Best Sprinkler Head Review

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If you are looking for the best sprinkler heads to get a lush green healthy-looking garden, then the use of the right sprinkler head can make all the difference. There are several varieties of sprinklers in the market, and sometimes it gets very confusing to pick the right one.

In this grand post, we are going to cover all the essential factors you need to consider before buying a sprinkler head. You can then pick one out from the 11 best sprinkler heads with confidence.

Quick Picks

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GARDENA ZoomMaxx Sprinkler
This sprinkler is ideal for small and narrow areas. You can easily fit on the hose without much fuss. Multiple pattern options provide good value for money.

Best Overall

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler
The best impact sprinkler fits almost all pipes. You have the option to make wide pattern adjustments. The built is durable and made from rustproof and impact resistant.

Best Value

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
The best value sprinkler covers large areas evenly. The pattern is easily adjustable and made from a high-quality material that can withstand any weather condition.

11 Best Sprinkler Heads in the Market

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best sprinkler head is the Rain Bird Brass Impact Sprinkler. It’s a rust-resistant and durable sprinkler head. The use of superior quality materials and robust design allows it to be used for a long duration without needing repair.

We like its classic impact sound, easy to install, and adjustability features. Its flexible, and adjustable deflector flap allows you to cover a 20 to 41 feet radius. It’s an optimal coverage area for residential use purposes.

Why Do You Need Sprinkler Heads?

Saves Time And Money

A spray head is an efficient way to water your garden. By choosing the right type of sprinkler head, you can manually or automatically set the timer to water your lawn.

If you do not have a timer inbuilt to your sprinkler then can buy it separately. The sprinkler timer allows you to water your garden at your chosen time.

The use of sprinkler heads also saves money on replacing hoses. Exposed hoses get sun damages and kinks which shorten their life and need constant replacement. 

Safe to Use

Some of the spray heads can be used underground. It makes it safer to use than a regular hose. Hoses are above the ground which increases the risk of tripping children and pets.

The sprinkler pop-out when you need to water the lawn and then goes under the ground when it’s done. For the ground sprinkler, you are still better off as you don’t have to deal with annoying hose kinks.

If you have tried using hose earlier then you can understand the frustration of dealing with hose kinks. 

Efficient Use of Water

Sprinkler provides you with more control over your water usage. Most sprinklers come with various smart water-saving functionalities. Depending on your garden shape and lawn size, you can choose a sprinkler that best fits your needs.

Portable sprinklers are easy to move around depending on your watering needs. You can hide it among the foliage and set up the duration and water amount. 

Take Care of Your Lawn While Away

Sprinklers are easy to set up and work on a hands-off approach. It means you do not have to do all the hard work of watering your garden.

You can set up the watering schedule when you have to leave your home for a couple of days. But you will still have a lush green lawn waiting when you come back. 

Water Fun

A sprinkler can be a great recreational fun activity for your kids during the summer months. Kids love to play with water splashing around. The soft ergonomic and adjustable control on the sprinkler makes it easy to adjust the water stream.

What to consider when buying sprinkler head


A steel-made blade is A good quality plastic or metal-made sprinkler head that lasts longer while also can handle high water pressure. 

Sprinkler Type

Sprinkler head comes in different types. For small to medium size lawns, pop-up spray heads work the best. 


Choose a sprinkler head that is compatible to your existing water hose or irrigation system to avoid the hassle of returning. 

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Best Sprinkler Heads Review

1. Hunter Sprinkler Heads

Hunter PGP adj Rotor Sprinkler heads come in a 4 pack and include an adjustment tool. The nozzle comes pre-installed, so you do not need any special tools to install it. This is convenient for people who have never installed sprinklers before or need something quick to be up and running.

Hunter sprinkler heads come with an adjustment tool that you can use to adjust the water spraying angle from 50 to 360 degrees. This is convenient as you can change it to water in only those areas where irrigation is needed.

Its unique gear drive rotor design allows it to operate in various water sources. You can use from clean water to water filled with dirt and the Hunter sprinkler will work without any issue.

If you live in the areas where you get lots of minerals in your water (also called hard water), then it causes the limescale to build up. Limescale is a white sticky substance that reduces the water tide inside.

This obstruction in water restricts the smooth movement of a sprinkler. To clean it, you can easily open the Hunter sprinkler and remove the head and seal. Then you dip it in a limescale cleaner solution and put it back together, ready to use. 

See More information on Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads


  • Easy installation and included adjustment tool
  • Clean and simple product design
  • Ability to easily adjust the water angle 
  • Low Water usage


  • Not ideal for bigger lawns
  • Only one nozzle size

2. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Rainbird sprinkler heads are one of the best performing sprinklers to be used with various water pressure levels. It is made with high-quality materials such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel which makes it last longer.

It is easy to adjust as you can either use it in a full 360-degree circle or use partly from 20 to 360 degrees spray patterns. This wide selection angle gives you the flexibility to use Rain Bird sprinkler heads to water from small to extensive size gardens.

The straight-through water stream design allows you to use any type of water even dirty water to irrigate your lawn. This is convenient for people who do not have clean water sources and have to use water sources from canals, ponds, or wells.

The deflector at the top allows you to adjust the stream from a 20 to a 41-inch radius. The uniquely designed diffuser screw at the head breaks the water into small droplets which smoothens the watering process.

The PJTM spray arm controls prevent the water from getting onto sidewalks and roads. Rain Bird sprinkler heads have a half an inch male inlet which will allow you to fit most pipes easily. You can adjust the spray distance from 20 to 40 feet.

See More information on Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler


  • Fits almost all pipes
  • Good quality and durable construction material
  • Wide spray patterns adjustments
  • Rustproof and impact resistant 


  • Increased use of water
  • Hard to remove clips for a complete circle coverage

3. Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler is designed to water an area of 4,200 sq ft. The 18 precision rubber nozzles have a clog-resistant design and can withstand high pressure of up to 100 PSI. It has an excellent oscillating range, and the rubber nozzle prevents slug buildups and is easier to clean.

Its low-profile design makes it ideal for moving anywhere as per your needs. But if you have tall grass on your lawn, then the low-profile design makes the spray to be interrupted by the long grass. You can fix it by placing the sprinkler on a higher flat surface or trimming the grass.

The newly designed Melnor XT Turbo sprinkler has 3-way adjustment tabs to control the water flow. You can control the water current horizontally, vertically, and toward all four sides.

 It is beneficial as you can use it to water extensive size lawns with maximum 75-feet coverage. But for smaller-sized gardens, you can quickly reduce the spray distance to only 15 feet by sliding the range control levers. 

See More information on Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler


  • Even coverage for wider areas
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide spray pattern adjustments
  • Simple and portable design


  • Sometimes difficult to stay flat on the ground
  • Some units have leakage which reduces the performance

4. Toro Sprinkler Heads

For smaller lawns or shrubs, Toro sprinkler heads work perfectly. The Toro 538144 comes in 3 inch and 4-inch pop-up designs which is ideal for an average-sized yard. The pop-up elevation of the sprinkler gives you the flexibility to water the garden which has a more extended grass size.

It is a fixed spray sprinkler design with an adjustable spray pattern that can do a full 360-degree range of motion. Water leaks are a common problem with most sprinklers.

The Toro sprinkler has a sealed sprinkler head that prevents leakage and keeps the dirt out. This reduces water waste and gives you a smooth irrigation pattern.

Toro’s universal design makes it compatible with most irrigation systems without much hassle. Depending on your needs, if you want to cover more extensive areas, then you can use multiple sprinklers. Its retractable design allows you to cover up to a 15 ft spray radius.

See More information on Toro Sprinkler Heads


  • The sealed design keeps the dirt out
  • Easy to install
  • Easily adjustable water pattern
  • Operates quietly 


  • Limited instruction
  • Plastic construction

5. MyGarden Lawn Sprinkler

MyGarden lawn sprinkler is a plain design portable sprinkler. It covers up to 3,600 sq ft area and can withstand water pressure up to 80 PSI. It means you can cover a longer distance up to 32.8 feet. This becomes useful when you have a medium to large size garden.

MyGarden lawn sprayer has two differing spraying angles. The slow rotating 90 degree covers a 4-6-meter spray diameter while the faster 45 degrees go up to 8 to 10 meters. This gives you the flexibility to water narrower and broader areas of your garden.

The construction of a sprinkler head is high-quality plastic and rustproof polymer. It means you get a durable and long-lasting sprinkler head which does not fade or crack in the sun.

See More information on MyGarden Sprinkler


  • High-quality plastic makes it weather resistant
  • Two adjustable spray angles
  • Wide coverage area
  • Good value for money


  • Requires some set-up
  • Limited instruction provided

6. Rain Bird 32SA

Rain Bird Sprinkler 32SA is a simple adjustable gear drive rotor sprinkler. You can adjust the spray angle from 40 to 360 degrees and reverse full-circle rotation in one. It has a spray distance of 19 to 32 feet.

So, what does all it means, it means you can use it to cover any small to medium size garden. Being able to select the spraying angle, you can restrict the water spraying to your desired areas and save the water.

If you have tall grass in your garden, then the 4-inch pop-up height allows you easy clearance for smooth watering. Rain Bird 32SA sealed, and closed-case design makes it ideal to use around sandy soils and invasive grasses.

Rain Bird’s rain curtain nozzle technology allows it to produce large water drops. These more substantial and more massive water drops resist wind blowing and watering the designated area.

The nozzle has the design of a micro ramp which makes the part of the spray to be closer to the head. This unique design prevents the dry brown spots which are shared with other brands of sprinklers.

For residential use, the most common water pressure is 45 PSI which provides enough pressure to spray up to 32 feet. But if you have a smaller garden and you want to reduce the coverage areas, you can reduce the throw distance up to 35 percent. You do it by turning the screw located above the nozzle using a screwdriver.

See More information on Rain Bird Sprinkler 32SA


  • Good value for money
  • Unique water-saving design
  • The sealed design prevents dirt and water leakage 
  • 4-inch pop-up height 


  • Requires some set-up
  • Nozzle spray unevenly

7. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Sprinkler

Gardena ZoomMaxx Sprinker is a compact oscillating sprinkler that is ideal for small to mid-size gardens. It has fully adjustable control which lets you cover from 76 sq ft to 2,300 sq ft area. Its compact size and low profile design allow you to use it in small regions of front yards or medium stripes.

It comes with a timer to automatically start the sprinkler. And its sturdy foot allows secure holding on the surface with up to 15% incline. The weight on the base of the sprinkler keeps it sturdy and stable when using it with high water pressure and prevents tipping over.

There is also a fine mesh on the nozzle which protects it from being blocked by sand and dirt. Gardena ZoomMaxx’s compact and water-efficient design makes it a heavy-duty watering system. 

It can be used in smaller and narrower garden spaces but will also work for larger garden areas. It is a bit priced higher than the other models of the garden sprayer, but it gives you the flexibility to adjust and control the direction of water spray. You can set the timer on the sprinkler anywhere from 1 min to 120 minutes.

The timer saves you the hassle to check the watering and reduces water waste as it self-turns off after set time.

See More information on Gardena ZoomMaxx Sprinkler


  • Ideal for small and narrow areas
  • Easy to fit on the hose
  • Good value for money 


  • Expensive than others
  • Sometimes timer does not work

8. GrowGreen Garden Sprinkler

GrowGreen Garden sprinkler is a 360-degree rotating sprinkler. It can work up to 80 PSI water pressure with 360-degree rotation. It means you can spray up to 32 feet in distance. This is ideal for any mid-size to large garden. The sturdy weather resistance plastic and rustproof polymer make it last longer.

You can adjust the spray direction by turning the knob on the sprayer. The vertical and multi-angle nozzle allows you to cover a vast distance. Moreover, its smooth and maintenance-free design makes it kids friendly to play with water on hot summer days.

Overall, GrowGreen Garden sprinkler is good quality, lightweight sprinkler which performs well. Sometimes the nozzle gets clogged, but you can avoid it by cleaning it regularly.

See More information on GrowGreen Garden Sprinkler


  • Light and portable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ideal for mid to bigger areas 
  • Can handle high water pressure 


  • Not ideal for small garden size
  • Limited instructions provided

9. Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation

If you are looking for a drip irrigation kit, then Rain Bird GRDNERKIT is the right choice. Its drip system allows up to 75 sq ft coverage in the garden. Although its 50-piece package requires some initial assembly, it comes with a detailed instruction manual. Y

You get everything you need to get your drip irrigation system up and running with Rain Bird. The drip irrigation system is perfect for flower and vegetable beds or spot watering.

You can do controlled watering to your garden which saves water. This is also ideal if you are building a raised garden bed as you can install it on hard-to-reach plants.

Keep in mind that a drip irrigation system can be confusing and overwhelming. So we do not recommend it to everyone.

It needs some tools and patience and know-how to set up the drip irrigation systems. But once you pass that hurdle, then it is a very efficient and long-lasting way to water your garden. 

See More information on Rain Bird GRDNERKIT


  • Watering for larger areas
  • Control the level of water required for each plant
  • Reduced water use
  • Hidden underneath the garden bed


  • Require complex setup
  • Some digging required

10. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 56667N is a Zinc made impact sprinkler that rests on a tripod base. It is ideal for bigger lawns as it sprays up to 85 feet, covering 5,670 sq ft.

It has a premium quality sprinkler head made from zinc which is rustproof and lasts longer. You can adjust the spray coverage from partial circle to complete circle.

Orbit 56667N has lots of customizable settings which allow you to use the deflector shield and diffuser screw to change the stream. You can select the spray distance radius from 20 to 42 feet. The tall tripod standing allows you to water tall plants and hard-to-reach areas of your garden.

The stable angular tripod design prevents it from toppling over when using higher water pressure. You can lower the tripod height and adjust the leg spans to improve stability. Overall it is very stable and sturdy and can be set up in uneven areas as you can individually change the height of each leg.

After you are done watering your garden, you can easily fold the tripod legs which makes it easy to store. Its specially designed anti-backsplash arm increases the stability and allows the water to spray in a consistent pattern and in the chosen direction.

See More information on Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler


  • Perfect for larger areas
  • Simple design
  • Affordable
  • Easily adjustable height


  • Tripod needs tightening to avoid tipping
  • Sometimes sprinkler head leaks

11. Spot Sprinkler

Spot sprinkler is ideal for small to medium size gardens with a spray distance of up to 30 feet and covers 2,800 sq ft area. It works perfectly even under low water pressures.

The robust and circular base pattern is made of heavy-duty metal which prevents the sprinkler systems from getting tipped over. Its attractive but straightforward design makes it ideal for placing at the front of your lawn without compromising the look of your garden.

The smaller compact design allows it to be effectively portable and does not need much space to use. It has a simple and easy to operate design which reduces the less chance of a fault.

You can easily control the spray distance by controlling the water stream to the sprinkler. The metal base improves stability and gives a long-lasting performance. It’s a simple but attractive design that will make it look great in your garden.

See More information on Spot Sprinkler


  • Simple and attractive design
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Ideal for small size lawn 
  • Can be used on smaller flower beds


  • Need to be placed on a flat level surface
  • No option to control the water stream
Sprinkler Spraying Water in Lawn

Types of Sprinkler Heads

There are three types of sprinklers based on the distribution of water.

Rotor Sprinkler

In a rotor sprinkler, the water comes out at high pressure from a single direction, and the rotor rotates it in a circle. It can be in either a single or double spray and is ideal for ample space such as lawns or parks. Since the rotary sprinkler covers a large area, it is perfect where the water pressure is higher than 35 PSI.

The high pressure allows it to cover wide areas between 15 to 50 feet. The steady high-pressure water stream will enable you to use it in windy and hilly regions. To cover all the watering areas, make sure the water pressure does not go below the desired covered distance. 

Spray Sprinkler

Spray sprinkler pushes a steady spray of water over the area. It is ideal for small and average size areas such as flower beds or vegetable patches. It saves water as you can put it around the area where water is needed. It is perfect for flat surface and high-absorbent soil areas.

For water pressure between 25 to 35 PSI, you can use it to cover around 15 feet in distance. These varieties of sprinklers have fewer maintenance requirements. It provides quicker irrigation than other types of a sprinkler. 

You can choose it to cover a wide area from 90 to 360 degrees. This is convenient if you are using it at the edge of your lawn, and want to water on a particular garden side rather than your sidewalk.

The sprinkler head generates fine water particle mist which can be easily blown away with winds. So be aware of it when there is a wind blowing. 

You can also choose a pop-up type spray head that raises up when you have to water and then retracts when not in use. It makes it safer to use as it reduces the tripping hazard. 

Drip System

The drip system type of sprinkler has tubes and hoses with a small hole in it that allows the water to drip on the soil.

It is ideal for long-term irrigation purposes such as when doing organic or vegetation gardening. The drip system allows the best use of water as you only water as per the need of the plant.

Other less common design sprinkler system

Bubble sprinkler heads

Bubble sprinkler heads or “Bubblers” are a good option if you want to water in a small area. These bubble sprinklers work at a shallow water pressure range. It complements your existing sprinkler system to cover unwatered areas or to water delicate flowers or plants.

If you are comparing bubbler vs. drip irrigation, then think about the time frame of the watering. For longer-term watering needs, you want to choose a drip system whereas for a temporary fill gap measure you can choose a bubbler. The bubbler is also suitable for the shrub irrigation system. 

Standing or Spike Sprinklers

These sprinklers are mounted on a tripod or on a spike that is gear driven into the ground. It is useful for covering wide areas of lawn. It comes in various types such as metal base pulsating sprinkler spray head configuration which is durable and long-lasting.

Oscillating Sprinklers

For small and average size lawns, you can use oscillating sprinklers. The water comes through in a pulse or spray pattern of individual water jets. You can adjust it depending on the size of the area you need to water.

Most of the oscillating sprinklers are made from aluminum or plastic materials which makes them lightweight and easy to operate. For optimal water dispersion, you can use a Melnor Oscillating sprinkler which has a double brass jet.

An alternative to the Melnor sprinkler is the Gilmour Oscillating Sprinkler. Gilmour Oscillating sprinkler provides the same level of performance as Melnor. 

Traveling Sprinkler

Traveling sprinklers are self-propelled and move along the path of a hose. The mechanism of operation is simple. The water pressure pushes the sprinkler, and a wheel is attached at the front of the sprinkler which runs on the hose. Orbit Sprinkler is the most common and popular traveling sprinkler system.

Here is a brief overview of how it works. 

Another important factor in choosing a sprinkler head is the elevation of the sprinkler system. 

Elevation of Sprinkler System

The pop-up sprinkler spray head systems come at various elevation levels of each head. You should choose pop-up elevator height based on the average height of the grass on your lawn.

Some pop-up sprinkler design allows it to remain stick out above the ground. While some design allows the sprinkler head to retract and disappear in the field.

The pop-up sprinkler head reduces the trip hazard and is pleasing as it can hide in the ground and remain invisible when not in use. The elevation can range from 2 to 20 inches and covers the irrigation distance of 3 to 15 feet.

Flower Garden Sprinkler Head

How to Buy the Best Sprinkler Heads

There are so many varieties of sprinklers in the market. It often becomes difficult to determine which is the best spray head for a lawn. When choosing the sprinkler head consider the following factors to find the sprinkler spray system which works best for you.

Size of the Lawn

Before you settle down on any particular type of sprinkler, first determine the size of the lawn, you are planning to water. The differing sprinkler head design allows you to choose the amount of water and the area of coverage required by you.

Here are some guidelines to decide the sprinkler based on the size of your lawn. 

Small to Medium Lawns

For small to medium-sized lawns, the best lawn sprinkler heads are pop-up spray heads. These sprinklers emit water in a full circle to cover all the surrounding areas. The fine mist of pop-up spray looks like water coming from a fountain.

You do not need very high-water pressure to use these types of a sprinkler. The downside of low-water pressure is that it gives you less coverage area.

It means if you decide to use it for a more massive lawn, then you have to use many pop-up head sprinklers, and then these have to be closely spaced to cover the full area. 

Large Lawns

For more extensive lawns, the rotor heads are the best sprinkler heads. It sprays water up to 150 feet and gives you the flexibility to adjust the angle of water spray.

It is particularly useful for clay soil as the rotor heads movements allow the water to sink in before the next water jet comes in. You can adjust the flow of the rotor head from lower 40 degrees to full 360 degrees.

Bushes and Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are often used to create a border around the lawn or used in the landscape design. The thick, dense bush makes it difficult to water the plant as water does not fall near the ground.

For these types of plants, you can use bubble or shrub-style sprinklers. The sprinkler heads are attached underneath the shrubs or onto a tall rise pipe, so water goes straight to the shrub roots. 

Water Requirements of Plant

Depending on the types of plants in your garden some plants need more water than others. Many plants such as spider plants do not need excess water as it risks the developing of soil fungus.

Depending on your plant needs you should pick a sprinkler head that provides either a low or large water stream. Choosing the wrong sprinkler type could result in over-irrigation or slow watering for your garden.

Sprinkler Head Material

You want a sprinkler head that lasts longer which means less time to spend buying replacement parts. Sprinkler heads are made from plastics and sometimes with a combination of metal and steel.

For more extensive lawns, you should be using a sprinkler head that can handle high water pressure. The metal or steel-made sprinkler heads are more suitable as they can withstand high water pressure. The only downside is that it will be more expensive than plastic-made spray heads. 

For small or medium size lawns, you can use lightweight and cheaper plastic-made sprinkler heads. 

Cost of Sprinkler Heads

Depending on the design and material used, the cost runs from a few dollars to over hundreds of dollars. This is why it is essential to identify your requirements first and then choose the sprinkler head which is of good quality and lasts longer. 

In our review, we have mentioned sprinklers which are the best value for the money. 

How to Install and Troubleshoot Sprinkler Heads

Above the ground sprinkler heads are quick to install and use, but for underground sprinkler heads, you may need some work done to get it ready. 

Here is a quick video that explains how to install a sprinkler head. 

Once you installed the sprinkler, you will need to adjust the head. Here is a brief but useful video about sprinkler head adjustment.

Over to you

The sprinklers recommended above are the best among themselves. We tried to include various categories of the sprinkler to make you pick as per your needs and budget.

Choosing the right sprinkler head will allow you to water your garden more efficiently without spending more time. For beginners, finding the best sprinkler head can be intimidating. But you will not regret it if you buy any of the recommended sprinklers above.

The adjustable sprinkler head makes it versatile as the small adjustment to the head can make a big difference in the way you water your garden. You can mix and match various types of a sprinkler heads. But for optimal performance, we don’t recommend running all sprinklers at the same time but schedule a time for each.

Keep an eye on the leaks and replace the sprinkler parts as needed to improve their life. 

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