Best Lawn Sweeper Review

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Many of us cringe when it comes to lawn sweeping. This becomes a most daunting gardening chore during the fall season when you have fallen leaves and fruits everywhere or when you have to remove grass clippings after mowing.

Now, you can go ahead and hire a professional to do the job, but sometimes it may not be practical or cost-effective.

This is why you need the best lawn sweeper to maintain and upkeep your garden. It won’t matter how many giant trees you have in your garden or how many pine needles you have to pick. It can save you a significant amount of time needed for cleaning and maintaining your yard. 

To help you provide lawn sweeper reviews and the things you need to be aware of when researching one, I have included an in-depth guide.

Below is the top pick if you are in a hurry, and a more in-depth buyer guide is covered later in the article. 

Quick Picks

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Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper

Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper
A heavy-duty professional-grade sweeper is suitable for both semi-professionals and people with large yards. 50-inch sweeping width provides maximum cleaning coverage.

Best Overall

Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper
Get a perfectly clean garden with this 44-inch heavy-duty sweeper with a 25-foot hopper. It makes cleaning a garden less of a chore and more of productive activity.

Best Value

Scott Push Lawn Sweeper

Scott Push Lawn Sweeper
Very handy manual sweeper for cleaning small to medium size lawns from leaves, grass, and debris. Includes 3 high-performance rotating brushes and large capacity bags.

Top 10 Lawn Sweeper For any Garden





Our Top Pick

The Agri Fab 44-inch sweeper is our top pick. It has a 25 cubic feet hopper capacity that get it easy to carry more lawn debris in each sweep. This means you have to make fewer runs to empty the bag. 

The easily adjustable brush height makes better ground contact and provides efficient cleaning. The universal hitch design allows you to attach a sweeper to most brands of tractors and mowers. 

What is a Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper is a gardening tool that is used to clean up the lawn from debris such as fallen leaves, grass, twigs, sticks, and dirt.

For a smaller size lawn, you can do it with a rake and garbage bag, but it may become tiring and time-consuming on a bigger size lawn.

It can help you clean the yard in minutes that may take you hours doing it manually. Best of all, you can use it both on grass and pavement. 

What to consider when buying a lawn sweeper


You should choose a lawn sweeper that can cover the maximum area in each pass while being able to move around tight corners in your lawn.

Brush Adjustment

The ability to adjust the brush height helps protect the lawn from any damage and gives you more extensive cleaning through each swipe.


We recommend that you choose a lawn sweeper that you can disassemble and collapse. it makes it easy to store when you are not using it anymore.

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Lawn Sweeper Reviews 

The following 10 lawn sweepers should make it easier to solve your lawn cleaning problems, no matter what size lawn you have. Just be sure to check out each product’s specifications and select the best model for your need. 

1. Brinly 42 Inch Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

A commercial Grade lawn sweeper

Brinly 42-inch tow behind yard sweeper is super-efficient when it comes to picking leaves, grass, twigs, pine needles, and debris from your lawn. The high-quality fabric hopper can hold and haul up to 20 cubic feet of debris.

Best of all, you don’t have to get off your lawn tractor when emptying it. You can pull the attached rope with an ergonomic T-handle to empty the bag and get back into the lawn quickly.

The six high-quality brushes under the lawn sweeper moves at high speed to pick up material with ease even when turning. This keeps the area clean at the turning spots in the garden.

You can also do the brush height adjustment to maintain the optimal ground contact that minimizes skipping while providing high cleaning performance.

The 5:1 brush to wheel ratio in the lawn sweeper allows the increased brush-to-ground contact. The 42-inch sweeping width provides the maximum cleaning with fewer passes.

For easy storage, you can collapse the hopper to reduce the overall size. In a tighter space, you can store it upright.

See More information on Brinly 42 Inch Tow Behind Sweeper


  • Easy to operate
  • Ability to adjust brush height
  • 42-inch size for maximum cleaning in each pass
  • Lightweight and good built
  • Vertical storage option


  • A bit heavy to use
  • Misses picking heavier debris

2. Agri Fab 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper

Best Lawn Sweeper For Grass Clippings

It’s a 44-inch lawn sweeper with a 25 cubic feet hopper capacity. This maximizes the cleaning in each pass, and high capacity hopper means you don’t have to empty it frequently.

This is suitable for medium to large size lawn that needs a quick cleaning. It’s a versatile gardening tool that can maintain your garden perfectly clean. Plus, the use of this grass sweeper is quite straightforward.

To adjust the brush level, you can simply use the height adjusting lever that also indicates the current height. The non-slip design of the height adjuster means it remains at optimal cleaning height for the best performance.

The semi-pneumatic tires are located at the front. These tires move smoothly on any kind of surface and don’t damage the underlying grass. For cleaning, there are four brushes underneath the sweeper. These high-efficiency brushes do the heavy lifting of cleaning.

The extra-large hopper is capable of holding 2 to 3 times more dirt than regular-size bags. For more accessible storage, you can collapse the hopper and fold the hitch.

The universal hitch design allows you to attach it to most brands of tractors/lawnmowers. The well-designed offset tongue can mow and sweep in a single pass.

See More information on Agri Fab 44-Inch Grass Sweeper


  • Ideal for medium to large size yards
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and solid build quality 
  • Easy to control and maneuver


  • Not ideal for cutting narrower area
  • Assembly instructions are hard to understand

3. Earthwise Push Lawn Sweeper

Best Lawn Sweeper For Pine Needles

Earthwise push lawn sweeper is a reliable and well-built high-quality gardening machine that offers you a robust cleaning performance for almost any type of lawn landscaping.

The secret to its high performance is its fast spinning rake-like action. It sweeps leaves and grass clipping off the lawn surface with ease and collects them in the bag.

The machine is suitable for smaller to medium size lawn cleaning jobs. It has a 21-inch cleaning area and is easy to use. The lightweight body makes it comfortable to push.

The handle is made from scratch-resistant steel and has a beautiful black powder-coating finish. It’s smooth to operate the machine without getting too much pressure on your hands. You can easily adjust the height by turning a knob located at the front.

When you are done cleaning your yard/lawn, you can simply hang it to the storage room wall. The low profile design of the sweeper means it does not occupy much space for storage.

See More information on Earthwise Grass Push sweeper


  • Lightweight and easier to operate
  • Well build quality
  • The durable brush can pick grass clippings and pine needle
  • Easy to store 


  • Not ideal for large size lawn
  • Not ideal for large size lawn

4. Ohio Steel 50-Inch Pro Sweeper

Best Lawn Sweeper For Acorns

Ohio steel 50 SWP26 pro sweeper is a heavy-duty sweeper suitable for semi-professionals or people with a big yard. The extra-large capacity means you can clean for a lengthier and larger lawn before you need to empty the bag.

The 26 cubic foot bag is built with durable fabric and does not get ripped or worn out even after heavy use. The universal design hitch allows you to easily attach it behind the lawn tractor or a riding lawnmower. The adjustable 5 position hitch includes the hitch pin.

The operation of the lawn sweeper is smooth as wheels move freely on all types of surfaces. The sweeper has 11 inches spiraled polypropylene brushes that work rotating at a fast speed. It can quickly sweep up grass clippings, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris.

The extra-wide 9 inches chute and 50-inch wide sweeping path make it ideal to use by pro landscapers and beginners. For more accessible storage, you can remove and collapse the collection hopper.

See More information on Ohio Steel 50 Inch Pro Sweeper


  • Perfect for medium to large size lawn
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality brush 
  • Good turning radius


  • Bag sometimes gets ripped on heavy load
  • Bit pricey

5. Scotts Push Lawn Sweeper

Best Garden Sweeper For The Money

If you are looking for a faster and easier way of cleaning your lawn, then consider this manual push yard sweeper. It’s simple to use and does an outstanding job at cleaning the small to medium size lawn from leaves, grass, and debris.

After using this handy lawn sweeper, your messy and unkempt lawn will be transformed into a professional-looking yard/lawn that you can be proud of. The grass sweeper has a 26-inch sweeping width and a 4.5 cubic foot capacity collection bag.

You can adjust the sweeping height by a turn of the knob located at the front. This is useful if you have different height grass or uneven lawn surface landscaping.

The three durable and high-performance rotating brushes spin at a faster rate to collect leaves and yard waste and dump it into the collection bag.

The large capacity bag is made from a durable and sturdy fabric that you can comfortably lift and take it out for easy waste dumping. The weather-resistant fabric makes it lightweight and keeps it dry.

You can use this sweeper to clean the pine needle and crab apples from your garden. Just make sure that the apples are not too large and are at the top of the lawn. You may have to make a few passes to find out the optimal height for cleaning up the pine needle or apples.

The cushioned handle grip makes it easy to push without getting your palm tired. The long handlebar makes it convenient to push the sweeper without bending yourself.

You may still have to rake any leftover pine needles or apples. The smaller design of the sweeper makes it easier for short to medium size gardens.

For storage, you can fold it up and hang it through the hook. The sweeper is lightweight and has a low profile that saves space and stays out of the way until you need it.

See More information on Scotts Push Lawn Sweeper


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works best on small to medium-sized lawns
  • Can pick pine needles and apples
  • Easy storage option 


  • Have to make multiple sweeps to clean bigger objects
  • A larger bag capacity

Lawn Sweeper – Mini Review

6. Craftsman Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper

The Craftsman’s Hi-Speed Tow sweeper is suitable for semi-professionals and people with large yards. It has a large 22 cubic feet hopper capacity that means you don’t have to empty it frequently.

The sizeable 11.5-inch wheel with diamond tread provides maximum traction when towing. This reduces the slippage and prevents any left-out cleaning areas.

For convenience, you can empty the hopper from the tractor seat. The 42-inch sweeping path provides maximum coverage area in each pass and reduces cleaning duration. 

7. Brinly Lawn Sweeper With Dethatcher

How do you like it if I tell you that you can cut down your yard cleaning time in half?

Here it is, with a high-performance 2-in-1 sweeper/dethatcher, you can drastically reduce your lawn maintenance time. The unique design of the machine allows detachment and sweeping at the same time.

You can quickly raise the tines with an adjustable handle when you don’t need the detacher. So when you only want to sweep, you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to remove the detacher. 

The high velocity 6 brush design and 5:1 brush to ground ratio provide you a maximum performance to pick up leaves, pine needles, and grass clipping.

The 20 cubic foot collection bag and 42-inch wide sweeping pass mean you don’t have to make several passes for cleaning. And it takes fewer trips to empty filled-up bags. 

8. Yard Tuff Lawn Sweeper

The Yard Tuff lawn sweeper has a 42-inch wide sweeping path and a 10-inch brush with a sweep ratio of 4:1. You can easily adjust the brush height depending on the lawn surface for optimal cleaning.

For easy towing, the sweeper has a universal pin-style hitch with leveling space that allows you to hook it up behind ATV or lawnmower.

The machine is made with high-quality steel and has a black powder-coat finish. The high-quality build semi-pneumatic wheels provide excellent traction on any type of surface.

For compact storage, you can easily fold the grass sweeper. It can clean leaves, pine needles, twigs, and grass clipping with ease. It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. 

9. Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper

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If you are looking for a functional and straightforward push lawn sweeper, then give this 26-inch push lawn sweeper a chance. It’s lightweight and has excellent build quality.

The wheels move freely and work best on most of the surfaces. The long handle makes it easy to hold and push the sweeper.

Compared to other sweepers, this does not have all the bells and whistles, but this is perfect to use for smaller jobs. 

10. John Deere Town Behind Lawn Sweeper

This 42-inch tow behind lawn sweeper is suitable for bigger lawns to collect leaves and grass clippings. It has sturdy brushes that satisfactory clean and sweep the yard in the first pass.

The extra-large bag provides maximum storage capacity. This means you don’t have to spend most of the gardening time emptying the collection bag.

For storage, you can hang or stand the sweeper that saves space. You can do the cleaning height adjustment with a conveniently located dial.

It has 4 high-velocity brush under the sweeper that provides optimal cleaning with its consistent ground contact and prevent slipping. 

Using a Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

What Are The Different Types of Lawn Sweepers?

There are several different types of lawn sweepers, depending on the functionality and the specifications. But overall, there are primarily two types of lawn sweepers.

  • Tow behind or pull behind sweeper
  • Push forward lawn sweeper

You can pick based on your needs and the size of the lawn you want to clean up.

Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

The tow-behind lawn sweeper is also known as a pull-behind sweeper. These are very handy and efficient to use. These lawn sweepers are attached to a pulling device, usually a lawn tractor.

As you might have imagined, these are a type of powered lawn sweeper which have a larger cleaning capacity. These can clean more extensive and more significant lawns in no time.

Many commercial landscapers use tow behind lawn sweepers when they clean larger areas such as parks, business places, and roadsides. These may not be ideal to use in a smaller lawn where you may not have enough space to bring a tractor.

The stand-alone self-powered grass sweepers are also available, which are powered with gas or electricity. These are beneficial if you don’t have a yard tractor but require a bigger lawn to clean. 

Push Forward Lawn Sweeper

For smaller size residential lawns, the push sweeper is more suitable. You operate it by pushing like a lawnmower and passing it through the leaf or debris you want to clean.

It may be a better choice if you have a smaller lawn to clean and have the physical ability to manually clean. The smaller size of the lawn sweeper makes it easy to storage.

You don’t require any extra tools such as a lawn tractor to do the cleanup. However, it may not be suitable for larger areas to clean. 

Are Lawn Sweepers Effective?

Lawn sweepers are effective in cleaning weeds, leaves, and weeds. Now depending on your cleaning task, some may be more effective than others. 

For example, sweepers work well when you have larger and loose debris, such as leaves and grass in your lawn. But when you have sticky materials such as wet grass and lawn debris half sticking to the ground, then you may have to make several passes to clean the area.

You may also be wondering if lawn sweepers can pick pine needles or apples from the lawn?

The short answer is that the lawn sweepers are capable of doing that. Here is a quick video that shows a lawn sweeper cleaning fallen apples from the lawn. 

Do You Need A Lawn Sweeper?

One of the most crucial questions which many people wonder about is whether they need a lawn sweeper?

The rule of thumb is that you should get it if you have a medium to large size lawn. You may not need it if you have a small area to clean that you can easily clean with a rake.

But for medium and larger areas, a lawn sweeper certainly makes the job more comfortable, and it’s great on your back too.

Now you can pick a manual or powered lawn sweeper depending on what you are planning to clean. Having a lawn sweeper has the following benefits:

  • Saves you time and effort in cleaning your lawn
  • No damage to the yard and sod while cleaning
  • Useful in cleaning a wide range of items such as leaves, twigs, fruits, and other debris
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works better than using a leaf blower or rake

How To Choose The Best Lawn Sweepers

When choosing the best lawn sweepers for the yard, look for the functionality which closely matches your needs.

Knowing the size and layout of your lawn is essential as buying too big may make it difficult to pass it through smaller spaces. On the other hand, purchasing a too small size may result in making several cleaning swipes. 

Overall, look for the yard sweeper that can pick maximum debris and leaves in each sweep. This saves you time and effort in cleaning. The second thing to consider is the minimum maintenance required to upkeep the machine.

Here are the following features to look for in the best lawn sweepers


The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a self-powered lawn sweeper or a push lawn sweeper. As mentioned earlier, for a smaller size lawn, you may choose a push lawn sweeper, or you may not want to have a lawn sweeper at all. In that case, a rake and garbage bag will do the job.

For a more extensive and mid-size garden, choose a self-propelled grass sweeper or pick the one which can be used as an attachment to the yard tractor. 


Grass sweepers come in different sizes. Pick the one which may work best on your lawn. You want the lawn sweeper to be able to pass through the tightest spot on the lawn. 

Otherwise, you have to clean the leftover areas manually that may defeat the whole purpose of having a lawn sweeper. 

Build Quality

You want the lawn sweeper to have a superior build quality hopper and brush. The high-quality material used in the hopper increases the weight it can carry without getting ripped or torn.

The durable and thicker brush provides you with better cleaning in each swipe. 

Brush Adjustments

In the lawn sweeper, you want the option to adjust the brush level. This gives you more flexibility in cleaning different materials such as leaves, grass, or debris.

For example, you may want to set higher brush height when picking leaves than recently mowed grass. The ability to adjust the brush also protects the lawn from any damage and provides more extensive cleaning in each swipe. 

Assembly and Storage

For more accessible storage and transportation, you want to disassemble the lawn sweeper. The collapsible design sweeper makes it easy to store when not in use.

Some lawn sweepers also allow you to take the hopper out from the assembly unit to store it separately. 

Price and Warranty

At the end of the day, you want a lawn sweeper that is economical and provides the best value. One of the main reasons for having a lawn sweeper is to have the flexibility and save money by doing self-cleaning of the lawn.

Don’t buy a more expensive lawn sweeper when you are going to use it once or twice a year. But also don’t cheap out if you have a bigger lawn and got lots of trees with fallen leave to clean up.

The more extended manufacturer warranty provides you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong within the warranty period, you will get it repaired or replaced. 

How To Use A Lawn Sweeper

Using a lawn sweeper is very simple and straightforward. It has a brush underneath the sweeper that moves the leaves and debris into a hopper.

For making your cleaning job more manageable, it’s advisable to pick up large branches or rocks from the lawn before you bring in the lawn sweeper.

Using a lawn sweeper on bigger rocks and large branches may make it get stuck to the brush or damage the sweeper bag. Don’t worry about picking any smaller items as the lawn sweeper can easily handle those items.

If you are picking grass after mowing your lawn, then it works best if you set the lawn sweeper brush level the same as the height of the grass.

You can easily do it either with a handle or a lever installed on the sweeper. You should check the product manual, which tells you how to adjust the lawn sweeper height.

When you are ready to clean, make a full sweep cycle going back and forth covering the area. Don’t leave any space between each sweep but overlap each cleaning sweep by 2 or 3 inches to pick up any leftover debris from the earlier sweep.

Depending on the size of the bag, you may have to empty it before you continue your sweeping. 

How To Properly Maintain Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweepers are usually easy to maintain and don’t need any special tools. But the most common cause of dysfunctional or damaged lawn sweepers is improper assembly. To make it easier to store and transport, lawn sweepers, have parts come apart.

You have to assemble it before you can use it. Make sure that you check the product manual and join it properly. Don’t leave any part loose or not appropriately fitted as it may damage the unit.

Look at the fully assembled unit for any deficiencies and check the tire pressure, and wheel alignments. Make sure it has recommended tire air pressure, and all moving parts are lubricated and free from obstruction.

If the brush underneath the lawn sweeper gets worn out or broken, then it may not function properly. Replace it with a new one and make sure the brush is assembled correctly.

The collected debris, grass clips, and leaves are stored in a large bag that is also known as a hopper. Make a habit of regularly emptying the hopper.

Overfilled hopper increases the weight that increases the risk of tearing or ripping the bag. Moreover, it requires more effort to move the heavier hopper if you are pushing it manually.

Once you are done cleaning, wash it with water and empty the hopper. Don’t leave the unit dirty when in storage. It increases the risk of the device getting rusty and not functioning when you need it next time.

It’s better to store a lawn sweeper indoor to prevent it from extreme weather. But if you don’t have indoor storage space, then you can leave it outside but cover it with a plastic tarp for extra protection. 

Tips On Using The Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

Here are 5 tips when using the tow behind lawn sweeper:

  1. Clear the lawn from larger items before you start sweeping. This prevents the damage and obstruction to the lawn sweeper.
  2. Maintain the proper speed depending on the type of area cleaning. Over speeding may damage the lawn sweeper brushes when cleaning an uneven surface.
  3. For the optimal cleaning result, attempt to sweep the area twice to pick up any leftover from the first swipe
  4. Clean the hopper after each sweep if full. It reduces weight and does not blot sweeper with too much garbage.
  5. Regularly sweep your lawn rather than waiting for it to get total dirty before you start cleaning. It requires less effort to periodically clean the yard than waiting longer to clean it once.

Will A Lawn Sweeper Pick Up A Pine Needle?

A tow-behind sweeper usually has enough power to dislodge the pine needle from the garden and push it in the hopper bag. It helps if you do the pine cones cleaning job when the lawn is dry. The lawn sweeper brushes will have a far easier time moving the pine needle cones.

Another tip when using a lawn sweeper to pick up pine cones is to use a slow cleaning speed. The slow cleaning speed allows the sweeper brush to lift sticky pine needles from the ground and also reduces the risk of pine cones to be flying off from the field. 


Many people consider lawn sweepers to be a luxury item. You can certainly get away without having it with a simple raking tool and a garbage bag. But it will certainly take you longer to get the job done and maybe develop an aching back.

A good-quality lawn sweeper can help you clean your lawn from pine needles, grass clips, apples, and other debris in minimal time. For a more extensive garden, you should consider getting the tow-behind or self-propelled lawn sweeper. For the smaller and medium-size yard, you can choose to push lawn sweeper.

Once you have determined your need, then you can pick one of the above-recommended sweepers, which will undoubtedly improve your overall lawn look. 

Best Grass Sweeper

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