bathroom shower ideas

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Whether you are upgrading your bathroom or custom building a new home, you certainly want your bathroom to be a place that feels relaxing and comfortable. Moreover, a remodeled and good-looking bathroom improves the value of your property.

Here we are providing you with 37 inspiring bathroom shower ideas to kick start your imagination. Don’t underestimate the significance of the bathroom in any home. The use of tiles and different textures enhances the bathroom design.

We have included designs for all budgets and space. Bathroom renovation is not cheap, and there is less room to make an error. Choose the design which you like and talk to your local contractor to get started.

1. Nature Bliss

glass walk in shower

Place a big broad leaf around the bathtub and slightly open the windows to get the bright sunlight lit up your bathroom. The tiles’ boundary layout at the top of the shower room gives a contrasting texture to the white tile in the shower room.

2. Master Bathroom Shower Ideas

master bathroom shower ideas

Need something more than a shower, then check out this master bathroom shower design. If you have enough space to spare, then you don’t have to get into the shower room for a quick wash. You can take the whole relaxation concept to the next level by placing comfortable seating in the bathroom and placing a lamp for additional lighting. 

The bathtub in the middle gives you the option to lay down and get some bubble baths. The dark green pattern on the walls provides the master bathroom with a distinct look. 

3. Classic Chandelier Bathroom Shower

cheap bathroom shower ideas

If you have space but not a big budget and looking for inspiration on cheap bathroom shower ideas (ok, not really that cheap), then check this out.

It’s a combination of classic and modern look. A large golden color chandelier and white ceramic oval-shaped bathtub with a big full window in a bathroom make it feel more massive and brighter.

4. Open World Bathroom Shower

tile bathroom shower ideas

If you live in a high rise with no concrete walls (But durable glass), then you will love this tile bathroom shower idea. Some people may shy away from this concept.

But what they don’t realize is the freedom of being alone and relaxed while having a beautiful panoramic view of the city. A single wall of concrete tile is all you need to make it feel like a bathroom. Rest, I leave it to your imagination.

5. Modern Bathroom Shower Ideas

modern bathroom shower ideas

Want to make the most use of every inch of your bathroom space? Then this modern bathroom shower idea may be an interest of yours.

Two symmetrical washbasins with multiple drawers to keep your items. The plain glass separates the outside from the inside, which gives a minimalistic look while creating a spa-like ambiance.

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6. Bachelor’s Bathroom Shower Idea

bathroom shower ideas on a budget

Take advantage of maximizing your bachelor’s suite space with this modern and functional-looking bathroom layout.

There is no door that separates a bedroom from the bathroom. Place a sizeable oval-shaped tub for relaxing, and a large mirror in the bathroom to make the bathroom space bright and large.

7. Walk-In Bathroom Shower Ideas

walk in bathroom shower ideas

This walk-in bathroom shower looks excellent from any angle. The use of transparent glass and the well-placed lighting arrangement keep the space look clean and stylish.

The shower room is outfitted with a bright semi-glass red floor, which adds a contrast to the area. The large and spacious drawers under the sink are perfect for storage.

8. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

shower tile designs

….. who got the best bathroom at all? This small but thoughtful black pattern shower tile design and clean white and glassy looking sidewalls make this bathroom stand out.

The transparent glass act as a barrier between the shower and the washbasin. The full-size mirror makes it convenient for in-shower shaving.

9. Matrix Shower Idea

shower stall ideas

A combination of mind-bending wall patterns which gets reflected through the mirrors and glass creates a different paradigm shift.

Place a glass flower in the bathroom for adding color and texture. This is an excellent way to make your bathroom look different while having some inspiration for shower stall ideas.

10. Standing Showers Ideas

standing showers ideas

A classic wooden door and the grunge texture on the wall create a different atmosphere. For any standing showers ideas, the separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom is a good start. Any small bathroom seems big, with a seamless transition from bedroom to bathroom.

11. Glass Walk-In Shower

glass walk in shower 1

This green hue glass walk-in shower is perfect for those who need some ambient atmosphere in their bathroom.

There is enough storage in the drawers and the open space to place your towels. The two small washbasin makes you get started for the day while a large wall mirror makes the bathroom feel spacious and bright.

12. Infinite Simplicity

shower renovation ideas

Getting ready to upgrade your bathroom but stuck at shower renovation ideas then check this out.

Open standing shower option with a hardwood floor which makes it a comfort to stand even those cold days. Carefully placed mirror on the bathroom gives the appearance of an infinite image. The big cut-out steel sink adds elegance to the bathroom.

13. Shower And Tub Ideas

shower and tub ideas

Don’t like urban concrete-themed bathrooms and looking wooden shower and tub ideas? This wooden furnished bathroom is a new design trend.

The single but spacious washroom has wood furnishing on the wall as well as on the ceiling. The bright window allows the natural light to get inside and the glass-separated shower area and tub unify the bathroom space.

14. Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

bathtub shower combo design ideas

This bathtub shower combo and dual washbasin design look elegant and stylish. The window in the middle of the washbasin gives an unobstructed view of the outside.

On the side, you have a large storage shelf to place items. The slight wood finishing touch on the shelf provides contrasting color to the washbasin tiles.

15. Minimalist Bathroom Idea

bathroom shower ideas home depot

When you have a small bathroom but looking for something classy and stylish, then this bathtub and the shower room make the perfect sense.

The pattern on the floor creates a beautiful texture and style to the large white tub. Matching floor material with bathroom interiors nicely pairs up with an overall minimalist bathroom design.

16. Upgrading Bathroom Ideas

new bathroom shower ideas

For any new or upgrading bathroom shower ideas, look for space and atmosphere surrounding the bathroom.

You’ll love this newly remodeled bathroom with ample shower space, and a wooden bench to sit on. The large circular wall mirror and old-style hanging lights give a unique look to the bathroom.

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17. Rustic Bathroom Shower Ideas

rustic bathroom shower ideas

These days whenever homeowners look into the project to upgrade their bathroom, their primary concern is to make it look different and stylish. This rustic bathroom shower idea just fits that wish.

The whole side walls and the floor is made of wooden material with no drywall or concrete use. The wood grill under the shower drains the water in no time. The circular-shaped washbasin looks beautiful, and the single shelf at the bottom provides ample space to place bath towels.

18. Tile For Shower

corner bathroom shower ideas

For any corner bathroom shower idea, look into this bathroom design as it makes use of small tile around both sides of the wall. The placement of plants catches your eyes as soon as you enter the bathroom.

The large windows provide the natural light to get into the bathroom. There is no separation between shower and bathtub which maximizes the small space use of the bathroom.

19. Get It Done Shower

outdoor bathroom shower ideas

Not a fan of having a fancy bathroom shower but for necessity’s sake, you need to have one. Then consider this bathroom design. A small space with a curtain around it for privacy and to prevent water spilling is all you need.

Suitable for those who don’t have ample space or don’t care enough about their bathroom. You can further take this “get it done shower design” even for outdoor bathroom shower ideas.

20. Creative Bathroom Shower Ideas

creative bathroom shower ideas

Feeling a bit more creative and the above barebone shower is not your cup of tea? Then consider this, spacious dual washroom with a storage shelf underneath it and in the middle.

The showerhead is separated by a large glass panel. The outside shelf holds towels and other toiletries. A bathroom shower is perfect for visionaries like you.

21. Twin Shower Bathroom

luxury bathroom shower ideas.

Looking for a luxury bathroom shower idea while on a budget? This dual shower head may fit the bill.

Whether you want to use both shower heads alone or with someone special, there is nothing that is stopping you from doing so. Need something to build the atmosphere in the bathroom then place three candle lights on one of those shelves.

22. Glittering Bathroom

guest bathroom shower ideas

Have a spare bathroom that you want it to use for guest bathroom room showers then check out this glittering bathroom shower idea.

Honestly, this bathroom gives a party look. The reflective glittering washroom wall and the multi-light arrangements in all directions create the ideal energetic environment for anyone using this bathroom.

23. Bathroom Shower Ideas With No Door

bathroom shower ideas with no door

Don’t need a door in the bathroom? No problem, this specially designed bathroom has everything going for it. The rock patterned wall, and similar flooring design gives a nice touch to the shower room area.

The large glass panel prevents water from spilling beyond the shower area. Large and separated washbasins and multiple storages provide enough space for any storage needs.

24. Bright And Reflective Shower Idea

angle corner bathroom shower ideas

This bright and angle corner bathroom shower idea is coming fresh from the bathroom design factory. For a small bathroom, the key is to make it look bigger.

The lighting plays a big part as it open things up. In this bathroom, the full-size mirror gives the appearance of more space. The angled grill on the windows allows the natural light to seep in.

25. Rainy Day Bathroom Shower Ideas

grey and blue bathroom shower ideas

Do you want something more than average shower heads? What about a rain shower which saves water and gives you a natural feel of getting wet in the rain? Most of these rain heads come in two settings of gentle and heavy rain.

During heavy use such as washing hair, turn it into a massive rain mode. For a regular shower, set it to a gentle rain mode which also saves water. This grey wall and the blue textured glass door should be enough to inspire different grey and blue bathroom shower ideas.

26. Vanilla Shower Design

good bathroom shower ideas

In this post, there is no lack of many bathroom shower ideas. What you really need is some vision and inspiration to bring those visions into reality. This white floor and light grey bathroom are no-nonsense bathroom designs.

This can be built in any size home or apartment with simplicity and luxury behind it. There is no storage space under the washbasin, which gives a clean look and amplifies the small space. The mirror has storage behind it which keeps items stored nicely behind it. The grilled towel hanging rack helps dry the wet hand towels.

27. DIY Bathroom Shower Ideas

diy bathroom shower ideas

For people who like to take things into their own hands, this DIY bathroom shower idea is easy to implement. The lovely floral floor design and simple use of white color on the washbasin give this bathroom shower a beautiful look.

The stool allows you to sit and ponder whatever you want as it’s as peaceful as it can be. The only thing which I probably remove is the picture frame of a person. As I don’t like someone staring at me while I take a shower. But if you want the picture in a bathroom then go ahead.

28. Rustic Contemporary Bathroom

shower tile ideas

This bathroom should be an inspiration for anyone looking for bathroom shower tile ideas. The rustic tiles on the bathroom give the appearance of old and rough while two small oval-shaped washbasins give the impression of modern design. The mirror above the washbasin has light behind it which offers soft dispersed ambient light.

29. Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

ceramic tile shower ideas

This simple and elegant ceramic tile in the bathroom is a low-maintenance bathroom shower idea.

The small blue filter window allows the light to pass through without worrying people looking from outside. The single washbasin has two mid-size storage drawers and a circular mirror which suits the simplistic design of the bathroom.

30. Fancy Bathroom Shower Tile Design

bathroom shower tile design

This bathroom has lots of things going on at the same time. The fancy floor tile, tiles under the shower and around the walls give this bathroom a distinct look.

On top of that, the washroom has enough storage options for the whole family. The choice of light color inside the shower walls and under the sink gives the feeling of spaciousness.

31. Shower Tile Pattern

shower tile pattern.

Another shower tile pattern with a gorgeous teak floor. The non-sticky tile around the shower does not require much cleaning.

The double shower head gives you the option to enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath after a hard day at work. The custom-made concrete sink gives you a subtle finish and soothing touch.

32. Luxury Walk-In Shower

luxury walk in shower

This bathroom is the epitome of luxury. The multiple Bocci series of lights gives the bathroom a distinct look. The small tiled pattern on the floor and sidewall provides this bathroom with a different look.

The single sink washbasin is deep cut around the smooth countertop. For storage aficionados, there are lots of options to choose from. The reflection of lights on the shower glass gives a beautiful look to the bathroom.

33. Modern Showers Design Interiors

awesome showers design ideas

This open plan bathroom design will have people divided into both sides. As it takes the modern and simplicity to the extreme. It has a deep oval-shaped bathtub and a curved showerhead.

The lightly colored textured tile provides a unique combination at the entrance of the bathroom and the hardwood tile of the bedroom. The washbasin has two large handles to open the storage.

34. Tile Pattern For Showers

tile pattern for showers.

The custom-made shower glass door and the designer tile inside the shower room make this bathroom a combination of art and luxury. The light from the chandelier gets reflected from the shower door while you have the option to sit inside the shower room.

The dark blue paint finish gives a nice touch to this bathroom along with an old-style bathtub. This is a lovely walk-in shower design for small bathrooms.

35. No Bathtub… No Worries

walk thru showers

This no bathtub bathroom is uniquely designed and has beautiful colors and combinations. This walk-thru shower gives you lots of space to take a shower and relax.

The large and full-size washbasin and countertop give you all the space you need in the bathroom. The use of different style stones in the bathroom and the textured shower glass make this bathroom look spacious.

36. Master Shower Ideas

master shower ideas

This gorgeous-looking birdcage style light and retro-looking stool add style to this countryside house.

The small but spaciously designed shower room with transparent glass makes the room feel quite significant. The tiles on the wall and floor give a new look to this bathroom.

37. Mix And Match Bathroom Shower

walk in shower designs for small bathroom

This bathroom has mosaic geometric designed tiles on the wall, which is simple but elegant. This gives the bathroom a custom, soothing look. The different layer of texture and pattern to the bathroom provides a nice artistic touch to the bathroom.

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