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Weed eaters are one of the essential tools in any gardener’s toolkit. They allow you to cut grass without having to bend over, which can reduce back strain.

However, with the vast range of weed eater strings on the market these days, it can be hard to know what to look for when buying a new spool.

This guide will help you make an informed choice when comparing weed eater strings. We will arm you with the knowledge necessary to confidently choose the best trimmer line that’s right for you.

If you’re in a rush, you can pick from our list of top three lists.

Quick Picks

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Arnold Maxi Edge Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line
Premium quality trimmer line made with durable polymer material with serrated shape. It cuts three times more area than residential trimmer line. 

Best Overall

MaxPower Round Trimmer Line

Maxpower Round Trimmer Line
Residential grade round trimmer line that is made in the USA. Gives you the best cutting line experience at an economical price.

Best Value

Husqvarna Trimmer Line

Husqvarna Titanium Force Trimmer Lines
High-quality durable trimmer line that can cut thicker grass and weeds with very little line loss. 

Top Trimmer Line Available in the Market





  • 0.095 inch diameter
  • 855 feet line
  • Copolymer material

  • 0.095 inch diameter
  • 140 feet line
  • Titanium Force thread

  • 0.095 inch diameter
  • 855 feet line
  • Nylon material

  • 0.095 inch diameter
  • 114 feet line
  • Dual-polymer material

  • 0.065 inch diameter
  • 220 feet line
  • Polymer material

Our Top Pick

Maxpower Trimmer Line

The Maxpower residential grade trimmer line is perfect for trimming all types of grass and weeds. The 855-foot line provides enough line for approximately 42 refills, and the 0.095-inch diameter is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

What are different trimmer line shapes?

When it comes time to replace the line on your string trimmer, you’ll quickly realize that various forms of string are available. Some are made to glide through the grass and cut weeds with ease, while others cut quickly through the growth.

Typically, manufacturers will provide a recommended type of line to use with each trimmer. If you choose the wrong kind, it can damage the trimmer, and you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

If you have several different makes of weed whackers, you may be looking for a way to save money. And if the line is the same size and thickness, then standard weed whacker lines can work with any make or model.

types of string trimmer

Round trimmer line: This is the most common line shape. Homeowners like this because it leaves a clean edge and doesn’t get stuck in the brush. This line is designed for small jobs and can refill many different types of string trimmers.

For lighter work, these small string trimmers are perfect. But for more extensive yards, they’ll wear down more quickly, and you’ll need a bigger size to get the job done right.

Round trimmer headlines are known for tearing the grass as opposed to cutting it with very sharp edges. They don’t have cutting edges, so they don’t distribute force well. This can result in the line snapping more often.

Multiple side trimmer line: The shape of the trimmer line you can use affects your cut’s outcome.

The multi-sided trimmer line, square shape or pentagon lines produce cleaner cuts and will slice through heavy weeds and grass and thick grass more quickly than other types of trimmer lines.

The multiple side trimmer lines are the most popular for trimmers, but they easily break when it comes into contact with stones, fences, curbs, sidewalks, etc.

twisted trimmer line
Twisted Trimmer Line

Twisted trimmer line: These twisted lines have a sharp cutting edge for greater precision. An X-shaped cord is designed for both homeowners’ and professionals’ heavy-duty jobs.

It’s flexible and resistant to overheating, making it an excellent choice for trimming through rigid materials.

Twisted trimmer lines are a level up from the round trimmer line. They offer increased strength, improved efficiency, and reduced noise levels. The trimmer line can reduce trimmer vibrations, which means less fatigue for you.

The twisted trimmer line is ideal for rugged commercial use and for clearing lawns and gardens with many thick and heavy weeds. It’s the most robust trimmer line because it doesn’t break easily even after heavy use.

serrated line
Serraterd Trimmer Line

Serrated trimmer line: This is a specialty line that can cut through grass blades and thick weeds, leaving a cleaner trim. These replacement lines have extra cutting power and are recommended for medium to heavy jobs.

The saw-shaped pre-wound spool trimmer line is perfect for heavy-duty lawn maintenance jobs. It’s better at sawing through what you’re cutting and can trimmer faster than other line shapes. Still, it might get stuck on thicker weeds and pull the weed eater downward.

Star or Square shaped trimmer line: The Star or squared trimmer line is perfect for the average landowner who needs to take care of some heavier weed whacking or maintain flower beds.

It usually falls into the medium-sized trimmer line category that is rigid enough to use around rocks and hard surfaces.

What to consider when buying Trimmer Line


You can buy nylon or plastic-made trimmer lines. Choose polymer blend lines that are more durable for regular line


The Trimmer line can range from 0.065 inches to 0.110. For regular use choose medium size line (0.085 inches). 

Easy Winding

Choose lines that are easy to wind so you won’t get line tangles. Buy a trimmer line that has a spool system to easily unwind.

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Best Trimmer Line Review

1. Cyclone Desert Extrusion Nylon trimmer Lines

Best Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

Cyclone Trimmer Line

The Cyclone desert extrusion trimmer line is more than just a trimmer line. It’s a commercial-grade line that you can use in both residential and commercial settings. It’s constructed with a larger diameter and more flexible material.

This heavy-duty trimmer line is designed and manufactured for professionals. This 0.095 inch by 855-foot commercial trimmer line is up to the task for new to experienced gardeners.

The patented six-blade shape provides added cutting power, while its nylon-made commercial-grade specialized copolymer formula provides superior strength and durability.

It has high tensile strength and is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It’s comfortable to use to mow around trees, bushes, and fences.

If you’re looking for the perfect trimmer line to give your lawn that professional finish, look no further. This Cyclone Desert extrusion trimmer line is precisely what you’re looking for.

See More Information about: Cyclone Desert Extrusion Nylon trimmer Lines


  • High-quality, durable nylon material
  • Hi-impact string size line to cut thicker grass
  • Sharp cutting with six-blade shape
  • Reinforced polymer for extended use time


  • Not compatible with all string trimmer
  • String flexes and bends when it hit a hard surface

2. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines

Best Budget Trimmer Line

Husqvarna Trimmer Line

Working hard in the yard can be tiring. But Husqvarna has made your hard work a little easier by introducing a titanium force trimmer line. This new innovative copolymer trimmer line is designed to give you a better trim while saving you fuel for professional landscaping.

The 1/2 lb 0.095-inch diameter size trimmer line is a commercial-grade silver color trimmer line. The patented line design is based on cutting-edge technology to give you a longer life and better performance.

The trimmer line thread has fast acceleration and level flight characteristics, which allows for reduced fuel consumption and makes it run quieter.

The Titanium Force is a reinforced trimmer line that is stronger and cuts better than standard nylon lines. The trimmer line’s metal coating keeps it from tangling and makes it resistant to snapping.

The trimmer line has no metalcore, but it’s very tough and cuts grass with ease, longer than any other line.

Included with purchase is a free line cutter which allows you to make quick work of trimming any unwanted weeds or grass from any property—no matter how long. This trimmer line fits all standard trimmer heads and is suitable for any commercial or residential operation.

See More Information about: Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines


  • The longer life trimmer line
  • Maximum cutting power for medium yards
  • Produces less noise with maximum performance
  • Fits most trimmer heads


  • Shorter line
  • Tangles easily

3. Maxpower Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line

Best For Residential and Commercial Use

Maxpower Trimmer Line

Maxpower residential grade round trimmer line is our most popular line, and for good reasons. This 3 lb spool of round-cut trimmer line measures 855 feet in length and 0.095 inches in diameter, providing enough lines for approximately 42 refills.

Whether you’re looking to cut down a hedge or just some weeds in your garden, the MaxPower round cut trimmer line is the best solution. You’ll find the sturdy nylon round that gives you a clean cut at an economical price.

The MaxPower line is designed to fit most gas-powered trimmers to produce a perfect cut. The extra-durable line is ideal for tacking tough, woody weeds, and it’s ideal for trimming around the edging of your lawn.

It has a heavier diameter than the standard residential trimmer line and more lines per spool than other brands. The pre-wound, double-coated line trimmer spools offer the perfect blend of quality, durability, and affordability.

It’s ideal for homeowners and landscaping professionals that need to keep their acerage looking great. The Maxpower residential grade round trimmer line is an excellent alternative to the economy trimmer line, with the added benefit of a better price.

The sturdy round cut trimmer line is made in the USA. It provides consumers with a premium cutting line at an economical price.

See More Information about: Maxpower Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line


  • Sturdy and durable trimmer line for larger yards
  • Can cut into a hard surface with maximum efficiency
  • Saves time on reloading
  • Sharper and cleaner cut


  • The plastic casing isn’t very durable
  • Bit noisy

4. Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line

Best For Clean Cut Trimmer Line

Oregon Trimmer Line

Never cut corners on a trimming job again for yard maintenance. Oregon Magnum Gatorline square trimmer line is a high-performance line that cuts efficiently, lasts longer, and fits in many popular models of string trimmers.

It’s one of the most durable, high-quality string trimmer lines on the market. Oregon’s cutting-edge technology allows you to get cleaner, straighter cuts with less effort than a traditional trimmer line.

The 0.095-inch diameter trimmer line is a good size for cutting heavier weeds in your lawn or performing light commercial work. It fits many popular string trimmer models, including but not limited to major brands such as Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, DeWalt, Ryobi, and Troy Bilt.

You don’t have to worry about tangled, messy, and frustrating string lines with this trimmer line. You can quickly spool up a full-length line and get to work.

The high-strength inner core resists breakage, meaning that the line lasts longer. Plus, you can get cleaner cuts with fewer efforts.

The installation is easy as you simply attach the line to the string trimmer head, start cutting, and you’ll create a neat, even cut. This high-quality trimmer line is available in many different lengths. It’s an excellent choice for all your commercial or residential needs.

See More Information about: Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line


  • High-cutting efficiency with affordable price
  • Square trimmer line for a clean-cut
  • Extra strength trimmer line for huge yards
  • Fits many popular string trimmer brands


  • Firm and hard to wind
  • Noisy

5. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Best For Residential Lawn Care

Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line

If you need a commercial-grade trimmer line, look no further. The Arnold Maxi-Edge commercial trimmer line is perfect for trimming areas that require more time and effort. This patented design has three times more cutting area lines and is made from a polymer material. It has an edge shape that improves its cutting performance.

It’s the best choice for the everyday gardener or the commercial landscaper. Compared to the standard nylon line, the 0.065-inch durable line is resistant to expansion when cutting through brush and has a higher strength rating.

It’s designed to increase the durability of your line, allowing for a longer lifespan. Moreover, it can operate at higher temperatures and resist breakage.

The edgeless design improves cutting performance and is made for trimming around decks and hard-to-reach areas. It fits most gas and electric trimmers.

This line cuts three times as much as economy lines and can trim up to 220 feet. Plus, it’s backed by a 6-Point Star and a durable, blue line that will last for weeks.

The serrated shape provides improved cutting performance, and the edgeless line improves cutting performance. This commercial-grade line is made in the USA for bigger jobs and frequent use.

See More Information about: Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line


  • Universal fitting for most brands of trimmers
  • Long-lasting trimmer line for landscaping
  • Cutting tool included
  • Made in the USA


  • Tangles easily
  • Shorter line

How often should you replace the weed eater string?

The best time to replace the weed eater string is when the trimmer line has worn out. The weed eater line is gone when you can no longer maintain a straight line.

This means that it won’t cut the weeds, and you might see a tiny string line hanging from the base of your weed eater.

If you’re cutting very tough grass and thicker weeds, it may be a good idea to replace the string after 15 minutes of continuous cutting.

However, there are other situations when replacing the string is a good idea, including when the line is frayed, cracked, or when it doesn’t cut grass evenly.

What should you look for when buying weed eater strings?

If you’re in the market for a new trimmer line, there are several things you should look for before making your purchase. Consider following things before buying weed eater string.

Trimmer line material

Trimmer lines come in a few different materials. These are typically made from nylon and plastic.

The heavier-duty kind is usually a combination of nylon, aluminum, and synthetic polymers. Polymer blend lines are made of synthetic materials that give them higher durability. These added substances provide the line material with more strength.

Nylon-made trimmer line is another popular choice due to its performance and cost. The synthetic material has good abrasion resistance and can trim with ease in any situation. The nylon lines are also cheaper than other materials.

Reinforced composite nylon is a highly durable material that has been known to withstand even the most demanding conditions. This material is considerably more durable than other heavy-duty materials like lines with aluminum additives and internally reinforced nylon.

The titanium trimmer line is another long-lasting and environmentally friendly option that has shown great promise in many areas.

It’s highly durable and can be used for more extended periods before needing replacement. The titanium-made trimmer line is more expensive, but the long-term savings are worth it.

Trimmer line size

The diameter of a trimmer line is an essential factor in cutting through different types of weeds. Small diameter trimmer lines typically range from 0.065 inches to 0.080 inches, suitable for light-duty tasks.

The diameter ranges for a typical medium-sized trimmer line are from 0.085 to 0.105 inches, while heavy-duty diameters measure from 0.110 inches and up.

For heavy-duty work in handling tougher grass and weeds that may require plenty of trimming, you will need a heavier duty line.

Generally, only large gas trimmers need thicker, heavier-duty trimming lines. However, a cordless trimmer is getting more powerful suitable for heavy-duty tasks. You can also use thicker heavy-duty lines for electric string trimmers.

Air resistance

When choosing a trimmer line, it’s essential to consider the amount of air that will have to be pushed out of the way before reaching weeds or grass. A higher air resistance translates to fewer weeds being cut by the line.

Trimmer lines that encounter less air resistance are more efficient because you have to exert less effort to achieve the same result. This makes the line more durable and also puts less pressure on the motor.

Line weight distribution

One consideration when trimming your lawn is the level of line that sits while you’re cutting. A heavy line on one side could weigh down the string trimmer and result in more cutting on one side of the lawn than the other.

To get the most accurate and even results, it needs to be at an angle of zero degrees. This ensures that the line doesn’t hit the surface more than twice.

Low noise generation

If you live in urban areas where noise is a big concern, choose a small and thinner trimmer line to reduce your lawn cutting noise.

Easy winding trimmer line

If you’re looking for a way to cover large areas and avoid getting the line tangled, the best way to do this is to purchase a trimmer that has a spool system. This gives you more line when you need it and provides easy yard maintenance.

how to install string trimmer line

How to install a new weed eater string

To maintain your trimmer performance, you must replace the strings regularly.

This process isn’t complicated, but you must follow the proper steps, including safety precautions, before you begin. To replace the broken or worn-out trimmer line, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn the trimmer off and unplug it (electric or cordless) before you start to remove the trimmer headline. This way, you can avoid injuries and quickly replace the trimmer line.

Step 2: To remove the trimmer head from the piece and the retaining cap, press one or more tabs or unscrew the head. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the trimmer head, or it might break.

Step 3: Find the starter hole from the spool. Insert the trimmer line into the hole, going in the direction of the printed arrow.

Be careful to keep it straight and neat because this will prevent any jamming. To prevent the spool from unraveling, you’ll want to snap the retainer before you get about 5 or 6 feet of line left.

Step 4: Make sure that the slot is facing outside the head. Next, replace your spool from your trimmer head and remove the line from its retainer. Pull it through space before reattaching it.

Step 5: Tap the trimmer headline to ensure it’s not loose, and do the test run to ensure everything works perfectly.


So now you know that there are many different types of string trimmer lines available. We have covered all the information when buying a trimmer line and which type of string trimmer line is the best.

Maxpower Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line is our top pick. It’s made from sturdy nylon material made in the USA. It’s economical and will provide enough lines for approximately 42 refills.

how to choose best trimmer line

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