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When it comes to taking care of the yard correctly, sometimes hiring a professional lawn care company is the best option. TruGreen is a reputable lawn care service provider with a presence in over 50 states.

If you’re in the market to find which lawn care company suits your need best, we have researched TruGreen’s cost with six actual quotes. Most lawn care companies’ cost estimates fluctuate depending on the added service packages and the lawn size.

We found TruGreen lawn care prices range from $29.95 to &49.95 per application. This is an introductory offer price for new customers and lawn size less than 5,000 sq. ft. 

You can get an exact quote by calling directly at 1.844.567.9909 or filling their online form. Their customer service reps give you a call to customize the plan and provide you with a quote.

Let’s check out in detail each plan price package and what you get with each plan. Later we have also covered some great alternatives to TruGreen. 

How much does TruGreen cost in 2024?

The TruGreen cost depends on your location, yard size, current lawn condition, and the treatment package you choose.

For an average residential yard less than 5,000 square feet yard size, it cost anywhere from $425 to $795 per year. For bigger yards ups to 22,000 square feet, it cost anywhere from $650 to $1,700 per year in 2024.

We have broken down details of TruGreen’s price based on their different plans and additional services below in the article. We have also covered alternative lawn care companies and the experience of customers. 

Different types of TruGreen plan and their prices?

TruGreen offers 4 different types of services:

  1. Lawn Care
  2. Tree & Shrub care
  3. Mosquito control and prevention services, and
  4. Pest control

It’s essential to remember that TruGreen doesn’t advertise its price on the website as other lawn care service providers.

They will ask you to fill up their online quote form and ask you to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. Subsequently, their sales representative calls you to discuss it further.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it doesn’t feel transparent. As sales representatives use their sales tactics such as limited time offers (which is never limited) or sell you extras that you never thought or needed.

It seems to be a standard business practice in the lawn care industry you need to be aware of. 

TruGreen Lawn Care Plan Price

TruGreen’s lawn care program provides primary weed controlfertilization, and pest control services. There are three packages that you can buy.

All plans include Healthy Lawn Analysis and Healthy lawn Guarantee by their lawn care specialist, whom they call “Truexpert℠ Certified Specialists.”

PlanServicesFirst ApplicationAnnual Cost*
TruHealth Lawn Care PlanBasic lawn care package. Includes Fertilization and Weed Control.$29.95$569
TruComplete Lawn Care Plan8 lawn care visits each year. Includes fertilization, weed and grub control + 1 Aeration & Overseeding$29.95$755
TrueSignature Lawn Care Plan8 lawn care visits each year + 1 Aeration & overseed + 7 and shrub service visits$29.95$875
Tree and Shrub ServiceFertilization to tree and shrub roots and prevention from pest and disease$49.95$710
Mosquito Control and PreventionMosquito defense control services spray in your yard and around the property$39.95 (minimum of 4 applications per year)$465
TruShield Tick and Flea ControlTreatment around common access points such as first-story windows, doors, and near the foundation.$80.95
* ( Estimates based on 5,000 Sq ft lawn)

When you’re comparing these plans, here are some considerations to be made.

  • The above price quote is based on a 5,000-square-foot lawn and has minimum applications required to be eligible for that price quote. If your yard is larger than 5,000 sq. ft, expect to pay more for the lawn service.
  • The quoted price is for the first application and new customers only. This is an introductory offer to get new customers. Expect your renewal rate to be higher, and don’t assume that it will only cost $29.95 for a whole season.
  • Automatic annual renewal. You have to inform in advance to cancel services; otherwise, you automatically get enrolled for next year.
  • When you sign up for service, you have to either prepay annually (considerable upfront cost) or sign up for automatic payment with your credit card. This kind of payment arrangement is a bit risky as customers get overcharged.

We found several complaints where customers were charged for services even after they requested it to be canceled or the services were unsatisfactory.

If you have to choose, choose to prepay and don’t sign up for easy-pay where your credit card is on their file. You must have control over when and who takes your money. This holds for all other lawn care service providers.

How much does TruGreen Aeration cost?

The TruGreen aeration costs anywhere from $200 to $450, depending on fertilization and the lawn size. You often need a maximum of one or two aerations per year, and sometimes, you don’t need to aerate at all. 

If you have a small size yard, you can do the aeration yourself. We have reviewed the best aeration tools that you can buy with confidence.

For any large size yard, you also have the option to rent the aeration tool from Home Depot or Lowes. The usual rental price depends anywhere from $39 to $79 per day. 

Landscaper Trimming Grass

How often does TruGreen come?

TruGreen’s annual plans include 8 to 9 lawn visits. They schedule their fertilizer applications or Pre-Emergent and Targeted weed control applications every 4-6 weeks.

There may be more visits if you have opted for an additional package such as Tree and Shrubs services or mosquito or pest control.

They may combine services in a single application such as fertilizing and applying pest control applications or spread out depending on the condition.

As it provides services outside your house, you don’t need to be at home to serve you. You have to keep your gates unlocked and keep pets out of the way for them to access your yard. 

TruGreen price negotiation: How flexible are they?

TruGreen’s prices depend on the services they offer. Like any other business, they want to maximize their profit by providing additional services and locking you in a contract.

The introductory offer seems reasonable, but there is always fine print to know. You should be clear about the services you require and informed about competitor prices in your area.

Don’t assume the price quote you receive is set in stone as there is a good incentive for the company to obtain your business. They will come down in their price if they know they will be making a profit from you.

When you’re negotiating for the price, don’t get your full focus on reducing the cost. They will sometimes lower the price but reduce the frequency or number of services provided for that price range.

It’s always wise to negotiate the price then ask them to provide the contract in writing before signing the agreement or providing them your credit card information.

But when it comes to choosing any lawn service company, don’t hesitate to negotiate and be informed about the competitor’s price. 

Is TruGreen worth the money?

TruGreen provides services across all 50 states, and through their website, you can also buy products and services. The primary benefit’s geared toward lawn maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

They also provide value-added services such as pest control and tree and shrub maintenance. There is no doubt that their introductory offer is cheap and even competitive to most local lawn care vendors.

If you have a smaller yard, it’s worth the money to use them to maintain your yard. The price is slightly higher for any single lawn-care service than if you get the annual package. However, it’s still lower than other competitors.

If you factor in the material and labor costs, their prices are competitive and are a good option for hands-free lawn-maintenance service.

There is always an option for DIY lawn maintenance. Here the only direct expense is buying the material and tools, but you have to spend time maintaining the lawn yourself.

If you like a hands-on approach to managing your lawn, DIY is a good option. It saves you money by hiring a professional landscaping company.

However, if you’re not comfortable maintaining your lawn, it’s far cheaper to hire a company to do it. You can also try TruGreen’s limited-service package. If you’re not satisfied, then their return policy allows you to cancel any remaining treatment. 

What are TruGreen alternatives?

You can always choose to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) care or hire a local lawn care company run by a small operator for lawn maintenance. When it comes to finding TruGreen alternatives, you have several options.

Here are some highlights of alternatives:

TruGreen vs. Local lawn care company

The local lawn care company is mostly run by a single operator who may be more inclined to provide you services up to your satisfaction. They’re more specialized to handle local lawn care needs and give you the best results.

Most national brands have set operating procedures and types of material they use. This makes them more cost-effective, but that may not give you the best result for your yard.

Hiring a local lawn care company people means you will be supporting your community and local businesses. 

TruGreen vs. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor provides services that directly compete with TruGreen. Their prices are also competitive, but they don’t have an as exhaustive presence as TruGreen. You have to check their website to find out if they serve in your area.

If Lawn Doctor services are available in your area, you can compare their package to TruGreen and negotiate on the price to maintain your yard. 

TruGreen vs. SavATree

SavATree provides lawn care and tree services to both residential and commercial customers. Their service area covers the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West regions of the United States.

They have been providing services since 1985 and are more focused on using environment-friendly lawn care treatment.

SavATree excels when it comes to lawn disease treatment and control. We found that they have more expertise in preventive maintenance.

SavATree lawn disease treatment comes from specialists who analyze the grass in your yard and plan season-long care.

They hire knowledgeable employees, have powerful tools and automated machines that allow them to manage any size job in the most economical, efficient, and responsible manner. 

TruGreen vs. NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn of America provides personalized services for your lawn care needs. This gives you a better option to choose a plan based on your lawn care needs rather than a single fit all TruGreen approach plan.

NaturaLawn provides services to both residential and commercial customers. It also educates users on how to take care of their yards properly.

The company has been providing services in North America since 1987. It prides itself on using complete, natural, and organic fertilizers for lawn care. 

TruGreen vs. WeedMan

WeedMan is another good alternative to TruGreen. It’s a Canadian-based company that is gradually expanding in the United States. WeedMan offers services such as lawn care, fertilization, pests, and insect controls.

Their prices are competitive, but their customer service support isn’t as robust as TruGreen. WeedMan, however, does offer flexible plans and payment options that make then worthwhile to compete with TruGreen on cost and service. 

Conclusion: Is TruGreen a ripoff?

TruGreen has a rating of 1.3 (out of 5) at ConsumerAffairs when publishing this article, and it’s based on 364 ratings submitted. But it’s a small sample of unsatisfactory users as most satisfied customers usually don’t spend time writing reviews.


However, we liked that their customer care team responded to unsatisfied customers’ negative reviews and promised to resolve their issue.

This is a good sign. It shows that TruGreen cares about brand reputation and is willing to solve customer retention issues plus they provide healthy lawn guarantee. 

So to answer whether TruGreen is a ripoff, we don’t consider it to be a ripoff. You get reasonably priced services that are comparable to other alternatives. And if you’re not satisfied, the company is willing to make it right.

The only common complaints we found are that they need to take more proactive steps to resolve customer billing issues.

The most prevalent were charging customers after canceling their services or adding services without explicit customer confirmation. 


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