more comfortable to clear your driveways and cars. 

Foldable Shovel For Car in Snow

How much does a snow shovel cost?

The price depends on the build quality, design, and brand. The cheapest snow shovel can cost starting from $15. The fully functional and multipurpose high-end snow shovel cost more than $100.

You should choose it for your car, depending on the amount of snow you have to remove. For occasional and light snow, you don’t need to buy an expensive shovel, and you can get away with a less expensive one.

But if you need to clean large snow, then you should focus more on quality and functionality. This means you are looking to buy a more expensive one. 

How to choose snow shovels for a car

When you are looking for a snow shovel for a car, there are some different considerations you have to keep in mind over a regular shovel.

This is more so if you live in an area where you get unexpected snow dumps. The snow shovel needed for the car has to be portable and lightweight. There should be an option to fold the shovel for more accessible storage in the trunk.

This is more so if you are doing a camping or other outdoor activity where you may need a snow shovel to clear the snow to move your car. In snow emergencies, portable snow shovels can become a convenient tool.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics that can help you make the right buying decision. 

Handle Length

The length of the shovel handle makes a critical difference over the ease of using it. A longer and sturdier handle provides you with higher leverage to clear the snow from the car roof and driveways.

The handle has to be long enough to reach the top of the car. And should be able to clear snow under the vehicle. Less snow under the car provides better traction to the car wheels.

It used to be that shovels generally had a handle made of metals that were strong and allowed you more snow to clear. But it often becomes heavier to operate for a longer duration.

The handle with a collapsible or foldable design provides greater flexibility and portability in clearing the snow around the car. It allows you to keep the shovel in the trunk of your vehicle so you can use it whenever you need it. 

Blade Size

The size of the shovel blade determines the amount of snow removed in each sweep. You should choose a blade size of the shovel that you can use it maneuver around the tight spots and corners of your driveway.

If you have a short ground clearance vehicle, then you want a narrower shovel blade to clear snow underneath the car. But, if you have a truck or large space driveway, then you should choose a bigger blade size shovel. 

Shovel Material

For a snow shovel, you want something that is durable and does not get rust quickly. It used to be that it was made of metals that made it sturdier, but also, it gets heavy.
Moreover, if you use these metal snow shovels around your car, then you also run the risk of accidentally scratching the surface of the vehicle.

The newly designed snow shovels are made of sturdier plastics to move heavier snow. But these sometimes get cracked or bend easily. If you are choosing a plastic-made snow shovel, then pick one that’s made from bend-proof plastic. As these are more durable than other regular plastic types.

You can also choose aluminum-made snow shovels for your vehicles such as sport-utility cars as it offers an excellent middle ground between durability and weight. 

Design and Ergonomics

The snow shoveling is a hard-physical task. The good ergonomic design makes it easy to clear the snow without putting extra pressure on your body. The ergonomically designed snow shovel allows you to adjust it as per your body type and height. It makes you feel comfortable clearing snow.

A poorly designed and bad ergonomic may cause back injury or make you get tired quickly. Some high-end shovels also have a shock-absorbing handle that reduces the impact on your body. The addition of a D-ring handle makes it comfortable to grip the handle that relieves your wrist from stress and prevents injury. 


You want a higher degree of flexibility in adjusting snow shovels for faster and secure snow clearing. The ability to adjust the length of the handle provides you with better leverage. The option to set the cleaning angle makes snow clearing around the car and driveway easier.


The use of snow shovels is very seasonal. You only need to take it out during the winter; otherwise, you have to keep it in storage. A snow shovel that allows you to fold or gives additional options to hang it on the wall makes it easier to store it.

Ease of Assembly

You want a shovel that allows you to easily and quickly assemble it so you can get started clearing snow as soon as required. The tool-less attachment design of the blade and the handle makes it convenient to use it.

It becomes more critical when you are going to be using the snow shovel for the car that may require you to move the handle or change blades for more accessible storage in the trunk. 

How to use a snow shovel

The use of a snow shovels seems quite straightforward. Use the following tips to improve the snow clearing performance without getting yourself injured or tired.

Get Ready

Before you get out and start clearing snow, make sure you are well prepared. During snow, the ground becomes very slippery that increasing the falling hazard. Put on snowshoes that have a firm grip to improve traction.

The low temperature also increases the risk of frostbite, so make sure you are adequately covered up, especially around your head and neck. Keeping thick woolen socks also keeps your feet warm while working outside.

You can use the best indoor outdoor thermometer to know the outside temperature that we have reviewed for more detailed information. 

Shoveling is a physically intensive task and puts a great deal of load on your heart to supply blood. Make sure you don’t overexert yourself as it may cause you to get tired quickly or feel dizzy. Warming up a little bit to loosen your joints is an excellent, prudent step before you get into action. 

Cleaning Snow From Driveway

Use proper technique

When clearing snow, make sure that you are using the right technique to minimize the load on your body. Maintain a good posture by adjusting the handle length and keeping the natural curve of the spine.

If you are using a snow shovel where you have to lift the snow and then move it, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. It keeps your body in proper balance, and you have to use less energy to lift and throw the snow.

Keeping the shovel near your shoulder and not extending your arms makes lifting and throwing motion easier. Don’t attempt to move more snow than you can lift in each swipe.

You can use your leg to give you some boost in the snow lifting. Throw snow from the least height possible as it needs less effort. You should aim to keep the snow lift below your wait height to reduce the lifting. 

Snow Clearing Plan

A snow clearing plan allows you to move snow more efficiently. If you are clearing snow from around the car or driveway, make sure the area is clear from other obstructions.

If you are using the electrical heater plugged into your car, then make sure you clear it first to prevent accidental tripping on it or damaging the extension cable. Remove the pots and other obstructions. So you have a full sweep clearing area, and you are not hitting other objects while clearing snow.

If you have a pusher and snow shovel, then use a shovel to clear the area around the car and narrower paths, then use the pusher shovel to clean the larger areas such as the driveway and sidewalk. Clean up the area on the vehicle first; otherwise, you have to clean your driveway again. 


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