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Do you like the idea of cutting down your gardening time in half?

If you answered yes, then you may have heard about the best weed and feed products or may have seen it on the gardening shelves. It’s getting so popular that in North America, over 27 million pounds of weed-and-feed products are used every year. 

Taking care of your yard or garden doesn’t have to be an overbearing chore. I have spent quite some time using these products myself, and I have to admit that it’s beneficial. But you also have to be a bit careful as the wrong product may also harm your garden. 

I have included the buying guide to help you avoid the common pitfalls and provide here my well-researched and some personally used products which I think will produce the best result in your garden.

Quick Picks

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BioAdvanced All-in-One

BioAdvanced All-in-One
Works very well in controlling stubborn crabgrass and other weeds. The Micro-Feed action improves nutrient uptake of plants which keeps plants healthy.

Best Overall

Scotts Turf Builder

Scotts Turf Builder
Effective in controlling weeds while providing essential nutrients for plant growth. Works well on Centipede and other grass such as Bermuda and Zoysia.

Best Value

Spectracide Liquid

Spectracide Liquid
Reasonably priced liquid weed and feed which can treat and fertilize medium size gardens. A single bottle can treat up to a 7,500 sq ft area. Easy to use with most types of hose.

10 Best Weed and Feed For Any Garden





  • Kill over 250 types of weed

  • For Dandelion and Colver

  • Ready to spray weed & Feed

  • Covers up to 6,000 Sq ft

  • Cover 2,500 Sq ft

  • Cover 15,000 Sq ft

Our Top Pick

Scotts Turf Builder is a very effective weed killer and provides essential nutrients with its feed fertilizer. The specially formulated “Weedgrip Technology” can manage even the most robust weed.

The well-balanced and nutrient-rich feed improves the grass green looks, makes root stronger, and help nourish healthy-looking durable foliage.

What are Weed and Feed?

Weed and feed is a gardening product that contains weed chemicals and fertilizers in the same pack. It’s basically a two-in-one product to control weed and fertilize plants at the same time.

Many gardening product manufacturers sell these products under Weed and Feed marketing name, among those the most prominent one is the Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed.

Scotts is an American company that manufactures a wide variety of gardening products, and a majority of people have a positive experience with Turf Builder.

The manufacturer claims it to have 2 times more potent than its earlier formula to control dandelion and clover weeds while improving the absorption of its fertilizing nutrients.

In these products, the weed formula contains herbicides agents such as Dicamba or MCPP, which are found to be effective in killing common plants such as dandelion and other green leafy weeds. Some countries such as Canada, no longer allow combining weed and feed but it’s allowed in the US. 

The feed contains three primary plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Plants need these essential nutrients for healthier growth.

Below is the role of fertilizers in the growth of the plant. 

  • Nitrogen – Basic nutrient for the plant which promotes the growth and helps enhance the color of flowers and leaves.
  • Phosphorous – It helps grow the stronger and healthy root of the plant. Healthy roots provide better support for the plant and help pass the nutrients from the ground to all parts of the plant.
  • Potassium – It enhances the overall health of the plant, which allows it to fight disease, insects, and safeguard it from harsh weather such as drought or cold.

The fertilizer is indicated by its ratios, for example, 10-10-10, which is a typical all-purpose fertilizer. It means the fertilizers have 10 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorus, and 10 percent potassium.

What to consider when buying weed and feed

Grass Type

Choose a weed and feed depending on your grass type. Using a wrong type could damage the yard.


Choose a good quality chemical solution that can be effective on killing weeds and provide nutrients to the turfs. 


Some weed and feed may contain toxic ingredients. Choose a safer ingredients if you have pets or kids at home.

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Best Weed And Feed For Lawns Review

1. Vigoro Ready2Go

Vigoro Ready2Go is very effective in killing over 250 weed types, including dandelion and clover when grown over Bermuda grass. This unit comes with an applicator built inside, which means you don’t have to buy a spreader separately. It’s battery-operated and includes 4 AA batteries.

It kills down the weed to the root and contains time-released nitrogen for extended feeding. To be effective, you have to apply it to the damp grass and don’t water the lawn for 24 hours to make it work.

If it rains or you water the lawn, then it washes the weed killer substance away and will become ineffective. It’s not recommended to apply it right before seeding your lawn. If you have to use it beforehand, then apply 4 weeks before you start planting.

This is very effective in killing broadleaf weeds and fertilizing plants that you don’t have to use it often. Once applied, wait for 6-8 weeks between each application while watering every 3 days for 3 weeks to the plant. It’s the best weed and feed for Bermuda Grass.

See More information on Vigoro Ready2Go


  • Comes with dispenser
  • Effective weed killer and fertilizer
  • Battery for dispenser included


  • The excess application may cause damage to the lawn
  • Minimal instruction to use provided

2. St Augustine Weed And Feed

It’s useful to use on St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, and Carpet grass lawns. The fertilizer contains a 15-0-4 ratio and should be applied in early spring to prevent weeds from growing up in the garden.

It also includes other minerals such as Boron, Copper, and Iron which improves the overall health of the plant. This is not recommended to use if you have Northern or Bermuda grasses. It prevents weed seeds from germinating, and you’ve to use it before planting other seeds.

Apply it as recommended dose in the early spring and then again in fall to prevent germination of winter weeds like chickweed and primrose. This is also the best weed and feed for a southern lawn.

See More information on St Augustine Weed and feed


  • Active on St. Augustine grass
  • Fertilizers works on most of the plants
  • Additional minerals included 


  • Bit expensive
  • No measuring instruction provided

3. Scotts Turf Builder

Scotts Turf Builder is the best weed and feed for spring. It thickens lawns with its feed and actively controls the weed. Its improved formula is 2 times more potent than earlier and is useful in killing weeds such as dandelion, clover, and several other common types of weeds.

It’s also rated best weed and feed for centipede grass. Other grass types that you can safely use it on is Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, Ryegrass, Bahiagrass, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

The 16 lb bag covers up to 5,000 sq ft of the lawn which is suitable for a medium size garden. The specially formulated Weedgrip technology catches short and hard-to-see weeds in the grass. It effectively kills those weeds before it has a chance to grow.

To use it, make sure you have wet grass but don’t apply if it’s going to rain soon. The best is to use it in the morning time when there is dew on the grass. Don’t use it if you have newly planted the grass as it may kill the small delicate roots plus the feeder has too high nitrogen which could destroy the lawn.

Several users have used it and have had a positive experience with this product. I’ve personally used it in my garden with a great result. Just make sure you follow the instructions correctly before applying to get the desired result.

See More information on Scotts Turf Builder


  • Effective weed killer
  • Fertilizer provides enough nutrients to the plants
  • Promotes nutrient and water absorption


  • Not recommended to dormant grasses
  • Have to apply again if it rains

4. BioAdvanced All-In-One Weed & Feed

Bioadvance all-in-one is an effective weed killer and fertilizer. Its specially formulated weed-killing formula is very useful in killing crabgrass including dandelion and chickweeds.

To use it, apply it in spring or early fall. Don’t use it on St. Augustine grass, Bahiagrass, Carpetgrass, or Dichondra as it may damage those grass. A 12 lb package is useful in up to 5,000 sq ft area.

Its very effective in controlling ground Ivy and its proprietary Micro-Feed Action improves the nutrient uptake during and between feeding. Use a spreader to apply this granular weed killer. If you don’t have one, then check out this Mini Broadcast Spreader or this Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader.

After the initial application, wait for 24 hours and then spray your lawn with a quarter to half-inch of water. It’s specially formulated to control crabgrass. If earlier you’ve been unsuccessful in controlling crabgrass, then give this product a try, and I’m sure you’ll get some fantastic results.

See More information on BioAdvanced All-In-One Weed & Feed


  • Effective on crabgrass
  • Fertilizer is useful in growing plants
  • Thicker and healthier grass 


  • Need several applications
  • Very limited in grass types

5. Spectracide Weed And Feed

Spectracide is a liquid formula and comes in its own spray packaging. It’s useful in killing dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantains plus several over broadleaf plants.

One bottle can treat up to a 7,500 sq ft area, which is ideal for a small to medium size garden. The application is quite easy as you don’t have to dilute the solution or mix it with other compounds. When you are ready to use it, connect your hose to it and spray it as per your need.

You can use it during any plant growing season, but it’s more effective when the weeds are more at the growth and germination stage. Before you apply it, thoroughly water the garden two or three days before.

Don’t water the lawn for 24 hours before applying it to get the best results. This is also the best weed and feed for zoysia. The use of the applicator needs some clear instructions as if you are not paying attention, you can quickly empty the bottle in no time and over-apply it.

See More information on Spectracide Weed and Feed


  • Liquid weed and eat formula
  • Effective weed killer
  • Easy to use applicator 


  • Clunky assembly with hose
  • Doesn’t work for some types of grass

Weed And Feed – Mini Reviews

6. Scott Liquid Turf Builder

Effective in killing dandelions, clover, and other lawn weeds. This is a liquid formula, which makes it easy to use. When you are ready to use, attach the hose to the container, and spray it as needed. One bottle can cover up to 5,000 sq ft area

7. Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Preen Garden weed preventer and plant food can be used anytime during the spring, summer, or fall. It controls weed and provides essential nutrients to get the lush green garden and vibrant blooming flowers. It’s also safe to use around 200 different types of flowers, vegetables, and trees.

8. Scotts Snap Pac Lawn Food

Scotts Snap Pac is a granular pallet that is useful in killing dandelion, white clover, ragweed, and chickweeds. The fertilizer provides the required nutrients to flower gardens and edible plants. It’s compatible with a snap spreader.

9. Preen One Lawn Care (For crabgrass)

Preen One Lawn care is useful in stopping crabgrass, dandelions, and 250 other weeds. It also nourishes the plant with its 24-0-6 formula feed fertilizer.

It’s particularly helpful in controlling crabgrass. But it’s not recommended to use on St. Augustine grass, Colonial Bentgrass, and Dichondra Carpetgrass. The 9 lb packet covers 2,500 sq ft.

10. Scotts WinterGuard

The Scotts WinterGuard controls weed and provides nutrients to plants in the Fall season. It’s useful in controlling dandelion and clover while feed offers support to build strong, deep roots for a better lawn next spring.

The winter formula Improves the lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, so it remains fertile and be ready for spring plantation.

When to Apply Weed and Feed

The best time to apply is at the start of the gardening season, which is by the end of March or the start of April.

This is the time when the weather starts getting warmer and moisture in the atmosphere is high. The weeds are quick to grow before other plants. The application of weeds and feeds during this time suppresses weed growth while providing essential nutrients for your plants.

Keeping weed in check from the beginning also helps you later as you don’t have to spend too much time pruning or taking out plants from your garden. 

5 Things To Know Before Applying Weed And Feed

The weed and feed are gaining popularity because of their convenience. You basically cut down your gardening effort in half, at least for controlling weeds and fertilizing plants.

But consider these following factors beforehand to make sure that you get a benefit when using weed and feed and there won’t be any adverse effect to your garden. 

1. Know Your Garden Weeds

It’s a good idea to know about the most common weed problem you encounter on your lawn. Depending on the area you live in, you may have some more pervasive type of weed variety than others.

There is no point buying a weed and feed which is specially targeted for the dandelions whereas in your lawn you have more crabgrass or chickweeds. Knowing the weed types in your garden will help you choose the right product, which will give you the best result. 

2. Type Of Grass

You should know the type of grass on your lawn. These products are specially rated for a particular kind of grass. Using the wrong product type may damage your whole yard.

Moreover, you also want to make sure that feed fertilizer is suitable for the grass and plants in your garden

3. Read the Label

Know the ingredients inside the product before you purchase the product and follow the application direction. The wrong application or too much use may harm the plants.

Most of these products contain a weed-killing substance called Atrazine. It’s instrumental in killing weeds and other plants, including trees. Too much application of it around the new plants may damage the plant roots, so apply it at a bit safer distance and use the correct recommended amount. 

4. Choose the Right Timing

Like anything else, the timing is essential when applying weed and feed products. If you have mature plants and trees, then spring is the time when plants start the new growth of leaves and branches. 

Plants are very vulnerable at this time since they are in high growth mode and quickly absorb water and nutrients, including other chemicals from the ground. You can use it during this time but keep it away from the plants or trees which you don’t want to damage.

You can be more relaxed in applying it during the summer season as it does not adversely affect much during that season. In the summer season, the hot weather slows down the plant’s growth and nutrient absorption process. 

5. Lawn Seeding

Don’t use weed and feed when seeding your garden. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you are planning to sow your yard, then don’t sow and use weeds and feed together. 

This is because it’ll undoubtedly kill the weeds, but it’ll also damage the fragile grass shoots. Use it once the grass patch has grown up a bit and got a good hold on your garden. 

How To Apply Weed And Feed

You can buy it in either granular or liquid form. Depending on the type, the application process may differ. Many people prefer to use a liquid form as it’s easier to apply by simply mixing it with water and spraying it in the garden.

If you are using a granular form, then you should use a spreader. You can spread it manually, but it’s difficult to propagate in the right proportion. This results in an uneven distribution of products and may result in patchy growth in the garden.

For Atrazine based weed and feeds which are used for St.Augustine grass or centipede grass, you should water the plant after application. This helps Atrazine wash from the leaves and get into the soil from where it works more effectively.

For Trimec based weed and feeds, apply sometime after watering the lawn as the herbicide has to stick to the plant leaves to work correctly. 

Are Weed And Feed Safe For Kids And Pets?

When you use it on your lawn, it’s advisable to keep pets and children away from the yard for a few days. The chemical compounds in the weed and feed, if ingested, can make them sick.

The small amount of ingestion may cause dizziness and upset stomach, whereas a significant amount of intake may be fatal. 

Alternatives To Weed And Feed

It may not be ideal to use it if you have a large infestation of weeds in your garden. In that case, it’ll be better to use a dedicated Concentrate Weedkiller. You may get better weed control results within 2 to 4 days.

Similarly, you may want to use standalone organic fertilizer if you don’t have a weed problem or you have plants that have special needs. The weed and feed compounds are suitable for regular maintenance of the garden. It’s not advisable to use weed and feed for the newly seeded lawn as it may damage it. 

best weed and feed for garden

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