Best Sliding Miter Saw Review

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Miter saw is a very versatile tool that’s used to make precise cuts to the wood. It’s a great alternative to a manual saw.

So, whether you’re a professional carpenter or DIY person who wants to make a quick cut for the backyard shed, you need to decide which miter saw to buy.

To make your job easier, we’ll dive into some of our favorite options below and point out a few essential things to be aware of when trying to choose the best sliding miter saw.

But, if you’re in a rush, just check out our quick picks for some fast recommendations.

Quick Picks

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Makita Cordless Slider Miter Saw

Makita Cordless Slider Miter Saw
Battery-powered cordless slider miter saw comes with automatic speed change technology to adjust cutting speed and torque for a cleaner and faster cut.

Best Overall

Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Powerful 15 amp motor and high RPM delivers extended power and durability. A super-efficient dust collection system keeps the cutting area clean.

Best Value

Tacklife Slider Compound Miter Saw
Reasonably priced slider saw with a powerful motor and laser guide. It comes with an efficient dust collection system with double bevel cutting.

Top Sliding Miter Saw Available in the Market





  • 36 V Battery with 10″ Dual Bevel cutting

  • 8-1/2 Inch Slide Single Bevel cutting

  • Powerful 15 amp motor with 12 inch blade

  • 10″ slide miter saw with 2-steel rain slider

  • 15 Amp power motor and 12 inch saw blade

Our Top Pick

Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter is our top pick. Whatever wood-cutting project you have planned, you can get it done much faster and efficiently with this miter saw.

It’s trusted by professionals and regular users alike. It has all the features you need to accomplish your wood-cutting job to an incredibly high standard the first time around.

What is a Sliding Miter Saw?

A sliding miter saw allows you to cut thicker and longer wood pieces as you’re not limited to the small cutting area of the miter saw. To make a cut, you move the blade back and forth on sliding rails.

Sliding miter saw is popular in construction industries as contractors often need to cut longer and thicker wooden pieces. But if you’re a DIY person and want to build a deck or backyard fence, then choosing a sliding miter saw may be a better option.

What to consider when buying Miter Saw


The cutting efficiency depends on the motor power. For the majority of works, you want to choose at least 15 Amp motor. 

Tooth Count

For a smoother cut, choose a blade with a higher tooth count. But be aware, a higher tooth count slows cutting speed. 

Blade Guard

A good quality blade guard is a must to prevent any injury from a fast-moving saw blade. You can also choose a transparent guard.

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Best Miter Saw Review

Everyone has different job requirements and cutting tasks in their hand. So be sure to choose a sliding miter saw that suits your needs and provides you with an efficient and cleaner cutting performance.

1. Makita Brushless Slider Miter Saw

Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

Those who are looking for portability with cutting performance should check out Makita’s cordless sliding compound miter saw. It comes with two 18 V powerful batteries that on a full charge can make up to 334 cuts on 2 × 4 and 192 cuts on 2 × 12 wood plank.

That’s an impressive performance, and if that’s not enough for your needs, then you can always have a spare set of batteries that you can use interchangeably. This is an excellent option for contractors as they have to move their tools to different job sites frequently.

The powerful energy-efficient brushless motor in the sliding miter saw delivers 4,400 RPM performance with a 50% longer runtime. You get a cutting angle from 0 to 60 degrees and have indents at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45, and 60 degrees. This reduces the time it takes to change the cutting angle.

The setup is straightforward, and the miter saw has a 10″ dual bevel. Two 18 V Lithium-ion batteries deliver 36 V of cutting power.

The sliding miter saw has a 2-steel rail sliding system design. This provides you with a smooth single slide-glide operation and accurate cutting right out of the box.

The compact design of this miter saw allows you to position it in a smaller space against the wall. You get the vertical cutting capacity of 5-1/4″ and crown molding cutting capacity of 6-5/8″. For safety, the electric brake provides extra security.

You get a very exact and clean-cut with this saw. The dust collector is at the top that keeps the cutting space clean. If you’re looking for a portable sliding compound miter saw, then you should give this saw a chance.

See More Information about Makita Cordless Slider Saw


  • Cordless Sliding Miter Saw
  • Large cutting angle
  • Lightweight 
  • 10″ cutting blade


  • Dust collector bag is small
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting

2. Bosch Single Bevel Slider Miter Saw

Industrial Grade Miter Saw

Bosch CM8S Single Bevel sliding compound miter saw is suitable for both professional and casual users. It’s very lightweight and portable. The compact design delivers a crosscut capacity of 12-3/4″ with a 10-inch miter saw blade.

The saw weighs only 37 pounds and is easy to carry around. The adjustable miter indents have significant easy-to-read markings that you can set up to 47 degrees left. If you need a more precise angled cut, you can quickly override the indent and set your desired cutting angle.

There are 10 miter detents slots from 0 to 45 degrees on both left and right and 60 degrees on the right. When you need to make a bevel cut, the bevel lever on the side lets you quickly access bevel settings without needing to go behind the saw to make an adjustment.

This sliding compound miter saw comes with two integrated expanding workpiece support. You can conveniently extend material support up to 29 inches left to right. This is a handy feature, and it improves safety. As you don’t have to support the material for the cut.

The saw has an ergonomically designed trigger handle. It makes it comfortable and quick to start the saw. The transparent lower guard provides you with an unobstructed view during the cut. This reduces the chance of cutting at the wrong spot.

With this miter saw, you get an 8-1/2″ 40 tooth carbide-tipped blade. For ease of installation, it comes with a blade wrench and a toolless workpiece clamp.

The gliding feature on the saw saves space so you can place it on a workbench even if working in a small room.

See More Information about Bosch CM8S Miter Saw


  • Lightweight and sturdy miter saw
  • Compact design
  • 10 miter detents slots 
  • Easy-glide slider option


  • No built-in laser lights
  • No smooth start features

3. Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw is a high-performing 12″ Double-Bevel sliding compound miter saw. It comes with a 15-amp motor that can handle thick and sturdy woods.

This is a great miter saw for people who need high performance and durability to handle repeated heavy use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you may get in other miter saws, but the focus of this miter saw is on the cutting performance.

It has a stainless-steel miter detent plate and cam miter lock. This allows you to set up your desired cutting angle quickly then lock it. This prevents movement while making a cut. The tall sliding fence supports 6-5/8 “of the nested crown and 6-1/2” of vertical base molding.

The miter saw has a broad cutting depth and meets the most cutting requirements. It comes with a bag to collect sawdust to keep the cutting area clean and reduce the accumulation of airborne particles.

The build quality of the miter saw is excellent. The ergonomically designed handle keeps you in complete control so you can get a more precise cut. The back-fence design allows you to cut up to 2 × 16-dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2 × 12 at 45 degrees.

The miter saw doesn’t have a laser guide, but you can use several other laser attachments options if required.

Overall, this is a very functional miter saw that is suitable for anyone to use. This isn’t a cheap sliding miter saw, but a sliding compound miter saw usually costs more than a standard miter saw.

For added peace of mind and to protect your investment in the saw, it comes with a limited 3-year warranty.

See More Information about Dewalt DWS779 Slider Saw


  • Durable and high-performing motor
  • Innovate clamping design for increased stability
  • Crosscut positioning system
  • A super-efficient dust collection system


  • No laser guide for guidance
  • Complicate to operate

4. Makita Slide Compound Miter Saw

Best 12 Inch Miter Saw

Makita is a leading manufacturer of power tools, and this sliding compound miter saw is no exception. With this miter saw, you get up to 12″ cut. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move it around or place it in your truck.

The soft-start feature is convenient and works great. It gradually increases the speed of the blade to reduce start-up shock. Some people consider this as slowing down on the job, but it’s a significant safety feature.

For improved visibility at the cutting position, it contains LED light that’s bright but easy on the eyes. This improves accuracy and precision when making a cut. If you need more help to make a precise cut, then the factory-calibrated class II laser enables accurate alignment.

The miter saw comes with an 8-1/2″ blade, and you get 5,000 RPM spin at no load. It’s a bit noisy at 87 decibels, and you should wear hearing protection while using the miter saw. It has an ergonomically designed handle and is spacious to fit even a larger hand.

The soft rubber grip on the handle reduces the vibration and allows you to work longer without getting tired. The 2-stage safety switch makes it safe to operate and gives you additional protection from any injury.

It comes with a dust bag to keep your cutting area clean. However, we find it to be a bit small, and you have to empty it more frequently. This may not be a problem for many but increases the on-the-job time.

This is a reasonably priced sliding compound miter saw with plenty of power for most types of cutting jobs. It has a large footprint, so you have to make sure that you got a big enough workbench to set it up. This tool will appeal to both contractors and regular users.

See More Information about Makita Slide Compound Miter Saw


  • Large 12″ cuts
  • Electric brake for additional safety
  • Soft start eliminated start-up shock
  • Bright LED light for improved visibility


  • Heavier than others
  • The slide isn’t very smooth

5. Tacklife Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Budget Sliding Miter Saw

Tacklife sliding compound miter saw comes with a 15-Amp powerful motor that delivers 3800 RPM speed to a 12-inch miter saw for an efficient cut. The sturdy, fast-moving blades get the job done in a short time and give you a smoother cut.

The sliding design of the saw extends the cutting flexibility and adds more cutting width. This means you can cut thicker logs with ease. This is a double bevel miter saw that allows you to adjust the blade angle 45 degrees left and right.

The adjustable miter scale has stops at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees left and right direction. This allows you to quickly adjust the saw to the most common miter angles without looking at the angle meter, thus saving time.

One of the things we like in this compound miter saw is the sizeable extended platform. You can extend the cutting platform with a sliding 8″ extension rod to provide support for the large size cut. The vice clamping system holds the piece firmly and frees your hand for other tasks.

The built-in laser provides a precise cutting path. You can control the laser guide with a single switch, and it turns on when you power up the machine.

For keeping the cutting area clean, the large dust bag helps you to collect over 70% more sawdust than other similar types of miter saw.

The 30 mm dust port allows you to connect your household vacuum cleaner to the miter saw. In this way, the sawdust goes directly into the vacuum cleaner, reducing the afterward cleaning.

This is a reasonably priced all-rounder sliding compound miter saw that comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

See More Information about Tacklife Sliding Compound Miter Saw


  • Reasonably priced
  • Powerful motor and high RPM
  • Clean cuts
  • Extended support table


  • No slow start features
  • No LED lights

Some other notable alternatives: Delta sliding miter sawcraftsman cordless miter sawWEN Sliding compound miter saw, and Hitachi C12RSH2.

Bevel Cutting Miter Saw

Types of a Miter Saw

The miter saw is mainly three types.

Simple Miter Saw

This is the most basic type of miter saw that has a nominal range of motion. You can often only make a straight cut to the woods. Due to its straightforward design, these are easy to operate and cheaper.

Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw allows you to pivot the blade left or right for the angled and beveled cut. This is a great functionality to have as not all projects need a simple straight-line cut. With a compound miter saw, you get more precise and sophisticated cuts.

You also get the option to choose a compound miter saw that moves only in a single direction or can be tilted on both sides. The bi-directional compound miter saw is called a dual-compound miter saw.

Sliding Miter Saw

The sliding miter saw has a sliding arm that is used to move the blade back and forth. This increases the cut length. The sliding compound miter saw gives you the best of both worlds. You get the ability to make a longer angled cut with a sliding compound miter saw.

How big of a miter saw do you need?

Miter saw doesn’t come in a single size. Depending on the length you want to cut, you can buy a different size miter saw.

Most professional contractors usually choose a 12-inch miter saw. This allows them to cut longer size woods as often required in construction projects. These miter saws are heavy and a bit more expensive.

If you need a saw for personal use to handle your DIY projects, then you should choose a 10-inch miter saw. This allows you to manage most types of wood-cutting jobs without spending extra money.

If you want something a bit inexpensive and more portable, then choose the 8 ¼ saw size. These are lightweight and can be moved around to the location where you want to make a cut.

For beginners, you can also buy a miter box that helps you to get a perfect angled cut. But if you’re a more experienced user and know how to get the right-angle cuts, then you don’t need a miter box.

Factors to consider when buying the miter saw

When you’re choosing a slider miter saw, look for the following features based on your needs and budget.


The sliding miter saw is powered by an electric motor. For harder and complex projects, you want the most powerful engine.

For the majority of works, you should choose at least 15 Ampere motor. This gives you enough power to cut most wood types.

Be aware that having a low-powered motor may not be able to cut thicker woods or give you a cleaner cut.


Having a right saw blade is essential to get a precise and clean cut. The module comes in 8 ¼, 8 ½, 10, and 12-inch diameters.

The bigger blade makes a more extended cut. This is important if you’re cutting longer and thicker crosscuts with miter and bevel capability.

You don’t always have to choose the 12-inch blade. Most sliding miter saw designs will allow you to use a range of blade sizes. So, know beforehand what you will be using the saw for and the types of wood and thickness you will cut.

Cutting Speed

If you want a clean, smoother cut, then you should choose a blade that has a higher tooth count. Usually, the 12-inch diameter blade has more teeth than a smaller size blade. But as a downside, a higher tooth count slows the cutting speed.

We recommend that you use a larger blade when you have to cut thicker wood and need a more clean-cut appearance. Switch the module to the lower tooth count when you need fast cutting with less precision and finishing.

Blade Guard

The blade guard is a safety feature that prevents injury from the fast-moving saw blade at the workspace. Some people find it a nuisance as it slows the cutting efficiency and attempts to bypass this safety feature.

We recommend not to disable any safety feature as it may cause severe injury or damage to the property.

When choosing a saw, look for the transparent blade guard. This allows you to quickly adjust the blade at the desired position without having to lift it to align at the cutting mark.

Blade Change

The ability to quickly change the blade is a big-time saver. You often have to change the modules when you’re cutting different types and thicknesses of wood.

Sliding miter saw with a single nut blade change option reduces the time needed to change the blade.

Some models of the miter saw have an onboard storage option to store blade-changing wrenches. It’s a huge time saver as you don’t have to hunt for tools whenever you need to change a blade. 

Dust Chutes

When you cut wood planks, it creates lots of fine wood dust. Keeping your area clean is essential to get a precise and efficient cut.

Some sliding miter saw come with a dedicated dust collection spot that prevents the dust from blowing all over the place. It makes cleaning easier afterward.

Few brands have optional air blowing near the cutting area. This keeps the cutting area clean and allows you to get a precise cut. But it moves the dust into the air.

The dust chutes may not be the first thing you have in your mind, but it becomes crucial for health reasons and cutting efficiency.

Laser Attachment (Optional)

The laser attachment gives you an additional tool to make a more precise cut. Some people find it useful, and some don’t like it at all.

Depending on your preference, you may choose whether you want a laser attachment or not.

Sliding Rails

The sliding rails allow the saw blade to move back and forth. The length of the track determines the maximum width of wood that can be cut.

There can be a single sliding rail or four sliding rails. Having a more sliding track adds complexity to the miter saw and needs more care, but you often get the smoother movement.

Price and Warranty

The sliding miter saw usually costs more than the general-purpose miter saw. The price depends on the brand and quality of the saw.

We recommend getting the best quality sliding miter saw even if it cost a bit more. This gives you greater flexibility when cutting woods.

Also, look for the warranty terms to have peace of mind that it will be repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong in the warranty period.

How to properly care for the sliding compound miter saw

With proper care of the sliding miter saw, you get better performance and longer life of the saw. Before using a sliding compound miter saw, check it the blade isn’t loose.

Look for the damage to the blade tooth and replace it if you find any damage or crack in the blade. After the cutting session, turn off the chainsaw before you start the cleaning.

Empty the dirt chute to reduce spillage. Clean the cutting area with a damp cloth. Make sure the safety switch is engaged to prevent any accidental start by children.

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