how to cool down a room without AC

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On hot summer days, keeping yourself cool may be a challenge. But you don’t have to endure the heat. If your home is overheating and you’re wondering how to cool down a room fast without using air conditioning, then here are our 39 pro-tips to try it in the summer.

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Let’s get started. 

How to Cool Down a Room

Here are 39 pro hacks to help you beat the heat and maintain a cool room even on burning hot days without using an air conditioner. 

1. Use A Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can help you cool down the room fast in no time. Unlike air conditioners, the fan doesn’t cool down the hall but helps move the air inside the room to cool it down.

The blowing air helps with sweat evaporation that helps cool down the body. The evaporating sweat from the body removes the heat that then lowers the body temperature.

You may think that you don’t generate enough sweat to feel more relaxed. But our body continuously creates small amounts of moisture that help us to cool off.

Make sure the ceiling fans move anticlockwise to circulate the air. You can increase the speed of the fan to get a faster cooling effect. 

2. Drink Water And Cool Down Yourself

how to cool down a room without AC

You don’t have to make a room cooler if your body temperature isn’t too high. Keeping yourself hydrated with plain cold water, or other beverages lowers your body temperature. This, in turn, controls your body to produce less heat to heat the room further.

Don’t overcrowd the room with people or pets, and this should help you maintain the lower temperature inside the room without using air conditioning. 

3. Clean The Air Vents

Most modern homes have air vents that help to bring outside fresh air inside the house. Keeping air vents clean and unclogged helps with the air circulation in the room.

The air vents also help remove the hot air from inside the room and bring cold and fresh air from outside. This helps with bringing the temperature of the room down without much effort. 

4. Insulate The Home

You should shut off the room that you’re not using. Keeping the doors open allows the hot air to transfer from one place to another room to equalize the temperature inside the house.

Keep doors and windows of the room that isn’t used closed. It helps trap heat in that room and doesn’t allow it to move to another place.

Also, check the curtains and blinds of the unused room are closed to prevent further heating up the room. 

5. Eat Frozen Treats


Well, here is the good thing about summer, you have lots of excuses to treat yourself with goodies such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, or drink an everyday cold beverage.

This helps you keep hydrated while also lowering your body temperature from the inside out. Just keep an eye on the calorie intake. 

6. Use Buckwheat And Place It In The Pillow

At the peak of hot days, you got to use all the tools at your disposal. This includes the use of foods and grains.

The buckwheat isn’t for eating alone. You can place a handful of buckwheat in a plastic bag and insert it in the pillowcase. Unlike cotton, buckwheat doesn’t absorb heat.

If you need more coolness, then you can fill a sock with buckwheat or rice and let it cool down for a while in the freezer. You can then use it to keep it near your body and keep yourself cool. 

7. Soak Bed Sheet In A Water

This hack may seem a little weird as the idea of sleeping on a wet bed sheet may not seem practical. But this is very effective in fighting heat in the room.

You can soak a bedsheet in water and place it over you when you’re ready to go sleep. Once soaked, squeeze the bed sheet to remove any excess water. The goal isn’t to let the bed sheet drench water but to keep it wet.

Use a waterproof mattress cover that prevents the water from getting inside it. But if you don’t have a waterproof mattress cover, then you can put a towel over the mattress to protect water from seeping into it. 

8. Change Incandescent Bulbs to LEDs

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs to lighten your room, then it’s time to think it again. These are old technologies that generate light by heating up the filament inside it.

It generates a lot of heat along with the light. The use of cooler LED lamps consumes less power and produces more light than heat.

This helps lower the electricity bill while keeping the room cooler with no extra heat generated. If you’re nostalgic about the old bulb looks, then there are several designs of LED that come with a retro look. 

9. Use Kitchen And Bathroom Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan helps remove the air from inside the house and force it out. In hot weather, turn on the exhaust fans from the bathroom and kitchen.

It will remove any hot air inside the house and allow the cooler outdoor air to move in the house.

10. Place Ice On Pulse Points

There are specific points in our body that are extremely sensitive. These are known as pulse points, and if you place cold objects on these pulse points, your body temperature drops way faster.

These pulse points are at your neck, elbows, ankles, knees, feet, and around the groin area. Use an ice pack or damp a towel in cold water and place it at the pulse points to lower your body temperature and you will cool yourself down without air conditioning.  

11. Move Your Bed Into The Basement


When the air gets heated, it moves upward. If you have a basement in your home, then you will find it usually more chill than the main floor. This is due to limited exposure to the sunlight and below ground level location that makes it generally more relaxed.

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12. Turn Off Heat-Generating Electronics

Few people realize it, but home appliances and electronic devices are the continuous sources of heat generation. Most modern electric home appliances are more energy-efficient and produce less heat.

But several devices such as televisions, fridges, computers, bulbs, and gaming devices produce heat which increases the room temperature. Keep these appliances turned off when not in use. This not only saves on electricity but also keeps room temperature low. 

13. Cover Home With Shades

Using shades to cover the home heat outlets such as windows, doors, and porch prevent the room from getting heated up. You can check out these solid Ring Blackout Window Curtain/Drapes that are reasonably priced and come in several designs and colors to block the sunlight.

You can also do some landscaping around your house and plant some bigger and shadier trees to get natural shades.

14. Fill Up A Hot Water Bottle With Cold Water

We all know how beneficial hot water bottles can be during winter or to get some relief from pain. But you can also turn it around and make it a cold-water bottle.

These water bottles are very efficient in transferring temperature. You can fill it up with water or ice cubes to keep it cold for a long duration. You can then place it in the bed or under your feet to keep your body cool without worrying about messing up your bed. 

If you don’t already have one, you can buy it online from here

15. Sleep Above The Ground

You feel more refreshed when you have air circulating around you. You can use a hammock or hanging cot to keep yourself above the ground when taking a rest. This makes the air circulate around you and removes and excess heat generated from the body.

16. Cook In The Morning

Cooking in the morning is a great way to keep the temperature low in a room. This is due to the low temperature in the morning. Cook your food for the whole day in the morning, and then you don’t have to worry about cooking in the afternoon and evening.

17. Close The Windows

Windows are the primary source from where you may get the sunlight to enter your room. Keeping windows closed prevents the infrared sunlight from getting inside the house and warming the room.

If your home has large windows, then using dark and thick blinds, keep the sunlight from entering the house. This maintains the temperature inside at comfortably low.

If you want a more effective solution, then you can also stick reflective, heat-control window films. These films block the harmful UV lights and prevent the sunlight from heating up the room. 

18. Dehumidify Indoor Air

Moisture inside the room increases the temperature and also makes it uncomfortable to remain inside the room.

This is the main reason many air conditioners come with an option to dehumidify the room. Using a high-quality dehumidifier can remove hot moisturized air and provide you the much-needed comfort.

19. Use Bamboo Mat

If you don’t have an option to move into the basement or elevate your bed, then you can try using a bamboo mat. It may not be as comfortable as your regular plush cotton mattress, but bamboo will prevent the heat from being transferred to your body.

You don’t have to remove your whole mattress to make it work as you can buy this comfortable bamboo mat that you can place on your bed. 

20. Use Cooler Mattress

Keeping your mattress cool helps cool down the room. The first step is to remove any excess bed sheets or blankets from the mattress. This excess covering traps the heat inside the mattress.

You can also use a light-colored single cotton sheet bed cover for more exceptional breathability. Regularly changing bed sheets with a fresh and clean sheet usually makes it more comfortable to sleep. This also keeps the mattress temperature remains low.

Some specially designed cooling sheets are made from breathable materials to remove moisture and sweat. That keeps you comfortable and dry. 

21. Turn Off Lights

Turn off lights from the room when you don’t need it. It may seem insignificant, but lights produce heat, even LED lights when turned on. If you have several lights in your house, then this adds up and increases the temperature inside the room.

It goes without saying that switching the lights to more energy-efficient devices such as LED bulbs saves on electricity and reduces the amount of heat generated. 

22. Sleep Alone

Our body continually produces heat to keep it functioning properly. Sleeping alone on a hot weather day reduces the heat generated inside the room. If that’s not a possibility, then you can maintain some distance between your partner so both of you can remain cooler.

23. Clean The Room

Keeping your room clean not only makes it look nicer and appealing but also reduces the heat. Items such as old clothing and bedsheets absorb heat and keep it trapped inside the room.

By cleaning your room, you will have more space for the air to circulate and less heat-capturing source. This helps to cool down your room faster without air conditioning.

You should place any unused clothes in the closet and keep it closed so it won’t absorb the heat. Keep your room free of dirt and other items to improve the air circulation inside the room. 

24. Do Outdoor Grilling

Outdoor Grilling

One way to cool down your room is to not overheat it. Using ovens or cooking appliances in the kitchen generates more heat that makes your house hotter.

You can make use of outdoor grilling to grill food. This will also be an excellent time to invite friends and neighbors to have a friendly grilling party. 

25. Use Centralized House Fan

You can use a centralized house fan to circulate air inside the house. This is the most energy-efficient way to keep your whole home cool without using any air conditioner.

You can also use some box fans to create a cross breeze inside your home. 

26. Blow Air Over The Ice

You can make your own low-cost hassle-free air conditioner by blowing air over the ice. This is very easy to make, and you only need ice cubes packed in a plastic bag tied up and letting the pedestal fan blow air around the ice cube bag.

You can keep the fan direction at a little bit angle, so it doesn’t blow away the ice pack, and the most cooling can be obtained. Make sure the ice cube bag is appropriately tied up. As gradually, the ice will melt, and you don’t want water spilling from an untied ice cube bag. 

27. Open Window In The Morning And Shut Off When It Gets Hot

Regardless of where you live, it’s more likely in the morning you may get some cool breeze. Open the windows in the morning to allow these cool breezes to circulate around the house and bring fresh air inside.

This also reduces the temperature of the room inside. Once the temperature starts soaring, close the windows and use blackout curtains to block the sunlight during the day. 

28. Keep The Door Closed During The Day And Open It At Night

Keeping the door closed during the day reduces the flow of hot air into other rooms. This prevents other places in the house from getting hot. During the evening time as the sun goes down, the temperature outside starts to get cool down.

This is the time to let the cold fresh air again circulate inside the house. Open the door and windows at night-time, so it gets cool down enough for the next day. 

29. Seal The Home Exteriors

To effectively insulate your home from heat, you have to seal off any leaks or gaps in the exterior of your house windows, doors, or ductwork.

You can use caulking to fill up these gaps. This also prevents water from getting inside the holes that may cause rotting or generate molds in the walls. 

30. Sleep In Loose Cotton And Pajamas


Cotton absorbs heat and sweat from the body and keeps the body dry. Sleeping in loose clothing reduces sweating and makes it comfortable.

31. Wash Feet And Place In A Bucket of Ice

Human feet have lots of nerve endings and are very sensitive to temperature change. You can take this to your advantage and wash your feet before going into bed to lower your body temperature.

As the water gradually evaporates from the feet, it removes the excess heat from the body. If it’s too hot outside and you need some extra boost in cooling yourself, then place your feet in a bucket of ice to keep it fresh for a longer duration. 

32. Use An Attic Ventilator

On hot days, the attic can become very hot and trap the warm air. You can remove these warm airs from the attic by installing an attic ventilator fan.

These fans also help lower the temperature of the house. As these fans circulate the fresh and cooler outside air into the house. This increases comfort and reduces the inside temperature without air conditioning. 

33. Create A Cross Breeze

The key to cooling down any room is to let the cooler air freely circulate inside the house. Creating a cross breeze inside a room increases the flow of air.

You can generate a cross breeze by opening windows that are on opposite sides to each other. This allows the air to get in from one window and move out from the other side.

If there is little or no air breeze, then you can place box fans on these windows. Place these fans in a way that one fan blows air from outside while the other removes indoor air and blows it out.

You can do it either by reversing the fan movement direction or merely turning the face of the fan opposite to each other. 

34. Reduce Warm Shower Time

If you’re fond of using warm water to take a shower and can’t switch to cold water, then limit the shower time. Running an even moderately warm bath increases the humidity inside the bathroom, and this can further warm up the house.

You can fill up the bathtub with moderately warm water and lay down in it that will contain the humidity level inside the house. 

35. Use Awnings To Deflect Light

Installing awnings over the windows and doors creates the shade that helps with cooling the room down. There are several modular awnings available in the market that makes installing and using them a breeze. Some models also allow you to fold it when not in use.

A fabric awning can reduce heat by as much as 77 percent. So, if you have large windows that face more in sunlight direction, then get started using awnings to defect light and keep the room cooler. 

The Shade&Beyond awning blocks UV lights and provides sunshade for the Backyard deck and outdoor windows and is reasonably priced. 

36. Use Cool Pad Pillow Topper

The cooling pad pillow topper makes you feel comfortable and cushy when you lie down in the bed. Our head generates a lot of heat, and the cooling pad pillow topper absorbs this heat and keeps you cool so you can sleep comfortably even on a hot summer day.

37. Sleep On The Floor

Girl Sleeping on Floor

If you don’t have the option to move your bed into the basement, then the second-best thing you can do is to ditch your bed altogether and sleep on the floor.

As the warm air rises, sleeping on the floor have a lower temperature than sleeping on the raised bed. As an added benefit, sleeping on a hard floor realigns your body posture and allows you to sleep better. 

38. Use Ductless HVAC

The ductless HVAC isn’t AC, and it works by sucking outside cooler air and blowing it inside the house. This improves the airflow and reduces the temperature inside the room. These units are very energy efficient and don’t generate too much heat.

39. Use Cotton Sheets

You need to keep your bedroom cool to rest comfortably on hot summer days. This gets complicated as you lay down on the bed. The body transfers the heat to the mattress that then traps the heat.

Using cotton bed sheets on the bed absorbs the moisture fast from your body and keeps you cool. There are many different styles and designs of cotton sheets available for extra comfort and smoothness.

For an authentic luxurious experience, you can also choose silk bed linens that don’t get hot quickly. 

Over to You

There you have it, 39 pro-tips to beat the heat on hot summer days. Some of it, we have used personally, and it works like a charm and was able to cool down the room without using any air conditioner.

Some of these ideas can not only help you keep cool but also save you on the electricity bill. If you have used any other tricks to keep your home fresh and cool during the summer, then share them in the comment below. This will help other people to overcome the heat.

Cooling Room Without AC

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