Best Gas Powered Pole Saw Review

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If your garden has lots of mature trees, then it may be more than likely that some of the branches may be getting overgrown. To cut these wild branches, you need a pruning tool that can get the job done safely and efficiently.

Using a ladder to reach these higher places may not be a convenient or safer option. The use of a pole saw is the best possible option in these scenarios as it allows you to cut higher branches while you are standing on the ground.

There are several different types of pole saw available, but having the best gas pole saw provides you with higher power and the ability to cut through thicker branches. 

To help you find the correct type of pole saw and the features you need to look for, continue reading this review and buying guide.

If you are in a hurry, then check out the comparison table to get the most recommended gas pole saw available in the market. 

Quick Picks

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ECHO Gas Engine Telescoping Pole Pruner

ECHO Gas Engine Telescoping Pole Pruner
This high-performance 25.4 cc 2 cycle gas pole saw comes with a QuickStart technology to make it start easily.

Best Overall

maxtra best gas pole saw

Maxtra Gas Pole Tree Trimming Combo
This powerful gas pole saw has a 42.7 cc engine to handle the thicker and harder tree branches. The 8-inch cutting bar can cut through dense oak or pine trees with ease

Best Value

PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool
This is the best value deal as it contains 5 different attachment options for all your gardening care needs. For better flexibility, you can adjust the pole from 8.2 to 11.4 ft with a 12-inch cutting length.

Top 5 Pole Saw for Well Curated Garden

Our Top Pick

maxtra best gas pole saw

Maxtra 42.7cc gas pole tree trimming combo is our top pick for the gas pole saw. It has a powerful engine to handle the thicker and harder tree branches. The 8-inch cutting bar can cut through denser oak or pine trees limbs with ease.

The extendable pole length allows you to cut branches up to 12 feet high. The sturdier construction of the pole saw and ergonomic handle produces less noise and vibration. This enables you to cut through hard-to-reach places without getting tired. 

What Is A Gas Pole Saw?

Gas pole saw is a small size chainsaw that is used for cutting down higher tree branches and limbs without using a ladder or climbing on the tree. Put simply, it’s a chainsaw attached to the long pole.

This is quite a handy tool as it can not only be used to cut down higher-up branches and limbs, but you can also use it to trim down grass or shape up different bushes or shrubs. The pole length is usually adjustable, and you can easily change it as per your need.

The control of the chainsaw is located at the end of the handle that allowing you to have total control over the chainsaw operation. You can conveniently start, stop, or change the cutting speed with a push of a trigger. 

What to consider when buying Gas Pole Saw


The gas pole saw can have engine power from 25cc to 43cc. For most residents, choose at least 25cc power engine. 

Pole Length

Choosing a telescopic pole helps you adjust the height depending on the task you are handling. 

Weight and Balance

Keep in mind, the physical ability of the user to handle an extended pole saw for a significant period of time. 

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5 Best Gas Pole Saw Review

Here are some of the gas pole saws to keep your garden well-curated and maintained. You may pick the one which best suits your need. 

1. BLUE MAX Gasoline Pole Saw

High-Performance Pole Saw

Blue Max 32.6 cc gasoline pole saw has a powerful gas engine for smoother and thicker cutting jobs. The high-efficiency engine produces a fuel-efficient performance that means overall less fuel usage and reduced exhaust emission.

This gas pole saw requires less maintenance as the in-build quick-release air filter can be quickly taken out for cleaning and replacement. This means you get high fuel-efficient cutting performance for longer.

Blue Max has an integrated automatic clutch to start and operate the pole saw. The anti-vibration system design provides a smoother, comfortable operation without getting tired. The sharp 10-inch bar and chain can cut through thick branches and bushes with ease.

The ergonomic rear handle makes it comfortable to hold even when raised overhead for an extended period.

It doesn’t have a telescopic extendable length, which means you have to use an extension shaft if you want a more extended range. But if you don’t need extension capabilities, then it’s a great gas pole saw which can reach around 9.5 feet in height.

See More information on BLUE MAX Gasoline Pole Saw


  • Powerful fuel-efficient engine
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle
  • Oil level indicator 
  • Less vibration to reduce fatigue
  • Not very noisy 


  • Pole not extendable
  • Bar and chain have to be manually oiled

2. ECHO Gas Engine Telescoping Pole Pruner

Best Gas Tree Pole Saw

Echo has been manufacturing reliable and high-quality garden tools and accessories for several decades. You can remain confident that this gas pole saw deliver the power and performance you would expect from a reputable company.

The core of its high performance is the 25.4 cc 2 cycle engine with QuickStart technology that makes starting gas pole saw an easy job.

The saw has a 12-inch bar to prune thicker branches and contain a sharp teeth chain that is mounted on a 12’2″ extension pole. You can easily reach a long height with the pole.

The auto lubrication mechanism in the chainsaws means you don’t have to oil it manually as the chain self-lubricates properly.

The powerful gas motor and high-speed chain provide an efficient cutting on all kinds of trees, including wild hickory and pine trees. It’s a refurbished gas pole.

See More information on ECHO Gas Engine Telescoping Pole Pruner


  • Efficient 2 cycle engine
  • Self-lubricating technology
  • Suitable for trimming and pruning hard to reach branches 
  • Large extension pole 


  • A bit heavier and longer vibration
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting

3. Poulan Pro Pole Pruner And Trimmer Head

Gas Powered Pole Saw

Poulan Pro 28cc is an excellent gas pole saw which you can buy with confidence. It’s small in size but has a powerful motor to cut through thicker branches and limbs.

The 8-inch cutting bar and trimmer head are enough to cut through thicker tree branches. You can use a pole up to 12 feet high which should be sufficient to reach the most average height trees and bushes.

The two-cycle engine provides fuel-efficient performance without compromising the cutting.

Having trouble getting started is the common issue which many gas poles saws encounter. Although this problem is not unique to a gas pole saw but it’s generally associated with gas engines.

To start these engines, you have to pull the cord attached to the engine flywheel. The use of spring assist technology means you don’t have to deal with starting problems, and you can quickly turn it on in the first attempt.

Moreover, it does not produce much noise or vibration, which means you can cut longer without getting tired quickly. You can attach different attachments for other gardening needs. The straight shaft design allows you to reach for a higher distance.

See More information on Poulan Pro Pole Pruner And Trimmer Head


  • Lightweight and quieter operation
  • Runs on 28cc 2 cycle engine
  • Built-in spring assist for a quick start
  • Anti-vibration handle 


  • No easy adjustment tensioning on the chain
  • Oil leakage during storage

4. MAXTRA Tree Trimming Combo

Gas Pole Pruner

maxtra best gas pole saw

Maxtra Gas Pole saw is suitable for both pruning and cutting jobs due to its strong engine. A powerful 42.7cc 2-cylinder engine provides enough power to cut through 7 to 9 inches thick and hard branches with ease, even in winter.

You can adjust the pole saw from 8.2 to 11.4 ft that allows you to cut branches that are 14 to 14 ft high. That’s long enough height to cut branches while you are standing on the ground. The 2 strokes gasoline-powered engine is EPA certified, which means it produces fewer gas smokes.

One of the things which you will like in this gas pole saw is the several different attachment options. You don’t want several gardening tools for various tasks. It’s more helpful if one device can provide you with multiple functionalities.

Maxtra Gas pole saw comes with several optional attachment options that allow you to quickly convert it to work as a trimmer, hedge, and brush cutter.

For ease in carrying, it comes with a well-made and durable carry bag. This pole saw includes everything you need to get started, including cutting chain, and you don’t need to buy any other separate accessories.

The one-year manufacturer warranty gives you peace of mind that it will be taken care of if something goes wrong in the warranty period.

See More information on MAXTRA Tree Trimming Combo


  • The high-capacity gasoline engine
  • EPA certified which means less smoke and pollution
  • Suitable for small to medium size cutting and pruning jobs
  • Comes with the carrying bag


  • Assembly instruction is not very clear
  • It becomes heavy when fully extended

5. PROYAMA 5 In 1 Trimming Tool

Best Gas Pole Saw For Money

Proyama 26cc 5 in 1 trimming tool is the best value deal for most gardening needs. It has 5 different attachment options included in the purchase, which means you are not only getting the chain saw but also several other attachments.

The 26cc engine is powerful enough to handle any kind of task at hand. The EPA-certified engine means it consumes less fuel and produces fewer emissions. You can adjust the pole saw from 8.2 to 11.4 ft with a 12-inch cutting length.

This means you can cut through higher branches and ground objects with ease and safety.

The high-powered gas engine provides more power than an electric-powered pole saw. So, if you have more extensive and matured pine trees or oak trees with thicker branches, then this gas pole saw can handle it with ease.

For safety, it has an emergency stop button that allows you to immediately shut off the machine if you start getting tired or losing balance on the tool. The strong and sharp 12-inch chainsaw blade provides a sturdier cutting performance on any wood type.

The gas-powered engine has a high-efficiency air filter and throttle lockout at the end that prevents any accidents. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

See More information on PROYAMA 26cc 5 In 1 Trimming Tool


  • Multiple attachment options
  • Lightweight and powerful gas engine
  • EPA certified engine produces less pollution 
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Vibration reduction shoulder strap harness


  • Gets tiring to hold when fully extended
  • Instruction manual is not very helpful

What Are The Different Types Of Pole Saw?

There are mainly four different types of pole saw. It’s based on how these are powered. The gas pole saw is powered by a gasoline engine while others use electricity.

Let’s find out more about these pole saws. 

Gas Pole Saw

The gas pole saw is quite popular due to its functionality and ease of use. These pole saws are powered by gas and suitable for medium to extensive size gardens.

The gas-powered pole saw provides higher cutting power than other types of pole saw and is typically preferred for more demanding and longer-duration cutting tasks. Many professional landscapers prefer gas pole saw due to their ease of use and more extended cutting capacity.

The main benefit of a gas pole saw is its straightforward operation that can handle heavy-duty tasks. It can cut for hours as you just need to refill the gas tank.

But on a downside, it’s a bit heavier than other pole saw types and produces more noise and smoke. You should consider other pole saw varieties such as corded or cordless if you have a smaller lawn to maintain. 

Corded Pole Saw

The corded pole saw has the electricity to power up the pole saw. It’s suitable for small to medium size garden where you don’t have lots of bushes or trees.

It needs an electric outlet, so you have to be aware that there is one nearby or you have to use the electric extension cable.

The benefit of a corded pole saw is that you are not restricted to the cutting duration. There is no running out of fuel or battery when using a corded pole saw. But you will be limited to the cutting distance based on the maximum length of the power cord.

Generally, the corded pole saw has enough power to cut tree branches that are five to six inches in diameter. There are different ratings of motor power. Usually, more power means a bigger motor and an overall heavier weight of the pole saw. 

Cordless Pole Saw

Cordless pole saw is another electric powered chainsaw, but rather than always connected to the power outlet, these pole saws are powered by a battery. The pole saw has rechargeable batteries that generate enough power to get the job done.

The cutting power of a cordless pole saw depends on the battery rating, and you often have to charge it after 20 to 30 minutes of use. The charging time of the battery depends on the overall health of the battery and the remaining leftover charge.

The main benefit of a cordless pole saw is its versatility. Both corded and cordless pole saw produces less power than gas pole saw. But both of these have limited needs and are suitable for smaller-sized lawns.

You should consider an electric pole saw (corded or cordless) if you have a small size lawn, and you don’t want too much noise when cutting. These pole saws are usually lighter than the gas pole saw so anyone in the house can use them. 

Manual Pole Saw

The manual pole saw has a very simple layout. It has a saw attached to one end of the long pole that you have to pull back and forth in a cutting motion. It can help you cut down tree branches or trim taller hedgers with ease. 

If you are interested in the manual pole saw, then you can check the manual pole saw review and buying guide. 

Why Should You Buy A Gas Pole Saw?

You should consider buying a gas pole saw if capability and performance is the requirement for the job. This means if you are a professional landscaper or a person who has a bigger yard with lots of mature trees and shrubs around, then you should buy a gas pole saw.

One of the main benefits of a gas pole saw is its consistent power delivery compared to a cordless pole saw. Plus, it takes less time to fill up the gas tank than recharging a battery that is usually a couple of hours. 


Things To Consider When Buying A Gas Pole Saw

There are so many different types of gas pole saw available in the market that come with various power ratings and cutting sizes. Consider the following factors when choosing a gas pole saw.

Chainsaw Power

The chainsaw power is dependent on the power rating of a gas engine that is usually an internal combustion engine. The power of the engine is denoted in the CC, and the higher the power rating of the engine means the need for a bigger size engine and the extra weight of the pole saw.

You can choose the engine power from 25cc to 43cc, but for most residents, the 25cc should be enough to handle most of the tree branches in the medium size garden.

But if you are a professional landscaper, then you should go with a higher rating engine, which also has a longer life of the engine. 

Pole Length

The pole length attaches to the chainsaw and determines how high you can go when cutting branches. There is multiple pole length saw available, and you want the size which fits most of your gardening needs.

To decide how long the pole you need, look at the average tree heights in your garden and your ability to handle the pole saw. Generally, the longer the pole length, the harder it becomes to keep it stable.

For a gas pole saw, most pole lengths are usually from 8 feet to 12 feet long. Fortunately, you don’t have to get stuck with the one pole length size as telescopic pole types allow you to adjust the length easily. 

Bar Length

The bar length of the chainsaw tells you the cutting thickness of the chainsaw. Usually, a longer bar length means you can cut through thicker tree branches.

Most of the bar lengths range from 6 to 12 inches. For most people bar length of 8 inches is sufficient to cut through the most common types of trees.

Pole Saw Weight And Balance

The overall weight of the pole saw is an essential factor. It determines how long you can hold the pole saw to get the job done safely. Too heavy a pole saw makes it challenging to keep it stable on the cutting task and increases the risk of accidentally dropping it.

Most pole saws are lightweight, and you may not feel it much if you simply lift it from the ground. But it gets tiring if you have to hold it above 10 feet of your head for an extended period.

Consider the physical ability of the person who is going to use the gas pole saw. Make sure the design of the gas pole is simple and less cumbersome so it can be easily moved around. A well-balanced and lightweight gas pole saw makes it easier to do precise cutting. 


Cutting branches and limbs at high places may need the correct cutting angle and reach of the chainsaw. A bulkier and poorly designed gas pole saw may make it difficult to reach between branches or bushes.

A slimmer chainsaw head profile and longer telescopic pole length provide you with better maneuverability to position the pole saw at the right cutting angle. 


Usually, most pole saws are going to make noise, but the gas-powered pole saws make more noise than the electric. The sound comes primarily from the two sources, one is from the chain cutting the branch, and the second is from the engine.

The gas-powered pole saw usually has a more powerful engine and tends to generate more noise. Most of the time, sound may not be an issue, but if you are living in residential areas, then your neighbor may not like it if you are going to use it for an extended hour.

Check out the noise reduction features available in the gas pole saw. Excessive noise can also become a safety issue, as it increases fatigue. 

Performance and Price

You may be tempted to buy the expensive high-rated gas pole saw, but it may not be the right decision. Consider the price and value offered by the pole saw and determine which one fits your needs.

You don’t need to buy a high-rated cutting power saw when you only have a few small trees to cut in your garden. But you also don’t want to buy under power pole saw which may take it longer to get the job done. 

How To Use A Gas Pole Saw

Using a gas pole saw is quite straightforward. Here are some tips when using the gas pole saw:

  • Always make sure the surrounding area is clear of debris and branches before starting the job.
  • Extend the pole, so it reached the branch that you are planning to cut.
  • Put on the protective gears such as eyeglasses and hearing protection before operating the gas pole.
  • Release the primer a few times, so the fuel is well primed for a quick start.
  • Hold the choke level and pull it back to let the air mix with the fuel.
  • Gently press the throttle to release the fuel and pull the start string toward you.
  • Once the gas engine starts, gently place the pole saw at the desired cutting angle.
  • Press the throttle as needed to increase the cutting speed. But don’t go full throttle yet.
  • Make a slightly angled cut at the bottom of the branch and then start cutting from the top down.
  • Keep the gas pole stable and balance. Depending on the wood you are cutting, there will be some vibration but keep the chainsaw steady and remain in control.
  • Once you finish cutting the branch, let lose the throttle, and when cutting saw chain stops moving, carefully bring it down.
  • Repeat the process as you continue cutting other branches.

Here is a brief video that explains how to make the right cut.

There may be some special instructions based on the gas pole saw brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Blue Max pole saw, Poulan Pro Pole Saw, and Remington pole saw. Read the accompanying instruction manual for the operation of the pole saw.

How To Properly Maintain The Gas Pole Saw

Properly maintaining a gas pole increases the life of the tool and provides an efficient cut for a longer duration. Here are some tips to properly maintain the gas pole saw:

  • Always keep the machine clean after the job. Keeping the chainsaw chain free from dirt and debris improves the life of the saw and prevents rusting.
  • Regularly check pole saw for any loose screws or bolts. Don’t operate the machine if you are missing any screws or bolts, as it may cause damage to the tool.
  • Maintain sharp chain teeth for clear-cutting. Replace the chainsaw chain if it has missing or dull teeth.
  • Regularly check the air and oil filter in the gas engine as it improves the fuel efficiency and produces less smoke. If there is any fuel or oil leakage, get it fixed with correct replacement parts
  • When not in use, empty the fuel tank and store it in a dry place.
  • Keep it out of reach of kids and pets as it’s not a play tool.

If you follow the above maintenance recommendations, then you can have a gas pole, serve you for a long time safely.

How To Safely Use A Gas Pole Saw

You must follow all the safety procedures when using the gas pole saw. Improper use or using it not as per manufacturer specifications may result in injury or damage to the property.

You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions as some of the information may be more relevant to the particular type and model of the pole saw. You may also find the cutting rating and other limitations you need to follow when using the pole saw.

Here are some general safety precautions you should take while on the job. 

Wear Safety Gears

You should always wear safety gear such as eyewear, gloves, ear cover, and safety boots when using a pole saw. These safety gear can prevent you from any falling branches or other physical injuries.

Pole Saw Kickback

If you have not used chainsaws before, then you may not know the kickback phenomenon. The kickback happens when the chainsaw blade suddenly gets jammed in the branch.

If not held pole saw adequately, then it may cause it to spin and slip out of your hand. To prevent this, use the best chainsaw chain blades which have anti-kickback features. Also, when cutting branches, move from top to bottom, so gravity does the work.

Check the pole saw chain for any damage or missing cutting teeth. You may need to consider replacing cutting chain blades when it has missing and worn-out teeth. 

Cutting Height

You can adjust the pole height to reach different places. However, some pole saws may not have an extension option, so be aware of that. Also, know your ability to hold a pole saw in a controlled manner when extending it above your head.

The higher you go with the pole saw, the heavier and difficult it becomes to control. It may make you get tired quickly and could become dangerous to operate the pole saw. Take frequent breaks when cutting higher-reach branches. 

Watch For The Ground

Cutting tree branches with a pole saw means looking up most of the time while standing on the ground and moving it around. Know the ground area for any ditch, pothole, or obstruction before you start looking up for the cut.

You don’t want to get tripped or catch up in bush or flower beds while moving around looking up and cutting. Move anything on the ground that may be on the way during cutting. You can also change your cutting movements to prevent any tripping. 

Slow Cutting Pace

You should not rush the cutting. To get a safer and cleaner cut of the branch, make sure you start slowly while cutting. Using a “V style,” cutting shape helps prevent kickbacks. If possible, always try to cut from the top to the bottom. This reduces the chance of chainsaw chains getting stuck in the branch.

Also, clear the fallen branches and leaves when cutting as it reduces the risk of getting caught into it and makes it easier to move around. 

Over To You

Properly maintaining a lawn require effort, and having the right tool handy makes the job lot more manageable. Keeping the best gas pole in your gardening tool arsenal makes it easy to cut overgrown tree branches and limbs.

You may consider an electric gas pole saw if you have a small size garden and don’t need much cutting power. But for anything else, a gas pole saw is the better choice.

Look out for the features which you need in a gas pole saw and buy the one which best fits your needs. By doing the proper care and maintenance as per manufacturer instructions, you will make sure that it will last longer.

best gas pole review

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