Best Bird Feeder Pole Review

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Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or beginner, you need to attract birds into your lawn to make your bird-watching experience successful.

Nothing attracts birds more than accessible and delicious bird feeds. The quality of the feeder and the location determines the success of attracting birds. For these, you need to get the best bird feeder pole to enable you to hang bird feeders on your lawn.

When deciding the bird feeder, choose one that allows you to clean it easily and is spacious. You should determine the feeder seeds based on the types of birds you want to attract.

The feeder pole provides the base to hang the bird feeder. Although you’re not restricted to bird feeders only as you can use it to hang flower pots and other decorative accessories.

Quick Picks

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Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof Pole

Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof Pole
Heavy-duty steel with black powder coating to prevent rust. The twister ground socket goes deep into the ground and provides you with a stable base. 2 arm feeder pole allows you to hang 2 bird feeders.

Best Overall

Deluxe Bird Feeding Station for Outdoor
Premium design with rustproof and strong feeder pole. You can hang many different kinds of bird feeders from the four hooks. The feeder pole comes with multiple accessories and is great for bird watchers.

Best Value

Gray Bunny Heavy-Duty Deck Hook

Gray Bunny Heavy-Duty Deck Hook
Easy to install adjustable base clamp can fit railings up to 2 inches thick. Multi-purpose use to hang bird feeder, suet baskets, planters, and decorations. Rust-resistant, heavy-duty steel construction

Top Bird Feeder Poles in the Market

Our Top Pick

The Deluxe bird feeding station is our top pick, and it comes with several attachment options. Whether you’re just getting started with bird-watching or a veteran bird watcher, this unit provides everything you need to get started.

The high-quality premium-grade steel allows you to hang bird feeders up to 7 feet tall and 22 inches wide. You also have several options to adjust the attachments as per your likings without needing any special tools.

What is a bird feeder pole?

The bird feeder pole is the base that allows you to hook up bird feeders on it. The pole makes it easier to accommodate different styles and varieties of the feeder. It also acts as a safeguard for the bird feeder from squirrels and other rodents.

There are several characteristics of the feeder pole, and you should choose one that best fits your needs. We have provided an in-depth buyer’s guide at a later part of the article to give you all the information you need to narrow down the correct type of bird feeder pole.

What to consider when buying a Bird Feeder Pole

Safe from Squirrels

You should choose a bird feeder with a baffle design that prevents squirrels and other rodents steal the grains. 

Pole Height

Choose a pole height that is high enough from the ground. This prevents the ground animals from jumping and reaching the feeder. 

Easy to Clean

Choose a bird feeder pole that is easy to clean and doesn’t have complex designs or curves that could makes cleaning difficult. 

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Bird Feeder Pole Review

With all that in mind, we went to look out for the best bird feeder pole that provides the best value for the money.

1. Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof Pole Set

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole

This is a 2-arm bird feeder pole set and comes with a baffle and twister ground socket. It’s a complete package, and you don’t need anything extra to get started.

The build quality of the feeder pole is very sturdy. It has a heavy-duty black powder-coated steel construction that improves the strength of the pole and prevents rust.

This is essential when you install these poles outdoor where you get continuous rain and change in weather conditions. The feeder pole has a 1-inch diameter tubular pole, which allows it to remain lightweight.

Installation is quick and easy as it comes with a twister ground socket. It goes firmly in the ground and keeps the pole straight and stable. The 7-foot pole provides enough length to raise the feeder pole far above the ground.

This particular model is designed to keep squirrels and mice from climbing into the bird feeder. You can also get raccoon baffles that are usually bigger in size to prevent raccoons from damaging the bird feeder.

See More Information about Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof Pole Set


  • Easy to install
  • Solid material construction
  • Comes with squirrel baffle and ground twister 
  • Stable and durable pole with anti-rust coating 


  • The pole rod looks flimsy
  • Limited attachment option

2. Deluxe Bird Feeding Station For Outdoor

Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Pole

The deluxe bird feeding station is a premium bird feeder pole that comes with all the required attachments. It contains 4 hangers, a birdbath, a mesh tray, and 3 prong bases to attach it to the ground.

The feeder pole is made of steel and is 7 feet tall and 22 inches wide. You can adjust the bowl and mesh tray to any position of the pole. This is an excellent addition as it gives the flexibility to adapt at a height that suits your birds.

To make these adjustments, you don’t need any special tools as the wing nut makes it easier to unscrew and tighten it back wherever you need. The 4 hangers look attractive but straightforward. You can hang different styles and weights of bird feeders without any issue.

It comes with multiple accessories options, and the twin design top hook looks beautiful on the pole. You can attach heavier bird feeders at the top hook of the pole with several weeks of supply. The smaller hooks are good for short and smaller birds, such as hummingbirds, to hold nectar.

You can easily remove these attachments for cleaning and refill with a fresh bird feed supply. To keep it stable in the ground, the 3-prong design at the bottom of the pole makes it extremely easy to install on different types of terrain.

See More Information about Deluxe Bird Feeding Station For Outdoor


  • Sturdier and beautiful design
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • 3 prong design at the base keeps pole sturdy (included)


  • Option to adjust the height of the pole
  • No squirrel baffle set

3. Erva Super Tall Decorative Quad Hanger

Tall Bird Feeder Pole

If you’re looking tall and straightforward decorative feeder pole, then give Erva super tall quad hanger a look. It has a direct and robust design that is easy to assemble and install.

The pole is super tall as it measures 8 inches above the ground. It comes with a 6-piece sectional pole set to make it easier to transport and store. The feeder pole has a robust 1-inch diameter and includes 3 pole sections.

You can attach the bird feeder to a well-designed forged and stylish twisted arm pole top. The pole has an anti-rust coating that allows you to use it outdoor without worrying much about the weather.

To keep it stable on the ground, the 3-foot screw in the base locks with the pole and keeps it straight and sturdy in even loose soil. Our only gripe is that it does not come with baffles, and you have to purchase it separately.

Now, this may not be a problem as baffles are usually cheap, and if you already have a baffle that works best for you, then you may not need to buy another one. This helps in saving the cost.

Attaching the baffle to the post is easy as the baffle includes a collar that attaches to the pole. You can slide the baffle over the pole to rest on the pole. You can buy any standard-size baffle that fits a 1-inch diameter pole.

See More Information about Erva Super Tall Decorative Quad Hanger


  • Long size pole
  • Easy to assemble
  • Anti-rust coating 
  • Stable auger screw at the bottom


  • Does not include baffle
  • Not deer proof

4. Rhino Tuff Products Bird Feeder Stand

Pole Mounted Bird Feeder

For outdoor bird feeding stations, the Rhino Bird feeder stand looks elegant. It has a 3-prong base design to provide stability to the feeder pole. It prevents the bird feeder from falling and wasting bird seeds.

The prong is made from durable steel. It allows you to plant it anywhere on the ground without worrying about spilling or falling. The feeder pole is quite durable and lightweight. It has a diameter of 7/8 inches and can hold the weight of a large bird feeder.

The feeder pole comes with several accessory attachments. It provides you with a complete package for bird-watching. It includes two top hooks, a feeder hook, one birdbath that you can also use as a water disk, and one feed tray. You can install it as per your likings as the attachments are interchangeable.

For a broader appeal of the feeder, you can place the food tray and water dish together. This helps the bird as they don’t have to leave the feeding spot to drink water and less chance of seed falling.

The build quality of the feeder is sturdy and is coated with weather-resistant paint. For cleaning purposes, you can easily reach and detach it for cleaning. The feeder pole is quite tall as it stands around 7 feet above the ground.

The top hook span around 21 inches to provide enough distance between feeders. The unit does not come with a squirrel baffle. So, if you don’t have a squirrel in your yard, then you don’t need to get one. But these baffles are not very expensive, and if you need one, then you can order one or use the old baffle.

See More Information about Rhino Tuff Products Bird Feeder Stand


  • Functional and reasonably priced feeder pole
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • 3 Prong base for extra stability
  • Weather-resistant powder coating


  • No squirrel baffle included
  • Some assembly required

5. Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Feeder Pole

DIY Bird Feeder Pole

This is a simple, no-nonsense squirrel-proof bird feeder pole that comes with a kit to hang two feeders. The pole is made from solid steel and coated with rust-resisting paint. This makes the pole not get rust on warm and humid days, and it lasts longer.

There is also a 14.5-inch cylindrical baffle to prevent squirrels from climbing on the feeder pole to steal bird seeds or scare birds. You can adjust the baffle height by screwing bolts on the collar side that slides on the post.

It has a drill-like base that makes it easier to install it on soft grounds. The pole has a proper height of about 7 inches that is enough for more natural cleaning and attracting birds that like to feed at some height.

You will love its simplistic and beautiful design while it remains sturdy and functional. When installing, keep baffles around 3 to 4 feet above the ground, so squirrels can’t jump right at the top of the baffle.

The installation is quite easy as a built-in drill helps you to twist it on the soft ground and hold a stable base. The matte finish black color feeder pole stands out and looks attractive in any patio or garden.

You have the option to install a maximum of two bird feeders in opposite directions. You must distribute proper balance on each side to keep the pole standing straight. You can also tie it up for extra support, but that increases the risk that squirrels or rodents may walk over it to reach the bird feeder.

See More Information about Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Feeder Pole


  • Simple but attractive design
  • Two feeder attachment option
  • Squirrel baffle included 
  • Auger installation for a stable base


  • The feeder pole needs balancing
  • Installing baffle can be tricky

6. Gray Bunny Heavy-Duty Deck Hook

Backyard Bird Feeders Pole

Do you want birds to come near to your patios? Then you should try hanging a bird feeder at your patio deck railing. The Gray Bunny heavy-duty deck hook can be quickly installed on the deck railings to hang bird feeders, planters, flower pots, and even holiday decorations.

The sturdier base clamp can be attached on 2 inches thick railings to hang extra heavy bird feeders. There is a lot of flexibility in adjusting the angle of the hook. The dual hand swivel design allows you to adjust the height and corner of the hook effortlessly.

You don’t need any extra tools for the installation or drill a hole in the deck. The long and sturdier hook allows you to position the bird feeder away from the floor to avoid any seeds or bird droppings.

You can place a mat underneath the bird feeder for more comfortable picking and cleaning. When it’s time to refill the feeder, you simply loosen the swivel and turn the hook back toward the deck.

The feeder pole is 37 inches long, which makes it difficult for squirrels to reach bird seeds. However, it does not come with any squirrel baffle attachment.

The hook is made from rust-resistant premium quality steel that makes it last longer for several years. The curved tip at the end holds the bird feeder securely, so it does not accidentally fall on the ground.

See More Information about Gray Bunny Heavy-Duty Deck Hook


  • Easier tool-free installation, no drilling required
  • Can be used for multiple types of hanging items
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees 
  • Solid material construction


  • A bit more stylish design
  • Limited attachment options

7. Heavy Duty 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole

Simple Artistic Bird Feeder

This is a heavy-duty 4-arm bird feeder pole that can reach up to 6.5 inches in height. It has an auger-style twister ground socket that makes it easier to install on most ground types. The 20-inch ground clearance provides enough support to keep the feeder pole straight in any terrain or wind condition.

You can attach 4 bird feeders at the top of the pole. These feeders have a 22-inch clearance from the feeder pole that helps to keep birds not to get crowded when feeding.

The pole is made from thick solid steel with a 1-inch diameter thickness. It provides support for most bird feeder types available in the market. The installation is effortless and straight.

The pole comes with minimal installation instructions, but you can quickly figure it out without needing much helps.

The auger screw is well made and does not feel cheap. It attaches to the bottom of the pole, and you use the main tube to screw it down into the ground. The four arms provide a wide range of feeders to be hanged from the same pole.

The feeder pole does not come with a squirrel baffle, so if needed, then either you need to buy one or use the older one. If you’re looking for a sturdy and straightforward feeder pole, then this model works without a hitch.

See More Information about Heavy Duty 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole


  • Simplistic design
  • Four arm bird feeder
  • Durable solid steel pole
  • Auger-style twister for stable installation


  • No squirrel baffles
  • Limited attachment options
squirrel proof bird feeder pole

Bird Feeder Pole Buying Guide

Now you know some of the best bird feeder products available in the market. Finding the right type of bird feeder can be full of confusion. To help you find a suitable feeder pole for your need, read through the buying guide.

Why Should You Use A Bird Feeder Pole?

When you want the birds to come into your yard, you have to invite them with bait. And what can be a better bait than the food and grains for the birds?

There are so many different types of bird feeders based on the type of bird species you want to bring to your garden.

You can hang these bird feeders on the tree branch, or through the roof. But these are often not the best place to hang the bird feeder. It may be as you may not have a proper tree to hang the bird feeder, or maybe you don’t want these feeders near your home.

Keeping the bird feeding area clean is essential as no one likes the sight of birds’ mess around their house. To have better control of where you want your birds to be, you need a feeder pole.

It allows you to install it wherever you want and from where you can have an unobstructed view of the bird without dealing with the mess of cleaning it up.

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What Are The Common Types Of Feeder Pole?

The feeder pole comes in different styles and shapes. It often gets confusing to buy one for your garden. You may think that any straight pole that allows you to hang the bird feeder should work, but for the best result, you need to look more than a straight pole.

There are two main types of bird feeder poles, depending on the material and functionality.

Pole Material

Most feeder poles are made from either plastic or metal/alloy. Both have their own pros and cons. The plastic-made feeder poles have higher weather resistance and last longer. The metal/alloy poles can carry several bird feeder attachments and can withstand more load.

Wooden feeder pole material is also gaining popularity these days. People prefer to use it for the more permanent establishment of the bird feeder.

Pole Functionality

The functionality depends on the design of the pole to prevent squirrels or rodents from reaching the bird feeder by climbing on the pole. The baffle set attached to the pole prevents animals from climbing on the feeder pole.

With Or Without A Baffle

You can buy the feeder pole that has a baffle included, or you can buy it separately. If you already have a baffle that works perfectly as per your needs, then look for the pole alone and then attach the baffle later.

If your main goal is to feed the birds, then you should always attach some baffle with the feeder pole. This prevents the squirrels or rodents from climbing on the feeder pole and eating grains and seeds meant for the birds.

Moreover, the presence of squirrels or rodents scares the birds coming to the bird feeder. It then defeats the whole purpose of setting up the bird feeder.

Pole Length

The pole comes in different shapes and sizes depending on how tall you want to hang your bird feeder. We recommend that you keep the feeder pole to be at an average height of 6 to 7 feet. This makes it easier for you to fill up and clean the bird feeder; plus, these are more stable.

For poles longer than those, you may need to dig deeper on the ground to provide a stable base for the feeder or have to tie it up with extra support. This prevents it from tipping over due to wind or excess weight.


The hangers on the pole allow you to suspend the feeders. The price of feeder poles depends on the ability to attach several bird feeders. Most feeders have three to five hangars and are made from durable and rust-resistant materials.

Always check the maximum weight the hangers can take as you don’t want the feeder to fall off due to excess weight. Make sure the feeder remains balanced after installing the rods and other attachments.

To prevent the sliding of the feeder from a hanger, attach the stopper at the end or twist it up.

Hanging Hook or Chain

The hanging hook or chain allows you to hang the bird feeder from other objects, most commonly tree branches. Some newer design does not need a ladder to hang it from the tree branch.

It contains a spring-like design from where you can use a broom handle or large stick to raise the hook to the desired location.

These are mainly made from aluminum to keep it lightweight and sturdy and can hold weight up to 20 pounds.

freestanding bird feeder

Feeding Platform Pole

These feeder poles contain platforms like feeders or trays. Some platform contains several different compartments that allow you to place a different type of seeds.

The stable, smooth feeding platform also provides more space for more birds to feed without getting it to be too crowded. You can place other items such as water, berries, and seed grains at a different level of the platform.

How To Choose The Best Bird Feeder Pole

Choosing the right feeder pole to attract the desired birds to your yard is essential. Here are some basic key features to consider when choosing the top feeder poles.


Accessibility is vital as you want the birds to see your feeder while flying in the air and be able to land directly on it. It defeats the whole purpose of buying the bird feeder if birds can’t find it in the first place.

The location and design of a bird feeder pole should not be obstructive or intimidating to the birds. You want birds to feel comfortable landing on the feeder and not worry about the platform falling.

If birds don’t feel comfortable or feel the location to be safe, then usually they won’t come for feeding again.

Safe From Squirrel And Rodents

The bird feeder pole should be designed to prevent access to a squirrel or other rodents to the feeder. The feeder pole designed for squirrel prevention has a cone or cylindrical shape baffle. You attach these to a pole that prevents the squirrel from climbing further on the pole.

There are other baffle designs available to prevent raccoons, deer, and even bears. These are usually large in size and hang far above the ground to avoid these larger animals from reaching the feeder.

Install the baffle high enough from the ground so squirrels can’t jump on top of the baffle from the ground.

Construction Quality

You want the feeder pole to be strong and durable. Consider the maximum weight you’re planning to hang on the pole. Then choose the material based on the weather resistance and sturdiness of the pole.

A right build pole should be able to withstand changing weather temperatures and must be rustproof. If you live in a windier area, then it should be able to resist bending force and should remain stand firmly on the ground.

You can choose a hybrid build pole that has metal reinforced material inside the pole to provide strength but has a more weather-resistant plastic coating. But these poles tend to be more expensive.

Pole Height

You should pick the pole height that allows the birds to be sufficiently far away from the ground as it makes them feel safer. Some birds prefer to feed at height, and some have no preference.

You can pick a pole that has multiple height adjustment options to hang the feeder. You can then adjust the hook at your desired height and place the feeder and birdbath there.

A pole height of 6 to 8 feet is usually suitable for hanging bird feeders as it stops squirrels and other rodents from reaching the feeder.


No one wants dull and bland-looking feeders in their yard. But if you want something plain and simple, then you also have options to choose one.

The plain and simple design feeder poles are usually less expensive than stylish modern pole designs and are easier to maintain.

Easy To Clean

You need to keep your bird feeder clean and tidy to prevent the generation of molds, fungi, and bacteria. This may make birds sick and prevent them from returning to the feeder.

Choose a bird feeder pole that is easier to clean, and doesn’t have too many curved shaped or intricate designs. Salmonella is a common disease in birds, and it spreads when seeds come into contact with bird feces.

A bird feeder attachment with a removable base can make the cleaning easier. The detachable design allows you to also fill the bird food appropriately without spilling it all over the place.

Stable Base

The stability of the feeder pole is essential to make it stand straight on the ground and more comfortable to install. Know the ground area where you want to install the bird feeder. If you’re installing it on a lawn where you have soft ground, then make sure there is a supporting base.

If you’re planning to place a feeder at the rocky or concrete base, then look for the feeder pole base that has a more massive base at the bottom.


Portability may be vital if you want to place a bird feeder just for the season and remove it when the weather changes. Collapsible design allows you to take it apart for compact storage.

Bird Feeder Holding Capacity

You may want to decide the number of bird feeders you want to hold on each pole. You may have to place different feeders with different foods in it based on the birds you want to attract.

Investing in a pole that can hold more significant weight and heavy feeders can be a good starting point for future proof.


The bird feeder can range from $20 to more than $200 depending on the type and style of the feeder pole. Picking an expensive one does not mean that you’re getting the best feeder pole. It could be just you may be getting features that you’re not going to use at all.

The more features and designer poles you choose, the costlier it becomes. Pick the one based on your needs and budget. Don’t pick something where you’re not going to use all the features, or it doesn’t contain the function you need in your feeder pole.

Wooden Bird Feeder Post

How To Install Wooden Bird Feeder Pole Systems

To install a wooden bird feeder pole system, you need to have some essential tools and materials available to you. You can either buy the pre-assembled wooden bird feeder pole that you simply need to place on the ground or build it your own.

If you’re a more DIY type of person and want to self-build a bird feeder pole then you need the following materials:

  • 8 feet 4″ x 4″ pressure-treated wood
  • Reciprocating or circular saw
  • Post holder
  • Sledgehammer
  • Drill
  • Metal post holder

How to install a wooden bird feeder:

Step 1: Measure the height of the poll and make a mark. Using a best reciprocating saw or circular saw, make the desired length cut.

Step 2: Place the wooden pole into the metal pole holder and screw it tight, so it does not move.

Step 3: Use a sledgehammer to get the pole in the ground. This may only work if you have soft soil. If you’re placing a wooden pole on the concrete or hard surface, then you need to attach the supporting bar to make it stand firmly.

Step 4. Use a level to check the pole to be straight.

Step 5: Now install the bird feeding post into the feeder pole and secure it with galvanized screws.

Step 6: Use a measuring tape and mark the height where you want to hang the feeder holders. Maintain distance between each feeder holder of at least 2 to 3 feet to prevent overcrowding.

Step 7: Use a drill bit to make a hole and use screws to attach the hangers. As a tip, attach the feeder holder around the 4 different corners as it prevents the bird poops not to spoil the other feeder seeds.

Step 8: At the top of the feeder pole, you can attach a post cap that prevents the water from getting into the wood and also makes it look good. This is an optional step, but it drastically improves the look of the feeder pole.


Install a feeder at a location that is not in complete open but surrounded by some bush. It provides bird protection from predators and makes them feel safe to land on the bird feeder.

How To Keep Bird Feeder Pole Straight

To keep the bird feeder pole straight, you need to choose the relatively flat and bit hard ground. Too soft ground will not provide a proper foundation or supporting base to the pole.

Keep in mind that a longer-height pole needs more support and firmness on the ground. If the soil is too soft, then keeping the height low provides better support and keeps the pole straight.

Another thing you can do for the softer ground is to make it more buried into the ground, at least 3 or 4 feet deep. Then cover the surrounding hole with rocks and brick chips to reinforce the area.

When you’re digging a hole for the feeder pole, don’t use a shovel as it creates a large circumference hole and is too shallow. You should use the auger drill bits that can be connected to a regular drill to make a measured and deep hole in the ground.

To keep the feeder pole straight, dig at least 3 feet deep for poles that are 8 feet high. Post below 6 feet high needs around 2.5 feet deep hole.

You can further reinforce the feeder post with heavy-duty galvanized spike or lag screws. If you’re using a wooden feeder pole, then you can use wood cleats nailed to the bottom of the post to improve stability and keep it straight.

What Are The Famous Bird Feeder Brands?

Many different companies manufacture bird feeders, but the following brands have a good reputation:

Kettle Moraine: Provides designer and well build-bird feeders and feeder pole.
Perky pet: Manufacture the highest-selling tray-style feeding port and circular perch that allows birds to feed on all angles.
Nature Hangout: Manufacture several styles and types of bird feeders such as transparent feeders, house feeders, and weatherproof feeders.
Twinkle star: Manufacture hanging nautical style bird feeders in a lighthouse-shaped design.


Having the best feeder pole is necessary to get lots of birds coming into your yard and for bird watching. It has to be also able to prevent squirrels and other rodents from feeding on the bird seeds.

The correct feeder pole should be tall, durable, and has adjustable height for greater flexibility. A right feeder pole also allows you to hang flower pots, lanterns, and other gadgets to beautify your yard.

Have you used feeder poles for other purposes? What features do you care more about a feeder pole? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Bird feeder to lure birds in yard

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