Best Track Saw Review

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This is our review of the best track saw in 2021

When you’re doing a woodworking job, you need to invest in different tools.

While you can get away with a decent hand saw and a hammer, you need something easy to use, even for new users, when it comes to making more delicate cuts. That’s where a track saw becomes invaluable.

It’s also a cost-effective alternative to a table saw. In this review and buying guide of the track saw, we have researched the seven best track saw available in the market.

Below, we’ll share some of our top picks for the track saw, followed by our buying guide to help you choose the right one. If you’re in a rush, Dewalt Circular Track saw is our top pick. You can’t go wrong with this, and it’s an excellent competitor to the famous Makita track saw. 

Quick Picks

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Bosch Tools Track Saw

Bosch Tools Track Saw
A premium quality track saw delivers precision and power for making cuts to woods and laminated board and plywood.

Best Overall

DEWALT Circular Saw, TrackSaw Kit
Power motor and zero-clearance track system with dual anti-splinter edges ensure that you get a perfectly straight, splinter-free cut.

Best Value

Evolution Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit
Reasonably priced saw designed to cut many materials without changing blades for increased productivity. Great for beginners and experienced users.

Best Track Saw in the Market





  • 12 AMP motor
  • Up to 2 3/16 cutting depth
  • 55 inch guide rail

  • 12 AMP motor
  • Up to 2 1/8 cutting depth
  • 59 inch guide rail

  • 18 V cordless saw
  • Up to 2 1/8 cutting depth
  • Guide rail not included

  • 13 AMP motor
  • Up to 2 1/8 cutting depth
  • Guide rail not included

  • 60 V cordless saw
  • Up to 2 1/8 cutting depth
  • 59 inch guide rail

  • 15 AMP motor
  • Up to 2 1/4 cutting depth
  • 40 inch guide rail

  • 12 AMP motor
  • Up to 2 1/8 cutting depth
  • 62 inch guide rail

Our Top Pick

Dewalt Circular Track saw kit is our top pick. We’ve been using it for several years for DIY projects, and it still works great and has zero issues with it.

It can cut most woods, even with nails inside it, and you get straight cut every time. We find it way better than Festool and without needing to spend a fortune on it. The 1,300-watt motor provides enough power to cut through most materials. 

What is a track saw?

A track saw, also known as a rail saw or a rip saw, is a powerful tool that features a narrow blade mounted to the bottom surface of a long, narrow, flexible rail. The rail is attached to a long metal bar, which allows the saw to be guided along the edge of a wood.

These are used by carpenters and other people who need to cut a straight line of wood. The saw cuts by making a reciprocating motion while the bar remains stationary. A track saw can cut a straight line down with very little waste because of its narrow blade.

Technically, it’s a circular saw with a shrouded blade. It moves on a metal rail to make the straight cut. These rails are made of aluminum that range anywhere from 55 inches to 63 inches long. You may also be able to find shorter or longer rails depending on your needs.

The saw is precisely aligned to move along the track. This allows you to get a straight line cut without making any errors or worrying about alignment. A track saw is a cost-effective alternative to a table saw and handy addition to your workshop.

Here are some benefits:

  • Effortless straight-line plunge cut: The guided track keeps on the straight line, and you don’t have to worry about shaky hands or make a wrong cut.
  • Can do accurate cut on lumber and other wooden materials: It’s very flexible to use, and a track saw system can cut broad types of woods and sheet material.
  • No slippery or chipped cut edge: A track saw guided track allows you to focus more on the depth of cut rather than worrying about it being on a straight line. This gives you a far cleaner cut that prevents any slippery or chipped cut edges.
  • The ability to do multiple cuts: Track saw can cut different cut types such as rip cuts, crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and plunge cutting.
  • No clamps needed: The track saw has anti-slip high friction rubber pads at the bottom with a stable saw base that prevents slippage while cutting.
  • Easy to setup: You don’t need a complicated setup when using a track saw. You need to align it to two ends of the marking and place the guided track rail on the marking to start cutting.
  • Much safer to use: It’s safe to use a track saw as it moves on the track and prevents the slippage that may cause the injury.

What to consider when buying track saw

Corded or Cordless

A steel-made blade is The saw motor can be powered by either battery (cordless) or plugged into a power outlet (corded). The choice depends on how much portability you need. 

Guide Rail

The guide rail is the foundation of the track saw. The guide rail length and sturdiness determine how comfortable it’s going to be to use. 

Safety features

A track saw with several safety features prevents any injury. For higher safety choose a saw that comes with an electric brake system. 

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Best Track Saw Review

1. Makita Plunge Circular Saw Kit

High Power Track Saw

The Makita Plunge Circular saw includes a soft grip, ergonomic handle with anti-vibration technology for ultimate user comfort. It has a powerful 12-AMP motor for an excellent cutting performance on different materials.

The variable speed control dial lets you match the blade speed at 2000 RPM to 5200 RPM. This electronic speed control system keeps the saw at a constant speed under load for smooth cutting.

It’s a corded saw with a large cutting capacity of 2 -3/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1 – 9/16 inches at 45 degrees for a bevel cut.

The 7.9 feet cord length means less time for re-plugging and unplugging and more focus on the job at hand. The built-in torque controller prevents burnout and improves the life of the motor.

This high-performance saw has a bevel capability of -1° to 48° with positive stops at 22.5° and 45°. The 55-inch aluminum-made guide rail is lightweight and allows you to produce precise cuts with minimal tear-out.

It has a built-in depth stop to allow you to cut 1/16 inch of the material before going ahead with full-throttle cutting. This prevents any splinter from the wood, and you get desired clean cut.

The stackable tool case is included for easy transportation and keeps the saw safe from any damage. The electric brake provides extra safety or risk of injury and allows you to make quick cuts.

See More Information about Makita Plunge Circular Saw Kit


  • 55-inch durable aluminum guide rail
  • Stackable tool case
  • Corded saw
  • Variable speed control


  • No dust catching system
  • Vibrates at full-blade RPM

2. DEWALT Circular Saw, Track Saw Kit

Best Track Saw System Kit

For the first time, Dewalt has combined their best-in-class circular saw with a portable track system for increased versatility and easy, hassle-free straight cut.

This is perfect for any project that requires a straight, splinter-free cut. With a robust 12Amp, 1300 watt motor, the track saw effortlessly cuts through hardwoods. The continuous anti-kickback mechanism and riving knife help ensure that the blades don’t kick when the saw is in use.

This improves safety and gives you far cleaner cutting performance. The track saw has an on-track cut depth of 2 -1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 1–5/8 inches at 45 degrees.

This is great flexibility to have as you can use it to cut different kinds and sizes of woods such as hardwood, plywood, or drywall. The 59-inch track will provide you with the right precision and accuracy you need for the task.

If you’re looking for a track saw that can help you with everyday tough jobs, look no further. This Dewalt track saw has a zero clearance cutting system and is perfect for both straight or plunge cuts in both directions.

Overall, it’s a high-efficiency track saw designed to make the most of your time and money. The convenient corded power tool gives you the flexibility to use it non-stop to get the job done.

See More Information about: DEWALT Circular Saw, TrackSaw Kit


  • Powerful 12 Amp electric motor
  • Dual edged tracks for straight cut
  • Multiple track cutting depth setting
  • Anti-kickback mechanism for improved safety


  • The instruction manual is not very clear
  • Bit heavy

3. Festool Cordless Track Saw

Best Track Saw For Professionals

Festool cordless plunge saw offers a new standard in accuracy and versatility in the track saw category. It has a unique blade guide system that allows the blade to be set at any point along the rail without the need for any tools.

You can set the blade to any mid-track point without having to reposition the saw. This is a huge time saver as you don’t have to continually fiddle to reset the blade. It’s useful for non-stop continuous cutting.

The 48-tooth blade is optimized for the perfect cut and provides superior cutting visibility and control. It has a powerful cordless 18V brushless motor with load compensation for a precision cut.

The track saw features a shroud with a retractable blade, a riving knife, and an anti-kickback for safety. The base is made of steel for added stability and durability.

This track saw is a powerful plunge-cutting circular saw that is suitable for cutting solid wood and plywood when paired with a guide track (not included). You can easily set it up on a table, bench, or floor-standing configuration.

The high-capacity cutting provides a 2-1/8 inches maximum cut at 90 degrees and 1-11/16 inches at 45 degrees. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle without getting tired and has several safety features to make it safe to use.

This is a bare saw only and doesn’t come with a battery, charger, or tracks. You should buy the guide rail accessory kit, battery, and charger if you don’t have it already. It comes with a two-year warranty on the saw.

See More Information about Festool Cordless Track Saw


  • Great to use on cutting treated solid woods and plywood
  • Powerful 18 Volt brushless motor
  • Multiple safety features
  • High capacity cutting width at a different angle


  • Batteries, charger, and track not included
  • Carrying bag feels cheap

4. Bosch Tools Track Saw

Premium Quality Track Saw

Bosch Tools track saw is engineered to deliver a straight, fast cut with the track saw and calibrated blade. The saw and track combination makes it an easily transportable alternative to a table saw.

It has a powerful 13-amp motor that maintains speed even at higher load-demanding applications. The overload protection protects the motor from overheating.

You can use it for fast, easy setup for one-step clean finish cuts in wood or wood-based sheet goods such as laminated particleboard and plywood.

The plunge mechanism allows for straight cuts with accurate cutting depth. The single bevel pivot point ensures that when sawing using a track (sold separately), the track can be positioned in the same way for bevel and non-bevel cuts.

The saw doesn’t come with the track, and you have to buy it separately that you can buy from Bosch directly. The compatible tracks for this saw model are FSN800, FSN1100, FSN1600, and FSN2100. The saw has a splinter guard that improves safety.

The saw has excellent build quality, and it’s easy to adjust guide cams. If you’re comparing Bosch and Festool, the Bosch track saw wins with its more powerful and bigger motor that gives you a smooth cut on the hardwood surface.

With easy access to dust extraction through swiveling hose port, you can have the best possible working conditions with this track saw.

See More Information about: Bosch Tools Track Saw


  • Fast, easy setup for a clean finish cut
  • The single bevel pivot point for convenience
  • Overload protection saves motor burnout
  • Swiveling hose port for clean dust-free cutting


  • Track not included
  • Bit heavy

5. DEWALT Cordless Track Saw Kit

Best Cordless Track Saw

Dewalt 60V Max Track Saw kit is the perfect solution for your next project. The saw cuts a straight, splinter-free, and precise cut with the Zero Clearance TrackSaw cutting system.

It’s a cordless saw that comes with a high-performance 60V battery for higher portability. You won’t be restricted to finding the electrical outlets that make it easy to use outdoor and job sites. This makes it a perfect addition for any DIY-er.

The kit includes a track saw, the battery, charger, and carrying bag. The track saw has a continuous anti-kickback mechanism and a riving knife to prevent kickback when engaged. This improves safety when using the saw.

The ergonomically optimal straight plunge mechanism makes it easy to use on a wide range of woods. You can work in a clean, dust-free environment with its universal 1-1/4 inch dust port attachment that provides 90% more efficient dust collection when used with a vacuum.

You get on track cutting depth of 2-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 1–5/8 inches at 45 degrees with this track saw. We found it to be optimal for most jobs and DIY projects. The powerful motor delivers 1700 RPM to 4000 RPM blade speed and a blade diameter of 6-1/2 inches.

Overall, this is a powerful and versatile saw that can cut through different materials with ease. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

See More Information about: DEWALT Cordless Track Saw Kit


  • Powerful brushless motor cordless track saw
  • Highly ergonomic
  • The universal dust collection port
  • Dual edge track for perfectly straight cut


  • Slow battery charger
  • A bit noisy at full load

6. Evolution Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit

Budget Track Saw

The Evolution multi-material circular track saw kit is ideal for a wide range of cutting needs. The kit includes a 40-inch track, 2-1/2 inches adjustable cutting depth at 90 degrees (1–13/16 inch at 45 degrees), and a 7-1/4 inch blade to cut a wide range of materials without needing to change the blade.

It features a powerful 15 amps, high-torque motor that gives you a precisely straight cut. The 0–45 degree beveled edges make for an easy cut with one smooth motion.

It has a universal dust port adapter that you can connect directly with the saw to a vacuum. This helps keep the working environment clean and safe.

The channeled airflow blows the fine wood particles away from the cutting line for a more comfortable and safer cut. You don’t have to blow dirt to see the cutting lines.

The kit comes with a three 4″ long track that you can quickly assemble. The included hex key allows you to secure the track.

The tracks have two high traction surface grips that prevent any movement when using the saw. You can buy additional tracks separately if you need to increase the cutting length. The saw doesn’t come with a carrying case.

Whether you’re doing precision framing or finish work, this track saw kit offers unmatched quality and efficiency. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.

See More Information about Evolution Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit


  • Powerful 15 amp high torque motor
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Includes dust extraction port
  • Channeled airflow to clean a cutting area


  • Carrying case not included
  • The instruction manual is not very clear

7. Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw

Best Track Saw For Everyday Use

The Kreg Adaptive Saw is a professional-grade plunge saw designed for maximum productivity. A 12 amp, 120-volt variable speed motor with load compensation and electronic brake provides smooth and accurate cutting for various materials.

The saw has a variable cutting depth of 2-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 1-1/2 inches at 45 degrees. The 48 carbide-tipped blade is ideal for cutting timber, plywood, PVC pipes, or anything between.

The ergonomic rip fence cutting depth handle allows for precise depth control, while the two anti-slip rubber strips on the base of the saw provide stability on any surface.

The table base is made of heavy gauge steel that provides stability while making cuts without needing a clamp.

The 50-inch cutting capacity off of the Adaptive Cutting System Table Base makes this particular saw great for crosscut and ripping lumber to size.

For increased durability, the tabletop is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with aluminum and composite plastic material.

The saw has a bevel capacity of -1 degree to 47 degrees and an adjustable 62-inch guide track to help you get the perfect angled cut. The track saw’s unique design allows you to cut in either direction without changing the settings.

The saw comes with a carrying bag, dust-collection bag, and guide track. It’s a great plunge saw that is suitable for professional and DIY people that help them work faster and save time.

See More Information about Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw


  • Powerful variable-speed motor for consistent speed under load
  • Electronic brake system for added safety
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Sturdier construction with blade guard


  • Not compatible with other tracks
  • Need some calibration

How to build a track saw?

If you want to build your track saw from a circular saw, it’s not that hard. You need some tools and patience to get it done. To build a sturdy and reliable track saw, you need the following tools.

  • Measuring Tape
  • Router
  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Aluminum flat bar

Step 1: Take long and flat-treated plywood that will help you do all the marking. Place the circular saw to the plywood’s edge and mark it inside where the blade stops. Do the same measurement down to the end of the plywood.

Step 2: Use a measuring tape to measure the router shaving width and firmly clip another plywood or metal bar to help you guide the router shaving. Pass through your router shaving lowering 1/16 of inches a couple of times to prepare the first guide.

Step 3: You can create two-track paths for added stability and accuracy. Mark the second track’s outer edge and move the plywood or metal bar to the second marking. Follow step 2 to prepare the second guide rail marking on the plywood.

Step 4: Use an aluminum bar, clip it at the edge of a circular saw, and use a drill bit to make at least three holes and screw it on. Make sure the head of the screw is flushed for a smooth glide over the wood. The countersink bit is an excellent tool to use to flush the screw hole area.

Step 5: Cut a small wood block with the same width as you have prepared on the plywood. Use it for marking and installing the second aluminum flat bar. You can cut and file any excess overhanging flat bar.

Step 6: Screw the woodblock at the end of the guided rail that stops the guided rail from moving while cutting.

Here is a brief video on how to make your own track saw: 

Should you use a track saw, or a table saw?

A tool is only as useful as the person using it. So, if you’re wondering, which is better for the do-it-yourself home improvement project: a table saw or track saw?

To put it simply, a table saw, and a track saw both have their pros and cons, and each has advantages over the other.

If you’re a beginner, you should use a track saw. It allows you to get a more precise and straight-line cut, which many beginners struggle with. But if you have experience handling saws and want faster cutting, the table saw is a better option.

You’re not limited to woodcutting size with a table saw as you would in a track saw. You can use it anywhere, even in a confined space, and cut thicker woods.

When you’re doing home improvement projects, it’s often all about the details. It becomes crucial to know the ins and out of each before deciding which tool to use.

What is the difference between track saw and circular saw?

There is a subtle difference between track saw and circular saw. The track saw is a hand-held circular saw with an enclosed blade that moves on the rail slide for precise, straight cuts.

The track saw is getting very popular these days as they give you precise cuts while being lightweight and easy to use.

Check out the critical difference between track saw and circular saw.

Track SawCircular Saw
Uses a track for straight-line cuttingFreehand cutting
Ability to make fine cuts without needing sandingFast and quick coarse cuts
Enclosed blade for improved safety and better dust collectionAn open blade that requires regular cleaning of cutting surfaces
Suitable for cutting large size woodsCan cut any size wood
Less portable and hard to set long tracks in a confined spaceHighly portable and can be used in any space
Easier to make crosscut, rip cut, and angled cutsNeeds more precision when making angled cuts
Preferred by professionals for cleaner cuts that reduce wastageCheaper and easier to use for rough cuts

How deep can a track saw cut?

The cutting depth of the track saw depends on the blade’s size and the saw design. Most tracks saw have blades over 6-1/2 inches in diameter that cut wooden materials up to 2 inches thick at a straight line and 1-1/2 inches at 45 degrees angled cut.

A track saw that comes with adjustable cutting depth allows you to loosen the depth adjustment lever to find your desired depth to cut from 0 inches to 2-1/2 inches and anywhere between.

If you’re using a smaller diameter blade of 4-1/2 inches, it can cut up to 1-inch-thick material.

The blade quality and the number of teeth determine the type of materials the track saw can cut. Premium quality track saw has blades that can cut through metal sheets, steel tubes, wood with nails, and plastics.

What to look for when buying a top track saw?

The track saw is used in various applications, including flooring, cabinets, window, and door frames. There are many different track saws on the market, with a variety of features.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a track saw.


You can buy different power rating track saw that can help you cut hard and soft wooden materials. You must buy an adequate power motor for a cleaner and safer cut.

A high-power rating motor saw is vital for cutting treated hardwoods. A minimum of 9 – 10 amp motor gives you enough power to handle a variety of tasks.

Revolution per Minute (RPM)

The RPM tells you the speed with which blades move. Higher RPM blades can give you a cleaner cut on hard materials. The track saw RPM depends on the motor’s quality, and most track saws are rated for 2000 RPM.

Some high-end models have higher RPM up to 5000 with multiple speed control features. Remember that it may be overkill to buy a higher RPM saw if you use a track saw to handle a few DIY tasks here and there or cut soft materials.

Corded or cordless

The track saw is powered by an electric motor operated by a battery (cordless) or plugged into the electrical outlet (corded). A cordless track saw gives you more flexibility as you’re not restricted to the wire’s length and is an excellent option for outdoor cutting jobs.

But on the downside, the battery has limited cutting capacity and the ability to hold a charge. The cutting time is limited to battery life. The corded track saw gives you a higher cutting power and runs longer as long as it’s plugged into the power source.

Guide rail

The guide rails help you keep the blade on track, and a sturdy and reliable guide rail is a must for a good track saw. The guide rail length varies, and some allow you to extend it when needed. You should pick the guide rail length that you will be using most.

You shouldn’t choose a smaller track length guide rail as it reduces the workflow and increases the risk of cutting error. This means you won’t be getting the straight length cut and defeats the purpose of using the track saw.

Dust collection

A track saw with a port for dust collection allows you to accept a 35 mm dust collector hose. This feature is vital if you’re working in a tight and confined space or a basement with no proper air ventilation.

Some people like to attach standard vacuum hoses for dust collection. But if you’re using a dedicated professional dust collector vacuum machine, it turns on when you start the saw and automatically switches off when you turn off the saw.

Ergonomic handle

An ergonomically designed handle makes it comfortable to use a track saw for a long duration. It reduces the strain or discomfort on your arm and wrist that allows you to work longer without getting tired.

Blade size


The blade size determines how thick wood pieces you can cut. Most track saw blades are available from 6.5 inches to 7.25 inches, capable of cutting twice the material thickness in a single pass.

Keep in mind that if you’re getting a bigger blade, then you need a more powerful motor to maintain high RPM. If you don’t need an oversized and heavy-duty track saw, you can opt for smaller blades with a 5-3/8 inches or 4-1/2 inches diameter blade.

You should aim to find a track saw blade that can give you a maximum depth cut at 45 degrees to a 90-degree angle, depending on your needs.

Cutting depth adjustment

When you’re cutting different thickness materials, you have to adjust the cutting depth quite frequently. The ability to adjust cutting depth easily saves you time and hassle to get the job done quickly.

Safety features

It’s vital to look for proper safety features in the saw to prevent injury or damage to the property. A track saw comes with two brake systems, such as manual or electric brake systems.

The manual brake system has a 5 to 7 seconds delay between you releasing the trigger and stopping the blade. The electric brake system stops the blade movement as soon as the trigger is released. This allows you to move on to another cut after you finish the current cut.

Carrying case

There is no doubt that track saws can be an excellent tool for the right type of job, but they can be very dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t taken.

If you’re mobile and move to a different job site, having a carrying case helps transport the saw safely and prevent any damage to it.

Some manufacturers include the carrying case and make sure it’s sturdy and well made. If it has a see-through window, you can quickly identify the case’s contents without needing to open it.

The case should also be designed with a comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry. The sturdy hook allows you to attach the case to a moving cart or tool belt.

How to safely use a track saw

A track saw has a fast-moving blade that you can use for cutting different types of materials. Using it is not without its risk. That is why it needs to be handled with proper care.

As a general safety guideline, a track saw should be used only by confident people that they understand the tool and its uses.

Follow these tips and tricks to get started safely using a track saw like a pro.

  • Inspect track saw before use for any damage or loose connection to the blade
  • Make sure you’re using the correct blade depending on the type of the cutting material
  • Don’t try to clear the saw blade when it’s in motion
  • Never disable the safety guard for any reason
  • Don’t wear loose clothing, jewelry or keep it tucked inside to prevent any obstruction
  • When starting or stopping the blade, make sure the blade isn’t touching the cutting material
  • Keep track saw edge guide clear from any blockage or obstruction
  • Do the marking when making a crosscut or doing straight edge trimming
  • Don’t forget to clean the saw after the cutting job and store it at a safe place away from reach of children

What’s Next

When you’re looking for a track saw, there are several models available in the market. You should choose one depending on your cutting needs and your experience in handling the saw. For beginner and professional users, we found Dewalt Circular saw to be a great option.

It’s designed to handle a wide range of cutting needs. The saw is powerful and precise, and the beveled edges make for an easy cut with one smooth motion.

If you’re looking for a budget option, the Evolution Circular track saw guide is an excellent choice. It’s reasonably priced and geared toward experienced and new users. It comes with a 40-inch track, ergonomic soft-grip handle.

Track Saw System

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