Best Garden Sprayer Review

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This is our review of the best garden sprayer in 2024

Keeping your garden lush green and healthy is not an easy job. A good quality garden sprayer is essential to keep your garden weed and pest-free.

We provide you the list of some of the best garden sprayer in the market to help you make informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Picks

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D.B Smith Field King Max Sprayer

D.B Smith Field King Max Sprayer
This backpack sprayer has long chemical resistant wand that allows you to reach farther spots. The adjustable and comfortable shoulder graters and ergonomic design makes it easy to get job done.

Best Overall

my 4 sons sprayer

My 4 Sons M4 Battery Powered Sprayer
The best overall sprayer has double filer system for ease and longevity. The battery is included so you don’t have to keep hunting fro one and made for long lasting non-corrosive material.

Best Value

Chapin 20002 Multipurpose

Chapin 20002 Multipurpose
For those looking for affordable price without compromising the value should consider this. It’s excellent for a small size garden and made from high quality tank material.

7 Best Garden Sprayers in the Market

Our Top Pick (Manual Sprayer)

Chapin 61900 sprayer is a trusty, reliable sprayer in the market. It is made with a long-lasting, durable plastic container to increase the life of the unit.

The attached pressure gauge on the unit allows you to keep an eye on the desired pressure. You can easily adjust the intensity and spraying distance. The 4 inches wide opening makes it convenient to fill and reduces the spill. 

The filters inside the tank can be removed for cleaning and replacements. The padded shoulder braces and lumbar support provides the comfort to use it for an extended period.

Our Top Pick (Powered Sprayer)

my 4 sons sprayer

My 4 Sons M4 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer is a well-designed self-powered powered sprayer which is easy to carry around. The long-lasting battery goes for several spray sessions before you need to recharge it. The marked translucent tank allows you to keep an eye on the fill level.

The wide range of nozzle included with the unit will enable you to choose gamut of the spray patterns. If you are looking for a self-powered electric garden sprayer, then you should consider this for your needs. 

Best Garden Sprayer Reviews

1. Chapin Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

This is a self-powered sprayer from Chapin International. We like its comfortable and good quality padded material for chest and waist straps. The extended 20-inch wand with a soft grip makes it easier to reach tall plants or keeping toxic mist away from your body.

The battery holds a long charge as you can spray up to 50 gallons at 35 PSI with a single charge. The wide mouth opening at the top allows for the easy filling without any spillage. The big capacity tank allows you to fill as much as you need to get the job done.

The battery makes it bit heavier than other models, but it makes it up with no manual pumping required. This will be helpful for people with a mobility issue or those who want to concentrate on spraying rather than pumping.

The shut-off switch is conveniently located on side for your hands to reach easily. The pump does not shut-off when the tank is empty, so you have to turn it off manually.

Overall, the ergonomic and efficient design of the tank allows you to use most of your solutions before you can no longer maintain a steady flow.

This is an excellent functionality as some sprayer leave almost half a gallon in reserve which gets wasted when you have to change the solution. The three stage-filtration systems inside the tank reduce the clogging. It gives you a smooth spraying experience.

See More information on Chapin International 63985


  • Triple stage-filtration system reduces clogging
  • Long lasting battery up to 1.75 hours of continuous spray
  • Big capacity tank and three different spray nozzles
  • Convenient to fill it without spilling


  • Poor battery placement design, risk of spill falling on battery
  • Expensive for casual gardeners

2. My 4 Sons M4 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

my 4 sons sprayer

This is a self-powered garden sprayer with ease of use and a wide variety of functions in mind. It comes with multiple adjustable nozzles for diverse everyday use.

To make it easier and comfortable to use, it comes with an extra-long adjustable stainless-steel wand (20-40 inches). Easily removable battery design allows you to change batteries with less disruption in spraying.

The straps are durable and comfortable to roll around your shoulder. There is also handle at a top to make it easy to carry rather than hanging it at your back.

The sprayer uses adjustable nozzle made with brass, and have spray options such as flat tee jet, fine mist and double. The back power switch makes it easy to power it on and off. The adjustable pressure switch allows you to control the spray output.

Due to its high pressure, some users reported it to use it to wash their car without any problem. Now that is something which is multi-purpose use.

See More information on My 4 Sons M4 Battery Powered Sprayer


  • It has a double filter system
  • The battery is included with the unit
  • Large selection of nozzle makes it convenient to use for different purposes


  • Its heavy at 14 pounds without solutions
  • Only a liquid solution can be used

3. D.B Smith Field King Max Backpack Sprayer

The Field King Professional Max is the upgraded version of sprayer from its earlier favourite model. It has whooping long 21-inch stainless steel wand with chemical resistant poly lining. The long chemically resistant rod makes it easier to reach at the taller part of plants and under the leaves.

The back harness is padded with soft cushy materials which makes it comfortable on your back. The adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt, and chest straps make it easier to align it as per your needs.

These are the small changes but makes a massive difference in the comfort level while you carry it around. The other essential improvement includes the foldable pump handle. It saves the space in your garage and gardening shed.

The improved no-leak pump design prevents liquids from leaking down your back. The high-pressure chamber can go up to 150 PSI making it easier to reach the stream to reach up to 30 feet distance.

The Field King Professional Max comes with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty and has on-call customer support.

See More information on D.B Smith Field King Professional Max


  • Great value for money
  • Longer corrosion resistant wand
  • Adjustable, comfortable straps 
  • Excellent for small to medium size garden 


  • The handle pump is little stiffer which makes hands get tired
  • Not very clear operating instructions

4. Tabor Tools Lawn and Garden Pump

Taber Tools sprayer does an excellent job for quick garden spraying with its angled sprayer extension. This makes it perfect to use indoor or outdoor. The transparent bottle design let you see inside the container and check the fluid level. So, no more guessing involved.

The wide mouth funnel opening allows for easy fill up without spilling. No tools required as you simply unscrew the top lid, fill it up and get ready for spraying. Its multi-purpose carrying design allows you to hold it vertically from the top or hang it on your shoulder.

The comfort-grip handle has an innovative design shut-off valve which allows you to rest your hand while keeping a constant flow. It comes in various capacity from 0.3-gallon hand sprayer to 2-gallon pump sprayer. You have lots of option to choose from depending on your needs.

See More information on Tabor Tools Lawn and Garden Pump


  • Affordable price
  • Great to reach higher areas
  • Small form factor to easily carry it around
  • Convenient to fill it up without spilling 


  • Extended user manual is emailed rather than included in product packaging
  • Nozzles are hard to turn to change the spray pattern

5. Chapin 20002 Multipurpose

Buy at Amazon

Don’t get deceived by its small size and bland looks. It is a relatively low priced budget sprayer which gets the job done. You can use it to spray any pesticides, herbicides, or any kind of liquid fertilizer in your garden.

The anti-clog filter prevents clog buildups. It results in a long-lasting spray without any hitch or stopping. The adjustable foaming nozzle allows you to see how much and where you are spraying. This longer and better surface contact of nozzle with the plants helps to build up foam.

The easily adjustable cone nozzle design allows you to change the spray from a mist to coarse stream with a simple twist. You can get pressure up to 40-60 PSI which lets you stream up to 25 feet. The piston-based pump makes it easier to operate and clean.

The wide-open funnel top makes it easier for you to pour solutions without any spilling. Unlike some other garden sprayers, you can service the shut-off assembly for more natural cleaning which improves the life of the device.

It comes in various tank capacity sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 3 gallons. In the package, it includes a 12-inch wand, 28-inch reinforced hose, and adjustable nozzle and sprays handle. The ergonomic pump handle provides stable gripping while spraying.

See More information on Chapin 20002 Multipurpose


  • Longer corrosion resistant wand
  • Good quality tank material
  • Convenient to fill it up without spilling 
  • Excellent for small size garden


  • Have to pump this consistently to get good pressure
  • Poor locking mechanism design which allows occasional pressure release

6. Solo 430 Garden Sprayer

This is a low-capacity garden sprayers which is ideal to use on small gardens. It’s lightweight and can be used easily. It has a pump sprayer which you press with your hand to build up the pressure.

The tank is made with polyethylene and has corrosion resistant seals which allow you to use it with harsh chemicals. The conveniently placed locking trigger reduces fatigue on your hands. The drip guard design enable you to use it at tight, small and cumbersome places without spilling.

The lightweight and versatile design allow you to use it both indoor and outdoor. It makes it perfect for applying fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides on your plant. You can even use it for general purposes to clean house, coat woodworks, and domestic sanitize and clean.

You can adjust the stream from a light mist to strong spray with a conveniently located knob. It is relatively lower priced than other high-end models, but for occasional smaller spraying jobs, it is a good value.

See More information on Solo 430 Garden Sprayer


  • Lightweight and small form factor make it easier to carry and use
  • Corrosion resistant seal improves the life of the sprayer
  • Multi-directional nozzle
  • Excellent for small size gardens 


  • Need regular pumping to maintain pressure
  • Expensive for casual gardeners

7. Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer

Buy at Amazon

Chapin International sprayer has the four-gallon capacity and is very simple and convenient to use. The sprayer wand has a comfortable grip which makes it very useful for people having mobility issues.

The straps are padded to make it comfortable on your shoulder. The broader opening of four inches at the top makes it easy to fill with solutions without spilling it on the ground. It is rated to be compatible with the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

The three-stage filtration system allows it to be more reliable as it keeps the dirt away from clogging the nozzle. Its flexible design and multiple nozzle attachments will enable you to work in a variety of use.

It has a one-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime warranty on the tank. The sturdy and smooth functioning hand pump makes it less difficult to operate the pump.

See More information on Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer


  • Its heavy-duty hose makes it sturdy and leakproof
  • Great durable material
  • The 3 level filtration systems make it easier to clean 
  • Sturdy and reliable, smooth operating manual pump


  • The brass tip can turn green after many uses
  • Only a liquid solution can be used
Man Spraying Herbicide

Why Do You Need Garden Sprayer?

Before we get on to which, let’s consider why first. There are several reasons that you want a garden sprayer. Some of the common reasons are:

  • It saves you money by spraying it yourself than hiring a professional landscaper. The one-time investment allows you the flexibility to use it anytime. You can spray insecticides, fertilizers, or herbicides in your garden without any hassle.
  • You can adjust the nozzle spray to get the desired spray type to use it on a wide variety of plants. For example, you can use mist mode when spraying on delicate flowers and high-pressure style when spraying  weed killers.
  • It is far convenient to use sprayer than garden hose as you can quickly turn it on and off as per your need.
  • The portable design of sprayer allows you to use it at obstructive parts of the plants. For example, you can use it under the leaves or around bushes where insects and worms hide and feast.

How to Buy the Best Garden Sprayer

There are many different styles and varieties of the garden sprayer in the market. Before you head on to your local hardware store and get confused with a variety of options, read this buying guide to save time and money.

It is useful to have a garden sprayer whether you have a small or large garden. You can use it to apply herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Keep in mind the following things before you buy a sprayer.


Portability is essential for sprayer as you have to move around to spray it in your garden.

There are three main types of the sprayer in the market:

  • Backpack 
  • Handheld 
  • Wheeled 

Now depending on the size of your garden, you may need a small or higher capacity sprayer.

For more significant and extensive gardens, I recommend using wheeled sprayer with viton seals to prevent spilling. As you will have to use a large capacity tank which gets heavy to lift and move it around. For small and medium size garden, you can use either backpack or handheld atomizer.

Here are some points to note for each type of sprayer.

Handheld Sprayer

As the name suggests, you carry the handheld sprayer in your hand and use it to spray in your garden. These are very lightweight and small capacity sprayer. It is a perfect device for small yards or for a limited number of plants.

The operation is basic and straightforward. You fill the solution in the bottle and attach the pump at the top. You then press the trigger to get the spray to your plants. Some bottles have level marking to measure the correct quantity of solution.

Backpack Sprayer

For a small to medium size gardens, the backpack model allows you a more flexible option. This is also a good option for people who have mobility issues such as arthritis. A particular medical condition makes it difficult to hold and squeeze the trigger of a handheld sprinkler.

Backpack sprayer comes in a standard and powered pump options. You wear it at your back with a strap attached to the sprayer and your both hands are free to spray.

Due to its ease and convenience, the backpack model has a large tank and made with a lightweight material. The four-gallon  capacity is the most popular option in a backpack sprayer.

The shoulder setup allows you to carry even more substantial and significant amount of solutions to a greater distance. The manual pump has a lever attached to the tank which you move to buildup pressure inside the container. The viton seals around the top prevents spilling. 

Check your garden layout and determine if you will be able to pass around a smaller space of your garden with a backup on.

For a small to medium size gardens, the backpack model allows you a more flexible option. This is also a good option for people who have mobility issues such as arthritis. A particular medical condition makes it difficult to hold and squeeze the trigger of a handheld sprinkler.

Backpack sprayer comes in a standard and powered pump options. You wear it at your back with a strap attached to the sprayer and your both hands are free to spray.

Due to its ease and convenience, the backpack model has a large tank and made with a lightweight material. The four-gallon  capacity is the most popular option in a backpack sprayer.

The shoulder setup allows you to carry even more substantial and significant amount of solutions to a greater distance. The manual pump has a lever attached to the tank which you move to buildup pressure inside the container. The viton seals around the top prevents spilling. 

Check your garden layout and determine if you will be able to pass around a smaller space of your garden with a backup on.

Wheeled Sprayer

You drag the wheeled sprayer in your garden on its mounted wheels. The wheel allows you to move it at a considerable distance with more spraying solutions in it.

It is also suitable for people with back problems. As it makes it difficult for them to carry or lift heavier objects. Most wheeled sprayer come in either battery or gas-powered spray pump.

This is a good option for a large garden where you can easily move-around your sprayer without carrying it on you. Choose a smaller capacity if you have obstructions which make it challenging to move bigger sprayer.

Here is a reference video which explains the types of a garden sprayer.

Other Considerations

Besides mobility, here are some other considerations when choosing the right sprayer for your garden.

Battery Powered or Manual Sprayer

You need to buildup pressure inside the tank for the solution to come out. You can do it either manually or self-powered.

You can self-power it with battery or gasoline. But these days, the battery power is a more popular option due to the ease of use and much cleaner alternative than gas.

With the advancement in rechargeable batteries, you can use it many times with far more power than before. Plus, no need to worry about buying or spilling gasoline in your sprayer.

The only drawback for battery option is that compared to the manual, it is far more expensive.

Sprayer Capacity

You can choose the different capacity of the tank as per your needs. Most garden sprayers in the market have capacity from 1 quart to more than 4 gallons. The handheld sprinklers have lower tank capacity than a backpack and wheeled garden sprayers for apparent reasons.

Choose the tank capacity based on the size of your garden and the intended use of a sprayer. Consider buying the medium size tank if you have challenges in maneuvering larger units. The only downside will be that you have to refill it a couple of more times. But still a far better option than not spraying your garden at all. 

Sprayer Nozzle 

The spray nozzles allow you to spray different spray patterns and covers a variety of plants. Most of the lower end models do not come with extra exchangeable nozzle, but many mid to high range model come with multiple nozzles. You can easily switch it depending on your needs.

The adjustable tip on the nozzle allows you to choose from a stream spray to fine mist. These nozzles are made from bronze, brass or plastic tips. The metallic tip nozzle lasts longer than the plastic nozzle. But the metallic nozzle is more expensive and comes with a mid to higher end model of garden sprayers.


The pump is the heart of the garden sprayer unit, it is the same as the engine is to your car. Pump buildup the pressure which then forces the solution out of the tank. There are two most common types of pump in the market.

  • Diaphragm pump
  • Piston pump

Diaphragm pumps are more reliable than piston pumps. Most backpack and wheeled sprayer have diaphragm pumps. The advantage of the diaphragm is that it can be used with a variety of solutions, from water to wet powders. 

The wet powder solutions do not fully dissolve but remain fine solid particles which makes it difficult to spray. The diaphragm pump provides the necessary power and durability to spray it.

Piston pumps are usually found in handheld garden sprayers as it is straightforward to operate. These are used with liquid-based solutions and are far cheaper than the diaphragm based pump.


Cleaning of sprayer after use is essential to remove any slug buildup in the nozzle or in the tank. This is more so when you have used some weed killer or pesticides which are toxic, and you don’t want kids or pets to get in contact.

Cleaning is generally easy for most of the sprayer as after each use you clean it by filling it with soapy water. Then shake the tank, so the soap can reach everywhere and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the tank and clean nozzle with a plain water.

Some smaller nozzle may need additional tools to clean it. The garden sprayer unit will contain these particular tools. Keep it safe and don’t lose it; otherwise, you have to buy it separately. Follow any special cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer.


Look for the option of higher flexibility with the sprayer. A large extension hose and detachable nozzle will provide you more flexibility. As you can use it effectively at tight or hard to reach spots and even use on delicate flowers.

These flexible options allow you to use the same unit in different scenarios without purchasing separate sprayer.


The sprayer tank comes in three common types of materials;

  • polyethylene plastic
  • galvanized steel
  • stainless steel

The steel tank is more expensive than plastics. As steel is more durable and last longer than plastics. The downside of steel is that it adds more weight than the plastic.  

For most of the handheld sprinkler and even some backpack, the plastic may be enough to get the job done. Also, if you take good care of plastic, then it may last for several years.

Safety Tips

Safety is essential when you are using a sprayer to spray toxic chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.

Follow these safety precautions when using your garden sprayer.

  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves, face mask, and long sleeves when using the sprayer
  • Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes
  • Wash your eyes with clean cold water if you feel irritation in your eyes after spray
  • Read the owner’s manual before using the device and be aware of the recommendation by the manufacturer to use the sprayer
  • Do not eat or drink while spraying
  • Be aware of wind direction and move in the opposite direction to avoid the mist getting on you.
  • Take a proper bath after spraying
  • Keeps kids and pets away while spraying
Best Garden Sprayer Review

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