Best Brush Cutter Review

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One of the most common recurring themes among homeowners is their consistent struggle to keep their garden looking great and keeping the pathways and other areas clean.

A delay in controlling weeds and grass could ruin a well-curated garden quickly and turn your beautiful paradise into an overgrown vegetation mess. But instead of buying an array of gardening tools, you can buy the brush cutter to do all the hard work for you.

We’ll try to help you find the best brush cutter available in the market and explain some things you’ll want to think about when making your choice. But if you’re in a hurry, you can just check out our quick picks below.

Quick Picks

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Proyama Gas Brush Cutter

Proyama Gas Brush Cutter
It’s a powerful 2 in 1 Extreme duty gas trimmer and cutter that gives you the best cutting performance while discharging less pollution.

Best Overall

Remington Gas BrushCutter and Trimmer

Remington Gas BrushCutter and Trimmer
Heavy-duty metal blade with 18-inch cutting width and QuickStart technology engine allows you to cut through dense vegetation and grass in less time.

Best Value

Powersmart Gas Strimmer and Brush

Powersmart Gas Strimmer and Brush
This reasonably priced trimmer and cutter are powered by an energy-efficient 4-stroke gas engine and come with a trimmer and brush cutter attachment option.

Top Brush Cutter in the Market

Our Top Pick

Remington Brushcutter and Trimmer is a good build and sturdy multifunctional gardening tool that comes with both string trimmer and brush cutter attachment. It’s designed for both residential and commercial heavy-duty operations.

The powerful gas engine is suitable for any small to medium size garden. It can easily cut through overgrown, thick weeds, and grass. It generates low vibration that reduces fatigue to allows you to cut longer.

It’s equipped with QuickStart technology for a smoother and easier pull start and includes an adjustable string trimmer bump head and brush cutter.

What is a Brush Cutter?

Brush cutter is a very handy powered gardening tool that is used for a wide range of gardening maintenance tasks. More specifically, you can use it to cut weeds, trim grass, chop tree limbs, and do other upkeep tasks in your garden.

If you have other gardening tools, then you may not need a brush cuter. But it enables you to have multiple attachments depending on the task at hand. It saves you the cost of buying a new gardening tool.

Many people call brush cutters with a different name such as brush saw, weed eater, clearing saw, or even weed whacker. Regardless of what you call them, this powerful and versatile tool should be in any serious gardener’s tool shed.

What to consider when buying Brush Cutter

Cutting Diameter

Cutting diameter determines how much area you can cover in each pass. For residential purposes choose 4 to 9 inch cutting diameter. 

Vibration Damping

The vibration damping feature reduces the vibration felt by operator and allows you to work longer by improving comfort. 


The shaft can be curved or straight that allows you to transfer power from the motor to the blade. You can choose curved shaft due to ease of use. 

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Best Brush Cutter Review

Check out some of the best brush cutters we’ve found below. We’ve included different attachment options, ranging from crazy cheap to relatively pricey.

1. Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

Best Rated Brush Hog

For any medium to large size yard, Makita 4 Stroke brush cutter is an ideal choice. It’s a 4-stroke gas-powered cutter with a 25.4 cc engine.

The trimmer has a multi-position lubrication system that allows you to incline it at any angle. It makes it easier to make angled cut at hard-to-reach spots.

The four-stroke engine gives you enough power to handle more hardened and overgrown grass and weeds. The sturdier cutter blade can cut small trees and dense brush while being lightweight (only 12.1 lbs).

It has a very smooth operation, and it’s a versatile gardening tool that can maintain your lawn to look perfectly manicured. The dual handle makes it easy to hold and move it around.

The translucent fuel tank allows you to see how much oil is left in the tank. You can easily access the oil filling port and drain plugs for a regular top-up of engine oils or replace the older oil.

The straight steel shaft design produces less vibration and is comfortable to operate. The quick-start technology makes it quick to start without needing much effort.

It’s relatively quiet to operate even when running at full throttle. The well-made blade lasts longer even when cutting thicker brush multiple times.

The fuel tank has a 20.3 Oz capacity, and the blade has a cutting width of 9 inches with a 57-inch shaft length.

See More Information about Makita 4 Stroke Cutter


  • Ideal for medium to large size yards
  • Powerful four-stroke engine
  • Lightweight 
  • Solid Construction


  • Expensive
  • Dull cutting blade

2. Troy-Bilt 2 Cycle Gas Brushcutter

Best Brush Cutter Weed Eater

Troy-Bilt 2 Cycle Gas Brush Cutter has a lot of attractive features that make it the perfect tool for cutting and maintaining a yard. The 2-cycle gas engine produces 27 cc thrust while remaining more comfortable to start and producing less vibration than similar engines.

This attachment capable Brushcutter is made of high-quality components that improve the life of the tool, even when handling tougher jobs.

The straight crankshaft transfers the power to the blade with minimum vibration. The use of JumpStart capable engines makes it easy to start the engine.

Unlike other gas-powered gardening tools where you have to pull the cord to start the engine, the JumpStart eliminates the need to have a pull cord. However, it’s sold separately.

The 2-cycle full crank engine is lightweight and sturdy. Even when you run at full throttle, it doesn’t generate colossal vibration, and the high RPM blade allows you to cut through the thicker brush with ease.

There is an adjustable “J-handle,” with a cushioned top that allows you to make a firm grip on the tool. Its ambidextrous handle design means you can hold it comfortably, whether you’re right or left-handed.

The steel-made brush has four robust teeth that allow you to handle thicker and denser vegetation with ease. It’s well balanced when holding with both hands and gives you precise cutting control.

You can attach ten types of attachments to it, making it a very versatile gardening tool. The strap is included, which makes it easier to hold the trimmer and move around without getting your hands tired.

See More Information about Troy-Bilt 2 Cycle Gas Brush Cutter


  • Powerful 27 cc gas engine
  • Several attachments option
  • Comfortable J-handle
  • Sturdier cutting blade


  • EasyStart attachment sold separately
  • Instructions are hard to understand

3. Powersmart Gas Trimmer and Brush Cutter

Best Brush Cutter Head for String Trimmer

If you have a small to medium size yard, then PowerSmart Gars Trimmer and Brush Cutter is the perfect option. It has energy efficient 4-stroke gas engine that delivers a whopping 31 cc power.

It generates more power, even running at lower RPM than a 2-cycle engine. It’s ideal for faster cutting, and the improved design means it’s well balanced and suitable for tougher jobs.

The 10 inches 3 teeth blade makes cutting and trimming jobs a breeze. It doesn’t slow even when cutting multiple sturdier vegetation. The prominent benefit of a 4-stroke engine is the lower vibration. It reduces fatigue when operating the tool.

It has a straight shaft that transfers power efficiently from a motor to the blade. The large guard protector prevents the rocks and debris from launching into the air.

The user-friendly and lightweight brush weeder is suitable for both residential and professional lawn maintenance jobs.

The D-shape support handle is comfortable to hold and has enough gap to allow a bigger hand to hold the tool. It includes a shoulder strap that gives you extra support while cutting.

The unit comes with both a string trimmer and brush cutting attachment. It means you can quickly interchange the head to get a job done in the shortest time possible.

The Smart Start recoil system makes it easy to start. The four-stroke engine means you don’t have to worry about mixing oil into it.

The trimmer has a 13-inch cutting diameter and 0.095-inch thickness. The throttle is near the top and gives you more control over how aggressively you want to cut.

It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

See More Information about PowerSmart Gars Trimmer and Brush Cutter


  • Powerful four-stroke engine
  • 10 inches, 3 teeth brushcutter blade
  • String trimmer attachment included
  • Shoulder strap included


  • Not recommended for smaller lawns
  • Recoil is sometimes not reliable

4. Remington Gas BrushCutter and Trimmer

Best Weed Cutter

For those who are looking for a powerful brushcutter that they can use for any small to medium size yard, Remington Gas Powered Brushcutter is the ideal choice. It has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to hold and move around.

The 2-cycle gas engine generates 27cc of power with less vibration. This allows you to tackle tougher jobs without breaking too much sweat.

The cutter has all the basic functionality you want in a gardening tool. It has various features that are easy to use.

It’s lightweight and easy to handle so that you can get it under bushes and different hard-to-reach places without much effort. The QuickStart technology makes it easy to pull start.

The dual-function design allows you to convert it to a string trimmer quickly. The adjustable pump head for the string trimmer is included in the box, and you don’t have to buy it separately.

The base blade has an 8-inch cutting width and is made from solid steel. You can whip through the thickest grass and weeds without stopping or getting it entangled.

You can add additional attachments to turn it into a blower, pole saw edger and cultivators. You have to buy the accessories separately based on your needs.

The innovative gear design helps you to maintain a consistent speed while you decimate long grass and tough weeds. You can work a whole day without getting much tired.

The anti-vibration feature absorbs the cutting shock even when running at full throttle. The J-shaped handle has a firm cushion around it that makes it easier to hold and balance the cutter.

The ergonomically padded handle is suitable for long-term use. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

See More Information about Remington Gas Powered Brushcutter


  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Powerful QuickStart gas engine
  • Included string trimmer attachment
  • 18-inch cutting width


  • Small safety guard
  • No shoulder straps

5. Husqvarna Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter

Heavy Duty Bush Trimmer

Husqvarna Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter is a multifunctional gardening tool that comes with a trimmer head, grass, and saw blade attachments. It has a powerful engine in a relatively compact form factor that makes it lightweight and easy to use.

The 34.6 cc X-Torque engine gives you enough power to cut through up to 4 to 5 inches thick tree trunk without any hitch. It has a very versatile design that makes it easy to use. The intuitive controls give you full flexibility when operating the cutter.

You can use it for any medium to large size yard without getting tired. The comfortable non-slip grip allows you to keep firm control with stability. You can make a precise cut around the delicate flower beds or at the lawn edges.

The ergonomically designed harness works perfectly to balance the weight. It reduces the strain on your hand when holding and moving around it around. You can also adjust the handle as per your needs.

You can easily cut around hard-to-reach places at weird angles by adjusting the handle at your desired comfortable position. To prevent any damage or injury, the safety guard has a sturdy build and catches most of the flying debris.

Overall, it’s a well-built quality machine with several attachment options and positive reviews from buyers. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

See More Information about Husqvarna Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter 


  • Powerful X-Torque Engine
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Comes with a line, brush and saw blade
  • Quick start engine


  • No additional attachments
  • Vibrates at full throttle

6. Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer

Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

Proyama Gas Brushcutter and string trimmer have a 2-cycle 42.7 cc engine. The powerful engine lets you cut through thick brush and vegetation with ease.

It’s a lightweight gardening tool that comes with multiple attachment options. The machine operates with both hands that provide a better grip and comfort. The quick-release split shaft allows you to store it quickly.

You get a vibration reduction shoulder harness that distributes weight evenly and allows you to cut longer without getting tired. It has multiple necessary protective gears included, such as ear defenders, gloves, and face shields.

It protects you from any injury while operating the machine and has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

See More Information about Proyama Gas Brushcutter


  • Powerful gas engine
  • Unique bike handle design
  • Large safety guard
  • Comes with several protective gears


  • Heavy
  • Bit noisy

7. Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter

Weed Trimmer With Blade

Craftsman straight shaft gas brush cutter has a decent size robust two-cycle gas engine. You get a 27-cc power that’s enough to get through thick weeds, long grass, and the bush.

This multifunctional cutter comes with a string trimmers head attachment. It allows you to work through any small to medium size yard. The heavy-duty metal blade gives you an 18-inch cutting width to get the job done faster.

The adjustable J-handle and shoulder strap allow you to spend a long time cutting without getting tired. The long shaft design lets you reach underbrush and angle cutting without bending yourself.

You have the option to attach various other types of heads that saves you money in buying new tools. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

See More Information about Craftsman straight shaft cutter


  • Powerful gas engine
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Quick start engine 
  • Low vibration


  • Bit Heavy
  • Product Manual not clear 

8. Trimmer Plus Brushcutter With J-Handle

Brush Cutting Machine

Another high-quality gardening product from TrimmerPlus is its powerful Brushcutter with J-handle. It has a four-tip steel blade that can cut through tough grass and weeds with ease.

It’s a powerful lawn maintenance tool. Both residential and commercial users like to use it for large properties and semi-professional applications.

Remember that this is just the handle attachment and doesn’t have any engine. But it has a wide range of compatibility from most major power tool brands such as Troy-Belt, Remington, Craftsmans, Yardman, Ryobi, and several others.

It’s a straight shaft brushcutter that is 65 inches long and comes with a J-bar and shoulder strap. You get a 2-year manufacturer warranty on it.

See More Information about TrimmerPlus Brushcutter


  • Portable
  • Ideal for smaller lawn and lighter task
  • Cuts and trims faster
  • Good value for money


  • Have to use an engine
  • Expensive for most beginners

9. Coocheer 2-in-1 Brush Cutter and Trimmer

Best Brush Cutter For The Money

Coocheer 2-in-1 Brushcutter and Trimmer is a sturdy and versatile gardening tool with a powerful gas engine. The multi-functional design allows you to convert it from a string trimmer to a brush cutter.

The 2-cycle gas engine generates 42.7 cc thrust that allows you to finish the job more efficiently and quickly. The straight shaft design makes it easy to reach hard places without bending too much.

The ergonomically designed U-shape handle has a non-slip handle to maintain a firm grip when using the tool. The shoulder strap makes it easy to transfer the load from hand to the shoulder to get much cleaner and precise cuts.

See More Information about Coocheer 2-in-1 Brushcutter and Trimmer


  • Good for small to medium lawn
  • Ideal for tough maintenance and shaping task
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Moderate cutting diameter
  • Small safety guard
Brush Cutter Blade

What are the Types of Brush Cutters?

The brush cutters are categorized into three groups based on usage. Following are the most common types:

Handheld Brush Cutter

The handheld cutter is very portable and easy to maneuver. These have a smaller engine to mow down overgrown grass, weeds, and saplings.

Walk-Behind Brush Cutter

The walk-behind cutter is heavier and bulky but has more power to handle the more demanding task. 

These may look like a lawnmower but have more attachment options than the regular lawnmower. Many professional landscapers and people with a more massive yard prefer to use a walk-behind cutter.

Tow-Behind Brush Cutter

The tow-behind brush cutter is attached to another powered vehicle, such as a tractor. With this, you can cut down large areas of thick grass and weeds in the least time.

Professionals and commercial landscapers are the primary users of this.

What Can a Brush Cutter Cut?

Brush cutter can cut most of the things that trimmer or other gardening tools can’t cut. It can easily handle broad weeds, shrubs, and grass. To make sure that it’s suitable for your needs, you have to check what you want to cut.

The most common use of cutter is to use it around thickly overgrown fields and unkempt lawns. It’s convenient to use it around cutting grass or removing weeds around the trees or flower beds where you need more cutting control. 

For example, if you have several rocks and stones in your yard or need to cut along banks and slopes, then a lawnmower may not be the most efficient tool. In that case, it can get the job done safely and efficiently.

How Thick Can a Brush Cutter Cut?

The brush cutter has durable metal blades that allow you to cut thick grass and weeds that are up to 4 to 6 inches thick. It has a clear advantage over the string trimmer that only uses a nylon string to cut.

The cutting range of the cutter depends on the attachment type. For example, chainsaw teeth type attachment with 20 teeth can cut a 6-inch branch with ease. The wide range of brush cutters attachments means that you can cut a variety of materials.

The blade life depends on the item you’re cutting and how frequently you use the tool. Through proper maintenance and keeping the edge sharp can make the cutter last longer while cutting thicker objects. 

Things to Consider in a Brush Cutter?

Picking the best brush cutter for your yard requires that you consider your needs first, things that you may need to cut, and the effort you want to invest in maintaining your yard.

When you’re looking at the brush cutters, keep the following considerations in mind.


The power rating of a brush cutter determines how thick and complex cutting tasks you can do. You can buy those that are powered either by gas or electricity.

The gas-powered brush cutter generally delivers more cutting power than most electrical brush cutters. A 2-stroke gas engine typically provides up to 42 cc that allowing you to finish the job more efficiently and quickly.

There is also a more potent four-stroke engine that gives you even more power than the two-stroke gas engine and runs cooler with more output.

But it gets more expensive, bulky, and needs more maintenance. Professionals and commercial landscapers prefer to use the gas cutter.

For people with small to medium size yards, you may choose an electrical brush cutter that is easy to maintain and use. The cordless brush cutter uses a battery that gives you higher portability and maneuverability.

It’s great for people who want to maintain residential yards and don’t want to deal with the complicated maintenance requirement of a gas brush cutter.

A sturdy cutter can easily tackle overgrown weed or bush that ordinary line trimmer or mower can’t handle itself.

However, don’t be tempted to buy the overpowered expensive brush cutter that you know you’re seldom going to need it. This is why identifying your needs is the first important step.

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of the brush cutter determines the maximum area coverage in each pass. A larger cutting diameter means you can cover a large area in each pass which saves time.

You can choose attachments that have a cutting diameter from as small as 4 inches to up to over 9 inches.

Be aware that choosing the large cutting diameter brush attachment makes the cutter big and bulky. Finding the right cutting size blade allows you to reach most types of garden layouts.


The brush cutter can be operated either by a single hand or with both hands. The dual handle types resemble bull horns that give you more control when running the cutter.

On the other hand, the single-hand brush cuter has a loop handle. It’s ideal for a small task where you need more maneuverability to reach tight spots.

You should choose the handle type, depending on the task. For a heavy-duty and challenging job, a two-hand type brush cutter works best as it gives you more control and reduces fatigue.

Also, a handle with cushioned layer allows you to grip firmly without getting tired.

Vibration Damping

When you operate a brush cutter, it generates a lot of vibration. The gas-powered brush cutter produces more vibration than the electricity-based cutter. The wave makes the operator get fatigued quickly.

The vibration damping features in the design reduce the vibration felt by the operator and allow them to work longer. It improves comfort and makes it easy to cut steady and smoothly through thick and overgrown grass.


The shaft of the brush cutter can be straight or curved. The shaft allows the transfer of power from the motor to the blade. In a handheld brush cutter, the engine is at the top end while the module is at the other end of the shaft.

The curved shaft makes it ergonomically more convenient to get on tight spots and makes it easier to handle. But it affects the power distribution to the blade as the cutter becomes more prone to breakdown.

The straight shaft brush cutter is simple to operate and is more reliable than the curved shaft trimmer. Now which one you should pick depends on your yard layouts and the access to places where you want to use the cutter.

Head Attachment

The ability to change the head gives you more flexibility in using the tool. Replaceable head attachment allows you to switch between the fast-cutting string trimmer nylon cord to heavy-duty metal blades to handle tougher weeds.

It saves you the time and number of tools needed for the job. You should look for replaceable head attachment options if your needs are diverse.

Shoulder Harness

If you’re using a handheld brush cutter, then look for a shoulder harness and straphanger option. It takes the load off from your hands, and you won’t get tired quickly.

Not all brush cutter comes with a shoulder harness, and you may have to buy it separately. But you may find it very comfortable to use a shoulder harness while cutting.

Brush Cutter Clearing Grass

How do You Use a Brush Cutter?

Knowing how to operate a powered tool properly is essential as it prevents injury and gives you the best cut possible. You can use it for mowing, tapering, weeding, and scything purposes.

You may have to choose different attachments depending on the job. But most brush cutters have the same way of working.

Here are some tips on using the handheld brush cutter.

  • Hold the brushcutter firmly by your dominant hand on the rear handle, and the other side on the “J” Handle if equipped. Maintain a firm grip using both hands while operating.
  • Bring the brush cutter to the right side with a firm hold of both hands.
  • Maintaining your grip balance, yourself on both feet. Position yourself stable so you won’t lose balance due to any kickbacks.
  • Check the area for loose objects such as rocks, glass, concrete, fence, and wired wood, that can be thrown or get entangled in the blade.
  • To cut, start making a sweeping action from side to side, avoiding hitting any hard objects.
  • When finished, turn off the engine and clean the brush blades with water and wipe it dry.

What is the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Brush Cutter?

The main difference between a trimmer and a brush cutter is the head type. String trimmer uses cheaper nylon heads that have the plastic cord wrapped in a spindle. You have to continuously feed the rope as it breaks and gets damaged while cutting.

You can increase or decrease the cutting area by adjusting the length of the nylon rope. This is handy if you’re cutting not very thick and softer vegetation.

If you have a yard with a light amount of weed and grass, then a string trimmer may be all that you need.

The brush cutter head comes in different shapes and types. These brush cutter blade attachments are explicitly designed for various tasks such as cutting grass and chopping small wooden limbs that won’t be possible with a string trimmer.

When you’re looking to buy the brush cutter blade, consider the material, diameter, teeth count, and guard types.

A full blade gives you a large cutting area but needs more power to drive the module at high RPM. The most common blades have a diameter from 8 inches to 10 inches.

A large number of teeth counts in the blade provides you with a smoother cutting. Blades with no teeth are used to trim light vegetation and may become difficult to use on a more demanding task.

How to Sharpen a Brush Cutter Blade

You have to sharpen the blade of the brush cutter regularly to keep it remains efficient in cutting and mowing. It can be done quickly at home and won’t cost too much. Sharpening yourself is also cost-effective than buying a new blade.

To get started, you can buy the blade sharpener. But if you have a chainsaw, then you can buy a file that allows you to sharpen not only the chainsaw chain but also brush cutter blades.

To get started, clean the blade from dirt and debris using warm water. You can also use soap if needed. Place the cutter at a flat surface and adjust the angle so you can be comfortable sharpening the blade.

Now move the file at an angled motion at the tip of the blade. Keep visually checking the edge to make sure you sharpen it uniformly.

Don’t touch the blade with bare hands as it may result in injury. Use proper protective gear such as hand gloves when sharpening the cutter blade.

Best Brush Cutter To Buy

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