Best Electric String Trimmer

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Who likes to look at overgrown weeds and grass in their garden?

I’m sure you don’t, and neither do I.

To cut and control these overgrown weeds and grass, you need a string trimmer.

There’re so many different types of string trimmer available in the market. To help you find the best electric string trimmer, I’ve done extensive research.

I’ve included a detailed comparison of some of the best electric trimmers and the things to consider when picking one. You can choose any of these which fits your need.

Remember, owning a string trimmer cut down on your garden maintenance time.

It allows you to cherish more of your well-maintained garden rather than spending all your time managing it.

Quick Picks

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Greenwork Cordless String Trimmer

Greenwork Cordless String Trimmer
This is a powerful 40V electric string trimmer with lots of attachment options.

Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer
Our top pick for the best electric string trimmer which comes with a powerful motor and long comfortable shaft length.

Best Value

Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger
The multi-use corded electric string trimmer works perfectly for any small to medium size garden without breaking a bank.

7 Best Electric String Trimmer in the Market

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best electric string trimmer is the Black + Decker Li-On String Trimmer. This trimmer is a powerhouse that you can use for any small to mid-size garden.

It can cut through hard and tougher weeds and thick grass. It’s lightweight enough to use for a longer duration. The cordless feature allows you to take it wherever you need to get rid of the weed.

The only downside is the somewhat smaller safety guard. But as long as you’re careful around small rocks or chips, this should not be a problem. 

What is an Electric String Trimmer, and Why do you need one?

An electric string trimmer is a gardening tool that helps you to cut weed and grass. Many people also call it with so many different names such as weed whacker, weed eater, weed whip, or line trimmers.

Regardless of what you call it, its function remains the same, which is to control the weed and trim overgrown grass.

Weeds and overgrown grass are a challenge for many homeowners and gardeners to keep up with. To keep your garden, look great, and flourish your flowers and vegetable plant, It’s essential that you keep weeds in check.

Uncontrolled weed can easily overwhelm you and take over your garden. It ruins your garden and turns your beautiful garden into a forest. This is more so when many people are turning to organic gardening to grow their own food.

The National Gardening Survey has estimated that on average people are spending over $400 per household for gardening.

And if you’re spending that much money on gardening, then it becomes vital that you also invest in tools to safeguard your garden. 

What to consider when buying Electric String Trimmer

Corded or Cordless

Choose cordless trimmer for small to medium size lawn. Corded is a better option when you need more power to handle grass or weed

Trimmer Line

The string trimmer line is made from nylon or polymer string. Choose consumer grade trimmer line for residential use. 

Safety Guard

Safety guard is vital to protect the debris and rocks from flying out and cause injury or damage to a property. 

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Best Electric String Trimmer Review

1. DEWALT 20V Brushless String Trimmer

DEWALT 20V Brushless String Trimmer

The Dewalt Brushless String Trimmer is a cordless electric string trimmer. The trimmer is powered by a 400 Max Watts Out (MWO) brushless motor. This means it will have all the power needed to handle the dense foliage. 

The power is transferred through patented gear design to the cutting part of the trimmer. This results in higher torque and steady speed under the load.

The conveniently placed high/low-speed control switch allows you to switch gear as you move around decimating weeds. The handle is placed at arm’s length distance for easier handling and smooth maneuver.

The battery is a 5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. This is an excellent rated battery as it delivers the necessary power while lasting longer, so you don’t have to charge it often. The use of a brushless motor offers power and efficiency as it has 57% more runtime than a standard motor.

You will find it useful as this means in a single charge you can trim a large area of your garden. The energy-efficient motor puts less load on the battery, which improves battery life.

As a result, it saves money in the long run as you don’t have to buy the replacement battery sooner.

Moreover, compared to other batteries, the 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery provides 33% more capacity. This means it will last far longer and you don’t have to change batteries as often.

You can get a quick charge of under 30 minutes, which will last for a while. But a full charge takes 2 to 3 hours once totally discharged.

The bump feed uses a 0.080” line with a 13-inch clear diameter. It’s enough for any small to medium size garden. The trimmer is well balanced and weighs 8.5 lbs, which makes it easy to carry around for a longer time.

The two-piece shaft can be adjusted and has a locking mechanism to keep held together. Once tightened, the shaft is reliable and stable.

See More Information about Dewalt Brushless String Trimmer


  • Powerful 400 MWO brushless motor
  • 5V Lithium-Ion battery (included)
  • Lightweight 
  • Ideal for small to medium size garden 


  • Small trim line
  • No spare battery

2. BLACK + DECKER 14-Inch String Trimmer And Edger

BLACK + DECKER 14-Inch String Trimmer And Edger

If you’re looking for a trimmer and edger in a single unit, then you will like the Black & Decker corded electric string trimmer.

It uses a 6.5-amp motor, which generates high torque and maximum performance. This helps when trimming through tougher weeds and grass.

The efficient and powerful drive transmission prevents the trimmer from getting slow down when you come across dense grass or weeds.

It has a sufficiently long cord which is enough to cover any small to medium size garden. The benefit of a corded electric string trimmer is that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or filling up gas.

The trimming unit uses Automatic Feed System (AFS). This is useful as you don’t have to keep bumping it or stop changing the feed spool. This reduces the trimming time and is easy on your back as you don’t have to bend to change the line.

The 2 in 1 design of trimming and edging makes it very convenient to use the same unit for both purposes. The trimmer has a guiding wheel on aside. When you need to edge, you simply rotate it to switch from trimming to edging.

The guiding wheel gives you more control and accuracy in edging, which results in straighter and cleaner edging around borders, sidewalks, and flower beds.

The trimmer has a single string feed and includes one spool. It uses a 0.065” string. The use of an auxiliary handle makes it easy to move it around.

At the top, the power cord retention loop prevents the power cord from getting pulled off accidentally. Overall, this is a great reasonably priced string trimmer with edger capability.

See More Information about BLACK + DECKER String Trimmer And Edger


  • Trimming and Edging capability
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Powerful motor 
  • Ideal for small yard
  • Can cut up to 1/2-inch foliage


  • Short power cable
  • Not suitable for large size garden

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer

Black & Decker 20V String trimmer is a powerful cordless electric string trimmer. The high-capacity battery means you get more power to handle tougher weeds and grass with long cutting hours.

We like the ergonomic design of the string trimmer. The battery is placed at the top, behind the handle which you may find easy to grip and maneuver.

It weighs less than 8 pounds, which is light enough for people of any size and body strength. You will find it easy to lift and move around.

The 52-inch shaft length makes it easy for a medium to a taller person to use this electric trimmer. You can easily change from trimming to edging with a quick turn of the shaft.

The “power-command” variable speed setting allows you to choose more power, better battery performance, or anything in between.

The use of Automatic Feed Spool feeds the spool without you stopping or bumping on the feed spool. The 13-inch cut swath is the right cutting diameter for any garden size.

The protective guard prevents the rocks or small chips from flying around, but we find it a bit short and would have preferred a more prominent size guard.

The unit comes with a battery and charger. Depending on the performance level setting, you can get almost an hour of trimming time.

This is a good trimming time for most small to medium size gardens. But for more extended duration use, you can also purchase the second battery as a replacement.

You should also recharge any discharged batteries after each use to maintain the battery life cycle. It’s recommended to remove the battery from the unit when storing it after a season.

You can also buy additional spool replacements which may last a couple of gardening seasons. If you wish, you can spool it yourself. It will be a cheaper option than buying a new spool.

Make sure when buying the after-market string, pick the one which is smooth and flexible as it makes it easier to spool. If you go this route, it will save you money, and the auto-feed still works fine.

But if you don’t want to hassle with spooling yourself, then you can always have a choice to buy the replacement from Black + Decker.

See More information on BLACK+DECKER 20V String Trimmer


  • High power 20V battery
  • Easily switch between battery life and performance
  • Automatic Feed Spool
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ergonomic design


  • Small size safety guard
  • Fragile cutting string

4. Toro Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

This is a multi-use corded electric string trimmer and edger. The high-power 5-amp motor provides enough power to cut any weed type with ease. The broad 14-inch cutting line covers the more extensive area, which makes the job get done faster.

Toro’s “One-Step-Walk-Behind” edging allows you to easily switch from a trimmer to an edger in seconds. This is very convenient as you do both trimming and edging in a single cutting cycle.

The smooth and well-designed edging guide wheel helps you roll the string trimmer smoothly and prevents scalping. When you’re done edging, you simply push the button again and get back into trimming mode.

To move the trimmer around with ease and handle it comfortably for a longer duration, it comes with a full assist handle. You can also adjust grip as per your comfort level.

The rust-free aluminum telescoping shaft provides a safe trimming distance and allows you to reach tight spots without bending. The high-quality lightweight shaft can withstand any stress while trimming.

The string trimmer uses Dual 0.065” line and auto feeds (AFS) the trim line. However, many users found the auto-feed line to be hit and miss case. But it’s not something that you can’t handle as most other string trimmers with AFS have similar issues.

The use of a power cord means it’s ideal for any small to medium size garden. For the bigger yard, you have to use the extension cord.

As a safety feature, you have to keep your hand on the grip to turn it on. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

See More information on Toro Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger


  • High power motor
  • Easily switch between trimming and edging
  • Automatic feed spool 
  • High-quality clean cutting


  • Re-spooling is difficult
  • Small guard size

5. WORX 13″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

WORX 13" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Worx cordless string trimmer and edger is a high-power electric string trimmer. It uses a 56V Lithium-ion battery which provides long-lasting power with performance.

The trimmer is well designed, keeping versatility, comfort, and control in mind. The 13-inch cutting diameter is ideal for any medium to large garden size. The large cutting diameter reduces the trimming time.

The variable speed control provides extra runtime and versatility. The battery is 56V Max Lithium-Ion, and the unit comes with a battery indicator.

The high-power rechargeable battery allows you to use the trimmer in any tough garden weeds. The battery indicator on the trimmer is an excellent visual indicator that tells you the remaining battery level. This allows you to adjust your cutting cycle.

When you need to use an edger, simply push a button and turn the handle. It allows the seamless and trouble-free transition from trimming to edging.

The variable speed throttle is located close to the top. You can quickly change the speed throttle with a simple push of a lever. This is a useful feature as there is no reason to run the trimmer at full speed when using around a small patch of soft weed or grass.

Adjusting the speed throttles increases the run time and delivers more powers when you need it.

You can pivot trimmer anywhere between 0 to 90 degrees. This is beneficial as you can reach tight spots without bending too much.

The “command feed system” feeds the liners without bumping or manually pulling the line. We find it better than the automatic feed system, which mostly either does not work or gives you incorrect line length.

The command feed system releases the line with a simple press of a button. It uses a 0.080” professional grade trimmer line which is durable and long-lasting.

When edging, the twin wheels at the bottom helps guide the tool to get a cleaner cut. It weighs around 13 pounds, which is a bit heavier than others. But this is due to a beefed-up battery that lasts around an hour of continuous use.

See More information on WORX 13″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger


  • High power trimmer and edger
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Pivot trimmer from 0 to 90 degree 
  • Strong, durable lines


  • No shoulder straps
  • Bit heavy

6. Makita LXT Cordless String Trimmer

Makita LXT Cordless String Trimmer

Makita LXT is a cordless electric string trimmer with a heavy-duty 7,800 RPM cutting motor. This doesn’t come with a battery or a charger which you have to buy separately.

But once you get past this, the trimmer is well designed and very lightweight. It weighs 6.5 lbs with a battery which is ideal to use by anyone for a long duration trimming and edging.

You can adjust the telescopic shaft length, which makes it easy to hold when in use and reach tight corners. You can change the shaft angle to 5 different positions for cutting any problematic or hard-to-reach places.

The well-designed 180-degree rotating head allows it to switch between trimmer and edger easily.

The bump and feed trimmer will enable you to continue trimming without stopping. The battery indicator light warns you before the battery runs completely dry.

When you’re buying this trimmer, buy an 18V LXT Lithium-ion 3 Ah battery. A single charge of this battery gives you 45 minutes of trimming time. The cutting capacity of 10.25” is useful to cut any small to mid-size garden.

The unit comes with a small length of trimmer spool, but it’s always advisable to buy some extra separate reel or use the trimmer line to spool it yourself.

See More information on Makita Cordless String Trimmer


  • Fast 7,800 RPM motor
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to switch trimming and edging mode 
  • Portable and ideal for small to mid-size garden


  • Battery not included
  • Bit expensive (with no batteries)

7. Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

If you’re looking for a high-performance heavy-duty cordless string trimmer with attachment capabilities, then Greenworks 40V trimmer will be the right fit. The high-capacity battery delivers all the power you need to go through any type of gardening trimming needs.

There are two different models with 14 inches and 16 inches cut length. So, for any small to mid-size garden, you can choose a 14-inch model whereas for a more extensive size garden you can go with a 16-inch cut path model.

It’s a lightweight string trimmer that lasts up to 60 minutes when fully charged. The 15 lb weight (with battery) is comfortable to handle and maneuver around. The bump line feed uses a 0.080” dual-line, which is very durable and last longer even working with tough grass or weed.

The primary feature of this electric string trimmer is its attachment capabilities. You can attach other Greenworks or another compatible brand attachment with its main unit.

This is very useful as you don’t have to go out and buy separate units for different purposes. The most common types of attachments you can use are cyclone blower, cultivator, edger, disk blower, hedge trimmer, and pole saw.

The brushless motor provides power with a longer runtime and quiet operation. When you buy this unit, it comes with the instruction manual, which tells you how to rewind the spool.

The unit has a battery and charger included. If you prefer to hang it around your shoulder when trimming, then some models have a shoulder strap included. Read the product description to confirm whether the shoulder strap is included.

See More information on Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Strong durable trim line
  • 14” cut path with 0.080” bump feed


  • Short handle
  • Small safety guard
best weed eater review for garden

Types of A String Trimmer (Weed Eater)

There are mainly three different types of string trimmers.

Corded Electric String Trimmer

The electric string trimmer is powered by electricity and comes in a cordless or corded model. It’s very convenient and more comfortable to use.

Also, the use of electricity means it’s eco-friendly. But electric weed eaters have typically less power than the gas-powered weed whacker.

The corded electric string trimmer uses an electrical cable attached to the weed eater to power the motor. It’s useful as you don’t have to worry about charging or replacing batteries or filling up the gas.

It’s ideal to use in a small to medium size garden as you’re limited by the length of the cable. You can use an extension cable in some situations, but it may become a hassle if you got several plants or bushes in the garden.

You may also have to keep unwinding your cable as you cut weed around the trees and bushes. 

Battery Powered String Trimmer

The battery-powered string trimmers are gaining popularity as it’s very convenient to use, weigh less than gas-powered trimmer, and are eco-friendly.

It’s ideal to use for any garden size as you’re not limited to how far you can move around, unlike corded electric weed eaters.

The battery also allows you to use it quickly for smaller jobs such as cutting a small portion of lawn where you find new weed growth.

The only downside with a battery-powered string trimmer is that you have to keep it charged. It’s always a good practice to connect the battery with a charger after each use. It will avoid the battery dying off in the middle of the job.

The battery-powered string trimmers are more economical to operate than other types of string trimmers. 

Gas Powered String Trimmer

The gas-powered string trimmer is primarily targeted toward professional landscapers or people with big backyards. It’s more powerful than the electric-powered string trimmer and allows you to cut thick and stronger weeds.

The only downside is to keep it filled up with gas, and it generates lots of smoke. The gas engine is also noisier than the silent electric motor.

Plus, it’s heavier than the other string trimmer as these types of string trimmer have a small internal combustion engine. And you have to carry it around with a gas in it which adds extra weight.

If you decide to use a gas-powered string trimmer, then we recommend getting the model which has a transparent fuel tank. It helps you see the amount of fuel left in the tank.

Use the following chart to determine the type of string trimmer to buy.

TypeYard SizeTougher WeedWeightNoiseEco-friendly
CordlessSmall -MediumNoLightMediumYes

Things To Look For In An Electric Weed Eater

Electric weed eaters come with several different features and models. Here are some essential things to know when looking to buy.

Battery And Power

Regardless of whether you use a corded or cordless string trimmer, the primary power source in these types of weed eaters is electricity. The electric current moves the trimmer motor inside. The more powerful the engine, the more electricity it will consume.

This is where the power rating of the electric string trimmer comes in. The corded electric string trimmer plugin to standard 120 Volts with varying current levels depending on the power of the motor.

Choose a corded electric string trimmer when you need more power to remove more robust grass or weed. As we said earlier, choose it if you have a small to mid-size garden with not much obstruction to move the cable around.

Pick a cordless electric string trimmer if you don’t have tougher weeds or grass in the garden. The main benefit of a cordless string trimmer is increased mobility. You can move anywhere without getting restricted by the length of the cable.

Battery Charge Time

The battery charge time varies depending on the power rating and the battery type. Some batteries get fully charged in a few hours, and some take several hours to get charged.

Look for the batteries and the charger type if you need something which does not take too long to get fully charged. 


The power of the electric motor is denoted in the Ampere (Amp). Most electric string trimmer comes in a range of 1 ampere to over 10 amperes. Higher the ampere means more powerful the string trimmer. For small yards, a 1 amp to 4-amp rating will be enough. For large yards, pick anything more than a 5-amp rating.

String Trimmer Layout

The design and layout of the string trimmer are essential as you will be carrying it around with you for an extended period. A poorly designed string trimmer will make you get tired quickly, or it may be awkward for you to handle it.

Pay close attention to the motor position, the overall weight, and the length of the shaft. These are essential design factors that will make trimming a painful or pleasant experience.

The smooth and well-placed controls make it easier to operate the trimmer. The shaft of the trimmer connects the main motor to the feeder. There are two common design types of the shaft; straight shaft and curved shaft.

The straight shaft is more convenient if you’re tall and need some distance between the holding handle and the ground. The curved shaft is lightweight and more comfortable to use around hard-to-reach places such as under the bush.

Find out which type of shaft design is more comfortable for you. Most trimmer models also allow you to adjust the shaft length. 

String Trimmer Line

String Trimmer Line

The string trimmer line is made from nylon or a polymer string. The trimmer line should be of good quality, so it doesn’t break when in use. There are two main types of trimmer line available, the consumer-grade trimmer line and the commercial grade trimmer line.

The consumer-grade trimmer line is cheap and is suitable for small to mid-size yards. The commercial-grade trimmer line uses a high-quality, durable trimmer line. It’s ideal to use if you’re a professional landscaper or have a big yard and tough weeds to remove.

It’s very common for these string trimmer line to break during use regardless of how strong it’s. Keep some spare trimmer line just in case you need it while trimming your garden. 

Shoulder Strap (Optional)

If you’re trimming a small yard or garden, then you may need not to carry it around for a long. But if you’re doing anything which requires you to hold a string trimmer for some time, then look for the shoulder straps.

Most electric string trimmers are lightweight, and you may not need one. But if you’re getting a heavy-duty and more powerful electric string trimmer, then it may be wise to pick a model which has a shoulder strap as it may get heavy.

The shoulder strap makes it easier to hold the trimmer, move it around to trim, and prevent you from getting backache. 


As you may have imagined, weight is an essential consideration when looking for a string trimmer. Fortunately, the electric string trimmer is far lighter than the gas-powered string trimmer.

But check out the weight of the trimmer before you buy as it all depends on your comfort level to carry. 

Ease of Use

The electric string trimmer is easier to use. The use of electricity means, there is no wait time or hassle of filling up a gas tank.

When you need to trim, simply attach the battery or plug it into the power outlet. Look for the length of the cord and layout of your yard when using a corded electric string trimmer.

If you have lots of plants and bushes, then it may not be convenient to use a corded string trimmer. 

Trimmer Line Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of the lawn depends on the trimmer line length and the cutting feeder area. Pick a string trimmer depending on the size of your garden, and the type of weed or grass you want to cut.

For any small to medium size garden, choose a trimmer line that provides 10-15 inches of cutting diameter. For a large garden or when you have thick weeds or grass, choose a 15 to 18 inches cutting width.

Most of the gas-powered weed eaters have more full-cutting diameters than the electric string trimmers. 

String Trimmer Line-Feed

The string trimmer line-feed allows you to trim the weed without getting any interruption. Some models have a manual line-feed where you have to turn off the trimmer to change or unwind the line from the spool.

The bump head in the string trimmers automatically feeds the trimmer line with a simple tap on the ground. It reduces the time to trim as you won’t be stopping and changing the feed line.

Some trimmer line also has automatic line-feed (AFS) which releases the trimmer line when it gets too short. 

Trimmer Safety Guard

The trimmer safety guard is located near the cutting head. It protects the debris and rocks from flying out, which may damage the property or injure the bystander.

There is also a bit of trade-off as a more prominent safety guard makes it safer, but it also makes it difficult to see the cutting area.

As a safety precaution, remove any big rocks or move around them before trimming around that area. 

Noise Level

The electric string trimmer is less noisy than the gas-powered one. But you still get the noise from the motor and the noise from the string shaft.

Always wear protective noise cancellation headphones to prevent damage to your hearing ability. As the continuous long-term exposure affects the hearing ability.

Plus, you don’t want to annoy your neighbor with noisy garden maintenance.


The string trimmer feeder spins at a very high rate, which may become a safety issue.

Choose a string trimmer that has a straight shaft as it allows you to maintain a reasonable distance between the weed and you. Also, the placement of an emergency cut-off switch is a nice safety feature if something goes off. 


Some string trimmer comes with the option to change the cutting line and spools. Additional attachments which you can use are brush-cutting blades or wider edging heads.

Electric Weed Trimmer Safety Tips

Here are some useful safety tips when using an electric weed trimmer. Improper use of the weed trimmer may cause injury or damage to property or person. 

  • Wear safety glasses and noise cancellation earplugs when using the string trimmer.
  • Use protective gears such as gloves, shoes, and long pants. It protects your hand from getting cut or make your body itchy after moving around in thick grass.
  • Always check the string trimmer for any damage or loose screws. Pay close attention to check the trimmer line to make sure it’s not cracked or broken.
  • Use a correct power rating to charge or power the electric string trimmer.
  • Keep children and pets away when trimming. They may accidentally get hit by small rocks or get dust or weed particles in their eyes.
  • Maintain a safe distance when using it around people.
  • When not in use always unplug the string trimmer or remove the battery.
  • Remove any loose objects or rock before trimming. It reduces the chance of it flying off when cutting.
  • Properly read the instruction and user manual before operating the trimmer. It will tell you the proper way to handle it.
  • Don’t use string trimmer after taking medication or consuming alcohol.

Can Trimmer Line Break?

Yes, the trimmer line can break when using it around the thicker and dense weed foliage or grass.

A cracked or partially ripped trim line has more chance to break when in use. Replace the broken or cracked trim line with a new trim line before use. 

How To Maintain Electric Weed Eater

Although electric string trimmers don’t need much maintenance, you can extend their life with proper maintenance and care.

The motor in the electric weed eater is the most expensive part and prone to fail. Make sure you use the correct power rating to the plugin.

If using an extension cable then make sure there is no cut or cracks on the wire as it risks short-circuiting and damaging the motor.

Choose a suitable quality extension cable. If you’re attaching other devices to the same extension cable, then make sure it can take the full load without melting.

When using a cordless weed eater, make sure you charge the batteries with the correct charger. Ideally, use the charger which came with your string trimmer.

Using the wrong type of charger may either overcharge the battery and destroy it or will not be powerful enough to charge fully.

Last, keep your machine clean after every use. Use clean water to wash off the grass or weed particles. For storage, we recommend storing it indoors as it prevents the motor from getting wet or getting shaft corroded. 

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